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Multitude, thofe that con- os injλaoas è rõ û tinued with Thee thou didst 'Abir, wis dois wegaglorifie, and thole who did δεξάμλυα apoftatize from Thee thou didft.punish: And while thou didft accept of the Sacrifice of Gen. iv. Abel, as of an Holy Perfon,

Eccluf xlix 19. Gen. iv.

& v.

3 5 αδελφοκτόϊε Καὶν moeages a dozer, as crazes. & ways TÝ. is, 'Eva's છે


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thou didft reje&t the Gift of προσελάβε. c + Ενώχ Cain, the Murderer of his μTATE DEINGS. Brother, as of an abhorred & Snuspès au diteseri Wretch And befides thefe, wv. & I (was ropnyos, thou didst accept of Seth, and cudéas manewins, ↑ Enos, and dida translate and dida tranflate our doing, y τῷ νόμων δοτὴρ, καὶ Enoch: For thou art the qualsivoar ai Creator cf Men, and the Giver of Life, and the Sup plier of Want, and the Giver of Laws, and the Rewarder of thofe that ob ferve them, and the Avenger 6. vps d'œnooptar, of thofe that tranfgrefs them: & Singion Nwe puwho did bring the great py & in vô ngtavi. & vii, Flood upon the World, by mλvoμs čv nágrans realon of the Multitude of από οκτώ ψυχαίς, τέ


Pet. iii. the Ungodly, and didft de liver righteous Noah from that Flood by an Ark, with Eight Souls, the End of the foregoing Generations, and the Beginning of those that were to come; who didit kindle a fearful Fire against the Five Citics of Sodom,

τὸς μισθαποδότης, καὶ της ααβαινόντων αὐτὲς xixR • mézar ralann voμg v enajazair noue Yj & mñ




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Pfal. cvi.


Tỷ, è tocov AT and didft turn a fruitful Land Gen xix.
into a falt Lake for the Wick- Wild x 6.
edness of them that dwelt there
in, but didft fnatch holy Lot
out of the Conflagration:
Thou art He who didit de-
liver Abraham from the Im- Gen. xi,
piety of his Forefathers, and
didit appoint him to be the
Heir of the World, and didft

Kapracas & éμrpno.
μe. où & A-
i R
Ceraμ puoάusvos weg-
Devina's dσebeas,
κληρονόμων τε κόσμε
natasoas, è iμqa-
νίσας αὐτῷ “ Χριςόν
Cs. ὁ + Μελχισεδέκ
aρxieρéα ↑ Margas
@xáμs" difcover to him thy Chrift,



* mhithav Drenov Tȧ Co TWS VINNTT apperdine "pews dpaδείξας ὁ τ Ἰσαὰκ ἐπαγγελίας ὑὸν ποιησάpfuQ : ✪ 'Ian πατέρα δώδεκα παίδων, 2 TES SOUTH AS # xéas, & draja gu'r as Aiguitor & ἑβδομήκοντα πέντε ψ zais. Çünúere, 2 'Io. ong ex vapĤdès aλnoi piwór & a C λά μόν ow pegouins danas auέδωκας Tự, 8 s Aizumtiv -apxev. Cù nóer, E. besius van Aiqualiwr ngla movers & were des, His ras wegs res

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who didit. aforehand ordain
Melchifedech an High Priest
for thy Worship; who didft
render thy patient Servant
7oh, the Conqueror of that
Serpent, who is the Patron
of Wickednefs; who madeft
Ifaac the Son of the Promise,
and Jacob the Father of
Twelve Sons, and didt en-
create his Pofterity to
Multitude, and bring him
into Egypt with Seventy Five Geu. '
Souls: Thou, O Lord, didft 27. LX.
not overlook Jofeph, but
grantedft him, as a Reward
of his Chastity for thy fake,
the Government over the E-
gyptians: Thou, O Lord, Exod.
didft not overlook the He-i, &c.

