Researches in the South of Ireland: Illustrative of the Scenery, Architectural Remains, and the Manners and Superstitions of the Peasantry

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John Murray, 1824 - 393 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 207 - Within a long recess there lies a bay : An island shades it from the rolling sea, And forms a port secure for ships to ride : Broke by the jutting land on either side, In double streams the briny waters glide, Betwixt two rows of rocks : a sylvan scene Appears above, and groves for ever green : A grot is form'd beneath, with mossy seats, To rest the Nereids, and exclude the heats.
الصفحة 198 - There is a faith that overcomes the world, and there is a faith that is overcome by the world...
الصفحة 143 - At morning and at evening both, You merry were and glad, So little care of...
الصفحة 178 - Scully ! thou false one, You basely betrayed him, In his strong hour of need, When thy right hand should aid him. He fed thee — he clad thee — You had all could delight thee : You left him — you sold him — May heaven requite thee...
الصفحة 74 - ... they could find them, yea, and one another soon after; insomuch, as the very carcasses they spared not to scrape out of their graves, and if they found a plot of water-cresses or shamrocks, there they flocked as to a feast for the time, yet not able to continue there withal ; that in short space there was none almost left, and a most populous and plentiful country suddenly left void of man and beast*.
الصفحة 179 - Scully ! may all kinds Of evil attend thee ! On thy dark road of life May no kind one befriend thee ! May fevers long burn thee, And agues long freeze thee ! May the strong hand of God In His red anger seize thee ! Had he died calmly I...
الصفحة 85 - Faerie thee unweeting reft, There as thou slepst in tender swadling band, And her base elfin brood there for thee left. Such men do chaungelings call, so chaung'd by Faeries theft.
الصفحة 108 - Sometimes, misguided by the tuneful throng, I look for streams immortalized in song, That lost in silence and oblivion lie (Dumb are their fountains and their channels dry), Yet run for ever by the Muse's skill, And in the smooth description murmur still.
الصفحة 260 - The travellers into the East tell us, that when the ignorant inhabitants of those countries are asked concerning the ruins of stately edifices yet remaining amongst them, the melancholy monuments of their former grandeur and long-lost science, they always answer, that they were built by magicians.
الصفحة 51 - Memento mory. Here lieth littell Samuell Barinton that great under taker of famous cittis clock and chime maker He made his one time goe early and latter but now he is returned to God his creator: the 19 of November then he scest and for his memory this here is pleast by his son Ben. 1693.

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