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loved gone, O thon fairest among | months, that she returned unto to wit, six months with oil of women? whither is thy beloved her father, who did with her myrrh, and six months with sweet turned aside? that we may seek according to his vow which he odours, and with other things for him with thee.

had vowed: and she knew no the purifying of the women) Çant. vii, 6. How fair and how man. And it was a custom in Then thus cime erery maiden pleasant art thou, o love, for Israel, That the daughters of unto the king: whatsoever she delights!

Israel went yearly to lament the desired was given her to go with

daughter of Jephthan the her out of the house of the woEzek. xvi, 7, 13 - 15. I have caused thee to multiply as the Gileadite four days in a year. men unto the king's house. In bud of the field, and thou hast in- Ruth 111, 2, 3. And now is not the evening she went, and on the creased and waxen great, and Boaz of our kindr d, with whose morrow she returned into the thou art come to excellent orna. maidens thou wast?' Behold, he second house of the women, to ments: thy breasts are fashioned, winnoweth barley to-night in the the custody of Shaashguz, the and thine hair is grown, whereas thrashing - floor. Wash thyself king's chamberlain, which kept thou east naked and bare. therefore, and anoint thee, and

the concubines; she came in uuto And thou wast exceeding beauti- put thy raiment upon thee, and the king no more, except the king ful. . . . . And thy renown went get thee down to the floor; but delighted in her, and that she

were called by name, forth among the heathen for thy make not thyself known unto the beauty: for it was perfect through man until he shall have done P3. Ixxviii, 63. The fire conmy comeliness, which I had put eating and drinking.

sumed their young men; and their upon thee, saith the Lord God. 1 Kings i, 3. 4. So they songht maidens were not given to marBut thou didst trust in thine own for a fair damsel throughout all riage. beauty, and playedst the harlot the coasts of Israel, and found Rev. xiv, 4. These are they because of thy renown, and Abishag Shunammite, and which were not defiled with wopouredst out thy fornications on brought her to the king. And men; for they are virgins. These every one that passed by; lis it the damsel was very fair, and are they which follow the Lamb was.

cherished the king, and minister- whithersoever he goeth. These Exck. xxvili, 19. Thine hearted to him; but the king knew her were redeemed from among men, was lifted up because of thy not.

being the first-fruits unto God and beauty; thou hast corrupted thy Esther 11, 1-4, 8, 9, 12--14. After to the Lamb. wisdom by reason of thy bright. these things, when the wrath of ness: I will cast thee to the king Ahasuerus was appeased, he

LOVES_VARIOUS. ground, I will lay thee before remembered Vashti, and what Gen. xxix. 11, 18-20. And Jacob kings, that they may behold she had done, and what was kissed Rachel, and lifted up his tled.

decreed against her. Then said voice, and wept. And Jacob

the king's servants that minister- loved Rachel; and said, I will VIRGINITY.

ed unto him, Let there be fair serve thee seven years for Rachel Gen. xxiv, 16. And the damsel young virgins sought for the king: thy younger daughter. And was very fair to look upon, a

And let the king appoint officers Laban said, it is better that I give virgin; neither

any man

in all the provinces of his king her to thee, than that I should known her; and she went down dom, that they may gather to give her to another man: abide to the well, and filled her pitcher, unto Shushan the palace, to the seven years for Rachel; and they

gether all the fair young virgins with me. And Jacob served and came up. Num. XXXI, 15-18. 35. And Mcges

house of the women, unto the seemed unto him but a few days,

custody of Hege the king's for the love he had to her. said unto them, Have ye saved


chamberlain, keeper the all the women alive? Behold,

Gen. xxxiv. 3. And his soul women; and let their things for these caused the children of Israel, through the counsel of purification be given them: And clave unto Dinah the daughter of Balaam,to commit trespass against

let the maiden which pleaseth the Jacob; and he loved the damsel, the Lord in the matter of Peor, And the thing pleased the king; king be queen instead of Vashti. and spake kindly unto the dam.

