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Acts xviii, 23. And after he had, but the grace of God which was manner I have been with yot s! spent some time there, he depar- | with me. Therefore, whether it all seasons, Serving the Lord with ted, and went over all the country were I or they, so we preach, and all humility of mind, and with of Galatia and Phrygia in order, so ye believed.

many tears, and temptations strengthening all the disciples.

1 Cor. xvi, 5-8. Now I will come

which befell me by the lying in unto Acts xix, 1, 21. And it came to

you, when I shall pass

wait of the Jews. pass, that, while Apollos was at through Macedonia; (for I do pass 1 Cor. iv, 16. Wherefore, I be Corinth, Paul baving passed through Macedonia;) And it may seech you, be ye followers of me. through the upper coasts came to be that I will abide, yea, and 2 Cor. iv, 1, 2. Therefore seeing Ephesus; and finding certain dis- winter with you, that ye may we have this ministry, as we have ciples. After these things were bring me on my journey whither- received mercy, we

faint Det: ended, Paul purposed in the spirit, soever I go. For I will not see But have renounced the bidden when he had passed through you now by the way; but I trust things of dishonesty, not walking Macedonia and Achaia, to go to to tarry a while with you, if the in craftiness, nor handling the Jerusalem, saying, After I have Lord permit. But I will tarry at word of God deceitfally; but, by been there, I must also see Rome. Ephesus until Pentecost.

manifestation of the truth, comActs xx, 2, 3, 25. And when he 2 Cor. 1, 15, 16. And in this con- mending ourselves to every man's had gone over those parts, and fidence I was minded to come conscience in the sight of God. ha I given them much exhorta- unto you before, that ye might

2 Cor. vi, 3-10. Giving DO tion, be came into Greece. And have a second benefit; And to

offence in any thing that the there abode three months: and pass by yon into Macedonia, and

ministry be not blamed: Pot when the Jews laid wait for him, to come again out of Macedonia in all things

approving our as he was about to sail into Syria, unto you, and of you to be brought selves as the ministers of God, in he purposed to return through on my way toward Judea.

much patience, in afilictions, in Mac donia. And now, behold, I 2 Cor. ii, 12, 13. Furthermore, necessities, in distresses, know that ye all, among whom I when I came to Troas to preach stripes, in imprisonments, in tuhave gone preaching the King Christ's gospel, and a door was mults, in labours, in watching dom of God, shall see my face noopened unto me of the Lord. I in fastings; Ву pareness, by more.

had no rest in my spirit, because knowledge, by long sutrering, by Rom. 1. 10. Making request (if I found not Titus my brother: but, kindness, by the Holy Ghost, by by any means now at length I taking my leave of them, I went love unfeigned, By the word of might have a prosperous journey from thence into Macedonia. truth, by the power of God, by the by the will of God) to come unto - 2 Cor. x, 7. Do ye look on things arinour of righteousness on the you.

after the outward appearance? If right hand and on the left. By Rom. xv, 22-24, 28. For which any man trust to himself that he honour and dishonour, by evil ré cause algo I have been much hin- is Christ's, let him of himself think port and good report: as deceivers dered from coming to you. But this again, that, as he is Christ's, and vet true; As unknown, and now having no more place in even so are we Christ's.

yet well known; as dying, and, to these parts, and having a great 2 Cor. xi, 5. For I suppose I was bold, we live; as chastened, and desire these many years to come not a whit behind the very chief

not killed; As sorrowful, yet at unto you: Whensoever I take est apostles.

way rejoicing; as poor, Fet mal. my journey into Spain, I will come

ing many rich; as having nothing to you: for I trust to see you in fool in glorying; ye have com

2 Cor. xii, 11, 12. I am become a and yet possessing all things. my journey, and to be brought on pelled me: for 1 ought to have rude in speech, yet not in know

