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for the glory of my kingdom, mine , and beast: they shall die of a great ways, and pour out the vials of the honour and brightness returned pestilence.

wrath of God upon the earth. unto me; and my counsellors and

And the first went, and poured my lords sought unto me; and I Ps. lxxviii, 50. He made a way out his vial upon the earth; and as established in my kingdom, to his anger; he spared not their there fell a noisome and grievous and excellent majesty was added soul from death, but gave their sore upon the men which had the Unto me. life over to the pestilence.

mark of the beast, and upon them Dan. v, 21. And he was driven from the sons of men; and his that walketh in darkness; nor for

Ps. xci, 6. Nor for the pestilence which worshipped his image. beart was made like the beasts, the destruction that wasteth at

WORMS. and his dwelling was with the noon-day.

Acts xil, 23. And immediately wild asses: they fed him with grass like oxen, and his body was wet

Ezek. V, 12. A third part of thee the angel of the Lord smote him, with the dew of heaven; till he shall die with the pestilence, and because he gave not God the knew that the most high God with famine shall they bo con

glory: and he was eateu of worms, sumed in the midst of thee...

and gave up the ghost. ruled in the kingdom of men, and that he appointeth over it whom Amos iv, 10. I have sent among

PHYSICIANS. soever he will.

you the pestilence after the man-
ner of Egypt.

2 Chron. xvi, 12. ..... Yet in Acts xxvi, 24, 25. And as he

his disease he (A sa] sought not

Habak, iii, 5. Before him went thus spake for himself. Festus

to the LORD, but to the physsaid with a loud voice, Paul, thou the pestilence, and burning coals iciany.

Neh. iii, 8....

Next unto him art beside thyself; much learning went forth at his feet. doth make thee mad. But he (See also under SWORD.) repaired Hananiah, the son of one Kaid, I am not mad, most noble

of the apothecaries. Festus; but speak forth the words


Jlark y, 25, 26. And a certain of truth and soberness.

Lev. xiii, 38, 39. If a man also or woman, which had an issue of

a woman have in the skin of their blood twelve years, And had MONOMANIA.

flesh bright spots, even white suffered many things of many 1 Sam. xvi, 14. But the spirit of bright spots; Then the priest shall physicians, and had spent all that the Lord departed from Saul, and look: and, behold, If the bright she had, and was nothing betteran evil spirit from the LORD spots in the skin of their flesh be ed, but rather grew worse.

darkish white; it is a freckled troubled him.

Col. iv, 14. Luke, the beloved spot that groweth in the skin; he

physician, and Demas, greet you. is clean. MORTIFICATION.

Deut. xxviii, 35. The LORD shall Job xiii, 4. But ye are forgers Zech. xlv, 12. And this shall be smíte thee in the kuees, and in of lies, ye are all physicians of no the plague wherewith the Lord the legs, with a sore botch that value. will smite all the people that have cannot be healed, from the sole fought against Jerusalem; Their of thy foot unto the top of thy Gilead? is there no physician

Jer. viii, 22. Is there no balm in fesh shall consume away while head. they stand upon their feet, and

there? why then is not the health their eyes shall consume away in

Job vii, 5. My flesh is clothed of the daughter of my people retheir holes, and their tongue shall

with worms and clods of dust; my covered? consume away in their mouth. skin is broken, and become loath

Matth. ix, 12. But when Jesus some.

heard that, he said unto them, PALSY.

They that be whole need not a

SUNSTROKE. Mark ii, 3. And they come unto

physician, but they that are sick.

2 Kings iv, 19. 20. And he said him, bringing one sick of the

Mark ii, 17. When Jesus heard palsy, which was borne of four.

unto his father, My head, my head!! it, he saith unto them, They that

And he said to a lad, Carry him to are whole have no need of the (See under MIRACLES.) his mother. And when be had physician, but they that are sick:

taken him, and brought him to his I came not to call the righteous, PLAGUE.

mother, he sat on her knees till but sinners to repentance. Num. XXV 9. And those that noon, and then died. died in the plague were twenty

Luke iv, 23. And he said unto Isa. xlix, 10. They shall not them, Ye will surely say unto me and four thousand.

hunger nor thirst; neither shall this proverb, Physician, heal thy: Deut. xxvili, 21. The LORD shall the heat nor sun smite them. ...

