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Fo&MS OF MANIFESTATION. disobedient to parents. Without the LORD to wrath. Likewise,

when the LORD sent you from Job xxii, 5. Is not thy wicked-understanding, covenant - break

ers, without natural affection, inn- Kadesh-barnea, saying, Go up ness great? and thine iniquities placable, un merciful: Who, know- and possess the land which I have infinite?

ing the judgment of God, that given you; then ye rebelled against Ps. V, 9. For there is no faith- they which commit such things the commandment of the LORD fulness in their mouth; their in

are worthy of death, not only do your God, and ye believed him not, ward part is very wickedness; the same, but have pleasure in nor hearkened to his voice. Ye their throat is an open sepulchre; them that do them.

have been rebellious against the they flatter with their tongue.

Rom. iii, 13-17. Their throat is LORD from the day that I knew Ps. lv, 10, 11. Day and night an open sepulchre; with their you. they go about it upon the walls tongues they have used deceit; Ps. lxxviii, 17. And they sinned thereof: mischief also and sorrow the poison of asps is under their yet more against him, by provokare in the midst of it. Wickedness lips: Whose mouth is full of cursing the most High in the wilderis in the midst thereof: deceit ing and bitterness: Their feetness. and guile depart not from her are swift to shed blood: Destruc

Isa. V, 18-20. Woe unto them streets.

tion and misery are in their ways; that draw iniquity with cords of Prov. vi, 16--19. These six things and the way of peace have they vanity, and sin as it were with a doth the Lord hate; yea, seven are not known.

cart-rope: That say, Let him an abomination unto him: A proud 1 Çor. vi, 9, 10. Know ye not make speed, and hasten his work, look, a lying tongue, and hands that the unrighteous shall not in that we may see it; and let the that shed innocent blood, An herit the kingdom of God? Be counsel of the Holy One of Israel heart that deviseth wicked imag- not deceived: neither fornicators, draw nigh and come, that we máy inations, feet that be swift in run or idolaters, nor adulterers, nor know it! Woe unto them that ning to mischief, A false witness effeminate, nur abusers of them- call evil good, and good evil; that that speaketh lies, and him that selves with mankind.

Nor put darkness for light, and light soweth discord among brethren. thieves, nor covetous, nor drunk- for darkness; that put bitter for

Isa. lix, 7. 8. Their feet run to ards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, sweet, and sweet for bitter! evil, and they make haste to shed shall inherit the kingdom of God. innocent blood; their thoughts are

Gal. v, 19-21. Now the works of This is the rest wherevith ye may

Isa. xxvill, 12. To whom he said, thoughts of iniquity; wasting and the flesh are manifest, which are

cause the weary to rest; and this destruction are in their paths. these; Adultery, fornication, un

is the refreshing: yet they woulu The way of peace they know not;cleanness, lasciviousness, Idola

not hear, and there is no judgment in their try, witchcraft, hatred, variance, goings: they have made them emulations, wrath, strife, seditions,

Jer. ili, 5. Will he reserve his crooked paths; whosoever goeth heresies, Envyings, murders, anger for ever? will he keep it to

Behold, thou hast therein shall not know peace. drunkenness, revellings, and such the end? like: of the which I tell you before,

spoken and done evil things as Jer. vii, 9,10. Will ye steal, murder, and commit adultery, and

as I have also told you in timéthou couldest.

past, that they which do such Jer. vi, 16, 17. Thus saith the swear falsely, and burn incense things shall not inherit the king- LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and unto Baal, and walk after other dom of God.

see, and ask for the old pathis, gods whom ye know not; And come and stand before me in this 1 Tim. I, 9, 10. Knowing this, where is the good way, and walk house, which is called by my name, that the law is not made for a therein, and ye shall find rest for

But they said, We and say, We are delivered to do righteous man, but for the lawless your souls. all these abominations ? and disobedient, for the ungodly will not walk therein. Also I set

over and for sinners, for upholy and watchmen

you, saying, Hos. iv, 1–3. Hear the word of profane, for murderers of fathers Hearken to

the sound of the the Lord, ye children of Israel: and murderers of mothers, for trumpet. But they said, We will for the LORD hath a controversy manslayers, For whoremongers,

not hearken, with the inhabitants of the land, for them that defile themselves Jer. vii, 23, 24. But this thing combecause there is no truth, nor

with mankind, for men-stealers, manded I them, saying, Obey my mercy, nor knowledge of God in for liars, for perjured persons, and voico, and I will be your God, and the land, By swearing, and lying; if there be any other thing that is ye shall be my people; and walk and killing, and stealing, and contrary to sound doctrine.