2 Cor. xi, 6. But though I de my way thitherward by you, if been commended of you; for in first I be somewhat filled with nothing am I behind the very longlily made manifest among sub

ledge: but we have been thor. your company. When therefore I have performed this, and have chiefest apostles, though I be no

in all things. sealed to them this fruit, I will thing.. Truly the signs of an apostle were wrought among you

Gal. iv, 12. Brethren, I beseech coine by you into Spain.

in all patience, in sigus, and won you, be as I am; tor I am as ro 1 Cor. iv, 10, 18-20. We are ders, and mighty deeds.

are: ye have not injured me at all fools for Christ's sake, but ye are

Gal. i, 17, 18, 21. Neither went I Phil. iv, 9. Those things, which wise in Christ; we are weak, but Yo are strong ye are honourable, / up to Jerusalem to them which yo have both learned, and te

ceived and heard, and seen in but we are despised. Now some

were apostles before me; but I

went into Arabia, and returned me, do: and the God of peace sliau are pulled up, is though I would again into Damascus. Then, after be with you. not come to you. But I will come to you shortly, if the Lord will, three years. I went up to Jerusa

1 Thess. ii, 10. Ye are wituesees. lem to see Peter, and abode with and God also, how bolily ag and will know, not the speech of

him fifteen days. Afterwards I justly and unblameably we be them which are pufled up, but the

came into the regions of Syria haved ourselves among you thisi power. For the kingdom of God

and Cilicia, is not in word, but in power.

believe. 1 Cor. ix, 2. If I be not an

Gal. ii, 1. Then, fourteen years 2 Thess. ili, 7. For yourselves

after. I went up again to Jerusa- know how ye ought to follow us: apostle unto others, yet doubtless

lem with Barnabas, and took Titus for we behaved not ourselves die I am to you: for the seal of mine

with me also. apostleship are ye in the Lord.

orderly among you. 1 Cor. XV, 9-11. For I am the

Phil. ii, 24. But I trust in the least of the apostles, that am not Lord that I also myself shall come

His PREACHING. meet to be called an apostle, be- shortly.

Acts 1x, 20-22. And straightway cause I persecuted the church of

he preached Christ in the synd God. But by the grace of God I


gogues, that he is the Son of God am what I am: and his grace which Acts xx, 18, 19. And when they But all that heard him were was bestowed upon me was not in were come to him, he said unto amazed, and said, 14 not this be vain; but I laboured more abun- them, Ye know, from the first day thai destroyed there, which calle duntly than they all: yet uot I, I that came into Asia, atter what I on this name in Jerusalem, and

came hither for that intent, that need we, as some others, epistles 2 Cor. vi, 11-13. 0 ye Corite Le might bring them bound unto of commendation to


orthians, our mouth is open unto the chief priests? But Saul in- letters of commendation from you? you, our heart is enlarged. Ye creased the more in strength, and Ye are our epistle written in our are not straitened in us, but ye confounded the Jews which hearts, kuown and read of all are straitened in your own bowels. dwell at Damascus, proving that men.

Now, for a recompence in the this is very Christ.

2 Cor. iv, 5. For we preach not same, (I speak as unto my chil. Acts xv, 34, 35. Notwithstand ourselves, but Christ Jesus the dren.) be ye also enlarged. ing, it pleased Silas to abide there Lord; and ourselves your ser- 2 Cor. vii, 3, 4, 12 - 14. I speak still. Paul also and Barnabas vants for Jesus' sake.

not this to condemn you; for I continued in Antioch, teaching 2 Cor. v, 20. Now then we are

have said before, that ye are in and preaching the word of the ambassadors for Christ, as though

our hearts to die and live with Lord, with many others also. God did beseech you by us: we

you. Great is my boldness of Acts xviii, 11. And he continued pray you in Christ's stead, be ye speech toward you, great is my reconciled to God.

glorying of you: I am filled with there a year and six months, teaching the word of God among

2 Cor. xiii, 8. For we can do comfort, I am exceeding joyful in nothing against the truth, but for though I wrote unto you, I did it

all our tribulation. them.

