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that there may be blood through. | swarm of fies into the house of Pharaoh made his servants an! out all the land of Egypt, both in Pharaoh, and into his servants' his cattle flee into the houxa: vessels of wood, and in ressels of houses, and into all the land of And he that regarded not the stone. And seven days were ful- Egypt: the land was corrnpted by word of the Lord left his servants filled, after that the LORD had reason of the swarm of flies. And and his cattle in the field. Add smitten the river.

Moses went out from Pharaoh, the Lord said unto Moses, Stretch

and entreated the LORD. And the forth thine hand toward bearen FROGS.

Lord did according to the word of that there may be hail in all the Exod. viil, 5--15. And the LORD

and he removed the land of Egypt, upon man, ani spake unto Moses, Say unto Aaron, swarms of flies from Pliaraoh, upon beast, and upon every Stretch forth thine hand with thy from his servants, and from his herb of the field, ihroughost rod over the streams, over the people; there remained not one. the land of Egypt. And Moses rivers, and over the ponds, and And Pharaoh hardened his heart stretched forth his rod towir! cange frogs to come up upon the

at this time also, neither would be heaven: and the LORD sent thucland of Erypt. And Aaron stretch- let the people go.

der and hail, and the fire ran along ed out his hand over the waters

upon the ground; and the LORD of Egypt; and the frogs came up,


rained hail upon the land o and covered the land of Egypt. Exod. ix, 3-7. Behold, the hand Egypt. So there was bail, ani And the magicians did so with of the LORD is upon ihy cattle fire miogled with the baul, very their enchantments, and brought which is in the field, upon the grievous, such as there was gods up frogs upon the land of Egypt. Horses, upon the asses, upon the like it in all the land of Egypt and Aaron, and said, Entreat the the sheep: there shall be a very land of Egypt all that was in this Then Pharaoh called for Moses camels, upon the oxen, and upon since it became a nation. And

the liail smute througlont all the LORD, that he may take away the grievous murrain. And the LORD frogs from me, and from my peo- shall sever between the cattle of feld, both man and beast; and the ple; and I will let the people go, Israel and the castle of Egypt: hail smote every herb of the field, that they may do sacrifice unto and tbere shall nothing die of all and brake every tree of the field the LORD. And Moses said unto that is the children's of Israel. Ouly in the land of Goshen, diere Pharaoh, Glory over me: when and the Lord appointed a set the children of Israel urte, tras shall I entreat for thee, and for time, saying, To-morrow the LORD there no hail. Aud Pharaoh sent, thy servants, and for thy people, shall do this thing in the land. and called for Moses and Aina to destroy the frogs from thee and And the LORD did that thing on and said uuto them, I have sinne thy bouses, that they may remain the morrow, and all the cattle of this time: the Lord is righteous, in the river only? And he said, Egypt died; but of the cattle of and I and my people arc wicket To-morrow. And he said, Be it the children of Israel died not Entreat the LORD, (for i according to thy word; that thou one. And Pharaoh sent, and, be- enough.) that there be no more mayest know that there is none hold, there was not one of the mighty thunderings and hail; ani like unto the LORD our God. And cattle of the Israelites dead. And

I will let you go, and ye stal the frogs shall depart from thee, the heart of Pharaoh was harden-stay no longer. Aud Noses sud and from thy houses, and from ed, and he did not let the people unto him, As soon as I am 5000 thy servants, and from thy people; go.

out of the city, I will spre they shall remain in the river

abroad my hands unto the 1.00 only. And Moses and Aaron went


and the thunder shall Ceise, Dci out from Pharaoh; and Moses Exod. ix, 8, 9. And the LORD

ther shall there be any more bal cried unto the LORD because of said unto Moses and unto Aaron,

that thou mayest know how this

AD the frogs which he had brought Take to you handfuls of ashes of the earthi is the lord's. against Pharaoh. And the LORD the furnace, and let Moses sprin- Moses went out of the city f. did according to the word of kle it toward the heaven in the

Pharaoh, and spread abroad his Moses; and the frogs died out of sight of Pharaoh; And it shall hands unto the Lord; and the the houses, out of the villages, and become small dust in all the land thunders and hail ceased, and the out of the fields. And they ga- of Egypt, and shall be a buil rain was not poured upon the thered them together upon heaps; breaking forth with blains upon that the rain, and the hail, and the

earth. And when Pharaoh oo and the land stank. But when man, and upon beast, througliout thunders, were ceased, he sids Pharaoh saw that there was re- all the land of Egypt. spite, he hardened his heart, and

yet more, and hardened his heart, hearkened not unto them; as the

(See under DISEASE.) he and his servants. And LORD bad said.

heart of Pharaoh was bar lecet HAIL.

neither would he let the chuired (MAGICIANS, see under Exod. ix, 16, 18-29, 33-35. And of Israel go; as the LORD LA IDOLATRY.)

in very deed for this cause have I spoken by Moses,

raised thee up, for to shew in LICE.

