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Job xxxvl, 5. Behold, God is and of great power: his under-, and among the inhabitants of the mighty, and despiseth not any: he standing is infinite.

earth; and none can stay his hand, is mighty in strength and wisdom.

Eccles. vi, 10. That which hath or say unto him, What doest Job xlii, 2. I know that thou been is named already, and it is thou? canst do every thing, and that no known that it is man: neither may Hab. iii, 4. And his brightthought can be withholden from he contend with him that is ness was as the light; he had thee. mightier than he.

horns coming out of his hand; and Ps. xxi, 13. Be thou exalted, Isa. xl, 29. He giveth power to there was the hiding of his LORD, in thine own strength: 80 the faint; and to them that have power. will we sing and praise thy power.no might be increaseth strength. Matth. xix, 26. But Jesus beheld

P3. xxvii, 1. The LORD is my light, and 'my salvation; whom was, I am he; and there is none

180. xliii, 13. Yea, before the day them, and said unto them, with

men this is impossible; but with shall I fear? the Lord is the that can deliver out of my hand: God all things are possible. strength of my life; of whom shall I will work, and who shall let it?

Luke i, 37. For with God nothI be afraid? Ps. xxviii, 8. The Lord is their striveth with his Maker! Let the Isa. xlv, 9. Woe unto him that ing sliall be impossible.

1 Cor. I, 25. Because the foolishstrength, and he is the saving potsherd strive with the potsherds ness of God is wiser than men; strength of his anointed. of the earth. Shall the clay say

and the weakness of God is P3. xxix, 1, 4, 11. Give unto the to him that fashioneth it, what stronger than men. LORD, O ye mighty, give unto the makest thou? or thy work, He Eph, iii, 20, 21. Now unto him LORD glory and strength. The hath no hands?

that is able to do exceeding Foice of the LORD is powerful; the

Isa. 1, 2. Wherefore, when I abundantly above all that we ask voice of the Lord is full of majes-came, was there no man? when I or think, according to the power ty; The LORD will give strength called, was there none to answer? that worketh in us, Unto him be unto his people; the Lord will Is my hand shortened at all, that glory in the church by Christ bless his people with peace. it cannot redeem? or have I no Jesus, throughont all ages, world

Ps. alvi, 7. The Lord of hosts is power to deliver? behold, at my without end. Amen. with us; the God of Jacob is our rebuke I dry up the sea, I make Eph. vi, 10. Finally, my brethren, refuge. Selah.

the rivers a wilderness; their fish be strong in the Lord, and in the Ps. 1, 1. The mighty God, eren stinketh, because there is no power of his might. the LORD, hath spoken, and called water, and dieth for thirst.

Rev. 1, 8. I am Alpha and Omega, the earth, from the rising of the Jer. xxxii, 17-19, 27. Ah Lord the beginning and the ending, sun unto the going down thereof. God! behold, thou hast made the saith the Lord, which is, and

Ps. lxii, 11. God hath spoken heaven and the earth by thy which was, and which is to come, once, twice have I heard this, that great power and stretched-out the Almighty. power belongeth unto God. arm, and there is nothing too Rev. xi, 17. Saying, We give Ps. Lxvi, 3,7. Say unto God, How hard for thee;

Thou shewest theo thanks, O Lord God Al terrible art thou in thy works! loving-kindness into thousands; mighty, which art, and wast, and through the greatness of thy

and recompensest the iniquity of art to come; because thou hast power shall thine enemies submit the fathers

into the bosom of their taken to theo thy great power, themselves onto thee, He ruleth children after them: The Great, and hast reigned. by his power for ever, his eyes be- the Mighty God, The LORD of

Rev. xix, 6. And I heard as it hold the nations: let not the rebel- hosts, is his name; Great in Vous exalt themselves. Selah. counsel, and mighty in work: (for were the voice of a great multi

thine eyes are open upon all the tudo, and as the voice of many P3. lxxii, 18. Blessed be the

ways of the sons of men; to give waters, and as the voice of mighty LOBD God, the God of Israel, who every one according to his ways, the Lord God omnipotent reign

thunderings, saying, Alleluia: for only doeth wondrous things. and according to the fruit of his

eth. P3. Ixxxix, 8, 13, 17, 18. O LORD doings:) Behold, I am the LORD, God of hosts, who is a strong the God of all flesh: is there any

HIS OMNISCIENCE. LOBD like unto thee? or to thy thing too hard for me? faithfulness round about thee?