Wherefore, the truth. Acts xx, 26, 27, 31. Wherefore

not for his cause that had done the I take you to record this day, that

Gal. ii, 2. And I went up by wrong, nor for his cause that I am pure from the blood of all revelation, and communicated suffered wrong, but that our care men. For I have not shunned to unto them that gospel which I for you in the sight of God might declare unto you all the counsel preach among the Gentiles, but appear unto you. Therefore we of God. Therefore watch, and privately to them which were of were comforted in your comfort; remember, that, by the space of reputation, lest by any means 1 yea, and exceedingly the more three years, I ceased not to warn should run, or had run, in vain.

joyed we for the joy of Titus, be. every one night and day with

Gal. iv, 11, 13. I am afraid of se his spirit was re hed by tears.

you, lest I have bestowed upon you all. For if I have boasted Acts xxviii, 31. Preaching the you labour in vain. Ye kuowany thing to him of you, I am not kingdom of God, and teaching how, through infirmity of the ashamed; but as we spake all those things which concern the flesh, I preached the gospel unto things to you in truth, even so Lord Jesus Christ, with all confid- you at the first.

our boasting, which I made before ence, no man forbidding hin.

Titus, is found a truth.

Phil. ii, 16, 22. Holding forth Rom. xv, 29. And I am sure the word of life; that I may re

2 Cor. viii, 16, 17. But thanks be that when I come unto you, I joice in the day of Christ, that I to God, which put the same shall come in the fulness of the have not run in vain, 'neither earnest care into the heart of blessing of the gospel of Christ. laboured in vain. But ye know Titus for you. For indeed he

1 Cor. 11, 3, 4. And I was with the proof of him, that, as a son accepted the exhortation; but, you in weakness, and in fear, and with the father, he bath served being more forward, of his own

accord he went unto you. in much trembling: And my with me in the gospel. speech and my preaching was not 1 Thess. ii, 1-3. For yourselves, things that are without, that

2 Cor. xi, 28. Besides those with enticing words of man's brethren, know our entrance in wisdom, but in demonstration of unto you, that it was not in vain:

which cometh upon me daily, the the Spirit and of power.

care of all the churches. But even after that we had suffer1 Cor. iv, 14, 15.. I write noted before, and were shamefully

2 Cor. xii, 15. And I will very these things to shame you, but, as entreated, as ye know at Phulippi, I gladly spend and be spent for you; my beloved sons, I warn you. we were bold in our God to speak though the more abundantly I For though ye have ten thousand unto you the gospel of God with love you, the less I be loved. instructers in Christ, yet hare ye much contention, For our exhor- 1 Thess. 11, 8, 17-20. So, being not many fathers: for in Christ tation was pot of deceit, nor of affectionately desirons of you, we Jesus I have begotten you uncleanness, nor in guile.

were willing to have imparted through the gospel.

unto you, not the gospel of God 1 Cor. is, 16, 17. For though J His LOVE FOR THE CHURCHES.

only, but also our own souls, bepreach the gospel, I have nothing

cause ye were dear unto us.

Rom. i, 11, 12. For I long to see to glory of: for necessity is laid you, that I may impart unto you from you for a short time in pre

But we, brethren, being taken upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I

some spiritual gift, to the end ye sence, not in heart, endeavoured, preach not the gospel! For if I do

may be established; That is, that this thing willingly, I have a re

the more abundantly to see your I may be comforted together with ward; but if against my will, a

face with great desire. Wheredispensation of the gospel is com- you and me.

you, by the mutual faith both of fore we would have come unto mitted unto me.

