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to enter in, either he will


4 King.

5′′ idev igno- be convicted immediately, pju doinfor, 3" as Uzza at the Ark, when 2 King εισέλθοι, ne√xhe touch'd it to fupport it; and as Achan when he stole fos. v11. the accursed thing, and as Gehazi when he coveted the Money of Naaman; and fo will be immediately punished; or elfe he will be ad monish'd by the Paftor, and drawn to Repentance. For when he looks round the whole Church, one by one, and can spy no Blemish, neither in the Bishop, nor in the People who are under his Care, he will be put to Confufion, and prick'd at the Heart, and in a peaceable manner will go his way, with Shame, and many Tears, and the Flock will remain pure. He will apply himself το God with Tears, and will repent of his Sins, and have Hope. Nay, the whole Flock

xxρñμœ *), ws 'Ola in mewrê a fáμs, as ideaway, & ws"Agap, Bm Th nhown to daDépaĴO, xj ws TIC Ἐπὶ τοῖς ὦ Νεεμού χρήmao, & + pauTing τιμωρηθήσεται, ἢ νεθε. Téμju vas To pijú, as μETávola LAX INJE TOY. WEλe Jáμse Q IS TYS Hadera, ὲ ἐν ἐδενὶ μῶμον ορίσἐ NONV, STE why mong TW, IT μ S Tyr' Autor TETAY NYUw naw, miguu deis, μ aids Tomar daxp úr end σεται εἰρίωικῶς κατανε· augus, & μsveixeκαθαρισμλύον δ' ποίμVLOV, @gondavo TWS Dew, & μeravona ip' ois hμapter & at the Sight of his Tears, Ermida, & 8 minor

will be inftructed, because a

oner Sea Gipsov ne- Sinner avoids Destruction by να τα δάκρυα, ναθε- Repentance.

όταν έξι, ὅτι ἁμαρτών δζε μετάνοιαν οὐκ ἀπόλλυται.


Thy ouveðnar. V. v. deelt. V. й. V.



i. Upon this account there

Διά τότο ὧν

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trov v Ev -
ποις, το πολύπων
is, * *
api di V, IE-
Bacinéwv, ap.
χόντων, πατέρων, υῶν,
dorλwr, & zdjŃTWR
ous Tfs immówv. Kaj
πως ἐν ἐκκλησίᾳ καὶ
dis, & 20201 Toist
h, ws Evorav ext

fore, O Bishop, endeavour gone dosdale nanato be pure in thy Actions, and to adorn thy Place and Dignity, which is that of one fuftaining the Character of **Pag. God among Men, as being 220. fet over all Men, over Priests, Kings, Rulers, Fathers, Chik dren, Mafters; and in general over all thofe who are fubject to thee: and fo fit in the Church when thou fpeakeft as having Authority to judge Offenders. For to you, Matt. O Bifhops, is it faid, What- reivew Tes hμaping XV111.18. foever ye shall bind on Earth Ges ok ipur rols 67fhall be bound in Heaven; and whatfoever ye hall loose on •Earth fhall be loofed in Hea



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·1 f. Nonte. 2 Tôłę regrois. V. 3 deeft. V. 4 mesafexe. V. ' deest V.
rûis 2




portes, whanand Ts iswas super mis na λοῖς, τὸς μοτο μοδας segodéns" öki núves ὁ Θεὸς μὴ ὅρκο έπιδKing To a pear Sagar τοῖς μεταμοῦσιν, ἐφ οἷς Sua prov. Aeg 28 H ἥμαρτον. τῇ Ἰεζεκιήλ wey's autus, (ã già, Sava nelos', θάνατον

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ε θελήσω

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vere in their Goodness; re ceive the Penitent: For the Lord God has promis’d with an Oath to afford Remiffion to the Penitent for what things they have done amifs. For He fays by Ezekiel, Speak unto them, As I live, Ezek. faith the Lord, I would not the xxiv. Death of a Sinner, but that the Wicked turn from his evil way and live. Turn ye therefore

To app owns EN BY SO perfoy + doe Cñ in fidë autê vneas, & (lu. Em exonte 3 EV" Do w еафить Sar var This mornew, καὶ ἵνα τί 4ἀποθνήσκεται" oin & 'loeand; curau"Da 5 övvQ" d'éλm δὰς ἐποίησε τὸς ἡμαρτηNOTS, OTI EAD METuonωσιν, ἐλπίδα ζωτηρίας Evo μÁTOTE ŵs anλγηκότες αὐτὸς ἐκδῶσι * ανομίαις, ἀλλ ̓ ἔχοντες and fo appeare his DifpleaErmida Colnecas 6m spa- fure towards them; fo fhall perles wegonhavow they receive a Pardon from

from your evil ways, for why will ye die, O House of Ifrael? Here the Word affords Hope to Sinners, that if they will repent they fhall have Hope of Salvation, left otherwise out of Defpair they yidld themselves up to their Tranfgreffions; but that having Hope of Salvation they may be converted, and may addtefs to God with Tears, on account of their Sins, and may repent from their Hearts,




'xveli Daùs. V. deeft. V. 3 deeft. V. amorisen. V. κύριΘ- ὁ Θεὸς.