sel. and there was a plague among and he did so. So it came to pass, Judges xvi, 4. 15. And it came the congregation of the Lord when the king's commandment afterward, that he loved a woman Now therefore kill every male and his decree was heard, and in the valley of Surek, whosa among the little ones, and kill


maidens many

were name was Delilah. And she said every woman that hath known man by lying with him. Iine palace, to the custody of llegai, love thee, when thine heart is

gathered together unto Shushan unto him, lIow canst thou say, I But all the women-children, that

that Esther was brought also unto not with me? thou hast mocked have not known a man by lying the king's house, to the custody me these three times, and hast with him, keep alive for your- of llegai, keeper of the women. not told me wherein thy great selves. And thirty and two thousand persons in all, of women

And the maiden pleased him, and strength lieth, that had not known man by lying he speedily gave her her things she obtained kindness of him; and

1 Sam. xvill, 20. 29. And Michal. with him. for purification, with such things they told Saul, and the thing

Saul's daughter, loved David: and Judges xi, 37-40. And sho said as belonged to her, and seven unto her father, Let this thing be maidens, which were meet to be pleased him. And Saul sai and done for me: let me alone two

given her, out of the king's house: knew that the Lord was with months, that. I may go up and and he preferred her and her David. and that Michal, Saul's down upon the mountains, and maids unto the best place of the daughter, loved him. bewail my virginity, I and my house of the women. Now, when 2 Sam. xiii, 1, 2. And it came to fellows. And he said, Go. And every maid's turn was come to go pass after this, that Absalom the he sent her away for two months: in to king Ahasuerus, after that son of David had a fair sister, and she went with her compan- she had been twelve months, ac- whose name was Tamar, and ions, and bewailed her virginity cording to the manner of the Ampon the son of David 'loved upon the mountains. And it women, (for so were the days of her. And Amnen was so vexed, caine to pass, at the end of two their purifications accomplished, I that ho fell sick for his sister

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Tamar, for she 1023 a virgin: and ( as my brother, that sucked the down; and he will tell thee what. Amnon thought it hard for him breasts of my mother! when I thon shalt do. And she said to do any thing to her.

should find thee without, I would unto her, All That thou saya st 1 Kings xi, 1, 2. But king Solo-kiss thee; yea, I should not be unto me I will do. And she went mon loved many strange women, despised.

down unto the floor, and did ac(together with the daughter of Luke vii. 45. Thon gavest mecording to all that her inother-inPharaoh,) women of the Moabites, no kiss; but this woman, since the law bade her. And when Boaz Ammonites, Edomites, Zidonians, time I camein, hath not ceased to had eaten and drunk, and his and Hittites; Of the nations con- kiss my feet.

heart was merry, he went to lio cerning which the LORD said unto

Rom. xvi, 16. Salute one another down at the end of the heap of the children of Israel. Yo shall with an holy kiss. The churches

corn: and she came softly, and not go in to them, neither shall of Christ salute you.

uncovered his feet, and laid her they come in unto you: for surely

down. And it came to pass at

1 Çor xvi, 20. All the brethren midnight, that the man was afraid, they will turn away your heart after their gods. Solomon clave greet you. Greet ye one another and iurned himself: and, behold,

with an holy kiss. unto these in love.

a woman lay at his feet. And he Esther ii, 17. And the king

2 Cor. xiii, 12. Greet one another said, Who art thou? And she loved Esther above all the women, with an holy kiss.

answered. I am Ruth thine handand she obtained grace and favour

1 Thess. v, 26. Greet all the maid: spread therefore thy skirt

over thine handmaid; for thou art in his siglt more than all the brethren withi an holy kiss.