LOCUSTS. thee my power; and that my name

may be declared throughout all Exod. x, 1, 12 -- 20. And the Exod. viii, 17. And they did so:

the earth. Beholl. 10-morrow LORD said unto Moses, Go in un for Aaron stretched out bis land about this time, I will cause it to Pharaon: for I have hardened tis with his rod, and smote tlie dust rain a very grievous hail, such as heart, and the heart of his of the earth, and it became lice in bath not been in Egypt since the vants, that I might shew thea ! man and in beast; all the dust of foundation thereof even until now. signs before bim: And the LOL the land became lice througbout Send therefore now, and gather said unto Moses, Stretch out to as all the land of Egypt.

thy cattle, and all that thou hast hand over the land of Isspk FLIES.

in the heid; for upon every man the locusts, that they may as

and beast which shall be found in up upon the land of Ezypt, 323 Erod. vill, 23, 24, 30-32. And I the field, and shall not be brought eat every herb of the lunu, et will put a division between my home, the hail shall come down all that the hail bath left. Ai prople and thy people: to-morrow upon them, and they shall die. Moses stretched forth bis rudos Shin this sign be. And the Lond lie that leared the word of the the land of Egypt, arrd the 100 did so: and there came a grievous' LORD among the servants of brought an east wind upon the land all that day, and all that of the captive that aras in the , nacle. And when the cloud #29 night; and when it was morning, dungeon, and all the first-born of taken np from over the tabernathe east wind brought the locusts.cattle. And Pharaoh rose up in cle, the children of Israel went And the locusts went up over all the night, he, and all his servants, onward in all their journeys: But the land of Egypt, and rested in and all the Egyptians; and there if the cloud were not taken up. all the coasts of Egypt: very was a great cry in Egypt; for there then they journeyed not till the grievous were they; before them was not a house where there was day that it was taken up. For there were no such locusts as not one dead.

the cloud of the LORD was upon they, neither after them shall be

Neh. ix, 10. And showedst signs the tabernacle by day, and fire was such. For they covered the face and wonders upon Pharaoh, and on it by night, in the sight of all of the whole earth, so that the

on all his servants, and on all the the house of Israel, througbout all land was darkened; and they did people of his land; for thou knew their journeys. eat every herb of the land, and all est ihat they deall proudly against Num. ix, 15-23. And on the day the fruit of the trees which the them: so didst thou get thee a that the tabernacle was reared up, hail had left: and there remained name, as it is this day.

the cloud covered the tabernacle, not any green thing in the trees,

P8. cxxxv, 8. Who smote the namely, the tent of the testimony: or in the herbs of the field,

and at even there was upon the through all the land of Egypt.

first-born of Egypt, both of man
and beast.

tabernacle as it were the appear. Then Pharaoh called tor Moses and Aaron in haste; and he said,

Jer. xxxii, 20, 21. Which hast So it was alway: the cloud covered

ance of fire, until the morning. I have sinned against the Lord set signs and wonders in the land it by day, and the appearance of your God, and against you. Now of Egypt, eren unto this day, and

fire by night. And when the therefore forgive, I pray thee, my in Israel, and among other men; cloud was taken up from the ta. sin only this once, and entreat the and hast made thee a name, as at bernacle, then after that the child Lord your God, that he may take this day; And last brought forth dren of Israel journeyed: and in away from me this death only. thy people Israel out of the land the place where the cloud abode, And he went out from Pharaoh, of Egypt with signs; and with there the children of Israel pitchand entreated the Lord. And the wonders, and with a strong hand, ed their tents.

At the commandLoro turned a mighty strong west and with a stretched-out arm, and ment of the Lord the children of wind, which took away the lo- with great terror.