self: whatsoever we have heard make the pestilence cleave unto Rev. vii, 16. They shall hunger done in Capernaum, do also here thee, antil he have consumed theo no more, neitlier thirst any more; in thy country. fruth of the land, whither thou, neither shal the sun light on Luke v, 31. And Jesus answerguest to possess it. them, nor any heat.

ing, said unto them, They that 2 Sam. xxiv, 15, 25. Bo the Lord

are wbolo need not a physician;

ULCERS. sent a pestilence upon Israel, from

but they that are sick. the morning even to the tiine ap

Lev. xv, 3. And this shall be his pointed: and there died of the uncleanness in his issue: whether MEDICINES, BALM, ETC. Deople, from Dan even to Beer-huis ilesh run with his issue, or his

Prov. xvii, 22. A merry heart sheba, seventy thousand men. flesh be stopped from his issue, it doeth good like a medicine: but a And David built there an altar is his uncleanness.

broken spirit drieth the bones. unto the LORD, and offered burnt- Luke xvi, 20. And there was a

Prov. xx, 30. The blueness of a offerings and peace-offerings. So certain beggar named Lazarus, wound cleanseth away evil; so do the Lord was entreated for the which was laid at his gate, full of stripes the inward parts of thu land, and the plague was stayed sores.

belly. from Israel.

Rev. xvi, 1, 2. And I heard a 1sa. i, 6. From the solo of the Jer, xxí, 6. And I will smite the great voice out of the temple say-foot even unto the head there is inhabitants of this city, both maning to the seven angels, Go your , no soundness in it; but wounds,


and bruises, and potrifying sores: Hosea v, 13. When Ephraim SHORTNESS AND UNCERthey have not been closed, neither saw his sickness, and Judalı saw TAINTY OF LIFE. bound up, neither mollified with his wound, then went Ephraim to

Gen. XXVII, 2. And he said, Beointment.

the Assyrian, and sent to king hold, now, I'am old, I know not Isaiah xxxviii, 21. For Isaiah Jareb: yet could he not heal you, the day of my death. had said, Let them take a lump of nor cure you of your wound.

Gen. xlvii, 9. And Jacob said fi;s, and lay it for a plaister upon Micah i, 9. For her wound is unto Pharaoh, The days of the the boil, and he shall recover. incurable; for it is como unto years of my pilgrimage are an

Jer. xlvi, 11. Go up into Judalı: he is come unto the gate inundred and thirty years: few Gilead, and take balm, o virgin, of my people, even to Jerusalem.

and evil have the days of the the daughter of Egypt: in vain shalt Nah. iii, 19. There is no healing years of my life been, and have thou use many medicines; for of thy bruise; thy wound is griev- not attained unto the days of the thou shalt not be cured.

ous: all that hear the bruit of thee years of the lite of my fathers in Jer. II, 8, 9. Babylon is suddenly shall clap the hands over thee. . . the days of their pilgrimage. fallen and destroyed; howl for lier; Matth. xvii, 16. And I brought 1 Sam. XX, 3. ....

Truly, as the take balm for her pain, if so be she him to thy disciples, and they | LORD liveth, and as thy soul liv. may be healed. We would have could not cure him.

eth, there is but a step between healed Babylon, but she is not

me and death. healed. .... RECOVERY IS FROM GOD.

1 Chron. xxix, 15. For we are Luke x, 34. And went to him, Job xxxiii, 23, 24, 29, 30. If there strangers before thee, and 80and borind up his wounds, pour be a messenger with him, an in- journers, as were all our fathers: ing in oil and wine, and set him terpreter, one among a thousand, our days on the earth are as a on his own beast, and brought to shew unto man his uprightness; shadow, and there is none abid. him to an inn, and took care of Then he is gracious unto him, and ing. him. saith, Deliver him from going

Job vi, 12. 13 my strength the down to the pit; I have found a strength of stones? or is my flesh OTHER MEANS EMPLOYED.ransom. Lo, all these things of brass?

with Mark vi, 13,56. And they cast out worketh God oftentimes

Job ix, 25, 26. Now my days are many devils, and anointed with man, To bring back his sonl from oil many that were sick, and the pit, to be enlightened with the swifter than a post: they flee away,

they see no good. They are pass. healed them. And whithersoever light of the living.