ye in all the ways that I have committing adultery, they break

commanded you, that it may be out, and blood toucheth blood.

well unto you. But they hearkenTherefore shall the land mourn,


ed not, nor inclined their ear, but and every one that dwelleth


walked in the counsels and in the therein shall languish, with the

Deut. ix, 7, 8, 13, 22-24. Remem imagination of their evil heart, beasts of the field, and with the ber, and forget not, how thou and went backward, and not forfowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of provokest the LORD thy God to ward. the sea also shall be taken wrath in the wilderness: from the

Jer. xxv, 7. Yet ye have not away.

day that thou didst depart out of hearkened' unto me, saith the Rom. I, 28–32. And even as they the land of Egypt, until ye ame LORD; that ye might provoke me did not like to retain God in their unto this place, ye have been re- to anger with the works of your knowledge, God gave them over bellious against the LORD. Also hands to your own hurt. to a reprobate mind, to do those in Horeb ye provoked the LORD things which are not convenient: to wrath, so that the LORD was Jer, XXXV, 13. Thus saith the Being filled with all unrighteous angry with you, to have destroyed Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, nesa fornication, wickedness, COV- you. Furthermore the LORD Go and tell the men of Judah, and etousers, maliciousness; full of spake unto me, saying, I have the inhabitants of Jerusalem, Will

not receive instruction to envy, murder, debate, deceit, ma- seen this people, and, behold, it is yo lignity; whisperers, Backbiters, a stiff-necked people: And at hearken to my words? saith the haters of God, despiteful, proud, Taberah, and at Massah, and at

LORD. boasters inventors of evil things, I Kibrotà-battaavah, ye provoked Jer. XXXVI, 31. and I will pun


ish bim, and his seed, and his them; and I will make of thee a day, after so long a time; as it is servants, for their iniquity; and I great nation.

said, To-day, if ye will hear his will bring upon them, and upon

Lev. xxvi, 23-25. And if ye will voice, harden not your hearts. the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and

not be reformer by mne by these Rev. xviii. 5. For her sins have upon the men of Judah, all the things. but will walk contrary reached unto heaven, and God evil that I have pronounced

unto me; Then will I also walk hath remembered her iniquities. against them: but they hearkened

contrary unto you, and will punDot.

ish you yet seven times for your EXPERIENCE OF THE APOSTLE Jer. xliv, 15. 16. Then all the sing. And I will bring a sword

PAUL. men which knew that their wives upon yon, that shall avenge the

Rom. vii, 7-25. What shall we had burnt incense unto other quarrel of my covenant: and when gods, and all the women that ye are gathered together within say then? Is the law sin, God forstood by, a great multitude, even your cities, will send the pestil bid. . Nay, I had not known sin, all the people that dwelt in the lence among you; and ye shall be but by the lar: for I had not land of Ê:ypt, in Pathros, answer delivered into the hand of the known lust, except the law had

sud, Thou shalt not covet. But ed Jeremiah, saying, As for the enemy. word that thou hast spoken unto Num, xv, 30, 31. But the soul sin, taking occasion by the comus in the name of the LORD, We that doeth'ought presumptuously, mandment, wrought in me all will not hearken unto thee. (whether he be born in the land, or without the law sin was dead.

manner of concupiscence. For Ezek. 11, 3-5. And he said unto il stranger,) the same reproacheth me, Son of man, I send thee to the the Lon; and that soul shall be For I was alive without the law

ouce; but when the commandchildren of Israel, to a rebellious cut off from among his people. ment came, sin revived, and I nation that hath rebelled against Because he hath despised the

died. And the commandment, me: they and their fathers have word of the LORD, and hath

which was ordained to life, I broken his commandment, that transgressed against me. eren unto this very day. For they are soul shall utterly be cut off; his found to be unto death. For sin,

taking occasion by the commandimpuu children, and still-heart. iniquity shall be upon him.

ment, deceived me, and by it slew ed. I do send thee unto them; 2 Chron. XXX, 8. Now be ye not me. Wherefore the law is boly and thou shalt say unto them. still-necked,


fathers and the commandment holy and Thus saith the Lord God. And were.

just and good. Was then that they, whether they will hear, or

Job xiv, 17. My transgression which is good made death unto they are a rebellious house.) yet sewest up mine iniquity. whether they will forbear, (for is sealed up in a bag, and thou me? God forbid. But sin, that it

might appear sin, working dorth shall know that there hath been a

in me by that which is good; tbat prophet among them.