1 Pet. V, 14

a near kinsman. virgins; so that he set the royal

Greet ye one ano

And he said,

Blessed be thou of the Lord, my crown upon her head, and made ther with a kiss of charity. Peace her queen instead of Vashti. be with you all that are in Christ daughter; for thou hast shewed

more kindness in the latter end Prov. vii, 13, 18. So she caught Jesus. Amen.

than at the beginning, inasmuch him, and kissed him, and with an

as thou followedst not young men, impudent face said unto him, COURTSHIP IN SUNDRY

whether poor or rich, And now, Come, let us take our fill of love


my dargiter, fear not; I will do until the morning; let us soiace

Gen. xxiv, 51, 57--59 Behold, to the all that thou requirest: for ourselves with loves.

Rebekah is before thee, take her, all the city of my people doth Çant. viii, 6, 7 Set me as a seal and go, and let her be thy mus- know that thou art a virtuous upon thine heart, as a seal upon ter's son's wife, as the LORD hath woman. And now, it is true that thine arm: for love is strong as spoken. And they said, we will I am thy near kinsman; lowbeit death; Jealousy 13 cruel as the call the damsel, and enquire at there is a kinsman nearer than I. grave: the coals thereof are coals her mouth And tbey called Ro. Tarry this night, and it shall be of fire, which have a most vehe- bekah, and said unto her, Wilt in the morning, that if he will perInent flame. Many waters cannot thou go with this man? And she form unto thee the part of a kinsquench love, neither can thie

said, I will go. And they sent man, well, let him do the kingfloods drown it: if a man would away Rebekah their sister, and man's part: but if he will not do give all the substanco of his her nurse, and Abraham's servant,

the part of a kinsman to thee, house for love, it would utterly be and his men.

then will I do the part of a kinscontemned.

Gen. xxxiv. 6-11. And Hamor llie down until the morning. And

man to thee, as the LORD liveth: Dan. xi, 37. Neither shall he the father of Shechem went out regard the God of his fathers, nor unto Jacob to commune with him.

she lay at his feet until the mornthe desire of women, nor regard And the sons of Jacob came out

ing: and she rose up before ono any god: for he shall maguity of the field when they heard it: said, Let it not be known that a

could know another And he himself above all. and the men were grieved; and

woman came into the floor. Then they were very wroth, because he Çant. 1, 2. Let him kiss me with had wrought folly in Israel, in said she, Sit still, my daughter,

until thou know how the matter the kisses of his mouth: for thy lying with Jacob's daughter; will fall; for the man will not be love is better than wine

which thing ought not to be done. in rest, until he have finished the

And llamor communed with Cant. ii. 5. Stay me with

thing this day. flugons, comfort me with apples; Shechem longeth for your daugh

them, saying, The soul of my son lor I am sick of love.

1 Kings ii, 16-22. And now I ter: I pray you give her lím to ask one petition of thee, deny me Çant, iii, 4. It was but a little wife. And make ye marriages not that I passed from them, but I with us, and give your daughters

And she said unto him, Say

on. And he said, Speak, I pray found him whom my soul loveth: unto us, and take our danghters thee, unto Solomon the king, (for I beld him, and would not let unto you. And ye shall dwell he will not say thee nay.) that he him go, until I bad brought him with us: and the land shall be be- give me Abishag the Shunaminto my mother's house, and into fore you ; dwell and trade ye mite to wite. And Bath-sheba the chamber of her that couceived therein, and get you possessions said, Well; I will speak for theo me.

therein. And Shechem said unto unto the king. Bath-sheba thereÇant. iv, 9. Thou hast ravished her father, and unto her

brethren, fore went

unto king Solomon, to mv heart, my sister, my spouse; Let me tind grace in your eyes, speak unto him for Adonijah. thi'i hast ravished my heari with and what ye shall say unto me And the king rose up to meet lier, one of tbine eyes, with one chain will give.

and bowed himself unto her, and of thy neck.