you (even I Paul) once and again; 2 Cor. il, 3-5. And I wrote this but Satan hindered us. For what 2 Cor. ii, 15--17. For we are unto same untó you, lest, when I came, is our hope, or joy, or crown of God a sweet savour of Christ, in I should have sorrow from them rejoicing? are not even ye in the them that are saved, and in them of whom I ought to rejoice; having presence of our Lord Jesus Christ that perish. To the one we are confidence in you all, that my joy at his coming? For ye are our the savour of death unto Death; | is the joy of you all. For out of glory and joy. and to the other the savour of much affliction and anguish of lite unto life: and who is suiticient heart I wrote unto or these things? For we are not

you with

HIS MEEKNESS. many tears; not that ye should be 2 Cor. x, 1, 2. Now I Pau! as many, which corrupi the word grieved, but that ye miglit know myself beseech you by the meekof God; but as of sincerity, bui as the love which I have more abun- ness and gentleness of Christ, of God, in the sight of God speak dantly unto you. But if any have who in presence am base among we in Christ.

caused grief, he hath not grieved you, but being absent am bold 2 Cor. iii, 1, 2. Do we begin me, but in part; that I may not ioward you: But I beseech yoni, agiin to commend ourselves ? or overcharge you all.

that I may not be bold when I am present with that confidence, Phil. 1, 24-26. Nevertheless to the wicked, O wicked man the wherewith I think to be bolt abide in the flesh is more needful shalt surely die; if thou dost ol against some, which think of us as for you. And having this confid-speak to warn the wicked in if we walked according to the ence, I know that I shall abide lis way, that wicked man stall flesh.

and continue with you all, for die in his iniquity; but his bleed Philemon 8, 9, 14. Wherefore, your furtherance and joy of faith; will I require at thine hand though I might be much bold in That your rejoicing may be more Nevertheless, if thou warn this Christ to enjoin thee that which abundant in Jesus Christ for me wicked of his way to turn from it, is convenient, Yet for love's sake by my coming to you again. if he do not turn from his way, be I rather beseech thee, being such

shall die in his iniquity; but the an one as Paul the aged, and now

Jer. xxxi, 34. And they shall hast delivered thy soul. also a prisoner of Jesus Christ. teach no more every man his

Mal. ii, 7. For the priest's fias But without thy mind would I do neighbour, and every man his should keep knowledge, and thes nothing; that thy benefit should brother, saying, Know the LORD: should seek the law at his mouth: not be as it were of necessity, but for they shall all know me, from for he is the messenger of the willingly.

the least of them unto the great- LOBD of hosts. IV.

est of them, saith the LORD: tor I THE MINISTRY IN GENERAL, will remember their sin no more. will forgive their iniquity, and I AND UNDER THE NEW TESTAIENT

John xxi, 15. So when they la A DIVINE INSTITUTION.

Hcbviii, 11, 12. And they shall dined, Jesus saith to Simon Peter, Exod. iv, 13. And he said, O my not teach' every man his neighi. Simon, son of Jonas, lovest the Lord, send, I pray thee, by the bour, and every man his brother, me more than these? He saitu hand of him whom thou wilt saying, Know the Lord: for all unto him, Yea, Lord; thou knox send. shall know me, from the least to est that I love thee.

He suit: P8. Ixviii, 11. The LORD gave the greatest. For I will be merci. unto him, Feed my lambs. the word; great ipas the company ful to their unrighteousness, and

Col. iv, 17. And say to Arcbirof those that published it.

their sins and their iniquities will pus. Take heed to the ministri Isa. 111,7,8. Hot beautiful upon I remember no more.

which thou hast receivel in this the mountains are the feet of him

Lord, that thou fulfil it. that bringeth good tidings, that


2 Tim, ii, 24. And the serran publisheth peace; that bringetli UNDER THE OLD TESTAMENT.

of the Lord must not strise; be good tidings of good, that pub


be gentle unto all next, apt to lisheth salvation; that saith unto 2 Chron. xxix, 11. My sons, be teach, patient. Zion, Thy God reigneth! Thy not now negligent; for the LORD watchmen shall lift up the voice; hath chosen you to stand before

