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and that no one nod, or whisper, or flumber; and let the Deacons ftand at the Doors of the Men, and the Sub-Deacons at thofe of the Women, that no one go out, nor a Door be opened, although it be for one of the Faithful, at the Time of the Oblation. But let one of the Sub-Deacons bring Water to wath the Hands of the Priests, which is a Symbol of the Purity of thofe Souls that are devoted to God.

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Then shall the Deacon immediately fay, Let none of the Catechumens, let none of the Hearers, let none of the Unbelievers, let none of the Heterodox ftay here. You who have pray'd the foregoing Prayer depart. Let the Mothers receive their Children; let no one have

deeft, V.


πείτωσι τὰς ἄνδρας Tis guaixas, oπTwS μὴ θόρυβός τις ηλύη y, z μn as volion, ǹ veion, vusažn. oi Hanover isaad words estas rhs and ever dúeas, è oi indiángvoi ὑποδιάκονοι eis tas if guamar owS MATIS JEENJOL, une avoiy Dr in Duca, καν πισός τις ᾖ, καὶ xauer & dragoeas. es j vodiáxor & dr.



TW STE τοῖς ἱεροῦσι, σύμβολον nara Comlos Junior Cεų αρακειμλύων. [[Φημὶ δὴ καγιά wwCQ, o adeλpi's 'Iwάννε το Ζεβεδαίε, ἵν ̓]] is é Yánovo dépen TIS TS Namχεμλύων. μή τις της ἀκροωμένων.μή τις τῶν ἀπίζων. μήκος 8 έτσι edo wr. of Team ροδόξων, * πρώτην digéμeros TEDEN. . TO Tardia Tepobavεade as μntiμητές feς. μή κε κατά τινος


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un hes in oneio. any thing against any one;
op doi wey's never let no one come in Hypo-
ορθοί κύριον με
pólo è Teiμs is crifie; let us ftand upright
ὦμεν προσφέρειν. ὧν before the Lord with Fear
Huopérer of Hánovo and Trembling, to offer.
προσαγέτωσαμ το δε When this is done, let the
ea of monoty wes Deacons bring the Gifts to
3 Svaasherov & of the Bishop at the Altar: and
πρεσβύτεροι ἐκ δεξιῶν let the Presbyters ftand on
Iairs" @ π Sar- his Right-Hand, and on his
MWV SmeTwody, we a Left, as Difciples stand be-
MANNTO SESITES - fore their Mafter: But let
Suorang. Dúo - Two of the Deacons, on
δασκάλῳ. δύο ΰ διά
κονοι ἐξ ἑκατέρων
novor π ingrier each Side of the Altar, hold
Meer & Ducasneis a Fan, made up of thin Mem-
κατεχέτωσιμ ἐξ ὑμέ branes, or of the Feathers of
vwv dem av pindra, the Peacock, or of fine Cloth,
Heer Tawv, n. 96 and let them filently drive
uns à nрeμa ȧmoro away the fmall Animals that
BeTwoRN TO μined fly about, that they may not
ops inansier (wor, come near to the Cups. Let
** OTTWS AND μm 25 the High-Prieft therefore, to-
einn array" as ro xú gether with the Priefts, pray
πελλα, δξάμμα. ὖν by himfelf:and let him put on
nad sauter à apnepolis, his fhining Garment,and stand
ang mis iεpotior, è at the Altar, and make the
λαμπρὰν ἐπῆται με· Sign of the Crofs upon his
Tevdus, & sais was a Forehead with his Hand be-
Juramexw, I Témov fore all the People, and fay,
ὦ ςαυρᾶ καὶ τὸ μετώπε The Grace of Almighty God,
τῇ χειρὶ ποιησάμεν. and the Love of our Lord



* deeft. V. 1 ἐγκρίστωντας. V.


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Eph. iii 15.