Judges xiv, 7. And he went sat down on his throue, and Cant v, 8. I charge you, Odown, and talked with the woo caused a seat to be set for the daughters of Jerusalem, if ye man; and she pleased Samson king's mother, and she sat on his find my beloved, that ye tell well.

right band. Then she said, I de. him, that I am sick of love.

Ruth iii, 4-14, 18. And it shall sire one small petition of thee; !

be, when he lieth down, that thou pray thee, say me nut nay. And Jant. vii, 10. I am my beloved's, stilt mark the place where he the king said unto her, Ask on, and his desire is toward me.

shall lie, and thou shalt go in, and my mother; for I will not say thee Cant. viii, 1. Oh that thou wert I uncover his feet, and lay theu I nay. And she said, Let Abishug


the Shunammite be given to 2 Sam. xiii, 11--14. And when Jer. ii, 2. Go and cry in the eart Adonijah thy brother to wife. she had brought them unto him to of Jerusalem, saying. Thus saith And king Solomon answered and eat, he took hold of her, and said the LORD, I remember thee, the said uuto his mother, And wliy unto her, Como lie with me, my kindness of thy youth, the love of dost thou ask Abisbag the Shu- sister. And she answered him, thine espousals, when thou wentnammite for Adonijah ? ask for Nay, my brother, do not force me; est after me in the wilderness, in him the kingdom also; (for he is for no such thing ought to be done a land that was not sown. mine elder brother;) even for him, in Israel: do not thou this folly. Hosea ii, 19, 20. And I will be and for Abiathar the priest, and And I, whither shall I cause my troth thee unto me for ever, yes, for Joab the son of Zeruiah. shame to go? and as for thee, thou I will betroth thee uato me in Prov. vii, 15. Therefore came I

shalt be as one of the fools in rightevusness, and in judgment,

Israel. forth to meet thee, diligently to

Now therefore, I pray and in loving-kindness, and in seek thy face, and I have found thee, speak unto the king; for he mercies: I will even betroth thee

will not withbold me from thee. unto me in faithfulness; and thou thee.

How beit he would not hearkenshalt know the LORD.

unto her voice; but, being stron. 1 Sam. xviii 19. But it came to ger than she, forced her, and lay brethren, ye also

Rom. vii, 4. Wherefore, my

are pass, at the time when Merab, with her.

become Saul's daughter, should have been

dead to the law by the body of given to David, that she was given shall be dashed to pieces before to another, even to him who is

18a. xiii, 16. Their children also Christ; that ye should be married unto Adriel the Mebolathite to their eyes; their houses shall be raised from the dead, that we wife.

spoiled, and their wives ravished. should bring forth fruit unto God. Isa. liv, 6. For the LORD hath called thee as a woman forsaken, women in Zion, and the maids in shall a man leave his father and

Lam. v, 11. They ravished the

Eph. v, 31, 32. For this cause and grieved in spirit, and a wife of

the cities of Juduh. youth, when thou wast refused,

mother, and shall be joined uuto saith thy God.

Zech. xiv, 2. For I will gather his wife, and they two shall be

all nations against Jerusalem to one flesh. This is a great mys. Jer. xxii, 20. Go up to Lebanon, battle; and the city shall be taken, tery: but I speak concerning and cry; and lift up thay voice in and the houses rifled, and the Christ and the church, Bashan, and cry from the pas

women ravished; and half of the sages; for all thy lovers are city shall go forth into captivity,

Rev. xix, 7, 9. Let us be glad destroyed.

and the residue of the people and rejoice, and give honour to Joel i, 8. Lament like a virgin shall not be cut off from the city.

hin: for the marriage of the girded with suckcloth for the

Lamb is come, and his wife hath husband of her youth.


made herself ready. And he saith Deut. xxii, 25-27. But if a man

unto me, Write, blessed are they RAPE,

which are called unto the marfind a betrothed damsel in the riage supper of the Lamb. And Gen. xxxiv,1,2, 5. And Dinah field, and the man force her, and he saith unto me, These are the the daughter of 'Leah, which she lie with her; then the man only true sayings of God. bare unto Jacob, went out to see that lay with her shall die: But the daughters of the land. And unto the damsel thou shalt do