Jer. xix, 15. Thus saith the sin by ihe commandment might

Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, become exceeding sinful. Fot we Ezek. xil, 2. Son of man, thou Behold, I will bring upon this city, know that the law is spiritual; dwellest in the inidst of a rebel- and upon all her towns all the evil but I am carnal, sold unler sin. Jious house, which have eyes to that I have pronounced against For that which I do I ailow not: see, and see noi; they have earg it, because they havo hardened for what I would, that do I not; to hear, and hear not: for they are their necks, that they might not but what I hate, that do I. a rebellious house.

If hear my words.

then I do that which I would not, Exek, xvi, 51, 52. Neither hatli

Jer. xlii, 20, 21. For ye dis

I consent unto tlie law that it is Samaria committed half of thy sembled in your hearts, when ye good. Now then it is no more I

ins; but thou hast multiplied sent me unto the Lord your God, that do it, but sin that dwelleth in thine abominations more than saying, Pray for us unto the LORD

me. For I know that in me (that they, and hast justified thy sisters

our God; and according unto all is in my flesh,) dwelleth no good in all thine abominations which that the Lord our God shall say, thing, for to will is present with thou hast done. Thou also, which

so declure unto us, and we will do me; but how to perforin that hast ju iged thy sisters, bear thine it. And now I have this day de which is good I find not. For the own shume, for ily sins that thou clared it to you; but ye have not good that I would I do not: but nast committed more abominable obeyed the voice of the LORD

the evil which I would not, that I than they: they are more riglit- your God, nor any thing for the do. Now, if I do that I would not, eous than thou; yea, be thou con- which he hath sent me uuto

it is no more I that do it, but sin founded also, and bear thy shame, you.

that dwelleth in me. I find then in that thou hast justified thy

a law, that, when I would do sisters,

Ezek. viii, 18. Therefore will I good, evil is present with me. For

also deal in fury: mine eye shall I delight in the law of God after Zech. vii, 12. Yea, they made not spare, neither will I have pity; the inward man: But I see antheir hearts as an adamant-stone, and though they cry in mine ears other law in my members, warring Jest they should hear the law, and the words which the LORD of hear them.

with a luid voice, yet will I not against the law of my mind, and hosts hath sent in his Spirit by

bringing me into captivity to the the former prophets: therefore Heb. iii, 7-9, 15. Wherefore (as law of sin which is in niy memcame a great wrath from the the Holy Glost saith, To tay, if bers. O wretched man that I am! LORD of hosts.

yo will hear his voice, Llarden who shall deliver me from the not your hearts, as in the provo-body of this death? I thank God

cation, in the day of temptation through Jesus Christ our Lord. WARNINGS. in the wilderness; When your So then with the mind I myselt

6 rve the law of God, but with the Exod. xxxii, 9, 10. And the fathers tempted me, proved' me, LORD said unto Moses, I have

and saw my works forty years. Hesla tue law of sin. seen this people and behold it is near his voice, bardeii not your

While it is said, To-day, il ye will stits-necked people. Now therefore

2 Cor. xii, 20. For I fear, lest, let

hearts, as in the provocation. alone, that

when I come I shall not find you my wrath may wax hot against Heb. iv, 7. Again, he limiteth a such as I would, and that I shall them, and that I may cousume I certain duy, sayiug, in David, To- be found unto you such as ye

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would not; lest there be debates,, his name, and what is his son's Prov. xiv, 10. The heart know. envyings, wruths, strifes, back- name, if thou canst tell?

eth his own bitterness; and it bitings, whisperings, swellings,

stranger doth not intermeddlo tumults.

Isa. xli, 28. For I beheld, and with big joy.

there was no man; even among II. them, and there was no counsellor, is it to get wisdom than gold? and

Prov. xvi, 16. JIOw much better DELIVERANCE FROM that, when I asked of them, could

to get un lerstanding rather to be answer a word.

chosen than silver? HIS FALLEN STATE.