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Xeçõ‚¢ ñ nowwvía E
ayir moμal és W
sjú twv iμår ny
πολύτες συμφώνως λεγό
τωσαν ὅτι ἐ
voμaos ou

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o ap

Felus Chrift, and the Fellowship · εἰς πολίτας, ἐπάτω
of the Holy Ghost be with you ʼn ders To TONTONed-
all. And let all with one εỡ, è ĥ άzá-
Voice fay, And with thy Spin & weir hur Inde
rit. The High Priest, Lift up
your Mind. All the People,
We lift it up unto the Lord;
the High Prieft, Let us give
Thanks to the Lord: All the
People, It is meet and right
fo to do. Then let the High-pol's dow & ver. C
Prieft fay, It is very meet us Enquer Toys &
and right before all things xeov, o aprεpolis"
to fing an Hymn to Thee, άχαριστήσωμεν τις κα
who art the True God, who eiῳ @ πάντες ἄξιον
art before all Beings; From Singson now o ap-
mhom the whole Family in Hea- χερούς εἰπάτω ἄξιον
ven and Earth is named; who as annows & dinguer,
only art Unbegotten, and we Távtov avuμvav
without Beginning, and with TWS OUTO DEOY,
our a Ruler, and without a wee vs Hunter öv-
Mafter; who ftandeft in need, e тão Taria
of nothing; who art the Bereave y 67 gus o-
flower of every thing that νομάζεται μόνον α
is good; who art beyond all
Caufe and Generation; who
art alway and immutably the
fame; from whom all things
came into Being, as from
their proper Original: For
thou art Eternal Knowledge,

1 defunt. V.


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γύνητον, καὶ ἄναρχον, abacinorov, vou ἀδέσποτον, τ ἀνενδεῆ. avid's aɣaby jepnwaons airías

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γμέσεως κρείττονα, TÚY TOTEUT πάντοτε καὶ αυτ


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Ila. ix. 6.

YoY WONUTWS Enguta everlafting Sight, Urbegot ten hearing, untaught Wif dom, the First by Nature, and the Measure of Being, and beyond all Number: Who didst bring all Things out or Nothing into Being, by thy Only-begotten Son, but didât beget him before all Ages by thy Will, thy Power, and thy Goodness, without any Inftrument, the Only Begotten Son, God the Word, the Living Wisdom, the First-born of every Crea.. Col. i. 15. ture, the Angel of thy great XX. Counsel, and thy High-Priest, but the King and Lord of eve ry“Intelle&tual and Senfible Nature, who was before all things, by whom were all Things. For Thou, O Eternal God, did make all things by Him, and through Him it is that thou vouchfafeft thy fuitable Providence over the whole World; for by the very fame that thou beftowed t Being, didft thou also bestow Well-being: The God and Father of thy Only-begotten

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! Már. V. 26. V. : μόνΘ.


Son; who by Him didft f προσηκέσης προνοίας make, before all things, the Cherubim and the Seraphim, the Eons and Hofts, the Powers and Authorities, the Principalities and Thrones, the Arch-Angels and Angels; and after all thefe didft, by Him, make this vifible World, and all things that are there in For Thou art He who ** Pag. didft frame the Heaven as


Gen i.


Plal.ciii. 2.

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** an Arch, and stretch it out

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4 Eld.xvi. like the Covering of a Tent, and didft found the Earth upon nothing by thy meer Will; who didft fix the Firmament, and prepare the Night and the Day; who didft bring the Light out of thy Treasures, and on its Departure didft bring on Darknefs, for the rest of the living Creatures that move up and down in the World; who didit appoint the Sun in Heaven to rule over the Day, and the Moon to rule over the Night; and didft infcribe in Heaven the Choir of Stars to praife thy Glo


* Cusoan. V.






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may ayns xaj Mer
Ταΰτου πολύπου πο
as di airs + garró-
pevov rôtov néopov,
πάντα τὰ ἐν αὐτῷ.
25 & it seavor wis
dear crous, naj ws
Seppiv inπrivas, nay
γῆν ἐπ ̓ οὐδενὸς ἱδρύσεις
owun Moun. & meas
ξερέωμα, καὶ νύκτα καὶ
ἡμέραν κατασκουάσας.
ὁ ἐξαγαγών φῶς ἐκ
θησαυρῶν, καὶ τῇ τότε
ζολῇ "· ἐπαγαγὼν δ
onir. eis avaπav-
ar vis år $ néoruçã
opificer (war &



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