ed away as the swift ships: as the he entered, into villages, or cities, Ps. lxviii, 20. He that is our or country, they laid the sick in God is the God of salvation; and eagle that hasteth to her pres. the streets, and besought him unto God the Lord belong the Job x, 20. Are not my days feu? that they might touch if it were issues from death.

cease then, and let me alone, that but the border of his garment; and

Ps. cvii, 19, 20. Then they cry

may take comfort a little. as many as touched him were

unto the Lord in their trouble, Job xiv, 1-3,5,6. Man that is born made whole.

and he gaveth them out of their of a woman is of few days, and 15. Insomuch that they distresses. Ile sent his word, and full of trouble. He cometh forth brought' forth the sick into the healed them, and delivered them like a flower, and is cut down: he streets, and laid them on beds and from their destructions.

fleeth also as a shadow, and concouches, that at the least the sha

Ps. cxviii, 17, 18. I shall not die, tinueth pot. And dost thou open dow of Peter passing by might but live, and declare the works of thine eyes upon such an one, and overshadow some of them.

the LORD. The LORD hath chas. bringest me into judgment with James v, 14. Is any sick among tened me sore: but he hath not thee? Seeing his days are deter. you? let him call for the elders of given me over unto death.

mined, the number of his months the church; and let them pray

Isa. xxxvill, 15, 16. What shall I are with thee, thou hast appointover him, anointing him with oil say? he hath both spoken unto me,

ed his bounds that he cannot pass; in the name of the Lord,

and himselt hath done it: I shali Turn from him, ibat he may rest,

go softly all my years in the till he shall accomplish, as DISEASE OFTEN INCUR- bitterness of my soul.

O LOKD, by Lirellug, l.is day.

these things men live, and in all Job xvi, 22. When a few years 2 Chron. xxi, 18. And after all

these things is the life of my spirit: are come, then I shall go the way this the LORD smote him in his

SO wilt thou recover me, and whence I shall not return. buwels with an incurable disease make me to live.

Job xvii, 1. My breath is cor. Job xxxiv, 6.

Phil. ii, 27, 28. For indeed be rupt, my days ore extinct, the Should I lie

was sick nighunto death: but graves are ready for me. against my right? my wound is incurable without transgression. God had mercy on him; and not

Ps. xxxix, 4, 5, 13. LORD, make on him only, but on mo also, lest P3. xli, 8. An evil disease, say I should have sorrow upon sor

me to know mine end, and the they, cleaveth fast unto him; and

I sent him therefore the that I may know how frail I am.

measure of my days, what it is; now that he lieth, he shall rise up more carefully, that, when yo see Behold, thou hast made my days no more. him again, ye nay rejoice, and

as an hand-breadth, and mine age Jer. xv, 18. Why is my pain that I may be tire less sorrowful.

is as nothing before thee: verily perpetual, and my wound incur

overy man at his best state is altán

DEATH, able, which refuseth to be healed?

gether vanity. Selah. wilt thou be altogether unto me ORIGINAL SENTENCE. mo, that I may recover strength, as a liar, and as waters that fail? Gen, iii, 19. .... Dust thou art, beford I go hence, and be

more. Jer. xxx, 12, 13. For thus saith and unto dust shalt thou return. the LORD, Thy bruise is incurable, Rom. v, 12. Wherefore, as by Isa, xl, 6, 7. The Foice said, and thy wound is grievous, ono man sin entered into the Cry. And lie said, What shall I There is none to plead thy causo, world, and death by sin; and so cry? All flesh is grass, and all the that thou mayest be bound up death passed upon all men, for goodliness thereof is as the flower thou hast no bealing medicines. that all have sinned.

of the theld: The grass withereth, 170

Acts y,

O spare

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the flower fadeth: because the wheel broken at the cistern: Then | None of them can by any means spirit of the Lord bloweth upon shall the dust return to the earth redeem his brother, nor give to il; surely the people is grass. as it was; and the spirit shall re- God a ransom for him; (For the P3. xc, 10. The days of our years

turn unto God who gave it. redemption of their soul is preare threescore years and ten; and

cious, and it ceaseth for ever;) if by reason of strength they be

That he should still live for ever,

LESSONS. fourscore years, yet is their

and not see corruption. strength labour and sorrow; for it

Num. xxill, 10. .

