The history of the rebellion and civil wars in England, begun in the year 1641. 3 vols. [each in 2 pt.].

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الصفحة 701 - Caufe, without making the leaft attempt, or in any "degree looking after the Enemy ; whilft the Rebels, by "formal Sieges, took in the Garrifons of Bridgewater, Sher" borne, and Briflol, and many other important holds. UPON the whole matter, comparing his Words, and his Actions, laying his doing and his not doing together, they concluded, " that if he had been confederate with the Enemy, " and been corrupted to betray the Weft, he could not have " taken a more effectual way to do it ; fince he had...
الصفحة 509 - ... discharge of the outward state and circumstances of it, in acts of courtesy, affability, bounty, and generosity, he abounded ; which in the infancy of a war became him, and made him for some time very acceptable to men of all conditions.
الصفحة 574 - ... shall be added no more in this place, (his memory deserving a particular celebration,) than that his learning, piety, and virtue, have been attained, by very few, and the greatest of his infirmities are common to all, even to the best men.
الصفحة 711 - ... join with Langdale, Poyntz attacked. His charge drove Langdale back to Chester's walls where Gerard and Lichfield stemmed the retreat. "But the disorder of those horse which first fled," explains Clarendon, "had so filled the narrow ways that at last the enemy's musketeers compelled the King's horse to turn and to rout one another and to overbear their own officers who would have restrained them.
الصفحة 680 - I must avow to all my friends, that he that will stay with me at this time, must expect, and resolve, either to die for a good cause, or, which is worse, to live...
الصفحة 495 - Weymouth, was made choice of for that command, upon the opinion of his courage and dexterity ; and to make way for him, sir Anthony Ashley Cooper had been the year before removed from that charge ; and was thereby so much disobliged, that he quitted the king's party, and gave himself up, body and soul, to the service of the parliament, with an implacable animosity against the royal interest.
الصفحة 524 - ... in their whole march. The notice and orders came to Goring, when he was in one of his jovial exercises ; which he received with mirth, and slighting those who sent them", as men who took alarms too warmly ; and he continued his delights, till all the enemy's horse were passed through his quarters ; nor did then pursue them in any time.
الصفحة 499 - ... taken prisoner. This man, one Weemes, a Scotchman, had been as much obliged by the king as a man of his condition could be, and in a manner very unpopular : for he was made...
الصفحة 507 - He was a very fine gentleman, active and full of courage, and most accomplished in those qualities of horsemanship, dancing, and fencing which accompany a good breeding ; in which his delight was. Besides that, he was amorous in poetry and music, to which he indulged the greatest part of his time ; and nothing could...
الصفحة 694 - Bristol for four months. Did you keep it four days ? Was there any thing like a mutiny ? More questions might be asked, but now I confess to little purpose.

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