Israel journeyed, and at the comcusts, and cast them into the Red

mandment of the Lord they pitchSea; there remained not one lo


ed: as long as the cloud abode cust in all the coasts of Egypt. Exod. xiv, 27, 28. And Moses upon the tabernacle they rested But the Lord hardened Pharaoh's stretched forth his hand over the in their tents. And when the heart, so that he would not let the sea, and the sea returned to his cloud tarried long upon the taberchildren of Israel go.

strength when the morning ap. nacle many days, then the children

peared; and the Egyptians fled of Israel kept the charge of the DARKNESS.

against it; and the LORD overthrew Lord, and journeyed not. And 80 Erod. x, 21-23. And the LORD the Egyptians in the midst of tho it was, when the cloud was a few said unto Moscy, Stretch out thine sea. And the waters returned, days upon the tabernacle; accordhand toward heaven, that there and covered the chariots, and the ing to the commandment of the may be darkness over the land of borsemen, and all the host of Lord they abode in their tents, Erypt, even darkness which may Pharaoh that came into the sea and according to the commande be felt. And Moses stretched after them; there remained not so

ment of the Lord they journeyed. forth his hand toward heaven; much as one of them.

And so it was, when the cloud and there was a thick darkness in

abode from even unto the mornall the land of Egypt three days:

THE SNEChinar.

ing, and that the cloud was taken They saw not one another, neither Exod. xiil, 21, 22. And the LORD up in the morning, then they jourrose any from his place for three went before them by day in a pil neyed: whether it was by day or days: but all the children of Israel lar of a cloud, to lead them ine by night that the cloud was taken had light in their dwellings. way; and by night in a pillar of up, they journeyed. Or whether

fire, to give thern light; to go by it were two days, or a month, or a AND FIRAT-BURN DESTROYED.

day and night. He took not away year, that the cloud tarried upon Exod. xi, 4-6. And Moses said, the pillar of the cloud by day, nor the tabernacle, remaining thereon, Thus saith the LORD, About mid- the pillar of fire by night, from be- the children of Israel abode in night will I go out into the midst fore the people.

their tents, and journeyed not: of Esypt: And all the first-born in Exod. xiv, 19, 20. And the angel but when it was taken up, they the land of Egypt shall dio, from of God, which went before the journeyed. At the commandment the first-born of Pharaoh that camp of Israel, removed and went

of the Lord they rested in their sittetlı upon his throne, even unto behind them; and the pillar of the teuts, and at the commandment of the first-born of the maid-servant cloud went from before their face,

the LORD they journeyed: they that is behind the mill; and all the and stood behind them: And it kept the charge of the LORD, at first-born of beasts. And there came between the camp of the

the commandinent of the LORD by shall be a great cry throughout all Egyptians and the camp of Israel; the hand of Moses. the land of Egypt, such as there and it was a cloud anii darkuess Num. xiv, 10. But all the conwas none like it, nor shall be like to them, but it gave light by night gregation bade stone them with it any more.

to these: so that the one cure not stones. And the glory of the LORD Exod. xij. 28-30. And the child near the other all the night. appeared in the tabernacle of the dren of Isia i went away, and did Exod. xl, 34-38. Then a cloud congregation before all the chilas the LORD had commanded covered the tent of the congrega-dren of Israel. Moses and Aaron, so did they. tion, and the glory of the LORD Num. XVI, 42, 43. And it came to And it came to pass, that at mid-filled the tabernacle. And Moses pass, when the congregation was night the Lord smote all the first was not able to enter into the tent gathered against Moses and born in the land of Egypt, from of the congregation, because the against Aaron, that they looked the first-born of Pharaoli that sat cloud abode thereon, and the toward the tabernacle of the conon his throne, unto the first-born I glory of the Lord filled the taber-1 gregation; and, behold, the cloud

covered it, and the glory of the murmured against Moses, saying, WATER FROX TIE ROCK LORD appeared. And Moses and What shall we drink? And he

Exod. xvii, 5, 7. And the Lord Aoron came before the tabernacle cried unto the LORD; and the LORD of the congregation.

shewed him a tree, which when said unto Moses, Go on before the

he had cast into the waters, the people, and take with thies of the P8. lxxviii, 14. In the day-time made for them a statute and an waters were made sweet: there be elders of Israel; and thy rod,

wherewith thou smotest the river, also he led them with a cloud, ordinance, and there be proved he called the name of the place

take in thine hand, and go. And and all the night with a light of

them. fire.

