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makein glad the heart of man, 2 Kings XXV, 30. And his shall rain it upon him while he is and oil to make his face to shine, allowance was a continual allow eating. and brearl which strengtheneth ance given him of the king, a man's heart. These wait all upon daily rate for every day, all the

P8. Ixxvili, 29-31. So they did

eat, and were well filled: for he thee, that thou mayest give them days of his life. their meat in due season.

gave them their own desire: They

Prov. xii, 11. He that tilleth his were not estranged from their P3. cvil, 9. For he satisfieth the land shall be satisfied with bread: / lust. But while their meat was longing soul, and filletu the hun. but he that followeth vain per- 1 yet in their mouths, The wrath gry soul with goodness.

sons t9 void of understanding. of God came upon them, and slew Ps. cxxxii, 15. I will abundantly Prov. xx, 13. Love not sleep the fattest of them, and smote bless her provision: I will satisfy lest thou come to poverty: open down the chosen men of Israel. her poor with bread.

thine eres, and thou shalt be P3. evi, 14, 15. But lusted exsatisfied with bread.

ceedingly in the wilderness, and Ps. cxxxvi, 25. Who giveth food

And to all flesh; for his mercy endureth Prov. xxxi, 27. She looketh well tempted God in the desert. for ever. to tho ways of her household, and he gave them their request; but

sent leanness into their soul. eateth not the bread of idleness. P3. cxlv, 15, 16. The eyes of all

Prov. xiii, 25. The righteous wait upon thee; and thou givest

Jer. IN, 34. And for his diet, eateth to the satisfying of his soul: them their meat in due season.

there was a continual diet given But the belly of the wicked shall Thou openest thine hand, and him of the king of Babylon, every want. satisfiest the desire of every living day a portion, until the day of his thing.

Prov. xv, 17. Better is a dinner death, all the days of his life.

of herbs where love is, than a Pz. cxlvii, 14. He maketh peaceed their' a daily provision of the

Dan. 1, 5. And the king appoint-stalled ox and hatred therewith. in thy borders, and fleth thee with the finest of the wheat.

Prov. xvii, 1. Better is a dry king's meat, and of the wine which he drank: so ourishing

morsel, and quietness therewith, Jer. xxxi, 12. Therefore they them three years, that at the end than an house full of sacrifices shall come and sing in the height thereof they might stand before

with strife. of Zion, and shall flow together to the king.

Micah vi. 14. Thou shalt eat, but tho goodness of the LORD, for wheat, and for wine, and for oil, Matth. xiv, 15, 16. And when it not be satisfied. and for the young of the lock and

was evening, his disciples came to Matth. vi, 11. Give us this day of the herd; and their soul shall be him, saying, This is a desert place, our daily bread. as a watered garden: and they and the time is now past; send the Jonn vi, 11. And Jesus took the shall not sorrow any more at

multitude away, that they may go loaves; and when he had given all.

into the villages and buy them- thanks, he distributed to the dis

selves victuals. But Jesus said ciples, and the disciples to them Hosea xi, 4. I drew them with unto them, They need not depart; that were set down; and likewise cords of a man, with bands of give ye them to eat.

of the fishes as much as they Jove; and I was to them as they

woald. that take off the yoke on their

Rom. xiv, 6.

He that jawe, and I laid meat unto them.

THANKS TO BE GIVEN, AND eateth, eateth to the l.ord, for ho Acts xiv, 17. Nevertheless he PRAYER OFFERED THAT IT giveth God thanks; and he that left not himself without witness,


eateth not, to the Lord he eateth in that he did good, and gave us

not, and giveth God thanks. rain from heaven, and fruitful Exod. xxill, 25. And ye shall Beasons, filling our hearts with serve the LORD your God, and he

1 Cor. x, 30, 31. For if I by graco food and gladness. shall bless thy bread, and thy spoken of for 'that which I give

be á partaker, why am I evil water.

thanks? Whether therefore ye BUT IN CONNECTION WITH

Num. xi, 4, 18-20. And the eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do,

mixed multitude that was among do all to the glory of God. MCANS.

them fell a lusting: and the chilGen. vi, 21. And take thou unto dren of Israel also wept again,

1 Tim. iv, 4, 5. For every creathee of all food that is eaten, and and said, Who shall give us flesh ture of God is good, and nothing thou shalt gather it to thee; and to eat? And say thou unto the to be refused, if it be received

with thanksgiving: For it is it shall be for food for thee, and people, Sanctity yourselves against for them.

