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Lov Taças eis apás rious Majefty; who did & nμreas, or sear, make the Water for Drink, naj Tolle ais ap- and for Cleansing; the Air χὰς τ νυκτὸς, καὶ αὶ in which we live, for Reear this a' sewn on sea- fpiration, and the affordvw natareatas, es ing of Sounds, by the means ανον τ τῆς μεγαλοπρετσείας: ὁ ποιήσας Sap way's TOOL & náθάραν, αέρᾳ ζωτικόν wei's favvolus qw vñs ámóddar, Yg yarτης πληθέσης – αέρα, ny axoli owɛμl L' auto, ws & Tier εισδεχομίζω Godegoμsite + we Win Your AUTY λιάν· ὁ ποιήσας πῦρ προς σκότος wey's Onrus


of the Tongue which ftrikes the Air, and the Hearing which co-operates therewith, fo as to perceive Specchi when its receiv'd by it, and falls upon it; who madeft Fure for our Confolation in Darkness, for the Supply of our Want, and that we might be warm'd and enlighten'd by it; who didft feparate the great Sea from the Land, Gau and didft render the former



Fide, weys codeias - Navigable, and the latter

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· καὶ ἀναπνὴν. V.

fit for Walking; and didft replenith the former withi fmall and great living Crea tures, and filledft the latter with the fame, both Tame and Wild; didst furnish it with various Plants, and crown it with Herbs, and beautifie it with Flowers, and enrich it with Seeds; who didft ordain the great Deep, and


Jobxxxvi¡ on every fide madeft a migh- mois Toações séfas, Jer. v. ty Cavity for it, which con- Boravous SEÇ&cious, tains Seas of falt Waters καὶ εὔθεσι καλλείας, heap'd together; yet didftÉPHAN TATIONS & thou every way bound them ou noups & älvorov, with the fmalléft Sand; who è μέγα 2 κῆτε αὐτῇ fometimes doft raife it to πειθείς, ἀλμυρῶν ὑδα

the Height of Mountains by των σεσωρό μία πο the Winds, and fometimes an, wenged as doft fmooth it into a Plain; αυτώ πύλαις άμμε fometimes doft enrage it λεπτοτάτης ὁ πνεύμα with a Tempeft, and fome


αυτήν κορυ-


ποτὲ ἢ ερωννύων ἀντί
લંડ πεδίον,
TOTE μ inμg ivwv xe
J, Tom Weauvor
ἢ πραΰνων
πλωτήραν δύκολον ἐ·
vay weg's mopeαv om-
ταμοῖς διαζώτας Β
of Yg Xers8
porno, voy
χειμάῤῥοις Ἐπικλύσας,

times doft ftill it with a φῶν εἰς ὀρέων μέγεθοι,
Calm; that it may be eafie
to Seafaring Men in their
Voyages; who didft encom.
pafs this World, which was
made by Thee, thro' Chrift,
with Rivers, and water it
with Currents, and moisten
it with Springs that never
fail, and didst bind it round
with Mountains, for the im-
moveable and fecure Con-
fiftence of the Earth; for @ πηγαῖς ἀεννάοις με
thou haft replenißhd thy θύσας, ὅρεσι καὶ περισφίζε
World, and adorn'd it with gas eis idear angeun
fweet-fmelling and with heals d'opaλesav. EλŃ-
ing Herbs, with many and έωσας γάρ σε “ κόσμον,
various Living Creatures, & διεκόσμησας αὐτὶν
ftrong and weak, for Food Bołgious. Noongis xay

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ἰασίμοις, ζώοις πολλοῖς and for Labour, Tame and Wild, with the Noifes of creeping Things, the Sounds of various forts of fying Creatures, with the Circuits of the Years, the Numbers of Months and Days, the Order of the Seafons, the Courses of the rainy Clouds, for the Production of the Fruits, and the Support of living Creatures. Thou haft alfo appointed the Station of the Winds, which blow when commanded by Thee, and the Multitude of the Flants and Herbs: And thou haft nct only created the World it felf, but haft alfo made Mar

* Zagogis, anxings has daereses, ed καὶ ἀσθενες έτοις, δίμοις ἐ ἐνεξηοῖς, ἡμέ 2015 © ak Dávois pTHE TWV overguais, νῶν ποικίλων κλαζ Jais CRICUT Wv nin 2015, juluŵr ynμé dei μυών ημέρων μοῖς, ξεπῶν τάξεσι νε· φῶν ὀμέροτίκων δα Jeongis, as nap 2010's, & (WWD or so, · σαθμὸν ἀνέμων 2/αTIVELY TWV OTE WE των gwar wise of, ifs qu τῶν τῆς βοτανῶν & mĥlQ && μýrov κόσμον ἐδημιέργησας,