Jer. 1, 44. Behold, he shall come

1 Sam. ii, 3. Talk no more so Thou hast a mighty arm; strong up like'a lion from the swelling of exceeding proudly; let not arrog. is thy hand, and high is thy right Jordan unto the habitation of the

ancy come out of your mouth: for hand. For thou art the glory of strong, but I will make them and by him actions are weighed.

the Lord is a God of knowledge, their strength; and in thy favour suddenly run away from her: and our horn shall be exalted.

who is a chosen man, that I may

Job xii, 13, 16. With him is wisthe Lord is our defence; and the appoint over her for who is like dom and strength, he hath coun, Holy One of Israel is our King.

With me? and who will appoint me the sel and understanding. P3. xc, 11. Who knoweth the time? and who is that shepherd him is strength and wisdom: tho power of thine anger? even ac- that will stand before me?

deceived and the deceiver are cording to thy fear, so is thy


Ezek. xxii, 14. Can thine heart wrath.

endure, or can thine hands be Job xxi, 22. Shall any teach Ps. xciii, 4. The LORD on high strong,' in the days that I shall God knowledge? seeing he judg. 13 mightier than the noise of many deal with thee? I the LORD have eth those that are high. waters, yea, than the mighty spoken it, and will do it.

Job xxvi, 4, 6. To whom hast waves of the sea.

Dan. ii, 20. Daniel answered thou uttered words? and whose P3. CXV, 3. But our God is in the and said, Blessed be the name of spirit came from thee? Hell is heavens: he hath done whatsoever God for ever and ever, for wisdom naked before him, and destruche bath pleased. and might are his.

tion hath no covering. PS. CXXXVI, 4. To him who alone

Dan. iv, 35. And all the inhabi- Job xxviii, 24. For he looketh to doeth great wonders: for his tants of the earth are reputed as the ends of the earth, and seeth nercy endureth for ever.

nothing: and he doeth according under the whole heaven. Ps. cxlvii, 6. Great is our Lord, I to his will in the army of heaven, Job xxXIV, 22. There is no dark

ness, nor shadow of death, where SEEN IN HIS FOTEKNOWLEDGE and thou shalt think an eri the workers of iniquity may hide


thought. themselves.

Gen. xl, 8. And they said unto

Daniel ii, 28. 29, 47. But there is Job xxxvi, 4. For truly my him, We have dreamed a dream, a God in heaven that revealeth words shall not be false: he that and there is no interpreter of it secrets, and ma eth known to the is perfect in knowledge is with And Joseph said unto tbem, Do king Nebuchadnezzar what shall thee. not interpretations belong to God be in the latter days. Thy dream,

and the visions of thy head upon Job xxxvII, 16. Dost thou know tell me them, I pray you. the balancings of the clouds, the Erod. iii, 19. And I am sure that thy bed, are these; (As for thee,

O king, thy thoughts came into wondrous works of him which is the king of Egypt will not let you

thy mind upon hy bed, what perfect in knowledge? go, no, not by a mighty hand.

should come to pass hereafter. P3. xxxill, 13, 14. The LORD Deut. xxix, 29. The secret things and he that revealeth secrets looketh from heaven: he behold- belong unto the Lond our God; maketh known to thee what shall eth all the sons of men. From but those things which are re- come to pass. The king answered the place of bis habitation he vealed belong unto us, and to our unto Daniel, and said, Of a truth looketh upon all the inhabitants children for ever, that we may it is, that your God is a God of of the earth.