2 Tim. iv, 5. But watch thou in with the voice together shall they him, to serve him, and that be the work of an evangelist, make

all things, endure afflictivas, di sing: for they shall see eye to eye, should minister unto him, and full proof of thy ministry. wlien the LORD shall bring again burn incense. Zion,

Emek, ill, 17-21. Son of man, I the tbings which become soup

Titus ii, 1, 8. But speak thui Nahum i, 15. Behold upon the have made thee a watchman unto doctrine. Sound speech, that citt mountains the feet of liin that the house of Israel: therefore hear bringeth good tidings, that puts the word at my mouth, and give

not be condemned; that be that is

of the contrary part may Tisheth peacei o Judah, keep thy them warning from me. When I solemn feasts, perform thy vows: say unto the wicked, Thou shalt asliamed, having no evil thing to for the wicked shall no more pass surely die; and thou givest him

say of you. through thee; he is utterly cut not warning, nor speakest to war

1 Peter iv, 10, 11. As every 2.. oll. tho wicked from his wicked way,

hath received the gift, ecer John xx, 21. Then said Jesus to save his life; the same wicked minister the same one to another untu them again, Peace be unto man shall die in his in quity; but

as good stewards of the manifest you, as my Father bath sent me his blood will I require at thine grace of God. If any man speak even so send I you.

hand. Yet if thou warn the wick let him speak as the orades i

ed, and he turn not from his wick. God; if any man minister, ut his Rom. x, 14, 15. How then shall ledness, nor from his wicked way, do it as of the ability which Gon they call on liim in whom they he shall die in his iniquity; but giveth: that God in all things, map have not believed? and how shall thou hast delivered thy soul. be glorified through Jesus Christ they believe in him of whom they Again, When a righteous man

to whom be praise and domina have not heard? and how shall

doth turn from his righteousness, for ever and ever. Amen. they hear without a preacher? and commit iniquity, and I lay a And low shall they preach, ex- stumblingblock before him, he

STUDIOUSNESS. cept they be sent? as it is written, shall die: because thou hast not Acts xili, 1,2. Now there were lo How beautiful are the feet of given him warning, he shall die the church that was at le them that preach the gospel of in his sin, and his righteousness certain prophets and teachers peace, and bring glad tidings of which be'bath done shall not be Barnabas, and Simeon that ** good tbings!

remembered; but his blood will I called Niger, and Lucius of Cyrel Eph. iv, 11--13. And ho gave require at thine hand. Neverthe- and Manaen, which had been sowe, apostles; and someprophets; less, if thou warn the righteous brought up with Herod the lê and some, evangelists; and some, man, that the righteous sin not, trarch, and Saul.

As they mis pastors and teachers. For the and he doth not sin, he shall surely tered to the Lord, and fasted, the perfecting of the saints, for the live, because he is warned; also Holy Ghost said, Separate Id work of the ministry, for the edi. thou hast delivered thy soul.

Barnabas and Saul for the wuri fying of the body of Christ. Till Ezek. xxxiii, 7-9. So thou, O

whereunto I have called them. we all come in the unity of the son of man, I have set thee a 1 Tim, iv, 6. 13-16. If thod it faith, and of the knowledge of the watchman unto the house of the brethren in remembrance Son of God, unto a perfect man, Israel; therefore thou shalt hear these things, thou shalt be a grand unto the measure of the stature the word at my mouth, and warn minister of Jesus Christ, Dours of the fullness of Christ.

them from me. When I say unto ed up in the words of faith and is good doctrine, whereunto thou , preach, saying, The kingdom of that cannot understand: they all hast attained. Till I come, give heaven is at hand.

look to their own way, every attendance to reading, to exhorta tion, to doctrine. Neglect not the them, Go ye into all the world, ter,

Mark xvi, 15. And he said unto one for his gain, from his quargift that is in thee, which was and preach the gospel to every

Jer. v, 30, 31. A wonderful and given thee by prophecy, with the creature.

horrible thing is committed in the. laying on of the hands of the presbytery. Meditate upon these

