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danove, enav 3 ofhop be prefent, let the Prefmonomos apy, met byter and Deacon ftand by, Son & TEO CUp and let him fay thus : • Lanov Neyet 5 O Lord of Hofts, the God of "STW's niere Zabaw, Powers, the Creator of the o Deo's Tfs dudewi, Waters, and the Supplier of XTÍα TPS Udator, Oil, who art compaffionate, geprys te inais, oix and a Lover of Mankind, Tipur pinarber, who haft given Water för o des☎ udwp wey's Drink, and for Cleanfing, air y nada por, and Oil to give Man a chear- Pfal. ciïi, ipvarme ful and joyful Countenance. Do 15 ωπον εἰς ἀγαλλίαμα thou how alfo fah&ife this 15 diperonins auto's Water; and this Oil, through vui dia Xerç ayla- thy Chrift, in the Name of σον δ ὕδωρ τᾶτο ἐ J him or her that has offer’d ἔλαιον, ἐπ ̓ ὀνόμαk them, and grant them a Pow• @egonquinul, er to restore Health, to drive congriotions. away Diseases, to banish Dxdos Suvajur vias mons, and to difperfe all δικύαμίν υγείας prointentus, voowy Snares, through Chrift, our a free sixler, Sang Hope, with whom Glory, vev qujadiTixli, - Honour, and Worship be to Das Guns dann Thee, in the Holy Ghost, sles, dia Xers, for ever. Amen.


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[[@]] μηδ μεθ' ğ (οι δόξα,κμὴ καὶ σέβας, ἐν τῷ ἁγίῳ
πνούμακ, εἰς τὰς αἰῶνας. ἀμώ.

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Let all Firft-fruits be brought
to the Bishop, and to the
Presbyters, and to the Dea-
cons, for their Maintenance;
but let all the Tythe be


[['O autos, wei aαρχῶν & δέκα τῶν. ]] we saww mody a us we gonguri (Eas monóww, Ċ TOIS рeoCuties, & Tois διακόνοις, εἰς διατροφ

for the Maintenance of the Twα Sex árle

reft of the Clergy, and of the Virgins, and Widows, and of thofe under Pag. the Trial of Poverty. For 41 the First Fruits belong to the Priests, and to those Deacons that minifter to them.

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wegpipeway, as diαπροσφέρεται δια

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exwv, T F S Devor,
29 7 new, 24 Th
છે "ર, છે
wv as an xai r
ἱερέων εἰσὶ, καὶ “ αὐτ
τοῖς ὀξυπηρετεμλύων
[[Ὁ αυτός, πείπε
για θυμάτων
rawoμal".]] (i's weir
σουσας αν τοῖς μας
sdgrías, xTM zew.
ulu To imonóws it?
πρεσβυτέρων οἱ διά
gra diaveμérwody Ty
κλήρῳ τῷ ἐπισκόπῳ
wipn réoul, @peo
βυτέρῳ μέρη τρία, δια

Thofe Eulogies which remain
at the Mysteries, let the
Deacons diftribute them a-
mong the Clergy, according
to the Mind of the Bishop,
or the Presbyters: Το a Bi-
fhop Four Parts, to a Presby
ter Three Parts, to a Dea-
con Two Parts. and to the κόνῳ μέρη δύο· τοῖς ἢ
reft of the Sub-Deacons, or mors, roodianovois,
Readers, or Singers, or Dea-drawals, fár

deeft. V.

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rais, ʼn diangvíarais, coneffes, one Part: For this μép iv. Toto 28 ng is good and acceptable in 201 by anodentov Evo- the Sight of God, that evemov To Oey, inasov ry one be honour'd accordI knäws & I aur aing to his Dignity; for the Elav Sinnλnda x Church is the School, not αταξίας, ἀλλ ̓ αὐταξίας of Confufion, but of good ξὶ διδασκαλείον. Order.



Ικανώ Παῦλο, ὁ
IK Пaλ, Alfo Paul, the leaft XXXII.
της αποσόλων ε

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of the Apostles, do make the following Conftitutions for you the Bifhops, and Presbyters, and Deacons, concerning Canons.]