do all the words of this law. gods, and à Lord of kings, and a Ps. xciv 9 10. He that planted the Job xxiv, 1. Why, seeing times are

revealer of secrets, seeing thou

couldest reveal this secret. ear, shall he not hear? he that not hidden from the Almighty, formed the eye, shall he not sce? do they that know him not see

piatth. X, 26. Fear them not He that chastiseth the heathen, bis days?

therefore: for there is nothing shall not ho correct? he that

Job xxvill, 11. He bindeth the covered that shall not be revealed; teachieth man knowledge, shall foods from 'overflowing; and the and bid, that shall not be known. not he knows thing that is hid bringeth he forth

Jatth. xi, 27. All things are dePs. cxxxix, 11, 12. If I say, to light.

livered unto me of my Father: Surely the darkness shall cover Ps. cxxvlx, 1, 2, (LOR, thou and no man knoweth the Son,

but the Father; neither knoweth me; even the night shall be light hast searched me, and known me. about me.

Yea, the darkness Thou knowest my down-sitting ang man the Fathier, save the Son, bideth not from thee; but the and mino up-rising, thou under and he to whomsoever the Son

will reveal him. night shineth as the day: the standest my thought afar off. darkness and the light are both

Mark xiii, 32. But of that day,

Eccles. xil, 14. For God shall and that hour, knoweth no man, alike to thee.

bring every work into judgment, no, not the angels which are in Prov. xv, 3. The eyes of the with every secret thing, wliether heaven, neither the Son, but the Lord are in every place, behold it be good, or whether it be evil. Father. ing the evil and the good.

Isa. xlli, 9. Behold, the former Acts 1,7. And he said nnto them, Prov. xxli, 12. The eyes of the things are come to pass, and new It is not for you to know the times LORD preserve knowledge; and things do I declare: before they or the reasons, which the Father he overthroweth the words of the spring forth I tell you of them. hath put in bis own power. transgressor.

Isa. xliv, 7. And who, as I, shall

Rom. il, 16. In the day when Isa. xl, 14, 28. With whom took call, and shall declare'it, and set God shall judge the secrets of he counsel, and who instructed it in order for me, since I appoint- men by Jesus Christ, according him, and taught him in the path ofed the ancient people and the to my gospel. judgment, and taught him know-things that are coming, and shall 1 Cor. iv, 6. Therefore judge ledge, and shewed to hin the way come, let them show unto them. nothing before the time, until the of understanding. Hast thou not known? bast thou not heard, that

Isa. xlvi, 10. Declaring the end to light the 'hidden things of dark

Lord come, who both will bring tho everlasting God, the LORD, from the beginning, and from

ness, and will enake manifest the the Creator of the ends of the ancient times the things that are

counsels of the hearts; and then earth, fainteth not, neither is not yet done, saying, My counsel shall every man have praise of weary? there is no 'searching of shall stand, and I will do all my God. his understanding.

pleasure. Dan. ii, 22. He revealeth the clared the former things from the

Isa, xlviii, 3, 5, 6. I have de ALSO IN HIS KNOWLEDGE OF deep and secret things: be know; beginning; and they went forth

IIUMAN TEOUGHTS. eth what is in the darkness, and out of my mouth, and I shewed

Gen. xx, 6. And God said unto the light dwelleth with him.

them; I did them suddenly, and him in a dream, Yea, I know that Acts xv, 18. Known unto God they came to pass. I have even

thou didst this in the integrity of are all his works from the begin- from the beginning declared it to thy lieart; for I also withheld thee ning of the world.

thee; before it came to pass I from sínning against me: therefore Rom. xi, 33. O the depth of the est say, Mine idol bath done them;

shewed it thee; lest thou should suffered I thee not to touch her. riches both of the wisdom and and my graven image, and my shall have brought them into the

Deut. xxxi, 20, 21. For when I knowledge of God! how unsearch- molten image, hath commanded land which I sware unto their able are bis judgments, and his them. Thou bast heard, see all fathers, that floweth with milk ways pasting finding out!

this: and will not ye declare 117 and honey, and they shall have Heb. iv, 13. Neither is there any I have shewed thee new things eaten, and filled themselves, and creature that is not manifest in from this time, even hidden waxen fat; then will they turn his sight: bnt all things are naked things, and thou didst not know unto other gods, and serve them, and opened unto the eyes of him them.

and provoke me, and break my with whom we have to do.