Massah, and Meribah, because of MANNA.

the chiding of the children of l.. Ps. xcix, 7. He spake unto them in the cloudy pillar: they kept his Erod. xvi, 15, 19, 21, 31, 35. And rael, and because ey tempte testimonies, and the ordinance when the children of Israel saw it, the LORD, saying, is the Lobo that he gave them.

they said one to another, It is among us, or not?

manna: for they wist not what it P3.cv, 39. He spread a cloud for WAS. And Moses said unto them,

AARON'S ROD BUDDING. a covering, and fire to give light This is the bread which the LORD in the night.

Num. xviii, 1-9. And the LORD hath given you to eat. And Moses spake unto Moses, saying, Speak Neh. ix, 12, 19. Moreover, thou said, Let no man leave of it till unto the children of Israel, and leddest them in the day by a the morning. And they gathered take of every one of them a rod, cloudy pillar, and in the night by it every morning, every man ac- according to the house of the a pillar of fire, to give them light cording to his eating; and when fathers, of all their priuces, accordin the way wherein they should the sun waxed hot, it melted. And ing to the house of their fathers, go, Yet thou, in thy manifold the house of Israel called the name twelve rods: write thou every mercies, forsookest them not in thereof Manna: and it was like man's name upon his rod. Add the wilderness: the pillar of the coriander seed, white; and the thou shalt write Aaron's name cloud departed not from them by taste of it was like wafers made upon the rod of Levi: for one rod day, to lead them in the way; nel- with honey. And the children of shall be for the head of the bouse ther the pillar of fire by night, to Israel did eat manna forty years, of their fathers. And thou sualt shew them light, and the way until they came to a land inhabito lay them up in the tabernacle of wberein they should go.

ed: they did eat manna until they the congregation before the testi

came unto the borders of the land mopy, where I will meet with TRANSFIGURATION OF MOSES. of Canaan.

you. And it shall come to pase, Exod. xxxiv, 29-35. And it came Joshua v, 12. And the manna that the man's rod whom I sha! to pass, when Moses came down ceased on the morrow after they choose shall blossom: and I will from mount Sinai with the two had eaten of the old corn of the make to cease from me the mu. tables of testimony in Moses' land; neither had the children of murings of the children of Israel, hand, when he came down from Israel manna any more; but they whereby they murniur agains the mount, that Moses wist not did eat of the fruit of the land of you. And Moses spake unto the that the skin of his face shone Canaan that year.

children of Israel, and every on while he talked with him. And

of their princes gave bim a rod when Aaron and all the children of Israel saw Moses, behold, the

Deut. viii, 3, 16. And he humbled apiece, for each prince one, accord.

ing to their fathers' houses, cres skin of his face shone : and 'they thee, and suffered thee to hunger; twelve rods: and the rod of Aarst were afraid to come nigh bim. and fed thee with manna, which

was among their rods. And Moses And Moses called unto them; and thou knewest not, neither did thy laid up the rods before the Lee Aaron and all the rulers of the fathers know; that he might make

in the tabernacle of witness. And thee know that man doth not live congregation returned unto him; by bread only, but by every word

it came to pass, that on the mos and Moses talked with them. And

row Moses went into the taberafterward all the children of 18. of the LORD doth man live. Who that proceedeth out of the mouth

nacle of witness; and, bebold, the rael came nigh: and he gave them fed thee in the wilderness with

rod of Aaron, for the bouge ex in commandment all that the LORD bad spoken with him in manna, which thy fathers knew Levi, was budded, and brouti

forth buds, and bloomed blosso mount Sinai. And till Moses had not that he might bumble thee, and yielded almonds.

And Mos done speaking with them, he put to do thee good at thy latter fore the Lord unto all the childr

and that he might prove thee, brought out all the rods from te a vail on bis face. But when Mo

end. ses went in before the LORD, to

of Israel: and they looked, sad speak with him, he took the vail

Nch. ix, 20. Thou gavest also look every man his rod. off, until he came out. And lie thy good Spirit to instruct them, came out, and spake unto the and withheldest not thy manna

THE LEPROSY OF MIRIAX. children of Israel that which he from their mouth, and gavest was commanded. And the child them water for their thirst.

