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νεται ἐν ἐρανῷ ὀπὶ ἑνὶ
ἁμβτωλῷ μεταμοῦν
ὅπως Σποςραφέντες πᾶν
ἔργον ἀθέμιτον, προ
Gικειωθῶσι πάσῃ πρά
ξ ἀγαθῇ· ἵνα ὁ φιλάν-
θεωπα Θεὸς ἦ τάχος
συμβῶς προσδεξάμενος
αὐτῶν τὰς λιπὰς, α
αγαλλίασιν τῇ σωτη-

Things; and become Parta-
kers of his Divine Myfteries;
that appearing worthy of his
Adoption, they may obtain
Eternal Life. Let us all ftill
earneftly fay on their Ac-
count, Lord have Mercy upon
them. Save them, Ο God, and
raife them up by thy Mercy.
Rife up, and bow your Heads
το God thro' his Chrift,and re-
ceive theBleffings. Let the Bi-eis, καὶ πνόύματι ἡγε·
fhop then add this Prayer;







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μονικῷ 2 σηρίξῃ" αὐτῆς, ἵνα μηκέτι σαλόυθᾶσι· κοινωνοὶ ημέπαι τῆς ἁγίων αὐτῷ ἱερῶν, καὶ μέτοχοι τῆς θείων μυτηρίων ἵνα ἄξιοι Σποφδυθέντες τ υοθεσίας, τύχρισι τ αἰωνίς ζωῆς, ἔτι ἐκτενῶς πλύτες ὑπὸ αὐτῶν επωμ. κύριε ἐλέησον. σῶσον αὐτῆς ὁ Θεὸς, καὶ ἀνάξι· Gν ᾧ ἐλές σε. ἀνασάντες τῷ Θεῷ διὰ τῷ Χρισῦ αὐτῇ, κλίνατε καὶ οὐλογεῖσθε, έπ διλέπω έν ὁ Ὀλίσκο του Θ



Almighty Eternal God, Lord of the whole World, the Creator and Governour of all Things, who haft ex** Pag hibited Man as the Orna396. ment of the World, thro” Chrift, and didft give him a Law both naturally im planted and written, that

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Παντοκράτορ θε
αιώνιε, δέσπο το
ὅλων, κτίσα καὶ πρυ
πανι τ παντῶν ὁ τ
** κόσμο
κόσμον αναδείξας διὰ
Χρις, νόμον δὲς αὐ
τῳ ἔμφυτον καὶ γραπ
τὸν, πρὸς δ' ζῶ ἀν


Ξ αὐτὲς εἰς ὃ προτέραν αξίαν καὶ ἀποδωση αὐτοῖς f. v. * sneίσῃ. V.


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τὸν ἐνθέσμως, ὡς λο· he might live according to nový aμTÓTI Law, as a rational Creature; modŃnles d'as wey's e- and when he had finned, * παύοιον σαυτῷ ἀγα- thou gaveft him thy Goodπότητας· ἔπιδε ὀπὶ τὰς nefs as a Pledge, in order κεκλικότας (οι αυχένα to his Repentance. Look Luxus sy owμalk down upon thefe Perfons, & Bend DávaTv & who have banded the Neck · ἀμςτωλῆ, ἀλλὰ ΐ με· πάνοιαν, ώσε δαποστρέψαι AUTÓ 270 ↑ i aur Torneas, Cl. Νινουϊτών Niditur wooded μs Q & μetavoid θέλων πούτας Dear Toútas aile




& xxxiii.

of their Soul and Rody to
thee: for thou defireft not Ezek. xviii
the Death of a Sinner, but his
Repentance, that he turn from
hiswicked Way, and live. Thou
who didft accept the Repen-
tance of the Ninevites, who

Jon. iii.

was outñvar, y cis- willeft that all Men be faved, Tim.ii.4 γνωσιν aλndeias ex- and come to the AcknowledgDeiv & you wego- ment of the Truth; who didst El deεáusu®, δεξάμλυ,

nara- accept of that Son who had gazevra + Biar i confumed his Substance in rio- Luk. xv.. To dowTWS, Taregis tous Living, with the Bowels aratyvos, La & me of a Father, on account of πλάδχνοις, TÁVOLAV AUTO'S ý v his Repentance; Do thou πρόσδεξαι τ ἱκετῶν now accept of the Repenσε τ μετάγνωσιν ὅτι tance of thy Supplicants, for σοκ ἔςιν ὃς σχ ̓ ἁμητή- there is no Man that has not DETON Colo Edu 28 - finned; for, If thou, O Lord, 3 King. σεται voμías Dampon. - markeft Iniquities, O Lord,. 46. wortelɛ, niere, Tis van who shall ftand? For with Thee

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SHOE TOY; OTI Wo there is Propitiation: And do
8 inaoμgs 65 - thou restore them to thy ho-
NATAMOO LUTHS Ta- ly Church, into their for-
καζάτησιν αυτὸς τῇ
vig Co innλndy, & mer Dignity and Honour,


L 1



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through Chrift our God and Teripa dia y
Saviour, by whom Glory Tu, a to Xero,
and Adoration be to Thee,TE" OST & σWTHρQ
in the Holy Ghost, for ever.
Amen. Then let the Deacon
fay, Depart ye Penitents;
and let him add, Let none
of those who ought not to
come draw near. All we of
the Faithful, let us bend our
Knee; let us all intreat God,
through his Chrift; let us
carneftly befeech God, thro”

his Christ.