4 ἀποθνήσκετε.

deeft. V.


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Him, as from a merciful Fa-wei Wfs aμap


τῶν αὐτῶν, καὶ λή
αφού ται παρ' αὐτῶν
ἀμνης ίδυ, ὡς το οπο
πρὸς ἀγαθῶ.

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Yet it is very necessary
that thofe who are yet inno.
cent should continue fo, and
not make an Experiment
what Sin is, that they may
not have Occasion for Trou-s,
ble, Sorrow, and thofe La- σEWS. Tis vidas dú-
mentations, which are in or-
der to Forgivenefs. For how
doft thou know, Ο Man,
when thou finneft, whether
thou flalt live any Number
of Days in this prefent State,
that thou mayft have time
to repent? For the time of
thy Departure out of this
World is uncertain; and if
thou dyeft in Sin, there will
remain no Repentance for
thee; as God fays by David,
In the Grave who will confefs
to thee? It behoves us there-
fore to be ready in the do-
ing of our Duty, that fo we
may await our Paffage into
another World without Sor-

Pfal. 1.6.



6eme anaprous, & ἁμαρτήσεις, ἡμέρας ζήσεις ἐν τῷδα τῷ βίῳ, ἵνα ὢ μετανοή ons; om ådnλ© ñ ë§.δός σε ἐκ τῇ βίε ὑπάρ d, av åμaρтiq πλόυτήσομτι μεταύρια ἐκ say is nend a To Δαβίδ. Ἐν ἢ τῷ ᾅδῃ τίς ἐξομολογήσεταί σοι ; Δε ἓν ἕτοιμον εἶναι ἀν ἀγαθοῖς· ἵνα δὔδυ λύms ¥3ódor" čnévlu seLλώμεθα. Διὸ ένα αι veô đãQ ÚjQ + Y g Zoor To Cope av Car• Eroinage 2 oder sa pra





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· τῷ V, * μετανοήσωσιν ἐκ καρδίας ἐξώμεγισάμενοι αὐτὸν, και. V.

3 odor. V. defunt. v.

5 defunt. v.

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Atayev", "va un row. Wherefore also the fa Ἐπιλείψῃ ἡμῖν τι της cred Word fpeaks to thee w Wower & Téle by the Wife Solomon, Prepare Prov.xxiv Ev Tus d'algoxía thy Works against thy Exit, 27. θένοις δε μωρίζω ἐπέ‐ and provide all before-hand in Name & Norbaas the Field, left fome of the ἔλαιον, 2 καὶ Σποσβήσα- Things neceffary to thy Jourτὰς λαμπάδας τα ney be wanting; as the Oil θεογνωσίας" απεβλήθη· of Piety was deficient in the od To vuμ påvR Aid Five foolish Virgins, mention'd Matt.xx. τό το ἀκίνδωσι μύει in the Gofpei, when they, mãs & Padoμju on account of their having αυτός ζωής, @ μγύων extinguilh’d their Lamps of Naμgρml Divine Knowledge, were fhut ras weggegorijas out of the Bridechamber. αὐτῇ δικαιοσμύας αὖ Wherefore he who values the πως συντηρήσῃ. Σὺ ἦν Security of his Soud will take "ow neive, wise care to be out of Danger, by πω ding (wv. To go w keeping free from Sin, that eis, quoiv, ǹ neias. fo he may preferve the AdПe@ov v ά - vantage of his former geod σίας “ ἔνοχον καταδί- Works to limfelf. Do thou vale. emila prénées therefore fo judge as execu & οἰκτιρμῦ & προσλή- ting Judgment for God. For, tews, oixes, imqv- as the Scripture fays, The Deut. r. jju Qaury Cwmeid, εἰ μετάλοιτο το τρόπο, sy wey's Merdúvide ρήση μεταμελόμβυον 5 εύφων προσδέχει, με μmmys To Weis e

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al. &itas. defunt. v.

Judgment is the Lord's. In the 17.
firft place therefore condemn
the guilty Perfon with Autho-
rity; afterwards try to bring
him home with Mercy and
Compaffion, and Readiness

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