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River, and ready to ftumble, exeus oinkpuav net

ovTES TES ȧuaρTávovs. cp 28 + Simoταμὸν βαδίζονται @ μέλλοντα ὀλιπαίνειν ἐκε eaiars wous" eis & molaμὸν ἐμβάλῃς ἀντὶ

and thou shouldeft pufh him and thrust him into the River, inficad of offering him thy Hand for his Affiftance, thou would't be guilty of the Murder of thy Brother ; whereas thou oughteft rather το lend thy helping Hand, as he was ready to fall, left he perifh without Remedy; that both the People may take Warning, and the Offender may not utterly perish. 'Tis thy Duty, O Bifhop, neither to overlook the Sins of the People, nor to teject thofe who are penitent, that thou mayft not unskilfully destroy the Lord's Flock, or difhonour his new Name, which is impos'd on his Peo-es, ple, and thou thy felf beeft reproach’d as thofe ancient Pastors were, of whom God Jer. xiio. fpeaks thus to Jeremiah, Many Shepherds have deftroyd my Vineyard; they have polluted Zach.10.3 my Heritage: And in another Paffage, My Anger is maxed hot againt the Shepherds, and

! wave cos. v. deeft. V.

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e Mamov opéğan, ἐφόνευσεις Cυ + αδελ φὸν δέον μᾶλλον της ὀλιπαίνονς Ἐπιδῦναι δεξιάν, ἵνα μὴ τελείως Σπόληται, ὅπως ἂν ὁ aos 18DETTAL, & o dupinous μn xT) Tav NTAL. JE DE CE, &, Επίσκοπε,μήτε παρορᾷν Τα αμαρτήματα δ λα, μήτε τὲς μεταναῶνας pépeway, as in διαφθείρης, ὡς ἄπειmoiuvior sweis, * ποίμνιον κυρίς, paunions wiros & καὶ φαυλίσῃς αὐτοῦ ὄνομα δ καινὸν ὃ εἰς or WTOS CAITEDED, overdianon, nabáтes ὢ οἱ παλαιοὶ ποιμλύες, ei ŵr the 'o ε09" of Tepeμia Пorques πολλοὶ διέφθειραν ἢ ἀμε πελῶνα με, ἐμόλυναν

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neoroide pes. against the Lambs fhall I have Kai Ev amois Em Indignation; and elsewhere, τές ποιμλύας πρωξεύθη Te are the Priefts that dihonour Mal. 1.6. ૦ ૧૫ ૪, છે 2 6771 my Name.

τὰς ἀμνὲς ὀργισθήσομαι.

Καὶ ἐν ἑτέροις” Ὑμᾶς οἱ ἱερεῖς οἱ φαυλίζοντες 3

ὄνομά με.

Ἰδὼν ϋ ςὺ “ ἡμαρ


When thou feeft the Of XVI.

myra, mnear Deis - fender, with Severity com λάβν αὐτὸν ἔξω βλη- mand him to be cait out; εon and as he is going out, let mneavéw- the Deacons alfo treat him with Severity, and then let


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them go and feek for him, and
detain him out of the Church,
and when they come in, let
them intreat thee for him. For
our Saviour himself intreated

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TáTwooks, * 25 τάτωσιν, και AS MASTITI • Ghis Father for those who had ἡμαρτηκότων my & Tanea n§ir, os finned, as it is writtenin the reggaman En Tu da Gospel, Father, forgive them, Luk.xxiii. γελίῳ. Πάτερ, ἄφες for they know not what they do. 34. aurois, & Soldaav3" Then order the Offender to ποιεσι. TÓTE CU NE: come in; and if upon Examiλούσεις εἰσελθεῖν αὐτὸν, ▲ávaneivas à μe

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nation thou findeft that he is
penitent, and fit to be re-
ceiv'd at all into the Church,
when thou haft afflicted him
his Days of Fafting, accord-
ing to the Degree of his Of-

I a!, ἐξελθόντος αὐτο. ? καινέσθωσαν, V. 3 τί ν.