καὶ σωτῆρ av. dis oo, Só§¤ È egonúvnas, Ev Tus a iç πvdμati, eis TH αιώνας. ἀμμώ. καὶ ὁ διά novQ REYÉTW Xλύεσθε οἱ ἐν μετανοίᾳ. wegsiterai μnks & μn duvansar Tegeλ. θέτω, ὅσοι πιςοὶ, κλί· νωμίζω γόνυ. δεηθῶμεν To Dev, à To Xer. εν αὐτῷ· πάντες συ τόνως + Θεόν διὰ τῶ Xero duro Sang Ni

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Let us pray for the Peace 'Trip 2" explains Ὑπὲρ and happy Settlement of the disabcias & nous World, and of the holy ází wv innan. προ ἐκκλη Churches; that the God of σιῶν δεηθῶμεν· ὅπως ὁ the whole World may af- s örar Ded's aïdor ford us his everlasting Peace, avaqaiperar 7 &avand fuch as may not be tar éipńvli žμîv æðgiken away from us; that he go to, iva on Three. may preferve us in a full geç & nat dibed Profecution of fuch Vertue ἀρετῆς Δατελῶντας as is according to Godliness. Ms Cumpran Let us pray for the holy ε ἁγίας καθολικῆς Carholick and Apoftolick Σποςολικῆς ἐκκλησίας

v. deeft. V.

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$ and TeάTwvws Church, which is spread from περάτων δεηθώμμ' δ- one End of the Earth to the o ther; that God would preferve and keep it unfhaken, and free from the Waves of this Life until the End of the World, as founded upon a Rock; and for the holy Parish in this Place, that the Lord of the whole world may vouchfafe us,without Failure, to follow after his Heavenly Hope, and without ceafing to pay him the Debt of our Prayer. Let us pray for every Epifcopacy which is under the whole Heaven, of thofe that rightly divide the Word of thiy Truth. And let us pray for our Bishop James, and his Parishes. Let us pray for our Bishop Clement, and his Parishes: Let us pray for our Bilhop Euodius, and his Parishes: Let us pray for our Billop Anniamus, and his Parishes; that the compassionate God may grant them to continue & monews pff in his holy Churches in Evodie, è fs - Heath, Honour, and LongComer curs sen- Life, and afford them an hopiju up to morre nourable old Age, in Godnuwe Avviars, & lines and Righteoufness. And

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delunt in Esitionibur aliis.

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let us pray for our Presby. Soimwv áurê Senbw-
ters, that the Lord may de-
liver them from every un-
reafonable and wicked Adti- τούς

397. nour.


xaoown' & ' rfs πρεσβυτέρων ἡμῶν δὲν apse oπws & nú. e. ῥύσηται; αὐτῷ

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μι· ὅπως ὁ οἰκτίρ· μων Θεὸς χαρίσηται αυ ἁγίας αὐτῇ on, and afford them a Pref ἐκκλησίαις σώς byterate in Health and Ho: lμος, μακροημερεύον Let us pray for all τας καὶ τίμιον αὐτοῖς δ the Deacons and Ministers, meas Sagnroy in that the Lord may grant *** Wabea 2 di them an unblameable Miniftration. Let us pray for the Readers, Singers, Vir gins, Widows and Orphans: Let us pray for thofe that Σπὸ παντὸς ἀτύπε καὶ are in Marriage and in Child, ovn TeÁYμATO, bearing; that the Lord may & Coverkμor have mercy upon them all. J πρεσβυτέριον ἀνα Let us pray for the Eu- misrigoi op mi nuchs, who walk holily. Let ons & år Xers w dia. Χρισῷ δια us pray for thofe in a State κονίας και επηρεσίας of Continence and Piety. Let δεηθώμ, ὅπως ὁ κυ us pray for those that bear e dueμator * Fruit in the holy Church, κονίαν αυτοῖς παράλη and give Alms to the Needy. Tau. p avagy wswr, And let us pray for thofe ψαλτῶν, παρθένων, who offer Sacrifices and Obla- npr opgaver, tions to the Lord our God; Sent wμs ID & & that God, the Fountain of augurious & TERVOJE. all Goodnefs, may recom- νίας δεηθῶμεν· ὅπως ὁ pence them with his Heaven. κύρια τις πάντας Matt. xix. ly Gifts, and give them in this aure's enon World an Hundredfold, and in divu dows Topolo. the World to come Life ever pwv den twμy is




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