Jer. Iv, 22. For my people is

Prov. xix, 8. IIe that getteth foolish, they have not known me,

wisdom loveth his own soul: he they are sottish children, and they that keepeth understanding shall III.

have none understanding: they find good. MAN-INTELLECTUAL. are wise to do evil, but to do good EVILS OF IGNORANCE. they have no knowledge.

Prov. xxiv, 5. A wise man 18

strong; yea, a man of knowledge Prov. xxi, 16. The man that Marle viil, 17-21. And wlien increaseth strength. wandereth out of the way of un- Jesus knew it, he saith unto them, Eccles. i, 16-18. I communed derstanding shall remaiu in the Why reason ye because ye have with mine own heart, saying, Lo, congregation of the dead.

no bread? perceive ye not yet, I am come to great estate, and Isa. v, 13. Therefore my people neither understand? have ye your have gotten more wisdom'than are gone into captivity, because beart yet hardened? Having eyes, all they that have been before me they have no knowledge. .

see ye not? and having ears, hear in Jerusalem; yea, my heart had

ye not? and do ye not remember, great experience of wisdom and Isa. xxvii, 11. .

... It is a

When I brake the five loaves knowledge. And I gave my heart people of no understanding: therefore he that made them will not baskets full of fragments took yo ness and folly: I perceived that

among five thousand, how many to know wisdom, and to know madhave mercy on them, and he that

up? They say unto him, Twelve. this also is vexation of spirit. For formed them will show them no

And when the seven among four in much wisdom is much griet; favour.

thousand, how many baskets full and he that increaseth knowledge John vii, 49. But this people, of fragments took ye up? And increaseth sorrow. who knoweth not the law: are they said, Seven. And he said Eccles. ii, 15. Then said I in my cursed,

unto them, How is it that ye do heart, As it happeneth to the fovi, Acts iii, 17. And now, brethren, not understand?

so it happeneth even to me; and I wot that through ignorance ye

Act3 iv, 13. Now, when they wly was I then more wise? Then did it, as did also your rulers.

saw the boldness of Peter and I said in my heart, that this also 1 Cor. xiv, 38. But if any man John, and perceived that they is vanity. be ignorant, let him be ignorant. were unlearned and ignorant men, Eccles. vii, 11, 12, 19. Wisdom is

1 Tim. i, 13. ..... I obtained they marvelled; and took know- good with an inheritance; and by mercy, because I did it ignorantly ledge of them, that they had been it there is profit to them that ses

with Jesus, in unbelief.

the sun. For wisdom is a defence, Jude 10. But these speak evil 1 Cor. xv, 34. Awake to right- and money is a defence: but the of those things which they know eousness, and sin not; for some excellency of knowledge is, that not: but what they know natur- have not the knowledge of God: I wisdom giveth life to them that

have it. Wisdom strengtheneth ally, as brute beasts, in those speak this to your shame.

the wise more than ten mighty things they corrupt themselves.

Heb. v, 11. Of whom we have men which are in the city.

many things to say, and hard to IGNORANCE TO BE DEPLORED. be uttered, seeing yo are dull of he shall understand these things

Hosen xiv, 9. Who is wise, and Deut. xxxil, 28. For they are a hearing. nation void of counsel, neither is

prudent, and he shall know them?

for the ways of the LORD are there any understanding in them.

BLESSING OF WISDOM AND right, and the just shall walk in Job xi, 12, 13. For vain man

thein: but the transgressors shall would be wise, though man be


fall therein. born like a wild ass's colt. If thou

2 Chron. ix, 23. And all the Luke xii, 47, 48. And that serprepare thine heart, and stretch kings of the earth sought the vant, which knew his lord's will, out thine bands toward him;

presence of Solomon, to hear his and prepared not himself, neither Job xxxii, 9. Great men are not wisdom, that God had put in his did according to his will, shall be always wise; neither do the aged heart.

beaten with many stripes. But he understand judgment.

Ps. cxi, 10. The fear of the

that knew not, and did commit Ps. lxxiii, 21, 22. Thus my heart Lord is the beginning of wisdom: things worthy of stripes, shall be was grieved, and I was pricked in a good understanding have all

beaten with lew stripes. For unto

whomsoever much is given, of my reins. So foolish vas I, and they that do his commandments:

him shall be much required; and ignoraut: I was as a beast before his pruiso endureth for ever.

to whom men have comınitted tlee.