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das duo, тpas,
TETE, **TT, %-
πως αὐτὸν Σπόλυον, εἰς
πὼν αὐτῷ ὅσα αρμόζε
ήμαρτηκότι εἰς νυθεσίδ
novorla Siddio andr
Ἐπιπλήσσοντα διδάσκον


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παρ ̓ ἑαυτῷ ταπεινο-
geover, & Scoμs &
OE TUXav auTS &με-
τυχῶν αὐτῷ ούμε.
ves", 2 λéyar 'Ear
doμías Seraphon, w
eε, Were is
Tai; on as Coi à
ἱλασμός ὄξι. Τοῦτον
γάρ τι ὑπεμφαίνε @ 3
Ev The con
Kaiv "Huaρns;
το Καΐν Ἥμαρτες 5
ἡσύχασον· τετέςι μὴ
ens. "On 28 +
auapropte de vap


fo he may continue private-iver, o Tws μern ly in his Humility, and pray to God to be merciful to P. cxxix. him, saying, If thou, O Lord, fhouldeft mark Iniquities, O Lord, who should stand? For with thee there is Propitia tion. Of this fort of Declaration is that which is faid in the Book of Genefis Gen. iv. 7 to Cain, Thon haft finned, be LXX. quiet; that is, Do not go on in Sin. For that a Sinner ought to be asham'd for his own Sin, that Oracle of God deliver'd to Mofes concerning 8 οἰκείο πλημμελήμα Miriam is a fufficient Proof, 1 diguiends, indpor☎ when he prayd that the λόγιον τῷ Μωσεῖ ὑπ might be forgiven. For, fays God to him, If her Father had Spit in her Face should the not be afham'd? Let her be but out of the Camp Seven Days, and afterwards let her come in


· ἐυμονῶς. V. Ξ f, λέγων, 3 ἦν. V.

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Εἰ ; ὁ φλάσκοπος αὖ τὸς ἐν προσκόμ


But if the Bilop him. xvt

felf how

μαζι ὑπάρχει, πῶς ἔτι ἐ- will he be able any longer to TEE Do in Cyprofecute the Offence of anoSinnud kv, 6 ther? Or how will he be able peñoa levi, The wego to reprove another? Either ποληψία, Tantion, in sy dhe, or his Deacons, if by cantide", mauris, of accepting of Perfons, or reHangvoi, xap ceiving of Bribes, they have λοντες δυσωείδητοι Noшedno; - not all a clear Conscience? Top 25 o aрxev air, For when the Ruler asks, and zy o retos zubarn, the Judge receives, Judgment, * ἐ διεξάγεται εἰς τετ is not brought to Perfection ; neios. Koiravol but when both are Companions. 1. 237 unemar & 2xelos xn- of Thieves, and regardless of


! deeft. V. κρίσιν. ν.

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doing Justice to the Widows, thole who are under the Bi· fhop will not be able to fupport and vindicate him: For they will fay to him what is Luk. v1.4i. Written in the Gospel, Why beholdeft thou the Mote that is in thy Brother's Eye, but confidereft not the Beam that is in thine own Eye? Let the Bishop therefore, with his Deacons, dread to hear any fuch thing; that is, let him give no occafion for it. For an Of

Gal. v. 9°

vegangenis, δυνήσονται οἱ ὑπὸ τ πίσκοπον συνεπιμαχῶν money spears ♂ EV TYS Lasjeiw zaμssor. Ti BéTELS NÉP TO


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fender, when he fees any o- má le TOISTOV 78
ther doing as bad as himfelf, μὴ διδότῳ ἀφορμίω. ὁ
will be encouraged to do 8 dμaptáv
the very fame things; and ἴδη τινὰ ὅμοια αὐτῷ
then the wicked One, taking δρῶνται, οἰκοδομηθήσε
Occafion from a fingle In- ται εἰς δ τοῦ αὐτοῦ ποιεῖν
ftance, works in others, which raiones di ivo's
God forbid; and by that dopμlu 6ur, as
means the Flock will be de- ripus crepe o un
ftroy'd. For the greater num-OLTO. È & TWS YO-
γλύοιτο. όπως
ber of Offenders there are, reporty To miferior.
the greater is the Mifchief πλειόνων γδ' ὄντων τ
that is donc by them: For ἁμαρτομάντων, πλέων
Sin which paffes without Cor- say is in di autor CA-
rection grows worle and τελεμώη κακία. αμαρ.
worfe, and fpreads to others; ria S2ávénentos",
fince, A little Leaven infects xEW SOUS DIVETY, È


Asis vuas. V. ανεξέλεγκτος. Τα

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