Church of God? or the Temples of Satan

الغلاف الأمامي
TGS Publishers, 2006 - 254 من الصفحات
Here is a truly outstanding book about religious Gnosis, called the "Church of God? or The Temples of Satan." It criticises world religions for their lack of Spiritual Knowledge and perception, and blames them for the Spiritual ignorance, intolerance, and hatred which, it claims, is the root of worldwide terrorism. The book also accuses all religions of being nothing more than "temples of Satanism" and ignorance. As far as Christianity is concerned, the author builds a strong case indicating that its orthodox doctrines did not originate from Jesus, but from St. Paul; and that Paul?s behaviour demonstrated many symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia and narcissism. These observations are supported by detailed study and quotations from various sources. Early Christian scribes and theologians are also accused of editing, corrupting, mistranslating, misinterpreting, and even destroying many of the ancient texts. Other world religions are also categorized in a similar way. None, according to the author, represent the genuine teachings and revelations of their historic Master(s) or Prophet(s). Clear and persuasive evidence also indicates that Jesus was not the first and only Messiah, but simply one in a long succession of such "god-men." The book is not anti-God, far from it! Indeed, the author claims to have experienced Divine revelations himself. He explains his own Spiritual experiences of meditation in great detail, and describes how they differ from what St. Paul claims to have experienced. In fact, the central theme of the book explains how every seeker of Truth may actually achieve, here and now, true Enlightenment and Gnosis - the very purpose of life. The book also provides evidence that so-called Christianity actually teaches in opposition to Jesus. For instead of revealing personal Gnosis and Experience (or Vision) of God here and now (as, it claims, Jesus did), religions only offer theories and speculation ? a variety of erroneous theological beliefs, empty promises, futile exoteric rites and rituals, and false hopes for the future ? nothing more than blind faith in words and hollow repetitious prayer. It will be interesting to see what the world?s religious organisations will have to say. How they will answer the many questions, facts, and observations put forward. The author says he expects that they will simply sweep it under the table as they usually do when confronted with difficult questions.

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tent of meeting
circumcision 135 206 211 218 227
the practise of various exoteric rites and rituals
thunder 96 97 100 101 102
false prophets 56 67 141 150
Holy water 40
trial 143 235
pagan 14 55 56220
Fire of God 89 176
Wisdom of Solomon 74 80 82
Judaism 112252556480110
Food of God 33
genuine Prophets 13 22 57 233
Chapter 5
Appendix 5
Irenaeus 146

fatwa 196

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