Rev. xxi, 2, 9. And I Jobn saw when Shechem the son of Hamor nothing; there is in the damsel no

the holy city, new Jerusalem, the Hivite, prince of the country, sin worthy of death: for as when a coming down from God out of saw her, he took her, and lay with man riseth against his neighbour,

heaven, prepared as a bride her, and deflled her. And Jacob and slayeth him, even so is this adorned for her husband. Abd heard that he had defiled Dinah matter: For he found her in the there came unto me one of the his daughter; (now his sons were field, and the betrothed damsel seven angels which had the seven with his cattle in the field;) and cried, and there was nono to save

vials full of the seven last plagues, Jacob held his peace until they her.

and talked with me, saying, Come were come.

hither, I will shew itee the bride, Judges xxi, 20--23. Therefore


the Lamb's wife. they commanded the children of


INSTANCES. Benjamin, saying, Go and lie in wait in the vineyards; And see, God suid, it is not good that the

Gen. ii, 18, 24. And the LORD

Gen. xl, 29. And Abram and and, behold, if the daughters of

Nahor took them wives: the name man should be alone; I will make Shiloh come out to dance in

of Abram's wife was Sarai; and bim an help ineet for him. There- the name of Nahor's wife Milcah, dances, then come ye out of the

fore shall a man leave his father vineyards, and caich you every and his mother, and shall cleave

the daughter of Haran, the father man his wife of the daughters of

of Milcah, and the father of Iscah. unto his wise: and they shall be Shiloh, and go to the land of Benone flesh.

Gen. xxiv, 6-8. And Abraham Jamin. And it shall be, when their fathers or their brethren come Matth. xix, 5, 6. And said, For sald unto him, Beware thon that unto us to complain, that we will this cause shalla man leave father thou bring not my son thither say unto them, Be favourable unto and mother, and shall c.eave unto again. ... Thou shalt take a wise

unto my son from thence. And if them for our sakes: because we his wife, and they twaiu shall be

the woman will not be willing to reserved not to each man his wife one flesh? Wherefore they aro in the war: for ye did not give no more twain, but one flesh. follow thee, then thou shall be unto them at this time, that ye What therefore God hath joined clear from this my oath: only should be guilty. And the chil-together, let no man put asunder. bring not my sou thither again. dren of Benjamin did so, and took Mark x, 7, 8. For this cause

Gen. xxv, 20. And Isaac was them wives, according to their shall a man leave his father and forty years old when he took number, of them that danced, mother, and cleave to his wife; Rebekab to wile, the daughter of whom they caught: and they went And they twain shall be one flesh: Bethuel the Syrian of Padanand returned unto their inheri; so then they are no more twain, aram, the sister to Laban the tance, and repaired the cities, and but one flesh.

Syrian. dwelt in them.

Exod, ii, 1. And there wení a

man of the house of Levi, and took se stay for them from having 'f camest? And my master thade to wife a daughter of Levi. husbands? nay, my daughters; for me swear, saying, Thou shalt not

Escod. vi, 23-25. And Aaron it grieveth me much for your take a wife to my son of the took him Élisheba, daughter of sakes, that the band of the LORD daughters of the Canaanites, in Amminadab, sister of Naashon, to is gone out against me.

whose land I dwell: But thou wife, and she bare him Nadab and

Jer. xxix, 6. Take ye wives, and shalt go unto my father's house, Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar. And beget sons and daughters;' and and to my kindred, and take a the sons of Korah; Assir, and take wives for your sons, and give wife unto my son. Elkanalı, and Abiasaph: these are your daughters to husbands, that Gen, xxviii, 1, 2. And Isaac callthe families of the Korbites. And they may bear sons and daughters; led Jacob, and blessed him, and Eleazar, Aaron's son, took him that ye may be increased there, charged him, and said unto him, one of the daughters of Putiel to and not diminished.