to-morrow, and ye shall eat flesh: sanctified by ibo word of God, and Exod. xvi, 16. This is the thing | Lord, saying. Who shall give us

(for ye have wept in the ears of the prayer. which the Lord hath commanded, flesh to eat? for it was well with

VEGETABLE DIET. Gather of it every man according us in Egypt:) therefore the Lord Gen. 1, 29. And God said, Beto his eating; an omer for every will give you flesh, and ye shall hold, I have given you every hert man, according to the number of eat. Ye shall not eat one day, nor bearing seed, which is upon the your persons; tako ye every man

two days, nor five days, neither face of all the earth, and every for them which are in his tents.

ten days, nor twenty days: But tree, in the which is the fruit of a Neh. v, 17. Moreover, there were even a whole month, until it come

tree yielding seed; to you it shall at my table an hundred and fifty out at your nostrils, and it be be for meat. of the Jews and rulers, besides loathsoine unto you: because that

Dan. 1, 12, 16. Prove thy serthose that came unto 'us from ye have despised the Lord which vants, I beseech thee, ten days, among the heathen that are about is among you, and have wept be- and let them give us pulse to eat; us.

fore him, saying, Why camo we and water to drink. Thus Melzar

forth out of Egypt? 1 Kings iv, 22. And Solomon's

took away the portion of their provision for one day was thirty Job xx, 23. When he is about to meat, and the wine that they measures of fine flour, and three- All his belly, God shall cast the should drink; and gavo them Bcore measures of meal.

fury of his wrath upon him, and I pulse.

thirst. .....

BREAD THE STAFF OF LIFE., in thine house shall come and Gen. xxxix, 6. And he left all Gen, xviii, 5. And I will fetch a

crouch to him for a piece of silver, that he had in Joseph's hand; and morsel of brear, and comfort ye and a morsel of bread, and shall he knew not ought he had, save

the bread which he did eat. .... Four hearts; after that ye shall say, Put me, I pray thee, into one

of the priests' offices, that I may pass on.

Gen. xlili, 25, 31. And they made eat a piece of bread. Gen. xli, 51. And the seven

ready the present against Joseph

1 Sam. xxviii, 22. Now therefore, came at noon: for they heard that years of dearth began to come, I pray theo, hearken thou also they should eat bread there. And according as Joseph had said; an! unto the voice of thine handmaid, he washed his face, and went out, the dearth was in all lands; but and let me set a morsel of bread and refrained himself, and said, in all the land of Egypt there was before thee; and eat, that thou Set on bread, bread.

mayest have strength, when thou Gen, xlvii, 12, 15. And Joseph goest on thy way.

Exod. ii. 20. And he said unto nourished his father, and his

his daughters, And where is he? brethren, and all his father's

1 Sam. xxx, 11. And they found why is it that ye have left the

field and man? call him, that he may eat bousehold, with brvad, according an Egyptian in the to thelr families. And when money brought him to David, and gave bread. failed in the land of Egypt, and in him bread, and he dil eat; and

Exod. xviii, 12 And Jethro, the land of Canaan, all the Egyp- they made him drink water. Moses' father-in-law, took a burnttians came unto Joseph, and said, Neh. ix, 15. And gavest them offering and sacrifices for God: Give us bread. bread from heaven for their hun- and Aaron came, and all the elders

of Israel, to eat bread with Moses' Exod. xvi, 4, 8. Then said the ger, and broughtest forth water Loed unto Moses, Behold, I will for them out of the rock for their father-in-law before God. rain bread from heaven for you;

Lev. viii, 31. And Moses said an i the people shall go out and Ps. cv, 16. Moreover he called

unto Aaron and to his sons, Boil

the flesh at the door of the tabergather a certain rate every day, for a famine upon the land: he

nacle of the congregation, and that I may prove them, whether brake the whole staff of bread.

there eat it with the bread that is they will walk in my law, or no. Ani Moies said, This shall be the king commanded that they ! coinmandled, saying, Aaron and

Jer. xxxvii, 21. Then Zedekiah in the basket of consecrations, as when the LORD shall give you in the evening flesh to eat, and in the should commit Jeremiah into the his sons shall 'eat it. morning bread to the full; for that should give him daily a piece of that, when yo eat of the bread of court of the prison, and that they

Num. XV, 19. Then it shall be, the Lord heareth your murmurings which ye murmur against until all the bread in the city were heave-offering unto the LORD.

bread out of the bakers' street, the land. ye shall offer up an higi: and what are we? your mur

spent. Thus Jeremiah remained murings are not against us, but in the court of the prison.