οἱ πρώτως προσιόντες Thofe that firft come to the ΐ της μυστηρίῳ $ δύσε


MyfitcryofGodlinefs,let them
baas, dix TWP dia be brought to the Bishop,
μόνων προσαγίθωσιμ or to the Presbyters, by the
τῳ ἐπισκοπῳ, ἢ τοῖς
πρεσβυτέροις τὰς
αἰτίας ἐξεταζέπωσιμ,
* jager wegañador
melang 22
parwady aurois. anex-
βώσαμτες του κατ ̓ ἀ·
THE THETA Leawooners and their Life be en-
αὐτῶν καὶ οἱ τρόπi &
• ßiæ, è ei sunoi e
my ʼn inddren.

Deacons, and let them be
examined as to the Caufes
wherefore they come to the
Word of the Lord: And let
thofe that bring them exact-
ly enquire about their Cha-
racter, and give them their
Tefiimony. Let their Man-


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quid into, and whether they
be Servants or Free-men:
And if any one be a Servant,

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oixerns, Sidaonéaw οἰκέτης, διδασκέπω Καρεσεῖν τῷ δεσπότῃ, iva un Bag opnung i . à u v yana,

let him be ask'd who is his menRÿ, •era• Mafter? If he be Servant to one of the Faithful, let his Mafter be ask'd if he can give him a good Character. If he cannot, let him be rejected until he fhew himself to be worthy to his Master: But if he does give him a good Character, let him be admitted. But if he be Servant to an Heathen, let him be taught to please his Mafter, that the Word be not blafphem'd. If then he have a Wife, or i Woman hath an Husband, let them be taught to be content with each other; but if they be unmarry'd, let them learn not to commit Fornication, but to enter into lawful Marriage: But if his Ma- xi düfea, apocisé fter be one of the Faithful,

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w.ear dé ks daiμgra

and knows that he is guilty, disaoné do μ 7

of Fornication, and yet does

not give him a Wife, or to

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the Woman an Husband, let reiv är nadaes dy
him be feparated: But if & dával

any one hath a Dæmon, let,
him indeed be taught Piety, kes

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· ἐθνικός. V.




how to rasponder, but not received into Com
2. Srobamsaw. pan munion before he be cleans'd;
beasca, masou- yet if Death be near, let him
Da, Solamido. be receiv'd. If anyone be
sidang Told's we gorev, a Maintainer of Harlots, let
Taulawwi Szobamé- him either leave off to pro-

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ftitute Women, or elfe let him

** Page


Tis winaring, ny wm, be rejected. If a Whore come, in Lion & in Morona let her leave off Whore ugrond sadiode dom, or else let her be reject MO, ADEMTIgs, ed. If a Maker of idols come, "Davμwings, ʼn geau- let him either leave off his Ans, inuifaeigns, ĥ Xu- Employment, or let him be મ eshopnow rejected. If one belonging &TVÝ μQ; } to the Theatre come, whe205° in now Gear words, ther it be Man or Woman, STOCα Médwodp.se or Charioteer, or Dueller, or karns wegarar, dida- Racer, or Player of Prizes, σκέπτ μὴ ἀδικῶν, μὴ of Olympick Gamefter, or ovno odumir, apres one that plays on the Pipe, 3 rois didonguois of on the Lute, or on the νίοις · Tedou, Harp at thofe Games, or a wegadegawa ditié Dancing Master, or an Huckjwv5, anoCamid fter either let them leave off ἀῤῥητοποιός, κίναιδος, their Employments, or let Bags, Mayos, &ña- them be rejected. If a Soldos, asporogos, po dier come, let him be taught δός, αερολόγος, Tis, Imperados, w- to do no Injustice, to aceufe Luk,lii 14 Tak, xgayos, e no Man falfly, and to be coneraμμala TolWY, TE tent with his allotted Stipend, eina Jaitwr, diwrisis, if he fùbmit to thofe Rules,

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