Thou shalt not take a wife of the wife; and she bare him Phinehas: these are the heads of the fathers 1 Cor. vii, 2. 9, 35. Nevertheless, daughters of Canaan. Arise, go.

to Padan-aram, to the house of of the Levites, according to their to aroid fornication, let every families.

man have his own wife, and let Bethuel thy mother's father, and Judges xv, 1. But it came to every woman have her own hus- take thee a wife from thence of

Laban thy band. But if they cannot contain, the daughters of pass within a while after, in the let them marry: for it is better to

mother's brother. time of wheat harvest, that Sam

marry than to burn. And this I Gen. xxxiv, 4. And Shechem son visited his wife with a kid; speak for your own profit, not that spake unto his father Hamor, and he said, I will &u in to my wile into the chan ber.

I may cast a snare upon you, but saying, Get me this damsel to

for that which is comely, and that wife. Judges xxi, 14. And Benjamin ye may attend upon the Lord Gen. xxxviii, 6. And Judah took came again at that tiine; and they without distraction.

a wife for Er his first-born, whose gave them wives which they had saved alive of the women of

1 Tim. iv, 3. Forbidding to name was Tamar. Jabesh-gilead: and yet so they marry......

Exod. ii, 21. And Moses was sufficed them not.

1 Tim. v, 14. I will therefore content to dwell with the man; 1 Kings iv, 11. The son of

that the younger women marry, and he gave Moses Zipporah his Abinadab, in all the region of

bear children, guide the house, daughter. Dor; which had Taphath the give none occasion to the adver

Judges xiv, 1-3. And Samson daughter of Solomon to wife.

sary to speak reproachfully. went down to Timnath, and saw 1 Kings xi, 19. And Hadad Heb. xiii, 4. Marriage is honour- a woman in Timnath of the daugh. found great favour in the sight of able in all, and the bed undefiled: ters of the Philistines. And be Pbaraoli, so that he gave him to but whoremongers and adulterers came up, and told his father and wife the sister of his own wife, the God will judge.

his mother, and said, I have seen sister of Tahpenes the queen.

a woman in Timnath of the daughCAUTIONS.

ters of the Philistines: now there1 Chron. xxiii, 22. And Eleazar

fore get her for me to wife. Then died, and had no sons, but daugli

Jer. xvi, 2. Thou shalt not take

his father and his mother said ters: and their brethren the song

thee a wite, neither shalt thou unto him, Is there never a woman of Kish took them. have sons or daughters in this

among the daughters of thy place. Prov. xix, 14. House and riches

brethren, or among all my people, are the inheritance of fathers; and

1 Çor. vil, 1, 7, 8, 26, 32, 33. Now that thou goest to take a wife of a prudent wife is from the Lord.

concerning the things whereof ye the uncircumcised Fhilistines?

wrote unto me: It is good fur a And Samson said unto his father, Hosea 1, 2, 3. The beginning of man not to touch a woman. For Get her for me; for she pleaseth the word of the LORD by Hosea. I would that all men were even me well. And the LORD said to Hosea, Go, as I myself: but every man hath take unto thee a wife of whore- This proper gift of God, one after

1 Chron. ii, 34, 35. Now Sheshan doma, and children of whoredoms: this manner, and another, after Sheshan had a servant, an Egyp,

had no sons, but daughters. And for the land hath committed great that. I say therefore to the un- tian, whose name was Jarha. And wboredom, departing from the married and widows, It is good Sheshan gave his daughter to LORD.