Exck. xxxvii, 10. Thus saith covevant. And it shall come to 1 John ill, 20. For if our heart the Lord God, It shall also come pass, when many evils and condemn us, God is greater than to pass, that at the same time troubles are befallen them, that our heart, and knoweth all things. ) sball things come into tby mind, I this song shall testify against them

as a witness; for it shall not be come, that I will gather all nations 2 Chron. xii, 7. And when the forgotten out of the mouthis of and tongues; and they shall come, Lord saw that they humbled their seed; for I know their im- and see my glory.

themselves, the word of the LORD agination which they go about, Jer. xvii, 10. I the LORD search came to Shemaiah, saying, They even now, before I have brought the heart, 'I try the reins, even to have liumbled themselves: therethem into the land which I sware. give every man according to his fore I will not destroy them, but I

1 Sam. Xvi, 7. But the Lord said ways, and according to the fruit will grant them some deliverance; anto Samuel, Look not on his of his doings.

and my wrath shall not be poured coantenance, or on the height of

Jer, xx, 12. But, O LORD of hosts,

out upon Jerusalem by the hand his stature; because I have refus- that triest the righteous, and

of Shishak. ed him: for the LORD seeth not as seest the reins and the heart, let

Job xi, 11. For he knoweth vain man soeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the for unto thee have I opened my ine see thy vengeance on them: men: he seeth wickedness also;

will he not then consider it? LORD looketh on the heart. cause.

Ps. xiv, 2. The LORD looked 1 Kings viii, 39. Then hear thou

Ezek. xi, 5. And the Spirit of down from heaven upon the chilin heaven thy dwelling place, and the Lord fell upon me, and said dren of men, to see if there were forgive, and do, and give to every unto me, Speak; Thus saith the any that did understand, and seek man according to his ways, whose LOND, Thus have ye said, O bouse God. beart thou knowest; (for thou, of Israel; for I know the things P3. xxxiii, 18. Behold, the eye of eren thou only, knowest the hearts that come into your mind, every the Lord is upon them that fear of all the children of men:) one of them.

him, upon them that hope in his 2 Chron. vi, 30. Then hear thou

Amos iv, 18. For, lo, he that mercy. from heaven thy dwelling-place, formeth the mountains, and creat- P3. xxxiv, 15. The eyes of the and forgive, and render unto eth the wind, and declareth unto Lord are upon the righteous, and every man according unto all his

man what is his thought, that his ears are open unto their cry. ways, whose heart thou knowest; maketh the morning darkness, (for thou only knowest the hearts and treadeth upon the the high eth the days of the upright; and

P3. xxxvii, 18. The Lord knowof the children of men:

places of the earth, The Lord, The their inheritance shall be for ever. Job x, 4. Hast thou eyes of God of hosts, is his name. flesh? or seest thou as man seeth?

Ps. lxix, 5. O God, thou knowest Matth. vi, 6. But thou, when my foolishness; and my sins are Ps. vii, 9. Oh let the wickedness thou prayest, enter into thy closet, not hid from thee. of the wicked come to an end; but and when thou hast shut thy door, establish the just; for the righte- pray to thy Father which is in

P3. Ixxx, 14. Return, we bescech ous God trieth the hearts and secret; and thy Father which thee, O God of hosts: look down reips. seeth in secret shall reward thee from heaven, and behold, and visit

this vine. Ps. xi, 4. The Lord is in his holy openly. temple, the Lord's throne is in

Ps. xc, 8. Thou hast set our iniheaven: his eyes behold, his eye

OF IIUMAN CHARACTER. quities before thee, our secret lids try, the children of men. Gen. vi, 5. And God saw that the sins in the light of thy counte

nance. P8. xix, 14. Let the words of my wickedness of man was great in mouth, and the meditation of my the earth..