Num. xii, 10. And the cloud de dren of Israel saw the face of Mo- John vi, 49. Your fathers dia parted from off the tabernada: ses, that the skin of Moses' luce cat manna in tho wilderness, and and, behold, Miriam vecante de shone; and Moses put the vail up- are dead.

rous, white as snow; and an on his face again, until he went in

looked upon Miriam, and, bebola

Qua:Ls. to speak with Him.

she was leprous.
Exod. xvi, 13. And it came to
pass, that at even the quails came

DESTRUCTION OF KOBAR. 2 Cor. ili, 13. And not as Moses, up, and covered the camp; and in

Num. Xvi, 31-33. And it cannel: which put a vall over his face, that the morning the dew lay round

pass as he had made an end in the children of Israel could not about the host.

speaking all these words, that the stedfastly look to the end of that

ground clave asunder that was wbich is abolished.

Psalm cv, 40. The people asked, under them: And the

and he brought quails, and satis- opened her mouth, and swalloni WATER SWEETENED.

fied them with the bread of bea-them up, and their houses, and Exod. xv, 24, 25. And the people ven.

tbe men that apperta ined us

Korah, and all their goods. Thoy, , atonement for the people. And, will bring again from Bashan; I and all that appertained to them, he stood between the dead and will bring my people again from went down alive into the pit, and the living; and the plague was the depths of the sea. the earth closed upon them: and stayed. Now they that died in the they perished from among the plague were fourieen thousand

P8. Ixxviii, 13, 15, 16, 44, 47, 51, congregation.

and seven hundred, beside them 53. He divided the sea, and caused

that died about the matter of them to pass through; and he DEATH OF NADAB AND ABIHU. Korah. And

made the waters to stand as an

Aaron returned Lev. x, 1, 2. And Nadab and unto Moses unto the door of the heap. He clave the rocks in the A bihu, the sons of Aaron, took tabernacle of the congregation: | as out of the great depths. He

wildernesss, and gave them drink either of them his censer, and put and the plague was stayed.

brought streams also out of the fire therein, and put incense

FIRE. theron, aud offered strange fire

rock, and caused waters to run

down like rivers. And had turned before the LORD, which he com- Lev. 1s, 24. And there came a manded them not. And there fire out from before the Lord, and foods, that they could not drink.

their rivers into blood, and their went out fire from the LORD, and consumed upon the altar the devonred them; and they died be burnt-offering and the fat: which hail, and their sycamore-trees

He destroyed their vines with fore the LORD.

when all the people saw, they with frost. And smote all the Deut. xi, 6,7. And what he did shouted, and fell on their faces.

first-born in Egypt; the chief of unto Dathan and Abiram, the Num. xi, 1, 2. And when the their strength in the tabernacles sons of Eliab, the son of Ruben; people complained, it displeased of Ham: And he led them on how the earth opened her month, the LORD: and the Lord heard it; Hafely, so that they feared not; and swallowed them up and their and his anger was kindled: and but the sea overwhelmed their bouseholds, and their tents, and the fire of the LORD burnt among enemies. all the substance that was in their them, and consumed them that possession, in the midst of all were in the uttermost parts of the shewed' his signs among them,

Ps. cv, 27–29, 32, 33, 35, 36. They Ísrael. But your eyes have seen camp. And the people cried unto and wonders in the land of Ham. all the great acts of the LORD Moses; and when Moses prayed He sent darkness, and made it which he did.

unto the LORD, the fire was dark; and they rebelled not Ps. cvi, 17. The earth opened quenched.

against his word. He turned and swallowed up Dathan, and Num. xvi, 35. And there came their waters into blood, and slew covered the company of Abiram. out a fire from the LORD, and con- their fish. He gave them hail for

sumed the two hundred and fitty raiu, and naming fire in their WATER FROM THE ROCK IN men that offered incense.

land. He smote their vines also KADESH.