2 31m. ix, 7. And David said against the LORD.

unto him, Fear not: for I will Ecod, xxix, 32. And Aaron and

Exek. iv, 16. Moreover he said surely shew thee kindness for

unto me, Son of man, behold, I his sons shall eat the flesh of the will break the staff of bread in will restore thee all the land of

Jonathan thy father's sake, and ram, anil tlie bread that is in the basket, by the door of the taber-Jerusalem; and they shall eat Saul thy father; and thou shalt eat

bread by weight, and with care... bread at my table continually. nacle of the congregation.

Luke xv, 17. And when he came Erod. xl, 23. And he set the

2 Kings iv, 8. And it fell on a bread in orilor upon it before the

to himseif, he said, How many day, that Elisha passed to Shunem, LOB); as the LORD had command

hired servants of my father's have where was a great woman; and ed Moses.

bread enough, and to spare, and I she constrained him to eat bread. perish with huuger!

And so it was, that as oft as he Leo. xxvi, 26. And when I have broken the staff of your bread, ten lifted up his eyes, and saw a great

John vi, 5-7. When Jesus then passed by, he turned in thither

to eat bread. women shall bake your bread in one oven, and they shall deliver company come unto him, he saith

2 Kings xxv, 29. And changed you your bread again by weight: Junto Philip, Whence shall we buy his prison-garments: and he did and ye shall eat, and not be satis bread, that these may eat? (And eat bread continually before him

this he said to prove him: for he all the days of his life. fied.

himself knew what he would do.) Joshua ix, 5. And old shoes and Philip answered him, Two lun. hungry, give him bread to eat;

Prov. xxv, 21. If thine enemy be cloute i upon their feet, and old dred pennyworth of bread is not and if he be thirsty, give him garinents upon them; and all the sufficient for them, that every one water to drink. bread of their provision was dry them may take a little. and mouldy.

Eccles. ix, 7. Go thy way, eat John xxi, 13. Jesus then com- thy bread with joy, and drink thy Juuges viii, 6. And the princeseth, and taketh bread, and giveth wine with a merry heart; for God of Succoth said, Are the hands of them, and fish likewise.

now accepteth thy works. Zebah and Zalmunna now in thine

Matth. xv, 2. Why do thy dishand, that we should give bread cato thine army?

1 Cor. x, 17. For we, being ciples transgress the tradition of

many, are one bread, and one the elders? for they wash not Judges xix, 5. And it came to body: for we aro all partakers of their hands when they eat bread. pass, on the fourth day, when that one bread.

Mark iii. 20. And the multitude they arose early in the morning,

cometh together again, so that that he rose up to depart; and the damsel's father said unto his son- IIENCE, TO EAT BREAD, IS

they could not so much as eat

bread. In-law, Comfort thine heart with A GENERAL TERM FOR

Mark vi, 36. Send them away, a morsel of bread, and afterward


that they may go into the country go your way

Gen ili, 19. In the sweat of thy round about, and into the villages, 1 Sim. li, 36. And it shall come face shalt thou eat bread, till and buy themselves bread: for to pass, that every one that is leit 'thou return unto the ground. ... they have nothing to eat.


Luke xiv, 1. And it came to aries, and to be cooks, and to bej uuleavened cakes of the dough pans, as he went into the house of bakers.

which they brought forth out of one of the chief Pharisees to eat bread on the sabbath-day, that

2 Sam. xvii, 19. And the woman Egypt, for it was not leavened; took and spread a covering over

because they were thrust out of they watched him. 2 Thess. iii, 8, 12. Neither did ground corn thereon. the well's mouth, and spread Egypt, and could not tarry, neither

hat they prepared for themselves We eat any man's bread for

any victual. nought; but wrought with labour 1 Kings xvii, 12, 14, 16. And she

E.cod. xvi. 23. And he said unto and travail night and day, that we said, as the LORD thy God liveth, them, This is that which the LORD might not be chargeable to any