Prov. xxiv, 12, 17, 18. If thou heart, be acceptable in thy sight, Gen. vii, 1. And the LORD said sayest, Behold, we kuew it not; O Lord, my strength, and my re-unto Noah, Como thou, and all thy doth not he that pondereth the deemer.

house, into the ark: for thee have heart consider it and he that P3. xxxviii, 9. LORD, all my de- I seen righteous before me in this keepeth thy soul, doth not he sire is before thee; and my groan

know it? and shall not be render generation.

to every man according to his ing is not hid from thee.

Gen. xxii, 12. And he said, Lay works?' Rejoice not when thino P3. xliv, 21. Shall not God search not thine hand upon the lad, enemy falleth; and let not thine this out? for he knoweth the neither do thou any thing unto heart be glad when he stumbleth; Secrets of the heart.

him; for now I know that thou Lest the LORD see it, and it disPs. xciv, 11. The LORD knoweth fearest God, seeing thou hast not please him, and he turn away his the thoughts of man, that they withheld thy son, thine only son, wrath from him.

from me. are vanity.

Isa.Ivii, 18. I have seen his ways, Exod. xxxii, 9. And the Lord and will heal him: I will lead bim Ps. cxxxix, 23, 24. Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, people, and, behold, it is a stiff- him, and to his mourners.

said unto Moses, I have seen this also, and restore comforts unto and know my thoughts; And see

necked people. if there be any wicked way in me,

Isa. Ixiii, 15. Look down from and lead me in the way everlast

Deut. xxxii, 19. And when the heaven, and behold from the babi. ing.

LORD saw it, he ahhorred them, tation of thy holiness and of thy Proc. XV, 11. Hell and destruc- sons and of his daughters.

because of the provoking of his glory: where is thy zeal and thy tion are before the LORD; how

strength, the sounding of thy much more then the hearts of

2 Sam. vii, 20. And what can bowels and of thy mercies toward the children of men?

David say more unto thee? for me? are they restrained ?

thou, Lord God, knowest thy ser- Jer. xvii, 16. As for me, I havo Proo. xvii, 3. The fining pot is vant.

not hastened from being a pastor for silver, and the furnace for

2 Sam.xxii, 28. And the afflicted to follow thee: neither have I degold: but the LORD trieth the people thou wilt save: but thine sired the woeful day; thou knowhearts.

eyes are upon the haughty, that est: that which came out of my Proc. xxi, 2. Every way of a man thou mayest bring them down. lips was right before thee. is right in his own eyes; but the

1 Chron. xvii, 18. What can Jer. xxiv, 6. For I will get LORD pondereth the hearts.

David speak more to thee for the mine eyes upon them for good, Isa. Ixvi, 18. For I know their honour of thy servant? for thou and I will bring them again to works and their thoughts: it shall I knowest thy servant.

this land. .....


Amos v, 12. For I know your knowledge, and by him actions are before the eyes of the LORD, manifold transgressions and your are weighed.

and he pondereth all his goings. mighty sins.

2 Sam. xii, 9. Wherefore hast Isa. xxvi, 7. The way of the Amos ix, 4. . Though they thou despised the commandment just is uprightness: thou, most go into captivity before their of the LORD, to do evil in his upright, dost weigh the path of enemies, thence will I command sighi? Thou hast killed Uriah | the just. the sword, and it shall slay them: the Hittite with the sword, and

Isa. xxxvii, 17. Incline thine and I will set mine eyes uponthem hast taken his wife to be thy wife,

ear, O LORD, and hear; open thine for evil, and not for good.

and hast slain him with the sword eyes, O LORD, and see; and hear Jonah iii, 10. And God saw their of the children of Ammou.

all the words of Sennacherib, works, that they turned from their 2 Sam. xvi, 12. It may be that which hath sent to reproach the evil way.....

the LORD will look mine living God. Nahum 1, 7. The LORD is good, a amliction, and that the Lord will

Isa. lix, 15. Yea, truth faileth; strong bold in the day of trouble; requite me good for his cursing and he that departeth from evil and he knoweth them that trust this day.

maketh himself a prey: and the in him.