P8. cvi, 18. And a fire was kin- and their fig-trees, and brake the

dled in their company; the flame trees of their coasts. And did Num. XX, 8-10. Take the rod, burnt up the wicked.

eat up all the herbs in their land, and gather thou the assembly to

and devoured the fruit of their gether, thou and Aaron thy


REFLECTIONS ON THE MIRACLES brother, and speak ye unto the

He smote also all the

Arst-born in their land, the chief rock before their eyes, and it shall OF MOSES, AND REFERENCES.

of all their strength. give forth his water, and thou

Exod. x0,6,8, 10, 12. The depths shalt bring forth to them water have covered them: they sank

Ps. Cvi, 9, 11. He rebuked the out of the rock: so thou shalt give into the bottom as a stone. And Red sea also, and it was dried up: the congregation and their beasts with the blast of thy nostrils the

80 he led them through the drink,

And Moses took the rod waters were gathered together, depths, as through the wilderness. from before the LORD, as he com- the floods stood upright as an

Aud the waters covered their manded him. And Moses and beap, and the depths were con- enemies; there was not one of Aaron gathered the congregation gealed in the heart of the sea.

them left. together before the rock, and he Thou didst blow with thy wind, P3. cxiv, 8. Which turned the said unto them, Hear now, yo the sea covered them: they sank rock into a standing water, the rebels; must we fetch you water as lead in the mighty waters. iint into a fountain of waters. out of this rock? Thou stretchedgt out thy right

Ps. cxxxvi, 13-16. To him which hand, the earth gwallowed them. HEALING.

divided the Red sea into parts: Num. xxi, 8. And the LORD sald

Deut. xl, 4. And what he did for his merey endureth for ever:

unto the army of Egypt, unto | And mado Israel to pass through unto Moses, Make thee a fiery their horses, and to their chariots; the midst of it: for his mercy enBerpent, and set it upon a pole: how he made the water of the dureth for ever: But overtbrew and it shall come to pass, that Red Sea to overflow them as they Pharaoh and his host in the Red every one that is bitten, when he pursued after you, and how the sea: for his mercy endureth for looketh upon it, shall live.

Lord hath destroyed them unto ever. To him which led his this day.

people through the wilderness: for PLAGUE.

Joshua xxiv, 7. And when they his mercy endureth for ever, Num. XVI, 46-50. And Moses said cried unto the Lord, be put dark- Isa, xi, 15. And the LORD shall onto Aaron, Take a censer,and put ness between you and the Egyp- utterly destroy the tongue of the fire therein from off the altar, and

tians, and brought the sea upon Egyptian sea; and with his mighty put on incense and guquickly unto them, and covered them; and your wind shall be shake his hand over the congregation, and make an

eyes have seen what I have done the river, and shall smite it in the atonement for them: for there is in Egypt: and ye dwelt in the seven streams, and make men go wrath gone out from the LORD; wilderness a long season.

over dryshod. the plague is begun. And Aaron took as Moses commanded, and

Ps. Ixvi, 6. He turned the sea Isa. xliii, 16. Thus saith the ran into the midst of the congre- into dry land: they went through LORD, which maketh a way in the gation; and, behold, the plague the flood on foot; there did we re- sea, and a path in the mighty

waters. was begun among the people: and juice in bim. te put va incense, and made an P3. lxviii, 22. TI LORD said, I Isa. xlvili, 21. And they thirsted

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not when he led them through , fled: Jordan was driven back.) avenged of yon, and after that the deserts: he caused the waters The mountains skipped like rams, will cease. And he found a DEH to Ogw out of the rock for them; and the litte hills like lambs jaw-bone of an ass, and put forth he clave the rock also, and the What ailed thee. O thou sea, that his hand and took it, and elewa waters gushed out.

thou fleddest? thon Jordan, that thousand men therewith. Isa. Ii, 10. Art thon not it which thou wast driven bick? Ye

PERSONAL STRENGTE. hath dried the sea, the waters of mountains, that ye skipped like the great deep; that hath made rams: and ye little bills, like Judges xv, 11-14. Then thre

thousand men of Judah went to the depths of the sea a way for lambs? the ransomed to pass over?

the top of the rock Etam, and Isa. Ixi1,12. That led them by


said to Samson, Knowest itou

not that the Philistines are rulers the right hand of Moses with his Joshua vi, 20. So the people over us? what is this that thou glorious arm, dividing the water shouted when the priests blew

hast done unto us? And he said before them to make himself an with the trumpets: and it came to onto them, As they did tuto E everlasting name? pass, wlien the people heard the

so have I done unto them. AN sound of the trumpet, and the they said unto him, We are cune Rey, xvi, 12. And the sixth people shouted with a great shout, down to bind thiee, that we may angel poured out his vial upon that the people went up into the that the wall fell down flat, so

deliver thee into the hand of the the great river Euplirates; and

Philistines. And Samsong the water thereof was dried up, city, every man straight before

unto them, Swear unto me, that that the way of the kings of the him, aud they took the city.