Só he went and took for them if they abide even as !: Jarha his servant to wite, and she Gomer the daughter of Diblalm; I suppose therefore that this is which conceived, and bare him a good for the present distress; I

bare him Attai, SOD.

say, that it is good for a man so 2 Chron. xxv, 18. And Joash Luke xvil, 26, 27. And as it was

to be. But I would have you king of Israel sent to Amaziah, in the days of Noe, so shall be without carefulness. He that is king of Judah, saying, The thistle also in the days of the Son of man.

unmarried careth for the things tuat acas in Lebanon sent to the They did eat, they drank, they that belong to the Lord, how he cedar that was in Lebanon, say. married wives, they were given in may please the Lord: But he ing, Give thy daugliter to my inarriage, until the day that Noe

that is married careth for the son to wise; and there passed by entered into the ark, and the flood things that are of the world, how a wild beast that was in Lebanon, came, and destroyed them all. be may please his wife.

and trode down the thistle.



Gen. xxiv, 4, 5, 37, 38. But thou 1 Cor. vii, 27, 28, 36-38. Art thou Judges xxi, 16. Then the elders shalt go unto my country, and to bound unto a wife: seek not to be of the congregation said, How my kindred, and take a wife upto loosed. Art thou loosed from a shall we do for wives for them my son Isaac. And the servant wife? seek not a wife. But and if that remain, seeing the women

said unto him, Peradventure the thou marry, thou hast not sinned; are destroyed out of Benjamin?

woman will not be willing to and if a virgin marry, sbe lath

follow me unto this land: must Inot sinned. Nevertheless sucha Ruth i, 13. Would ye tarry for needs bring thy son again unto shall have trouble in the flesh: them till they were grown? would'the land from wbence thou but I spare you. But if any mani think that he behaveth himself the voice of mirth, and the roica upon him. And Saul said. I #111 uncomely towar i bis virgin, if of gladness, the voice of the give liim her, that she may be a she pass the flower of her age, and bridegroom, and the voice of the snare to him, and that the hand need so require, let him do what bride: for the land shall be deso- of the Philistines may be against he will, he sinneth not; let them late.

him. Wherefore Saul said to marry. Nevertheless he that

Jer. xvi, 9. For thus saith the David, Thou shalt this day be my standeth stedfast in his heart,

Lord of hosts, the God of Israel; son-in-law in the one of the twain. having no necessity, but hath Behold, I will cause to cease out

And Saul commanded his eer. power over his own will, and hath of this place in your eyes, and in vants, saying, Commune with 80 decreed in liis heart that he your days, the voice of mirth, and David secretly, and say. Bebold, will kee his virgin, doeth well. the voice of gladness, the voice of

the king hath delight in thee, and So then be that giveth her in the bridegroom, and the voice of all his servants love thee: now marriage doeth well; but he that the bride.

therefore be the king's son-in-law. giveth her not in marriage doeth

And Saul said, Thus shall ye say

Jer. xxv, 10. Moreover I will better.

to David, The king desireth not take from them the voice of mirth, NUPTIAL FEAST. and the voice of gladness, the any dowry, but an hundred fore

skins of the Philistines, to be voice of the bridegroom, and the Rebekah, and said unto her, Thou millstones, and the light of the fall by the hand of the Philistines, Gen. xxiv, 60. And they blessed voice of the bride, the sound of the ! avenged of the king's enemies,

But Saul thought to make David art our sister, be thou the mother candle.

And when his servants told David of thousands of millions, and let thy seed possess the gate of those him the disciples of John, saying,

Jatih, ix, 14, 15. Then came to these words, it pleased David well which hate them.

to be the king's son-in-law; and Why do we and the Pharisees the days Wero not expired. Gen, xxix, 22. And Laban gath- fast oft, but thy disciples fast not? Wherefore David arose and went, ered together all the mon of the And Jesus said unto them, Can ho and his men, and slew of the place, and made a feast.

the children of the bride-chamber Philistines two hundred mnen; and Judges xiv, 10, 11. So his father mourn, as long as the bridegroom David brought their foreskins, went down unto the woman: and is with them? but the days will

and they give them in full tale to Samson made there a feast; for so

come, when the bridegroom shall the king, that lie might be the used the young men to do. And

be taken from them, and then king's son-in-law. And San it came to pass, when they saw shall they fast.