Neh. ix, 9. And didst see the LORD saw it, and it displeased Zech, xil, 4. I will open affliction of our fathers in Egypt, bim that there was no judgment. mine eyes upon the house of Ju- and heardest their cry by the Red

Jer. xvi, 17. For mine eyes are dah, and will smite every horse of sa.

upon all their ways: they are not the people with blindness.

Job xiii, 27. .... And lookest hid from my face, neither is their Mal. ii, 16. Then they that narrowly unto all my paths, thou iniquity hid from mine eyes. feared the Lord spake often one to settest a print upon the heels of

Jer. xxxil, 19. ..... For thine another; and the LORD hearkened, iny feet.

eyes are open upon all the ways and heard it, and a book of re- Job xiv, 16. For now thon num- of the sons of men; to give every membrance was written before berest my steps: dost thou not one according to his ways, and him for them that feared the watch over my sin?

according to the fruit of his doLord, and that thought upon luis

Job xxxi, 4. Doth not he see my

ings. name.

ways, and count all my steps? Jer. xlviii, 30. I know his wrath, Matt. vi, 4. That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father: npon men; and if any say, I have so; his lies shall not so effect it.

Job xxxiii, 27, 28. He looketh saith the Lord: but it shall not be which seeth in secret, himself sinned, and perverted that which shall reward thee openly.

Lam. iii, 59, 60. () LORD, thou was right, and it profited me not; hast seen my wrong, judge thon 1 Çor. viii, 3. But if any man He will deliver his soul from my cause. Thou hast seen all love 'God, the same is known of going into the pit, and his life their vengeance, and all their hiin. shall see the light.

imaginations against me. Gal. iv, 9. But now, after that ye Job xxxiv, 21, 25. For his eyes Hosea v, 3. I know Ephraim, have known God, or rather are are upon the ways of man, and he and Israel is not hid from me..... known of God, bow turn ye again seeth all his goings. Therefore to the weak and beggarly ele- he knoweth their works, and he

Hosea vii, 2. And they consider ments, whereunto ye desire again overturneth them in the night, so ber all their wickedness: now

not in their hearts that I rememto be in bondage? that they are destroyed.

their own doings have beset them 2 Tim. ii, 19. Nevertheless the P3, xxxi, 7... Thou bast about; they are before my face. foundation of God standeth sure, known my soul in adversities. having this seal, the Lord know

Matth. vi, 8, 31, 32. Be not ye eth them that are his.

P8. XXXV, 21, 22. Yea, they therefore like unto them: for your

opened their mouth wide against Father knoweth what things ye AND OF HUMAN ACTIONS AND

me, and said, Aha, ahal our eye have need of before ye ask him. hath seen it. This thou hast

Rev. iii, 15. I know thy works, CIRCUMSTANCES.

seen, O Lord: keep not silence: 0 that thou art peither cold nor hot: Gen. xvi, 13. And she called the Lord, be not far from me. I would thou wert cold or hot. name of the LORD that spake unto her, Thou God seest me: for she Ps. liii, 2, 3. God looked down

HIS IMMUTABILITY. said, Have I also here looked after from heaven upon the children of

men, to see if there were any that Num. xxiii, 19. God is not a man, him that sceth me.

did understand, that did seek that he should lie; neither the son Gen. x.xxi, 42. ..... God hath God. Every one of them is gone of man, that he should repent: Been mine aflliction and the labour back; they are altogether become hath he said, and shall he not do of my hands, and rebuked thee filthy: there is none that doeth | i9 or hatb he spoken, and shall be yesternight. good, no, not one.