Luke 1, 16. And many of the land; The prophets prophesy ihings; give thyself wholly to children of Israel shall lie (Jobu] falsely, and the priests bear rule them; that thy profiting may apturn to the Lord their God.

by their means; and my people pear to all. Take heed unto thy

love to have it 90: and what will

Luke xxii 32. But I have prayed self, and unto thedoctrine; continue for thee, that thy faith tall not: Je do in the end thereof. in them; for in doing this thou, and when thou art converted,

Jer. vi, 13--15. For from the shalt both save thysell, and them strengthen thy bretliren.

least of tbem even unto the great that hear thee.

est of them, every one is given to

Acts v, 20, 21. Go, stand and covetousness; and irom the pro2 Tim. il, 15. Stndy to show thy- speak in the temple to the people phet even unto the priest, every self approved unto God, a work all the words of this life. And

one dealetlı falsely.

They have man that needeth not to be when they heard that, they enter-healed also the hurt of the daughashamed, rightly dividing the ed into ihe temple early in the ter of my people slightly, saying, word of truth.

inorning, and taught. But the Peace, peace; when there is no CONSISTENCY.

high priest came, and they that peace. Were they ashamed when

were with him, and called the ibey had committed abomination? 1 Tim. iv, 12. Let no man des-council together, and all the senate nay, they were not at all ashamed, pise thy youth; but be thou an of the children of Israel, and sent neither could they blush; theroexample of the believers, in word, to the prison to have them fore they shall fall among them in conversation, in charity, in brought.

that fall: at the time that I visit spirit, in faith, in purity.

Acts xxiv, 24, 25. And after cer- them they shall be cust down, Buith Titus ii, 7. In all things shewing tain days, when Felix came with the LORD. thyself a pattern of good works: his wife Drusilla, which was a in duetrine shewing uncorrupt. Jewese, he sent for Paul, ani give their wives unto others, and

Jer. viii, 10, 11. Therefore will I Dess, gravity, sincerity.

heard him concerning the faith their fields to them that shall in1 Peter v, 3. Neither as being in Christ. And as he reasoned of herit them: for every one, from lords over God's heritage, but righteousness, temperance, and the least even unto the greatest, being ensamples to the flock. judgment to come, Felix trembled, is given to covetovsness, from the

and answered, Go thy way for prophet even unto the priest, TEACHING.--UNDER BOTI this time; when I have a conveni- every one dealeth falsely. For DISPENSATIONS. ent season I will call for thee.

they have healed the hurt of the Prov. xi, 30. The fruit of the 2 Cor. v, 20. Now then we are daughter of my people slightly, righteous is a tree of life; and lie ambassadors for Christ, as though saying, Peace, peace; when there that winneth souls is wise. God did bescech you by us: we

is no peace. Isa. lviii, 1. Cry aloud, spare pray you in Christ's stead, bu ye Lam. iv, 11, 13. The Lord hath not; lift up thy voice like a trum- reconciled to God.

accomplished his fury; he hath pet, and shew my people their 2 Tim. iv, 2. Preach the word; poured out bis fierce anger. . transgression, and the house of be instant in season, out of season;

For the sins of her prophets, and Jacob their sins. reprove. rebuke, exhort with all the iniquities of her priests, that

have slied the blood of the just in Jer, iti, 15. And I will give you long-suffering and doctrine.

the midut or her. pastors according to mine heart, James V, 19, 20. Brethren, if which shall feed you with kuowany of you do err from the truth,

Hosea iv, 4-6. Yet let no man ledge and anderstanding.

and one convert bim; Let him strive, nor reprove another: for Jer. xxiii, 4. And I will get op know, that he which 'converteth thy people are as they that strive shepherds over them which shall the sinner from the error of his with the priest. Therefore slralt feed them; and they shall fear way shall save a soul from death, thou fall in the day, and the prono more, nor be dismayed, neither and shall hide a multitude of sins plet also shall fall with thee in shall they be lacking, saith the 1 Peter v,'2. Feed the flock of mother. My people are destroyed

the night, and I will destroy thy LORD.