I have not a cake, but an handful of you. Now them that are such of meal in a barrel, and a little liath said, To-porrow is the rest

of the holy sabbath unto the LORD: we command and exhort by our oil in a cruse: and, behold, I am Lord Jesus Christ, that with quiet- gathering two sticks, that I may day, and seethe that ye will seethe;

bake that which ye will bake te ness they work, and eat their own

go iu and dress it for me and my and that which remaineth over bread.

son, that we may eat it, and die.
For thus saith the LORD God of lay up for you, to be kept until


Israel, The barrel of meal shall

not waste, neither shall the cruse Lev. xxiv, 5. And thou shalt take SOMETIMES PREPARED IN A of oil fail, until the day that the fine flour, and bake twelve cakes

VERY SIMPLE FORM. LORD sendeth rain upon the earth. thereof; two tenth deals shall be Lev, xxiii, 14. And ye shall eat And the barrel of meal wasted in one cake. neither bread, nor parched corn, not, neither did the cruse of oil

Lev. xxvi, 26. . . . Ten women nor green cars, until the self-same fail, according to the word of the shall bake your bread in one day that ye have brought an offer- LORD, which he spake by Elijah.

oven. .... ing unto your God; it shall be a

2 Kings iv, 41. But he said, Num. xi, 8. And the people statute for ever throughout your Then bring meal: and he cast it went about, and gathered it, and generations, in all your dwellings. into the pot; and he said, Pour ground it in mills, or beat it in a Ruth ii, 14..

And she out for the people, that they may mo er, and baked it in pans, and sat beside the reapers: and he eat: and there was no harm in the made cakes of it: and the taste of reached her parched corn, and pot.

it was as the taste of fresh oil. she did eat, and was sutliced, and 1 Chron. xii, 40. Moreover they

Num. xv, 20. Ye shall offer up a left,

that were nigh them, eren unto cake of the first of your dough, 1 Sam. xvii, 17. And Jesse said Issachar and Zebulua and Naph. for an heavc-offering: as ve do unto David his son, Take now for tali, brought bread on asses, and the heave-offering of the thrashthy brethren an ephah of this on camely, and on mules, and on ing-floor, so shall ye heave it. parched corn, and these ten loaves, oxen, and meat, mcal. and run to the camp to thy

Judges vii, 13. And when Gide

Prov. xxxi, 15. She riseth also brethren. 1 Sam. xxv, 18. Then Abigail meat to her household, and a por- fellow, and said, Behold, I dreamwhile it is yet night, and giveth on was come, bebold, there was a

man that told a dream unto his made haste, and took two hundred tion to her maidens. loaves,

ed a dream, and, lo, a cake of and five measures

Eccles. xii, 4. And the doors barley bread tumbled into the of parched corn.

shall be shut in the streets, when host of Midian, and came unto a 2 Sam. xvii, 28. Earthen the sound of the grinding is tent, and smote it that it fell, and vessels, and wheat, and barley, low.

overturned it, that the tent lay and flour, and parched corn, and beans, and lentiles, and parched and grind meal.

Isa, xlvii, 2. Take the millstones, along.

Judges vill, 5. And he said unto pulse.

Lam. v, 13. They took the young the men of Succoth, Give, I pray 2 Kings iv, 12. And there

men to grind, and the children fell you, loaves of bread unto the peocame a man from Baal-shalisha, under the wood.

ple that follow me...... and brought the man of God

Hosea viii, 7.

It hath no bread of the firstfruits, twenty

1 Sam. x, 4. And they will salloaves of barley, and fuú ears of stalk: the bud shall yield no ute thee, and give thee two meal..

loares of bread; which thou shalt corn in the husk thereof. And he said, Give unto the people, Matth. xxiv, 41. Two women receive of their hands. that they may eat.

shall be grinding at the mill; the 1 Sam. xxi, 3. Now therefore

one shall be taken, and the other what is under thine hand? give me Matth. xii, 1. At that time Jeans left.

five loavez of bread in mine hand, went on the sabbath-day through

or what there is present. the corni; and his disciples were

AND THEN BAKED. an hungered, and began to pluck

2 Sam. vi, 19. And he dealt And Abraham among Gen. xviii, 6.


the people, even the ears of corn, and to eat.

hastened into the tent unto Sarah, among the whole multitude of

and said, Make ready quickly Israel, as well to the women as SOMETIMES GROUND three measures of fine meal, men, to every one a cake of bread,

knead it, and make cakes upon and a good piece of flesh, and a INTO MEAL, AND PREthe hearth.

