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HÉ ensuing Treatise is suf

ficiently recommended to T

the World by the Name

of the Author, and needs nothing else to make way for its Entertainment. I shall only therefore give a short Account of these Remains of that Learned and Excellent Persorry and of the particular Design and Intention of them.

He was pleased by his Lajt Will to commit his Papers to my Care, and out of his great Friendship, and unde served good Opinion of nie, to leave it wholly to my Disposal, whether any, or what part of them; flould be made publick. This Treatise, I know,

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he always designed for that purpose; and if God had been pleased to have granted him but a little longer Life, he would have published it himself: And therefore though a confiderable Part of it wanted his last Hand, yet neither could I be so injurious, to de prive the World of it, because it was lefs perfe&t than he intended it ; nor durft I be so bold, to attempt to finisa a Piece designed and carried on lo far by so great a Mafter.

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The first Twelve Chapters were written out for the Press in his Life-time. The Remainder hath been gather'd and made up out of his Papers, as well as the Materials left for that purpose, and the Skill of the Compiler would allow : So that it cannot be expe&ted, that the Work should be of equal Strength and Beaury in all the Parts of it. However, such as it is, I hope it may prove of considerable use and benefit to the World, and not altogether unworthy of its Author. The

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The Defign of it is Threefold.

First, To establish the great Prina ciples of Religion, the Being of God, and a Future State ; by shewing how firm and solid a Foundation they have in the Nature and Reason of Mankind;: A Work never more necessary than in this degenerate Age, which hath been so miserably over-run with Scepticism and Infidelity.

Secondly, To convince Men of the natural and indispensible Obligation of Moral Duties ; those I mean, which åre comprehended by our Saviour under the Two General Heads of the love of God and of our Neighbour. For all the great: Duties of Piety and Justiče -are written upon our Heares, and every Man feels a fécret Obligation to them in his own Conscience, which checks and restrains him from doing contrary to them, and gives him Peace and Satisfa&tion in the Discharge of his Du.

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ty; or in case he offend against it, fills him with Guilt and Terror. : i

And certainly it is a Thing of very confiderable use, rightly to understand the natural Obligation of moral Duties, and how necessarily they flow from the Consideration of God and of our selves. For it is a great Mistake, to think that the Obligation of them doth solely depend upon the Revelation of God's Will made to us in the Holy Scriptures. It is plain that Mankind was always under a Law, even before God had made any external and extraordinary Revelatiun; else, how Thall God judge the World: How shall they to whom the Word of God never canie, be acquitted or condemned at the Great Day ? For where there is no Law, there can neither be Obedience nor Transgression,

It is indeed an unspeakable - Advantage which we who are Chriftian's

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