Prov. il, 9-11. Then shalt thou much, of him they will ask the Prov. XXX, 2-4. Surely I am

understand more brutish than any man,


righteousness, and more.

judgment, and equity; yea, every John ix, 41. Jesus said unto have not the understanding of a good path. When wisdom enter them, If ye were blind, ye should man. I neither learned wisdom, @th into thine heart, and know- have no sin: but now ye say, We nor have the knowledge of the holy. Who hath ascended up into lodge is pleasant unto thy soul; see; therefore your sin remaineth

Discretion shall preserve thee, unheaven, or descended? who hath

John xv, 22. If I had not come gathered the wind in his fiste? who derstanding shall keep thee.

and spoken unto them, they had hath bound the waters in a gar- Prov. xiii, 14. The law of the not had sin: but now they have no ment? who hath established all wise is a fountain of life, to depart cloak for their sin. the ends of the earth? what is from the shares of death.

Acts vill, 23. For I perceive that

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thou art in the gall of bitterness, Solomon passed all the kings of, with excellency of speech, or of and in the bond of iniquity. the earth in riches and wisdom. wisdom, declaring unto you the

Rom, il, 12. For as many as Neh. x, 28. And the rest of the testimony of God. Howbeit we have sinned without law, shall also people, the priests, the Levites, speak wisdom among tbem that perish without law; and as many the porters, the singers, the Ne

are perfect; yet not the wisdom of as have sinned in the law, shall be thinims, and all they that had this world, nor of the princes judged by the law. separated themselves from the

of this world, that come to 1 Cor. viii, 1. Now as touching people of the lands unto the law nouglit. things offered unto idols, we know of God, their wives, their sons, 1 Cor. Iil, 18-21. Let no man dethat

all have knowledge. and their daughters, every one ceive himself. If any man among Knowledge puffeth up, but charity having knowledge, and having you seemeth to be wise in this edifeth. understanding.

world, let him become a fool, that Dan. 1, 18, 19. Now, at the end he may be wise. For the wisdom INSTANCES.

of the days that the king had of this world is foolishness with 1 Kings iv, 30-32, 34. And Solo said he should bring them in, God: for it is written, He taketh mon's wis lum excelled the wisdom then the prince of the eunuchs the wise in their own craftiness. of all the children of the east brought them in before Nebu- | And again, The Lord knoweth country, and all the wisdom of chadnezzar. And the king com

the thoughts of the wise, that they Egypt. For he was wiser than all muned with them; and among are vain. Therefore let po man men; than Ethan the Ezrabite, them all was found none like glory in men: for all things are and Heman, and Chalcol, and Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and yours. Darda, the sons of Mahol: and his Azariah: therefore stood they le- Col. il, 8. Beware lest any man fame was in all nations round fore the king.

spoil you through philosophy and about. And he spake three thou- Dan. viii, 23. And in the latter

vain deceit, after the tradition of sand proverbs; and his songs were time of their kingdom, when the

men, after the rudiments of the a thousand and five. And there transgressors are come to the full, world, and not afier Christ. came of all people to hear the a king of fierce countenance, and wisdom of Solomon, from all understanding dark sentences, WISDOM THE GIFT OF kings of the earth, which had shall stand up.

GOD. heard of his wisdom.

Dan. x, 1. In the third year of 2 Chron. ix, 1-8, 22. And when Cyrus king of Persia a thing was

1 Kings iv, 29. And God gave the queen of Sheba heard of the revealed

Solomon wisdom and understand.

unto Daniel, whose fame of Solomon, she came to

name was called Belteshazzar; ing exceeding much, and largeprove Solomon with hard ques- and the thing was true, but the

ness of heart, even as the sand tions at Jerusalem, with a very time appointed was long and he that is on the sea-shore. great company, and camels that understood the thing, and had 1 Kings v, 12. And the LORD bare spices, and gold in abund- understanding of the vision. gave Solomon wisdom, as he ance, and precious stones: and,

Acts vii, 22. And Moses was promised him: and there was when she was come to Solomon, learned in' all the wisdom of the peace between Hiram and Solcom she communed with him of all Egyptians, and was mighty in

mon; and they two made a leagua that was in her heart. And Solo-words and in deeds.

together. mon told her all her questions: and there was nothing hid from

1 Thess. iv, 2. For ye know what 1 Kings x, 24. And all the earth Solomon which he told her not. I commandments we gave you by sought to Solomon, to bear his

the Lord Jesus. And when the queen of Sheba had

wisdom, which God had put in

his heart. seen the wisdom of Solomon, and the house that he had built, And Ps. xlix, 20. Man that is in