ye will not fall upon me your east might be prepared.

selves. And they spake uste SUN AND Moox STAYED.

him, saying, No; but we will bied IN CONNECTION WITH

Josh, x, 13, 14. And the sun stood thee fast, and deliver thee isto

still, and the moon stayed, until their hand; but surely we will not JOSHUA.

the people had avenged them- kill thee. And they bound biza JORDAN DIVIDED.

selves upon their enemies. 18 with two new cords and brought Joshua ili, 14-19. And it came not this written in the book of him up from the rock. And The to pass, when the people removed Jasher? So the sun stood still in he came unto Lehi, the Pbilistiges from their tents, to pass over Jor- the midst of heaven, and lasted shouted against him; and the dan, and the priests bearing the not to go down about a whole Spirit of the LORD Came mightily ark of the covenant beforo the day. And there was no day like upon him; and the cords that EXTA people; And as they that bare that before it, or after it, that the upon his arms became as far that the ark were come unto Jordan, LORD hearkened unto the voice of was burnt with fire, and his bands and the feet of the priests that a man: for the LORD fought for loosed from off his bands. bare the ark were dipped in the Israel.

Judges xvi, 6-14. And Della brim of the water, (tor Jordan

said to Samson, Tell me, I pris overfloweth all his banks all the


thee, wherein thy great strength time of harvest,) That the Josh. x, 11. And it came to pass, lieth, and where with thou nigba waters, which came down from

as they ned from before Israel, est be bound to afflict thee. And above, stood, and rose up upon and were in tho going down to Samson said unto her, If the an heap, very far from the city Beth-horon, that the LORD cast bind me with seven green sids Adam, that is beside Zaretan: and down great stones from heaven that were never dried, then ehed those that came down toward the upon them unto Azekah, and I be weak, and be as another sea of the plain, even the salt sea, they died: they were more man. Then the lords of the Phil failed, and were cut off; and the which died with hailstones than istines brought up to ber seren people passed over right against they whom the children of Israel green withs which had not been Jericho. And the priests, that slew with the sword.

dried, and she bound him with bare the ark of the covenant of

them. (Now there were men lyiss the LORD, stood firm on dry SUPERNATURAL STRENGTH in wait, abiding with her in the ground in the midst of Jordan,


chamber.) and all the Israelites passed over

And she said unto

him, The Philistines be upon tbté, on dry ground, until all the people


Samson. And he brake the witte were passed clean over Jordan.


as a thread of tow is broken wou Joshua iv, 16-18. Command tho Judges xiv, 6. And the Spirit

it toucheth the fire: 80 Es priests that bear the ark of the of the LORD came mightily upon

strength was not known. And testimony, that they come up out him, and he rent him as he would Delilab said unto Samson, Be butto of Jordan. Joshua therefore have rent a kid, and he had noth

thou hast inocked me, and told Come ye up ont of Jordan. And his father or his mother what he bound. And he said unto her, If commanded the priests, saying, ing in luis band: but he told not me lies: now tell me, I pray this

where with thou mightest love It came to pass, when the priests had done. that bare the ark of the covenant

they bind me fast with new rupes of the LORD were come up out of SLAUGHTER OF TEE PHILISTINES.

that never were occupied, thea the midst of Jordan, and ihe soles Judges xiv, 19. And the Spirit man. Dellah therefore took

shall I be weak, and be as another of the priests' feet were lined up of the LORD carne upon hin, and ropes, and bound him there with unto the dry land, that the waters he went dowu to Ashkelon, and and said unto him The Pallisie of Jordan returned unto their slew thirty men of them, and took be upon thee, Samson. And then place, and flowed over all his their spoil, and gave change of | were liers in wait, abiding in 134 banks, as they did before.

garments unto them which ex. chamber.
pounded the riddle: and his anger from off his arms like a thres.

And he brake thea Ps. cxiv, 1-6. When Israel went was kindled, and he went up to And Delilah said unto Samsung out of Egypt, the house of Jacob his father's liouse. from a people of strange language;

Hitherto thou hast mocked De

Judges xv, 7, 15. And Sam- and told me lies: tell me whert Judah was his sanctuary,and Isruel son said unto them, Though ye with thou mighlest be bound his dominion. The sea saw it, and I have done this, yet will I be And he said unto her, If ibee

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