not make it good. Exod. ii, 25. And God looked 13. Ixix, 19. Thou hast known 1 Sam. XV, 29. And also the upon the children of Israel, and my reproach, and my shame, and strength of Israel will not lie nor God had respect unto them. my dishonour: mine adversaries repeut; for he is not a man, that

he should repent. Exod. iii, 7. And the Lord said, are all before thee. I have surely seen the affliction of Ps. cil, 19, 20. For he hath Job xxiii, 13. But he is in one my people which are in Egypt, looked down from the height of mind, and who can turn him? and ... for I know their sorrows. his sanctuary; from heaven did the what his soul desireth, even that

Deut. ii, 7. For the Lord thy LORD behold the earth; To hear he doeth. God hath blessed thee in all the

the groaning of the prisoner; to Ps. xxxiii, 11. The counsel of the works of thy hand: lie kuoweth loose those that are appointed to Lord standeth for

ever, the death. thy walking through this great

thoughts of his heart to all genewilderness.

Ps.cxxxix, 3. Thou compassest rations. 1 Sam. ii, 3. Talk no moro

my path and my lying down, P's. cxix, 89-91. For ever, 0 80 exceeding prouilly; let not and art acquainted with all my

LORD, thy word is settled in heaarrogancy como out of your ways.

ven. Tby faithfuluess is unto all mouth: for the LORD is a God of Prov. V, 21. For the ways of man generations; thou hast established


the earth, and it abideth. They on high? even against the Holy | man look to his Maker, and his continue this day according to One of Israel.

eyes shall have respect to the Holy thine ordinances: for all are thy Job iv, 17. Shall mortal man be

One of Israel. servants,

more just than God? shall a mau Isa. xxix, 19. 23. The meek also 18a. lix, 1. Behold, the Lord's be more pure than his Maker? shall increase their joy in the LORD, hand is not shortened, that it can

Job xv, 15. Behold, he putteth and the poor among men shall renot save; neither his ear heavy, no trust in his saints; yea, the joice in the Holy One of Israel. that it cannot hear. heavens are not clean in his

But when he seeth his children, Vicah ii, 7. O thou that art sight.

the work of mine hands, in the named The house of Jacob, the Job xxv,5. Behold even to the

midst of him, they shall sanctify Spirit of the LORD straitened? are moon, and it shineth not; yea, the

my name, and sanctify the Holy these his doings? ... stars are not pure in his sight.

One of Jacob, and shall fear the

God of Israel. Mal, iii, 6. For I am the LORD,

Job xxxiv, 10. Therefore hearI change not; therefore ye sons of ken unto me, ye men of under-reproached and blasphemed; and

Isa. xxxvii, 23. Whom hast thou Jacob are not consumed.

standing: Far be it from God, that against whom hast thou exalted James i, 17. Every good gift he should do wickedness; and thy voice, and lifted up thine eyes and every perfect gift is from from the Almighty, that he should on high? eren against the Holy above, and cometh down from the commit iniquity.

One of Israel. Father of lights, with whom is no P3. xii, 6. The words of the variableness, neither shadow of Lord are pure words: as silver | Lord, the Redeemer of Israel, and

Isa. xlix, 7. Thus saith the turning

tried in a furnace of earth, puri- his Holy One, to him whom man fied seven times,

despiseth, to him whom the nation P3. xxii, 3. But thou art holy, abhorreth, to a servant of rulers, MORAL ATTRIBUTES. O thou that inhabitest the praises kings shall see and arise, princes LIOLINESS. of Israel.

also shall worship, because of the Ecod. xv, 11. Who is like unto P8. lxxi, 22. I will also praise Lord that is faithful, and the Holy thee, O Lord, among the gods? thee with the psaltery, even thy One of Israel, and he shall choose who is like thee, glorious in holi-truth, () my God: unto thee will í

thee. ness, fearful in praises, doing sing with the harp, O thou Holy Jer. II, 5. For Israel hath not wonders? One of Israel.