gave him Michal bis daughter to bim, that they brought thirty John ii, 1, 2. And the third day wife. companions to be with him. there was a marriage in Cana of Dan. xi, 6, 17. And in the end of

Ruth iv, 11, 12. And all the peo-Galilee; and the mother of Jesus years they shall juin themselves ple that were in the gate, and the

was there. And both Jesus was iogether; for the king's daughter elders, saill, We are witnesses / called and his disciples to the of the south shall come to the The LORD inake the woman that marriage.

king of the north to make an is come into thine house like

agreement. ..... lle shall also Rachel, and like Leah, which two MARRIAGES OF POLICY. set his face to enter with the did build the house of Israel; and

Gen. xxix, 23, 25, 26.

And it strength of his whole kingdom, do thou wortbily in Ephratah, came to pass in the evening, that and upright ones with him; thus and be famous in Bethlehem: he took Leah his daughter, and shall be do: and he shall give And let thy house be like the brought her to him; and he went

him the daughter of womeu, house of Pharez, whom Tamarin unto her. And it came to pass,

corrupting her; but she shall not bare unto Judah, of the seed that in the morning, behold, it was

stand on his side, neither be for which the LORD shall give thee Leah: and he said to Laban, What

him. of this young woman. is this thou hast done unto me?

DOWPY. P8. xlv, 9, 14, 15. Kings' daugh- did not I serve with thee for

Gen. xxix, 24. And Laban gavo ters were among thy honourable Rachel? wherefore then hast thou women: upon thy right hand did beguiled me? And Laban said.

unto his daughter Leah, Zupah stand the queen in gold of Ophir. It must not be so done in our

his maid for an handmaid. She shall be brought unto the country, to give the younger be- Gen. xxxi, 14-16.43. And Rachel King in raiment of needlework: fore the first-burn.

and Leah answered and said unto the virgins her companions that

him, Is there yet any portion or follow her shall be brought into

Josh. xv, 16, 17. And Caleb said: inheritance for us in our father's thee. With gladness and rejoic- lie that smitetli Kirjuth-sopher house? Are not we counted of ing shall they be brought: they and taketlı it, ta Juim will I give him strangers? for he bath soldi shull enter into the King's palace. Achsih my daughter to wife, and us, and bath quite devoured also Othniel of , the

our money. For all the riches Çant. 1il, 11. Go forth, Oye brother of Caleb, took it: and lie which God hath taken from our daughters of Zion, and 'behold gave him Achsali his daughter to father, that is ours, and our chil. king Solomon with the crown wife. wherewith his mother crowned

dren's: now then, whatsoever God him in the day of his espousals, Israel had sworn in Mizpeh, say. Laban answered and said unto

Judges xxi, 1. Now the men of buth said unto thee, do. And und in the duy of the gladness of ing, There shall not any of us Jacob, These daughters are my his heart. Isa. Ixii, 5. For as a young man

give his daughter unto Benjamin daughters, and these children are to wife.

my children, and these cattle are marrieth a virgin, 80 shall thy bons marry thee; and the

1 Sam. xviii, 17. 21, 22, 25-27my callle, and all that thou seest

is mine; and what can I do this bridegroom rejoiceth over

And Saul said to David, Behold,

thie bride, so shall thy God rejoice will I give them to wife; only be my elder daughter Merab, her

day unto these my daughters, or

unto their children which they Over thee. thon valiant for me, and fight the

have born ? Jer. vii, 34. Then will I cause to Lord's battles: for Saul said, Let Gen. xxxiv, 12. Ask me never Case from the cities of Judah, not mine hand be upon him, but so much dowry and gift, and I and from the streets of Jerusalem, I let the hand of the Philistines be' will give according as ye shall say



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