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&na è & neopozoi for a Citizen of the World,
πω δώθέω πον ἐν αὐτῷ
&minous, nous noor
1 AUTO" diadegas
Aras 28 tỷ on oofia
Пointys verov
nat angia sumar,


exhibiting him as the Gr
nament of the World: For
thou didst fay to thy Wif
dom, Let us make Man ac- cení §.
cording to our Image, and ac-
cording to our, Likenes, and

* nad spolwow' è let them have Dominion over

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the Fifh of the Sea, and over
the Foxls of the Heaven.
Wherefore allo thou hatt
m de him of an Immortal

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Soul and of a Body liable us ȧDavάTY
to Diffolution; the former

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ουσεβείας av,

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out of nothing, the latter out on μn T, 3 of the Four Elements; and in is madewor haft given him as to his χείων· καὶ δέδωκας ἀν Soul rational Knowledge, the, i The Jux, Difcerning of Piety and Im- wynli Yayvwpiety, and the Obfervati- or, cuσbas dσEon of Right and Wrong; Gear Zainera, din ais and as to his Body, thou ¢ αδίκε πρατήρησιν haft granted him Five Senfes, a dowμg Thu TÉVand progreffive Motion: For ταθλον ἐχαρίσω αἴσθη thou, O God Almighty, didft, av,è hi μstabαn by thy Chrift, plant a Pa- κίνησιν. σὺ γδ', θεὲ πανGen. iii radife in Eden, in the East, neop, ***g Xer***Pag adorn'd with all Plants fitov v E

401. for Food, and didft intro

δὲμ καὶ ἀναπλὰς ἐφύ

duce him into it, as into a πεύσας, παντοίων φυrich Banquet; and when thou

madeft him, thou gavest

τῶν ἐδωδίμηρο κόσμῳ, aural, is av on isiq πολυπλᾶ,εἰσήγαγες ἀν

him a Law implanted with
in him, that fo he might τόν καν τῳ ποιεῖν ν
have at home and within μον δέδωκας αυτῷ ἔμε
limfelf the Seeds of Divine
Knowledge: And when thou
hadft brought him into the
Paradife of Pleasure, thou
allowedit him the Privilege
of enjoying all things, only
forbidding the tafting of
one Tree, in hopes of greater
Bleffings; that in cafe he
would keep that Command,

φυτον, ὅπως οἴκοθεν καὶ S ̓ ἑαυτῇ ἔχρι τα ασέρ pala & Drops wolas. eigaz wv 3 es + & zuφῆς άδεισον, πολύτων as a 7 πσίδω πρὸς μετάληψν, os 5 μáre 7 gvar d πεπας, ἐπ ̓ ἐλπίδι κρεῖτ. πόγων, ἵνα ἐδὺ φυλάξῃ

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τ ἐντολ, μιπὸν he might receive the Reward iii.


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κομίσηται. ' ἀμελήσ-
Ta" & Ev Toλns,
gevorpesvor" ange
ρουμλύει χαρτί, ἀπάτῇ
qews Covμbeλía qu-
youngs, To μ adade-
os dingins woas -
Tov, azadirle 5 eis
πολυτελὲς ἀπολλύμβον

of it, which was Immorta-
lity; but when he negleited
that Command, and tafted
of the Forbidden Fruit, by
the Sedu&tion of the Ser
pent, and the Counsel of
his Wife, thou didst juftly
caft him out of Paradife; yet
of thy Goodness thou didst
not overlook him, nor fuf-

By vapades oog fer him to perish utterly;
Snspyna Marg for he was thy Creature:

θυποτάξας αυτῳ ἢ κτίσιν, δέδωκας αυτῳ οἶ Heol is er ovos mei Cav EαUTY 7 cle', of závra quor TQ xj a蓼‚ÏQ TaivortR xeore wey's iriger auriv no μίσας, ὅρκῳ εἰς παλίς Dereoide chaλeoas του θανάτε λύσας, Zulu avaçãoews πηδηγείλω. καὶ ἐ τότο povov, na @ Tis αὐτῇ πλῆθα AUTO as ĥ3 váciḥμor" gérs, Ts ἐμμένδυτος (οι ἐδόξασας, τὲς ἢ Σποςάν Τας


But thou didtt fubject the
whole Creation to him, and
didft grant him Liberty to
procure himself Food by his
own Sweat and Labours,
whilst thou didst caufe all
the Fruits of the Earth to
fpring up, to grow, and to
ripen: But when thou hadft
laid him afleep for a while,
thou didft with an Oath call
him to a Restoration again,
didit loofe the Bond of
Death, and promise him Life
after the Refurrection: And
not this only, but when
thou hadft encreated his Po-
fterity to

an innumerab'e

{ αμελήσας V. * γευσάμλυ. V. 3 αν ειθμή του V.


M m 2


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