Let me

P8 xc, 3. Thou turnest man to is soon cut off, and we fly away.

die the death of the righteous, destruction; and sayest, Return, P3. cili, 15, 16. As for man, his and let my last end be like his!

ye children of men. days are as grass: as a flower of Deut. xxxii, 29. Oh that they

Ps. ciii, 4. Who redeemeth thy the field, so he flourisheth. For were wise, that they understood life from destruction; who crownthe wind passeth over it, and it is

this, that they would consider eth thee with loving-kindness gone; aud the place thereof shall their latter end!

and tender mercies. know it no more.

P3. xc, 12. So teach us to num

P3. Ixviii, 20. He that is our God P3. cxix, 109. My soul is con- ber our days, that we may apply is the God of salvation; and unto

our hearts unto wisdom. tinually in my hand: yet do I not

God the Lord belong the issues forget thy law.

1 Cor. vii, 30, 31. And they that from death. Prov. xxvii, 1. Boast not thyself weep, as though they wept not; Dan. v, 23.

And the of to-morrow; for thou knowest and they that rejoice, as though God in whose hand thy breath is, not what a day may bring forth.

they rejoiced not; and they that and whose are all thy ways, hast Zech. 1, 5. Your fathers, where buy, as though they possessed thou not glorified. are they? and the prophets, do world, as not abusing it: for the live, and move, and have our not; And they that use this

Acts xvií, 28. For in him we they live for ever?

fashion of this world passeth being; as certain also of your own 2 Tim. iv, 6. For I am now ready

away. to be offered, and the time of my

poets have said, For we are also departure is at hand.

2 Cor. iv, 16. For which cause his offspring.

we faint not; but though our outJames i, 10. But the rich, in that ward man perish, yet the inward

Rom. xiv. 7. For none of us he is made low: because as the man is renewed day by day.

liveth to himself, and no man dieth flower of the grass he shall pass

to himself.

Eph. v, 15, 16. See then that ye away. walk circumspectly, not as fools, and was dead; and, bebold, I am

Rev. i, 18. I am he that liveth, but as wise, Redeeming the time, alive for evermore, Amen; and FRAILTY OF LIFE. because the days are evil.

have the keys of hell and of death. Job iv, 17-21. Shall mortal Çol. iv, 5. Walk in wisdom toman be more just than God? shall ward them that are without, re

AN APPOINTED TIME a man be more pure than his deeming the time.

TO DIE. Maker? Behold, he put no trust

Heb. xiii, 14. For here have we in his servants; and his angels he

Num. XX, 24-26. Aaron shall be no continuing city, but we seek charged with folly: How much one to come.

gathered unto his people; for he less in them that dwell in houses

shall not enter into the land which

James iv, 13-15. Go to now, ye I have given unto the children of of clay, whose foundation is in the dust, which are crushed before the that say, To-day, or to-morrow,

Israel, because ye rebelled against we will go into such a city, and my word at the water of Meribah. moth? They are destroyed from morning to evening: they perish continue there a year, and buy Take Aaron and Eleazar bis son,

and sell, and get gain; Whereas and bring them up unto mount for ever, without any regarding it. ...::: : : . They die, even with. ye know not what shall be on the

Hor; And strip Aaron of his garmorrow. For what is your life?ments, and put them upon Eleazar out wisdom.

It is even a vapour, that appear- his son: and Aaron shall be Job vii, 17, 18. What is man, eth for a little time, and then gathered unto his people, and that thou shouldest magnify him? vanisheth away. For that ye shall die there. and that thou shouldest set thine ought to say, If the Lord will, we beart heart upon him? And that shall live, and do this, or that.

Deut. xxxii, 50. And die in the thou shouldest visit him every

mount whither thou goest up, and morning, and try him every mo.

be gathered unto thy people; as ment?

DEATH THE WILL OF GOD. Aaron thy brother died in mount Ps. lxxxix, 47. Remember how Job v, 18. For he maketh sore, Hor, and was gathered unto his sbort my time is: wherefore hast and bindeth up; he woundeth, and people. thou made made all men in vain? his hands make whole.