been forsaken, nor Judah of his Lev. xi, 44, 45. For I am the

Ps. lxxxix, 18. For the Lord is God, of the LORD of hosts; though LORD your God: ye shall therefore

onr defence; and tue Holy One of their land was filled with sin sanctify yourselves, and ye shall Israel is our King.

against the Holy One of Israel. be holy; for I am holy: .... For

P3. xcvii, 12. Rejoice in the

Ezek. xxxix, 7. So will I make I am the Lord that bringeth you Lord, ye righteous; and give my holy name known in the midst up out of the land of Egypt, to be thanks at the remembrance of his of my people Israel; and I will not Fonr God: ye shall therefore be holiness.

let them pollute my holy name any boly, for I am holy.

Ps. xcix, 3, 5. Let them praise more: and the heathen shall know Lev. xix, 2. Speak anto all the thy great and terrible name; for that I am the LORD, the Holy One congregation of the children of it is holy. Exalt ye the Lord our in Israel. Israel, and say unto them, ye God, and worship at his footstool;

Hosea xi, 9. I will not execute shall be holy: tor I the LORD your for he is holy.

the fierceness of mine anger, I will God an holy.

Ps. cxix, 140. Thy word is very not return to destroy Ephraim: for Lev. xx, 26. And ye shall be pure: therefore thy servant loveth

I am Gud, and not man; the Holy it. holy unto me: for I the LORD am

One in the midst of thee; and I holy, and have severed you from

Ps. cxlv, 17. The LORD is right will not enter into the city. other people, that ye should be eous in all his ways, and holy in

Hab. I, 13. Thou art of purer mine. all his works.

eyes than to behold evil, and canst LEO. XXI. 8. Thou shalt sanctify

Prov. xxx, 5. Every word of God not look on iniquity. . him therefore; for he offereth the is pure: he is a shield unto them

John xvii, 11. ... Holy Father, bread of thy Gud: he shall be holy that put their trust in him.

keep through thine own name unto thee: for I the LORD, which 18a, 1, 4. ... They have for those whom thou hast given me, sanctify you, am holy.

saken the LORD, they have pro- that they may be one, as we are, Josh. xxiv, 19. And Joshua said voked the Holy One of Israel unto

James i, 13. Let no man say, onto the people, Ye cannot serve anger.

when he is tempted, I am tempted the LORD: for he is an holy God;

Isa. v, 16. But the LORD of hosts of God: for God cannot be tempted he is a jealous God; he will not shall be exalted in judgment, and with evil, neither tempteth be any forgive your transgressions nor God, that is holy, shall be sancti- man. your sins. fied in righteousness.

1 Peter i, 15, 16. But as he which 1 Sam.fi, 2. There is none holy Isa. x, 20. And it shall come to hath called you is holy, so be ye as the LORD: for there is none be- pags in that day, that the remnant holy in all manner of conversa. sides thee; neither is there any of Israel, and such as are escaped tion; Because it is written, Be ye fock Ilke our God.

of the house of Jacob, shall no. holy; for I am loly. 1 Sam. vi, 20. And the men of more again stay upon him that 1 John 1, 6. . . . . God is light, Beth-shemesh said, who is able smote them; but shall stay upon and in him is no darkness at all. to stand before this holy LORD the LORD, the Holy One of Israel,

Rev. iv, 8. And the four beasts God? and to whom shall he go up in truth.

had each of them six wings about from us?

Isa. xil, 6. Cry out and shout, him; and they were full of eyes 2 Kings xix, 22. Whom hast thou thou inhabitant of Zion: for great within: and they rest not day and reproached and blasphemed? and is the Holy One of Israel in the night, saying, Holy, holy, hols, against whom hast ihou exalted midst of thee.

Lord God Almighty, which was, Way voice, and lifted up thine eyes Isa. xvii, 7. At that day shall a 'and is, and is to come.

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