2 Chron. 1, 7-12. In that night did the meat of his table, and the sit- honour, and understandeth not, said auto him, Ask what I shall

God appear unto Solomon, and ting of his servants, and the is like the beasts that perishi, attendance of his ministers, and

give thee. And Solomon said their apparel; his cup-bearers WISDOM OF THE WORLD,

unto God, Thou hast shewed also, and their apparel; and his Job v, 12. 13. He disappointeth ther, and hast made me to reign

great mercy unto David my f&ascent by wbich he went up into the devices of the crafty, so that in his stead. Now, O LORD God, the house of the LORD; there was no more spirit in her. And she enterprise. He taketh the wise

their hands cannot perform their let thy promise unto David my said to the king, It was a true re

father be established: for thou port which I heard in mine own counsel of the froward is carried like the dust of the earth in mulin their own craftiness; and the

hast made me king over a people land of thine acts, and of thy wis

headlong. dom: Howbeit I believed not

titude. Give me now wisdom their words, until I came, and

1 Cor. 1, 19-22. For it is written, and knowledge, that I may go mine eyes had seen it; and, behold, I will destroy the wisdom of the out and come in before this peothe one half of the greatness of wise, and will bring to nothing ple: for who can judge this thy thy wisdom was not told me: for the understanding of the prudent. I people, that is so great? And God thou exceedest the fame that I Where is the wise? where is the said to Solomon, because this was heard. Happy are thy men and scribe? where is the disputer of in thine heart, and thou hast not happy are these thy servants,

this world ? hath not God made asked riches, wealth, or honour, which stand continually before foolish the wisdom of this world? nor the life of thine enemies, nelthee, and

hear thy wisdom. For after that, in the wisdom of ther yet hast asked long life; but Blessed be the LORD thy God, God, the world by wisdom knew hast asked wisdom and know. which delighted in thee, to set not God, it pleased God by the ledge for thyself, that thou mayest thee on his throne, to be king for foolishness of preaching to save judge my people, over whom I the LORD thy God: because thy them that believe. For the Jews have made thee 'king; Wisdom God loved Israel, to establish require a sign, and the Greeks and knowledge is granted unto them for ever, therefore made he seek after wisdom.

thee; and I will give thee riches, thee king over them, to do judg. 1 Cor. ii, 1, 6. And I, brethren, and wealth, and honour, such as ment and justice. And king' when I came to you, came not ) none of the kings have had that

our ears.

have been before thee, neither | understand a proverb, and the in- , unwise, but understanding what shall there any after thee have terpretation; the words of the wise, the will of the Lord 13. the like. and their dark sayings.

James i, 16. Do not err my beProv. il, 6, 7. For the LORD

Prov. il, 1-5, 21, 22. My son, if loved brethren. giveth wisdom: out of his mouth thou wilt receive my words, and cometh knowledge and under hide my commandments with PERSONIFICATION OF standing. He layeth up sound thee; So that thou incline thine WISDOM IN SCRIPTURE wisdom for the righteous: he is

ear unto wisdom, and apply thine a buckler to them that walk up-heart to understanding: Yea, if

ITS VALUE AND BLESSING. rightly. thou criest after knowledge, and

Job xxvii, 12-28. But where shall James 1,5. If any of you lack liftest up thy voice for under- wisdom be found ? and where is wisdom, let him ask of God, that standing; If thou seekest her as the place of understanding? Man giveth to all men liberally, and silver, and searchest for her as

knoweth not the prico thereof; upbraideth not; and it shall be for hid treasures; Then shalt thou neither is it found in the land of given him.

understand the fear of the Lord, the living. The depth saith, It is

and find the knowledge of God! not in me; and the sea saith, it is IMPERFECTION OF KNOWLEDGE For the upright shall dwell in the not with me. It cannot be gotten Eccles, iii, 11. lo hath made land, and the perfect shall re- for gold, neither shall silver be every thing beautiful in his time: main in it. But the wicked shall weighed for the price thereof. also he hath set the world in their be cut off from the earth, and the It cannot be valued with the gold heart; so that no man can find transgressors shall be rootod out of Ophir, with the precious onyx, out the work that God maketh of it.

or the sapphire. The gold and from the beginning to the end.