flagon of wine. So all the people PARED BY FEMALES OR

Exod. viii. 3. And the river shall departed every one to his house. SLAVES.

bring forth frogs abundantly, 2 Sam. xiii, 6. 8. So Amnon lay Judges svi, 21. But the Philis- which shall go up, and come into | down, and made himself sick: and tines took him, and put out his thine house, and into thy bed when the king was come to see eyes, and brought him down to chamber, and upon thy bed, and him, Amnon said unto the king, I Gazi, and bound bim with fetters into the house of thy servants, pray thee, let Tamar my sister of brass; and he did grind in the and upon thy people, and into come and make me a couple of prison-louse.

thine ovens, and into thy knead-cakes in my sight, that I may cat 1 Sam. viii, 13. And he will take ing-troughs.

at her hand, So Tamar went to your daughters to be confection- Exod. xii, 39. And they baked 'Ler brother Amnon's house; (and


he was laid down;) and she took | but of the doctrine of the Phari-1 OTHER ELEMENTS OF flour, and kneaded it, and made sees and of the Sadducees.

DIET: SUCH AS MILK, cakes in his sight, and did bako the cakes.

Luke xii, 28. If then God so BUTTER, CHEESE, HONEY, clothe the grass, which is to-day

ETC. 1 Kings xvii, 13. And Elijah in the field, and to-morrow is cast said unto her, Fear not; go and into the oven; how much more (See under Agriculture, and do as thou hast said: but make me

will he clothe you, O ye of little under Animals, - BEE, thereof a little cake first, and faith? bring it unto me, and after make

FLOCK, HIERD.) for thee and for thy son.

1 Cor. v, 6-8. Your glorying is not good. Know ye not that a

FOOD IN EGYPT. 1 Kings xix, 6. And he looked, little Icaven leaveneth the whole and, behold, there was a cake lump?

Num. xi, 6. We remember the Purge out therefore the

fish which we did eat in Egypt baken on the coals, and a cruse of old leaven, that ye may be a new water at his head: and he did eat lump, as ye are unleavened. For freely; the cucumbers, and the and drink, and laid him down even Christ our passover is sacri- melons, and the leeks, and the again. ficed for us:

onions and the garlick.

Therefore let us 1 Chron. xvi, 3. And he dealt to keep the feast, not with old leaven,

neither with the leaven of malice every one of Israel, both man and and wickedness; but with the un

BEANS, POTTAGE. woman, to every one a loaf of leavened bread of sincerity and sod pottage: and Esau came from

Gen. XXV, 29-34. And Jacob bread and a good piece of flesh, truth.

the field, and he was faint. And and a flagon of wine.

Gal. v, 9. A little leaven leaven- Esau said to Jacob, Feed me, I 1 Chron. xxiii, 29. Both for the eth the whole lump.

pray thee, with that same red potshew-bread, and for the fine flour,


tage; for I am faint fur meat-offering, and for the un

(See under Architecture,

Jacob said, Sell me this day thy leavened cakes, and for that which


birthright. And Esau said, Behold, is baked in the pan, and for that

I am at the point to die; and what which is fried, and for all manner

BREAD SOMETIMES profit shall this birthright do to of measure and size.


me? And Jacob said, Swear to Jer. xxxvii, 21. Then Zedekiah Gen. xix, 3. And he pressed me this day; and he sware unto the king commanded that they upon them greatly; and they him: and he sold his birthright

unto Jacob. Then Jacob gave should commit Jeremiah into the turned in unto him, and entered

Esau bread and pottage of lentiles; court of the prison, and that they into his house: and he made them should give him daily a piece of a feast, and did bake unleavened and he did eat and drink, and rose bread out of the baker's street, bread, and they did eat.

up, and went his way. until all the bread in the city were Exod. xii, 17, 18. And ye shall 2 Sam. xvii, 28. Brought beds, spent.

observe the feast of unleavened and basins, and earthen vessels, Ezek. iv, 12. And thou shalt eat bread; for in this self-same day and wheat, and barley, and flour, it as barley-cakes, and thou shalt have I brought your armies out and parched corn, and beans, and bake it with dung that cometh out of the land of Egypt: therefore lentiles, and parched pulse. : . . of man, in their sight. shall ye observe this day in your

2 Kings iv, 38. And Elisha came generations by an ordinance for again to Gilgal: and there was a

ever. In the first month, on the dearth in the land; and the sons Ps. xxi, 9. Thou shalt make them fourteenth day of the month at of the prophets were sitting beas a fiery oven in the time of thine even, ye shall eat unleavened fore him: and he said unto his anger; the Lord shall swallow bread, until the one and twentieth servant, Set on the great pot, and them up in his wrath, and the fire day of the month at even.

seethe pottage for the sons of the shall devour them.