2 Kings viii, 10. And Elisha Ps. xc, 4, 9. For a thousand Job x, 8. Thine hands have made said unto him, Go, say unto him, years in thy sight are but as me, and fashioned me together Thou mayest certainly recover: yesterday when it is past, and as round about; yet thou dost destroy howbeit the Lord hath shewed me

that he shall surely die. a watch in the night. For all our me. days are passed away in thy JOB XXX, 23. For I know that

2 Kings xx, 6. And I will add wrath: we spend our years as a thou wilt bring me to death, and

unto thy days fifteen years. ..... tale that is told.

to the house appointed for all Job vii, 1, 2. Is there not an Ps. ciii, 14, 19. For he knoweth living.

appointed time to

man upon our frame: he remembereth that

Ps. ix, 13. Have mercy upon earth? are not his days also like we are dust; The Lord hath pre- mo, O Lond; consider my trouble the days of an hireling? As a pared his throne in the heavens; which I suffer of them that hate servant earnestly desireth the and his kingdom ruleth over all. me, thou that listest me up from shadow, and as an hireling look

eth for the reward of his work. Eccies. xii, 6, 7. Or ever the the gates of death. silver cord be loosed, or the golden P3. xlix, 6-9. They that trust in Job xiv,5, 14. Secing luis days are bowl be broken, or the pitcher be their wealth, and boast themselves determined, the number of his bruken at the fountain, or the 'in the multitude of tbeir riches: months are with thee; thou hast

appointed his bounds that he can- down alike in the dust, and the Isa. Xxxviii, 1. In those days not pass: If a man die, shall he worms shall cover them. Yet was Hezekiah sick unto death. live again! All the days of my shall he be brought to the And Isaiah the prophet, the son appointed time will I wait, till my grave, and shall remain in the of Amoz, came unto him, and said change come.

tornb. The clods of the valley unto him, Thus saith the Lord,

shall be sweet unto him, and Set thine house in order: for thou Eccles. iii, 2. A time to be born, and a time to die: a time to plant every man shall draw after him, shalt die, and not live.

as there are innumerable before and a tiine to pluck up that which him.

Heb. ix, 16, 17. For where a es planted.

testament is there must also of Isa, xxxviii, 5. Go and say to

Job xxiv, 24. They are ex necessity be the death of the Hezekiah, Thus saith the LORD, alted for a little whilo, but are testator. For a testament is of the God of David thy father, I gone and brought low; they are force after men are dead: other have heard thy prayer, I have

taken out of the way as all other, wise it is of no strength at all while seen thy tears: Behold, I will add and cut off as the tops of the the testator liveth. unto thy days filteen years.

ears of corn.
Job xxxiv, 14, 15. If he set his

II.-SOLICITUDE FOR NONE TO BE EXEMPTED. heart upon man, if he gather unto

SURVIVORS. Num. xxiv, 23. And he took up All flesh shall perish together, and himself his spirit and his breath;

Deut. xxxi, 14, 28, 29. And the his parable, and said, Alas! who man shall turn again unto dust.

LORD said unto Moses, Behold, thy shall live when God doeth this?

days approach that thou must die: Josh. xxiii, 14. And, behold, this eth away, and another generation selves in the tabernacle of the

Eccles, i, 4. One generation pass- call Joshua, and present your(lay I am going the way of all the cometh: but the earth abideth for congregation, that I may give him earth: and ye know in all your ever. hearts, and in all your souls, that

a charge. And Moses and Joshua not one thing hath failed of all the Eccles. ii, 16. For there is no re- went, and presented themselves good things which the LORD your membrance of the wise more than

in the tabernacle of the congrega

tion. God spake concerning you; all of the fool for ever; seeing that

Gather unto me all the are come to pass into you, and which now is, in the days to come elders of your tribes, and your not one thing hath failed thereof, shall all be forgotten: and how officers, that I may speak these dieth the wise mant as the fool.

words in their ears, and call Judges ii, 10. And also all that

heaven and earth to record generation were gathered unto

Eccles, iv, 15. I considered all

against them. For I know that Cheir fathers: and there arose the living which walk under the

after my death ye will utterly another generation after them, sun, with the second child that

corrupt yourselves, and turn aside which knew not the LORD, nor yet shall stand up in his stead.

from the way which I have comthe works which he had done for

Eccles. vi, 6. Yea, though he manded you; and evil will befall Israel.

live a thousand years twice told you in the latter days; because yo 1 Kings ii, 2. I go the way of all yet hath he scen no good: do not will do evil in the sight of the

LORD, to provoke him to anger the earth: be thou strong there all go to one place? fore, and shew thyself a man. Eccles, viii, 8. There is no man

through the work of your hands. Job vii, 9, 10. As the cloud is that hath power over the spirit, 1 Kings ii, 1,2. Now the days of consumed and vanisheth away; so

to retain the spirit; neither hat David drew nigh that he should he that goeth down to the grave

he power in the day of death: and die; and he charged Solomon his shall come up no more. He shall there is no discharge in that war; son, saying, I go the way of all the return

more to his house, neither shall wickedness deliver earth: be thou strong therefore, neither shall his place know him those that are given to it.

and shew thyself a man. any more.