Mm 3



brems when they were af πατέρας αὐτῶν ἐταξ

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yerías 'n' éppúow, xoλdoas Aiguntiss.

art wv 5 773 ανδρώπων – φυσικὸν νόμον, καὶ καὶ κτίσιν, πο τὸ μὲ αὐτόματον νομι·

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Col TuS DEW TWS sav.
των αυτο πόντων, sou
εασας πλανᾶται ἀλ
ag avadeças
as dreamovla
σε θεράποντα Μωϋ.
. di air
Bontedu & quaxs +
yeaTTor vogu Sédar
νόμον δέδω
των κτίσιν ·
Tlui XTION &.
agus gov pov avou,
5 mondeor havlu

flicted by the Egyptians, on account of the Promifes made unto their Fathers; but thou didit deliver them, and punish the Egyptians. And when Men had corrupted the Law of Nature, and had GTWV, TOTE ̈ Theor fometimes esteem'd the Crea-dã kunoúvrov, zaj tion the Effect of Chance, and fometimes honourd it more than they ought, and equall'd it to the God of the Universe; thou didit not however fuffer them to go aftray, but didft raise up thy See If holy Servant Mofes, and by him LXX didft give the written Law, for the Affiftance of the Law of Nature, and didft fhow that the Creation was thy Work, and didst banish away the Error of Polytheifm: Thou didst adorn Aaron and his Pofterity with the Priesthood, and didst punish the Hebrews when they finned, and receive them again when they returned to Thee: Thou didst punish the Egyptians with a Judg

viii. 20.

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rs & aur iɛeal. τὰς ἐξ αὐτῇ ἱερατι ιμῇ ἐδόξασας· Ebalss aμaplotas &κόλασας, Ἐλπιςρέφινας w' T'US AiJulius dang nany w śnμ wρnow Darawar dieλwr, 'Ioeαηλίτας διεβίβασας Aiguies Em državłas υποβρυχίας * απώλει



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wey's omarker dár Stone: Thou didst rain

Ts. Inour Team

τὸν ὁμαδείξας, ἑπτὰ
ἔθνη Χουαναίων δ ̓ αὖ-

Manna from Heaven and
Quails, as Meat out of the
Air: Thou didit afford them

τῇ καθελες, Ἰορδάνω a Pillar of Fire by Night to

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διέῤῥηξας, τές ποτα· μὲς Ἠθαμ ξήρανας, τείχη κατέῤῥιψας' ἄνδυ BENZINKÁTOVÝ Xeeds gut-wrivms. Top

give them Light, and a Pil-
Iar of a Cloud by Day to
overfhadow them from the
Heat: Thou didst declare
Joshua to be the General of jf. iii.

TÁVTWV Col doa, the Army, and didft over- 10, &c.


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: κατέῤῥηξας. V.

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throw the Seven Nations of ** Pag. Canaan by him: Thou didst divide Jordan, and dry up Pfal. Ixxiii the Rivers of Etham; Thou 15. didst overthrow Walls with-Jol, vị. out Inftruments, or the Hand of Man For all thefe things Glory be Thee, O Lord Almighty. Thee do the innumerable Holts of Angels, Arch Angels, Thrones, Do

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Juoi Ta's NE◄



minions, Principalities, Au- das, thorities, and Powers, thine ganas, 3 duol TETOIfa. vi. 2. everlasting Armies,adore. The paтa, äμa Cherubim, and the Six-wing'd iaus ginidon apSeraphim, with twain cover-ero", meians ing their Feet, with twain τυριάπν αδγέλων, α their Heads, and with twain καταπαύστως καὶ ἀσιγής flying, fay, together with τως βράσεις καὶ τοῖς ὁ Ban. vii. Thoufand thoufands of Archi· λαὸς ἅμα ἐπάτω Angels, and Ten Thousand, äzi®, äμQ times Ten Thoufa d of An- we: Zabawt. gels, inceffantly, and with pns o reards in 201 conftant and loud Voices, dons AUTO, CUANTOS and let all the People fay es T'es ajwas aulus. it with them, Hely, Holy, ὲ ὁ ἀρχιερούς ἑξῆς λε If. vi. 3. Holy, Lord of Hofts, Hea. Jetway 8 & ws γέτω άγα γ Romi :5 ven and Earth are full of his aandas, & opazi, Glory: Be thou blessed for if x appuli ever. Amen. And afterwards μνΘ εις τές αἰῶνας. let the High Priest fay, For a nu o ugrozethou art truly Holy, and vns C8 vis, o nuecos ñMoft Holy, the Highett and paεos Inoes o moft highly exalted for ever. Xersos os as Tarra


Υπηρετησάμενος (οι τις Θεῷ αὐτῷ καὶ πατρὶ as Tε Snμispylar Hapoor, was goin xanov, & were Q ass dilew των Σπολλύμενον, αλ·

Holy alio is thy Only-be-
gotten Son our Lord and
God, Jefus Chrift, who in
all things miniftred to his
God and Father, both in thy
various Creation, and thy
fuitable Providence, and has
not overlook'd loft Mankind: λα με φυσικὸν νόμον,


£ deeft. V.

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