Num. vi, 15. And a basket of prophets.

Exek. iv, 9. Take thon also unto adulterers, as an oven heated by four mingled with oil, and wafers thee wheat, and barley, and beans, Hosea vii, 4, 6-8. They are all unleavened bread, cakes of fine

of unleavened bread anointed with the baker, who ceaseth from rais

and lentiles, and millet and fitches, ing after he hath kneaded the oil, and their meat-offering, and and put them in one vessel, and doagh, until it be leavened. For their drink-offerings.

make thee bread thereof. they have made ready their heart Deut. xvi, 8. Six days thou shalt

Haggai ii, 12. If one bear holy like an oven, whiles they lie in eat unleavened bread, and on

flesh in the skirt of his garment, kalt: their baker sleepeth all the the seventh day shall be a solemn and with his skirt do touch bread, night; in the morning it burneth as assembly, to the Lord thy God; or pottage, or wine, or oil, or any a flarning fire. They are all hotras thou shalt do no work therein.

meat, sball it be holy? And the an oven, and have devoured their

1 Sam. xxviii, 24. The priests answered and said, No. judges: Ephraim, he hath

woman took flour and kneaded it, mixed himself among the people: ant did bake unleavened bread FRUIT OF THE CAROB TREF. Ephraim is a cako not turned. thereot

Luke xv, 16. And he would fain Matt. xiil, 33. Another parable 2 Kings xxiii, 9. Nevertheless have filled his belly with the spake he unto them; The kingdom the priests of the high places came husks that the swine did eat: and of heaven is like unto leaven, not up to the altar of the Lord in

no man gave unto him. which a woman took and hid in Jerusalem, but they did eat of the three measures of meal, till the unleavened bread among their whole was leavened. brethren.

FRUITS AND HERBS. Matt. xvi, 6, 12. Then Jesus said Mark xiv, 12. And the first day

1 Sam. xxv, 18. Then Abigail unto them, Take heed, and beware of unleavened bread, when they took . .. . an hundred clusters of of the leaven of the Pharisees and killed the passover, his disciples raisins, and two hundred cakes of of the Sadducees. Then under- said unto him, where wilt thou figs, and laid them on asses. stood they how that he bade them that we go and prepare that thou 1 Sam. xxx, 12. And they gavo not beware of the leaven of bread, mayest eat the passover?

him a piece of a cake of figs, and

two clusters of raisins: and when I to me, and I will eat of my son's be slain in the sanctuary of the he bad eaten, his spirit came again venison, that my soul may bless LORD? to him; for be had eaten no bread, thee. And he brought it near to

Ezek, V, 10. nor drunk any water, three days binn, and he did eat: and he

Therefore the

fathers shall eat the song in the and three nights. brought him wine, and he drank.

midst of thee, and the song shall 2 Sam. xvi, 1, 2. And when

Gen. xlix, 20. Out of Asher bis eat their fathers; and I will exe. David was a little pist the top of bread shall be fat, and he shall cute, judgments in thee, and the the hill, behold, Ziba the servant yield royal dainties.

whole remnant of thee will I scatof Mephibosheth met lim, with a

ter into all the winds. couple of asses saddled, and upon Job xxxvi, 16. Even so would them two hundred loves of bread, he have removed thee out of the

INSTANCES. and an hundred bunches of raisins, strait into a broad place, where and an hundred of summer-fruits, there is no straitness; and that

2 Kings vi, 28, 29. And the king and a bottle of wine. And the which should be set on thy table said unto her, Whal aileth thee? king said unto Ziba, What mean- should be full of fatness.

and she answered, This woman est thou by these? And Ziba said,

said unto me, Give thy son, that The asses be for the king's house.

we may eat him to-day, and wo hold to ride on; and the bread and


will eat my son to-morrow. So summer-fruit for the young men Ler. xxvi, 27-29. And if ye will we boiled my son, and did eat him: to eat; ard the wine, that such as not for all this hearken unto me, and I said unto her on the next be faint in the wilderness may but walk contrary unto me; Then day, Give thy son, that we may drink.