God which is among you, taking for lack of knowledge: because Ezek. XX, 4. Wilt thou judge the oversight thereof, not by con- thou hast rejected knowledge, I them, son of man? wilt thou judge straint, but willingly; not for Althy will also reject thee, that thou them? cause them to know the lucre, but of a ready mind,

shalt be no priest to me: seeing abominations of their fathers.

Jude 22, 23. And of some have thou hast forgotten the law of Ezek xxiii, 36. The Lord said compassion, making a difference: thy God, I will also forget thy moreover unto me, Son of man, / And others save with fear, pulling children, wilt thou judge Abolalı and | them out of the fire; hating even

Hosea vi, 9. And as troops of Aholibali? yea, declare unto them the garment spotted by the flesh.

robbers wait for a man, so the their abominations.

company of priests murder in the Dan. xii, 3. And they that be


way by consent: for they commit wise shall shine as the brightness TO PASTORS IN THE OLD lewdness. of the firmament; and they that


Hosca ix, 7. The days of visita. turn many to righteousness as the

Isa, Ivi, 10, 11. His watchmen tion are come, the days of recomstars for ever and ever.

are blind : they are all ignorant, pence are come; Israel shall know Jonah 1, 2. Arise, go to Nineveh, they are all dumb dogs, they can- it: the prophet is a fool, the piritthat great city, and cry against it; not bark; sleeping, lying down, ual man is mad, for the multitude for their wickedness is come up loving to 'slumber. Yea, they are of thine iniquity, and the great Lefore me.

greedy dogs which can never have hatred. Matth. x, 7. And as ye go, enough, and they are shepherds Zech. xi, 4, 5, 17. Thus saith the

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LORD my God; Feed the flook of was come to Jerusalem, he assay- ' or in truth, Christ is preached; the slaughter, whose possessors ed to join himself to the disciples: and I therein do rejuice, yea, and slay them, and hold themselves but they were all afraid of him, will rejoice. For I know this! not guilty: and they that sell them and believed not that he was a this shall turn to my salvatia say, Blessed be the Lord for I am disciple. But Barnabas touk him, through your prayer, and the rich: and their own shepherds and brought him to the apostles, supply of the Spirit of Jesus pity them not. Woe to the idol and declared unto them how he Christ. shepherd that leaveth the flock! | had seen the Lord in the way, the sword shall be upon his arm, and that he had spoken to him,

CONTENTIOX. and upon his right eye: his arm and how he had preached boldly Acts xv, 36-40. And some days shall be clean dried up, and his at Damascus in the name of after Paul said unto Barnabas, ie right eye shall be utterly dark- | Jesus.

us go again and visit our brettiren ened.

1 Cor. iii, 3-5. For yo are yet in every city where we have Mal. 1, 10. Who is there even carnal: for whereas there is among preached the word of the Lori among you that would shut the you envying, and strife, and divi- j and see how they do. And Fur doors for nought neither do ye sions, are ye not carnal, and walk nabas determined to take wih kindle fire on mine altar for as nen? For while one saith, I them Jolin. whose surname vis nought. I have no pleasure in am of Paul; and another, I am Mark. But Paul thought not you, saith the Lord of hosts, nel- of Apollos; are ye not carnal: good to take him with then, who ther will I accept an offering at Who then is Paul, and who is departed from them from Punyour hand,

Apollos, but ministers by whom phylia, and went not with them

ye believed, even as the Lord to the work. And the contentico (See under TENDING THE FLOCKS, gave to every man?

was so sharp between them, that ANIMALS.)

2 Cor. v, 12. For we commend they departed asunder one from

not ourselves again unto you, but the other; and so Barnabas took PUNISHMENT.

give you occasion to glory on Mark, and sailed unto Cyprcs; Jer. xxiii, 1, 2, 12. Woe be unto our behalf, that ye may have

And Paul chose Silas, and de the pastors that destroy and scat- somewhat to ansuer them which parted, being recommended by ter the sheep of my pasture! saith glory in appearance, and not in the bretliren unto the grace of the LORD. Therefore thus saith heart.