Prov. v, 1, 2. My son, attend unto the exchange of it shall not be for

the crystal cannot equal it; and Eccles. vii, 23-25. All this have my wisdom, and bow thine ear to jewels of fine gold. No mention

thou I proved by wisdom: I said, I will my understanding; That

shall be made of coral, or of be wise; but it was far from me.

mayest regard discretion, and That which is far off, and exceedthat thy lips may keep know- pearls: for the price of wisdom is

above rubies. The topaz of Ethiing deep, who can find it out? Iledge.

opia shall not equal it, neither applied mine heart to know, and

Prov. xvill, 1. Through desire a shall it be valued with pure gold. to search, and to seek out wisdom, man, having separated himself, Whence then cometh wisdom ? and the reason of things, and to seeketh and intermeddleth with and where is the place of underknow the wickedness of folly, all wisdom.

standing? Seeing it is hid from even of foolishness and mad

Prov. xix, 20, 27. Hear counsel,

the eyes of all living, and kept nese. and receive instruction, that thou

close from the fowls of the air. Eccles. viii, 16, 17. When I mayest be wise in thy'latter end. Destruction and death say, We applied mine

heart to know, wis- Cease, my son, to hear the in: have heard the fame thereof with dom, and to see the business that struction that causeth to err from

God understandeth the is done upon the earth: (for also the words of knowledge.

way thereof, and he knoweth the there is that neither day nor night

place thereof. For he looketh to seeth sleep with his eyes:) Then I

Prov. xxvii, 22. Though thouine ends of the earth, and seetz: beheld all the work of God, that a

shouldest bray a fool in a mortar under the whole heaven: To make man cannot find out the work among wheat with a pestle, yet the weight for the winds; and he that is done under the sun: be will not his foolishness depart weigheth the waters by ineasure. cause though a man labour to from him.

When he made a decree for the seek it out, yet he shall not find Eccles. vi, 9, 12. Better is the rain, and a way for the lightning it; yea, further, though a wise sight of the eyes than the wander of the thunder: Then did he see man think to know it, yet shall ing of the desire: this is also vanity | it, and declare it; he prepared it, he not be able to find it.

and vexation of spirit. For who yea, and searched it out. And 1 Cor. Vili, 2. And if any man knoweth what is good for man in unto mau he said, Behold, the fear think that he knoweth any thing, life which he spendeth as a sha- to depart from evil is understand

this life, all the days of his vain of the Lord, that is wisdom; and he knoweth nothing yet as he onght to know.

dow? for who can tell a man what ing.

shall be after him under the sun? 1 Cor. xiii, 12. For now we see

Prov. 1, 20--23. Wisdom crieth through a glass, darkly; but then Jer. vi, 8. Be thou instructed, without; she uttereth her voice m

the streets : She crieth in the face to face: now I know in part; Jerusalem, lest my soul depart but then shall I know even as from thee; lest I make thee deso- chief place of concourse, in the also I am known. late, a land not inhabited.

openings of the gates; in the city

she uttereth her words, saying, Rom. xvi, 19. For your obedience How long, ye simple ones, will yo EARN EST EFFORTS TO is come abroad unto all men. I love simplicity? and the scorners OBTAIN IT.

am glad therefore on your behalt: delight in their scorning, and Job v, 27. Lo this, we have but yet I would have you wise fools hate knowledge? Turn you searched it, so it is; hear it, and

unto that which is good, and sim- at my reproof : behold, I will pour know thou it for thy good. ple concerning evil.

out my Spirit unto you, I will Jod xxxiv, 4. Let us choose to us 1. Cor. xii, 1. Now concerning make known my words unto you. judgment; let us know among spiritual gifts, brethren, I would

Prov. iii, 13--20. Happy is the ourselves what is good. not have you ignorant.

man that findeth wisdom, and the Ps. xciv, 8. Understand, yo Gal. iii, 24, 25. Wherefore the

man that getteth understanding: ye fools, when will ye be wise? brutish among the people and law was our

schoolmaster to bring For the merchandise of it is better us unto Christ, that we might be

than the merchandise of silver, Prov. 1, 5, 6. A wise man will justified by faith. But after that and the gain thereof than fine

gold. She is more precious than hear, and will increase learning; faith is come, we are no longer Pubies: and all the things thou and a man of understanding shall under

canst desire are not to be com. attain unto wise counsels: Το Eph. V, 17. Wherefore be ye not pared unto her. Length of days


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