I will walk contrary unto you also eat him; and she hath hid ter

in fury; and I, even I, will chas- son. Rom. xiv, 2. For one believeth tise you seven times for your sins. that he may eat all things: another, And ye shall eat the flesh of your who is weak, eateth herbs. sons, and the flesh of your daugh- tabernacle said not, oh that we

Job xxxi, 31. If the men of my ters shall ye eat. Hcb. vi. 7, For the earth which

had of his flesh! we cannot be drinketh in the rain that cometh Deut. xxviii, 53-57. And thou satisfied. oft upon it, and bringeth forth shalt eat the fruit of thine own herbs meet for them by whom it body, the lesh of thy suns and of

Ps. xxvii, 2. When the wicked,

eren mine enemies and my foes, is dresscu, receiveth blessing from thy daughters, which the LORD God. thy God hath given thee, in the

came upon me to eat up my flesh, siege, and in the straitness, where they stumbled and fell."

with thine enemies shall distress MANNA. thee: So that the man that is ten- his hands together, and eateth his

Eccles. iv. 5. The fool foldeth Num. xi, 6-9. But now our soul is der among you, and very delicate,

own flesh. dried away: there is nothing at

his eye shall be evil toward bis all, besides this manna, before our

brother, and toward the wife of Isa. ix, 19-21. Through the eyes.

his bosom, and toward the rem- wrath of the LORD of hosts is the And the manna ecas as coriander-seed, and the colour nant of his children which he land darkened, and the people thereof as the colour of bdellium.

So that he will not shall be as the fuel of the fire: no

And And the people went about, and give to any of them of the flesh of man shall spare his brother. gathered it, and ground it in mills, his children whom he shall eat; he shall snatch on the right hand, or beat it in mortar, and baked

because he hath nothing left him and be hungry; and he shall cat on it in pans, and made cakes of it: in the siege, and in the straitness, the left hand, and they shall not be and the taste of it was as the tasto

where with thino enemies shall satisfied: they shall cat every man of fresh oil. And when the dew distress thee in all thy gates. The the flesh of his own arm: Mafell upon the camp in the night, tender and delicate woman anong nasseh, Ephraim; and Ephrain, the manna sell upon it.

you, which would not adventure Manasseh; and they together shall to set the sole of her foot upon the be against Judah. For all this his

ground for delicateness and ten- anger is not turned away, but his ANIMAL FOOD.

derness, her eye shall be evil to hand is stretched out still.

ward the husband of her bosom, (See under Animals, page 31.) and toward her son, and toward

Isa. xlix, 26. And I will feed her daughter, And toward her thern that oppress thee with their DELICACIES.

young one that cometh out from own flesh; and they shall be drun.

between her feet, and toward her ken with their own blood, 38 with Gen. xxvII, 4, 6, 7, 14, 17, 25. And children which she shall bear: for sweet wine: and all flesh shall make me savoury meat, such as I she shall eat them for want of all know that I the Lord am thy love, and bring it to me, that I may things secretly in the siege and saviour and thy Redeemer, tho ent; that my soul may bless the straitness, wherewith thine enemy Inighty One of Jacub. before I die. And Rebecca spake shall distress thee in thy gates. unto Jacob her son, saying, Behold, I heard thy father speak unto Jer, xix, 9. And I will cause

DRINK. Esau thy brother, saying, Bring and the flesh of their daughters; them to eat the flesh of their sons,

TIIIRST. me venison, and make me savoury and they shall eat every one the

Erod. xvii, 1-3. And all the conmeat, that I may eat, and bless flesh of his friend, in the siege and gregation of the children of Israel thee before the LORD before my

journeyed from the wilderness of death. And he went, and fetched, straitnesswherewith their enemies,

Sin, after their journeys, accordand brought them to his mother and they that seek their lives, ing to the commandment of the

shall straiten them. and his mother made savoury

LORD, and pitched in Rephidim, meat, such as his father loved. Lam. ii, 20. Bebold, O LORD, and and there pas no water for the And she gave the savoury meat consider to whom thou hast done people to drink. Wherefore the and tho bread, which she bail pre- this. Shall the woman eat their people did chide with Moses, and pared, into the hand of her son fruit, and children of a span long? said, Give us water that we may Jacob. And he said, Bring it near I shall the priest and the prophet 'driuk. And Moses said unto

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