God. the LORD God of Israel against 2 Cor. x, 12-16. For we dare not

PRIDE. the pastors that feed my people, make ourselves of the number, or 3 John 9. 10. I wrote unto the Ye have scattered my flock, and

compare ourselves with some that church; but Diotrephes, who lordriven them away, and have not

cominend themselves: but they, eth to have the pre-emidence visited them; behold, I will visit measuring themselves by them- among them, receiveth us at upon you the evil of your doings selves, and comparing themselves Wherefore, if I come, I will resaith the LORD). Wherefore their

among themselves, are not wise. member his deeds which he com way shall be unto them as slip-But we will not boast of thingseth, prating against us with maipery ways in the darkness; they without our measure, but accord-cious words: and not content shall be driven on, and fall there-ing to the measure of the rule therewith, neither doth he himsel in: for I will bring evil upon them, which God hath distributed to us, receive the brethren, and forbid even the year of their visitation, a measure to reach even unto you. deth them that would, and castell saith the LORD.

For we stretch not ourselves be-them out of the church. Jer. xxv, 35, 36. And the shep-yond our measure, as though we herds shall have no way to flee, reached not unto you; for we are

HERESY. nor the principal of the flock to come as far as to you also in

Matth. IV, 14. Let them aloge: escape. A voice of the cry of the preaching the gospel of Christ : they be blind leaders of the shepherds, and an howling of the Not boasting of things without blind. And if the blind lead the principal of the flock, shall be our measure, that is, of other blind, both shall fall into the heard: for the LORD hath spoiled men's labours; but having hope,

ditch. their pasture.

when your faith is increased, that Hosea iv. 9. And there shall be, we shall be enlarged by you ac

2 Cor. ii, 17. For we are not 99 like people, like priest: and I cording to our rule abundantly. many, whiclı corrupt the word ! will punish them for their ways, To preach the gospel in the re- God; but as of sincerity, but as of and reward them their doings.

gions beyond you, and not to God, in the sight of God speak se Mal. ii, 1, 2, 9. And now, O ye

boast in another man's line of in Christ. priests, this commandment' is for things made ready to our hand. 2 Pet. 11. 2. And many shall follow you. If ye will not hear, and if

2 Cor. xi, 12, 13. But what I do their pernicious ways by reason ye will not lay it to heart, to give that I will do, that I may cut off of whom the way of truth shall be glory unto my name, saith the occasion from them which desire evil spoken of. LORD of hosts, I will even send a occasion; that wherein they glory,

SELFISHNESS. curse upon you, and I will curse they may be found even as we.

Phil, ii, 20. 21. For I have no your blessings, yea, I have cursed For such are false apostles, dethem already, because ye do not

ceitful workers. transforming man like minded, who will naturlay it to heart. Therefore have I themselves into the apostles of ally care for your state. For a Also made you contemptible and Christ.

seek their own, not the things base before all the people, ac

which are Jesus Christ's.

Phil. i, 15-19. Some indeed cording as ye have not kept my preach Christ even of envy and

Titus i, 10, 11. For there are ways, but have been partial in the strile; and some also of good will. many unruly and vain talkers and law.

The one preach Christ of conten- deceivers, specially they of the INCONSISTENCIES tion, not sincerely, supposing to circumcision :


moctis OF MINISTERS UNDER TITE add affliction to my bonds; But must be stopped, who subvers

the other of love, knowing that I whole houses, teaching this NEW TESTAMENT.

am set for the defence of the gos- which they ought not, for filte JEALOUSIES, ETC.

pel. What then? notwithstanding, lucre's sake. Acts ix, 26, 27. And when Saul'every way, whether in pretence, 2 Pet. 11, 3. And through coret

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