Eccles. xii, 6. Also when they shall be afraid of that which is endeavour' that ye may be able

2 Peter 1, 15. Moreover, I will Job ix, 22. This is one thing, high, and fears shall be in the way therefore I said it, He destroyeth and the almond-tree shall flourish. things always in remembrance.

after my decease to have these the perfect and the wicked,

Zech. i, 5. Your fathers, where Job xiv, 10, 12, 19, 20. But man

are they? and the prophets, do vlieth, and wasteth away, yea, man they live for ever?

III. CHARGE IN REGARD giveth up the ghost, and where is he? So man lieth down, and riseth Heb. vii, 23. And they truly were

TO BODY WHEN DEAD, not: till the heavens be no more, many priests, because they were Gen. xlvii, 29, 30. And the time they shall not awake, nor be raised not suflered to continue by drev nich that Israel must die, out of their sleep. The waters reason of death.

and he called his son Joseph, and wear the stones: thou washest

said unto him, If now I have away the things which grow out

found grace in thy sight, put, I of the dust of the earth; and thou PREPARATION FOR pray thee, thy hand under my destroyest the hope of man. Thou


thigh, and deal kindly and truly prevailest for ever against him,

with me; bury me not, I pray and he passeth; thou changest bis


thee in Egypt: But I will lie with countenance, and sendest him


my fathers; and thou shalt carry away.

me out of Egypt, and bury mo

2 Kings xx, 1. In those days was in their burying-place. And ho Job xxi, 23, 25, 26, 32. 33. One Hezekiah sick unto death: and the said, I will do as thou hast said: dieth in his full strength, being prophet Isaiah the son of Amoz Gen. xlix, 29-33. And he charged wholly at ease and quiet. And came to him, and said unto him, them, and said unto them, I am another dieth in the bitterness Thus saith the LORD, Set thine to be gathered unto my people: of his soul, and never eateth house in order; for thou shalt die, bury me with my fathers in the with pleasure. They shall lie I and not live.

cave that is in the field of Ephron


the Hittite; In the cave that is inber our days, that we may apply | against the inhabitants thereof, the field of Machpelah, which is our hearts unto wisdom.

that they should become a desolabefore Mamre, in the land of

P3. lxxxviii, 10-12. Wilt thou tion and a curse, and hast rent Canaan, which Abraham bought shew wonders to the dead? shall thy clothes, and wept before me; with the field of Ephron the the dead arise and praise thee? I also have heard thee, saith the Hittite, for a possession of a bury: Selah. Shall thy loving-kindness LORD. Behold, therefore, I will foz-place. There they buried be declared in the grave? or thy

gather thee unto thy fathers, and Abraham and Sarah his wife; faithfulness in destruction? Shail thou shalt be gathered into thy there they buried Isaac and thy wonders be known in the grave in peace; and thine eyes Etekah his wife; and there ! dark? and thy righteousness in shall not see all the evil which I baried Leah. The purchase of the land of forgetfulness?

will bring upon this place. And the field, and of the cave that is therein, was from the children of Ps. cxv, 17. The dead praise not they brought the king word Heth. And when Jacob had made the LORD, neither any that go

again. down into silence. an end of commanding his sons,

Job xvii, 16. They shall go down to Le gathered up his feet into the Eccles. ix, 10. Whatsoever thy the bars of the pit, when our rest hd, and yielded up the ghost, hand findeth to do, do it with thy together is in the dust. and wils gathered unto his people might; for there is no work, nor P3. xxxi, 5. Into thine hand I comGen. 1, 4-6, 25. ... Joseph said, dom, in the grave, whither, thou me, O LORD God of truth.

device, nor knowledge, nor wis mit my spirit: thou hast redeemed Speak, I pray yon, in the tary of Pharaoh, saying, My goest.

P3. xxxvii, 37. Mark the perfect Esther made me swear, saying, Lo,

194. xxxviii, 18, 19. For the grave man, and behold the upright: for I tie: in my grave which I have cannot praise thee, death can not the end of that man is peace. digged for me in the land of celebrate thee; they that go down

Ps. Ixxiii, 24. Thou shalt guide Cinaan, there shalt thou bury into the pit cannot hope for thy me with thy counsel, and afterIne. Now therefore let me go up, truth. The living, the living, he ward receive me to glory. I pray thee, and bury my father, I shall praise thee, as I do this day:

P3. cxvi, 15. Precious in the and I will come again. And the father to the children shall

sight of the LORD is the death of Pharaoh said, Go up and bury thy make known thy truth.

his saints. father, according as he made thee Amos iv. 12. Therefore thus will

Prov. xi, 8. The righteous is Bear. And Joseph took an oath |I do unto thee, O Israel; and be of the children of Israel, saying, cause I will do this unto thee; wicked cometb in his stead.

delivered out of trouble, and the God will surely visit you, and ye prepare to meet thy God, 0 shall carry up my bones from Israel.

Prov. xiv, 32. The wicked is Lence.

Matth. x, 28. And fear not them

driven away in his wickedness: 2 Sim. xix, 37. Let thy servant, which kill the body, but are not

but the righteous hath hope in his

death. I pray thee, turn back again, that able to kill the soul: but rather I may die in mine own city, and fear him which is able to destroy Eccles. vii, 1. A good name is buried by the grave of my both soul and body in hell.

better than precious ointment; Lather and of my mother. ....

John ix, 4. I must work the and the day of death than the day 1 Kings xiii, 31. And it came to works of him that sent me, wbile of one's birth.

Isa. Ivii, 1. The righteous perishpass, after he had buried him, that it is day: the night cometh, when lee spake to his sons, saying, When no man can work.

eth, and no man layeth it to heart; I am dead, then bury me in the Heb. xiii, 14. For here have we

and merciful men are taken away, kpulchre wherein the man of no continuing city, but we seek

none considering that the right

eous is taken away from the evil God is buried; lay my bones bo- one to come.

to come. de his bones.

1 Peter i, 17. And if ye call on

Luke xvi, 22, 25. And it came to Hdb. xi, 22. By faith Joseph, the Father, who without respect when he died, made mention of of persons judgeth according to

pass, that the beggar died, and

was carried by the angels into be departing of the children of every man's work, pass the time Israel and care commandment of

Abrabam's bosom: the rich man your sojourning here in fear,

also dieci, and was buried. But woncerning his bones.

2 Peter 1, 10, 11. Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to that thon in thy lifetime receivedst

Abraham said, Son, remember make your calling and clection thy good things, and likewise IV.-SPIRITUAL PREPAR- sure; for if ye do these things, ye Lazarus evil things: but now he is ATION, WHICH MUST shall never fall: For so an entrance comforted, and thou art

torALWAYS BE MADE BEFORE shall be ministered unto you mented. DEATH.

abundantly into the everlasting
kiugdom of our Lord and Saviour

Luke xxiii, 43. And Jesus said Deut. xxxii, 29. O that they Jesus Christ.

unto him, Verily I say unto thee, were wise, that they understood

To-day shalt thou; be with me in this, that they would consider

paradise, their latter end!


John xi, 11-13. These things P3, Vi, 5. For in death there is


said he: and after that he saith no remembrance of thee; in the Nilm. xxiii, 10.

Let me

unto them, Our friend Lazarus grave who shall give thee thanks? die the death of the righteous, and sleepeth; but I go, that I may

P3. XXX, 9. What profit is there let my last end be like his! a wake him out of sleep. Then in iny blood), when I go down to 1 Kings ii, 10. So David slept sald his disciples, Lord, if he the pit?

Howbeit Shall the dust praise with his fathers, and was buried sleep, he shall do well. thee? shall it declare thy truth? in the city of David.

Jesus spake of his death: but they Ps. xxxix, 4. LORD, make me

2 Kings xxli, 19, 20. Becanso I thought that he had spoken of to know mine end, and the meas thine heart was' tender, and thou taking of rest iu sleep. ure of my days, what it is; that I hast humbled thyself before the Rom. xiv, 8. For whether we may know how frail I am.

LORD, when thou heardest what I live, we live unto the Lord; and P3. xc, 12. So teach us to nam-) spake against this place, and whether we die, we die unto the


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