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Things ; and become Parta-
kers of his Divine Myfteries;
that appearing worthy of his
Adoption, they may obtain
Eternal Life. Let us all fill
carneftly fay on their Ac-
count, Lord have mercy upon
them. Save them, Ο God, and
raife them up by thy Mercy.
Rife up,
and bow your Heads
to God thro' his Chrift,and re-
ceive the Ble flings. Let the Bi-
fhop then add this Prayer;





νεται ἐν ἐρανῷ ὅτι ἑνὶ ἁμή τωλῷ μεταμον ὅπως αποτραφέντες πᾶν ἔργον αθέμιτον, προ Gικειωθῶσι πάσῃ πρά ξ ἀγαθῇ ἕνα ὁ φιλαν θρωπο Θεὸς ἢ τάχος Αμρῶς προσδεξάμενος αὐτῶν τὰς λιπὰς, α ποκαταςήση αὐτοῖς αγαλλίασιν το σωτηρίε, καὶ πνεύματι ἡγε 2 sneign" μονικῷ ςηριξη" αὐτές, ἵνα μηκέτι σαλόνθασι κοινωνοὶ θυέπαι τ' αγίων αὐτὸ ἱερῶν, καὶ μέτοχοι της θείων μυστηρίων ἵνα ἄξιοι Σποφερθέντες τ υοθεσίας, τύχωσι ἡ αἰωνίς ζωῆς. ἔτι ἐκτενῶς πλύτες ὑπὸ αὐτῶν επωμ. κύριε ἐλέησον. σῶσον αὐτὸς ὁ Θεὸς, καὶ ανάπη Gr ᾧ ἐλές σε. αναςάντες τῷ Θεῷ διὰ τὸ Χρισον αὐτό, κλίνατε καὶ οὐλογεῖσθε, ἐπσυχέπω ἂν ὁ Ἐπίσκοπ@ ποιάδε.

Almighty Eternal God, Lord of the whole World, the Creator and Governour of all Things, who haft ex** Pag hibited Man as the Orna396, ment of the World, thro ̓ Chrift, and didnt give him 3 Law both naturally im planted and written, that


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* αὐτὲς εἰς ἢ προτέραν αξίαν καὶ ἀπόδοση αὐτοῖς ν. ν. ' sκρίση. V.


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& xxxiii.

Jon. iii.

he might live according to Law, as a rational Creature; and when he had finned, thou gave him thy Goodnes as a Pledge, in order to his Repentance. down upon these Perfons, who have bended the Neck of their Soul and Body to thee: for thou defireft not Ezek xviii the Death of a Sinner, but his Repentance, that he turn from hiswicked Way, and live. Thou who didft accept the Repentance of the Ninevites, who willeft that all Men be faved, Tim.ii.4 aλncias eλ- and come to the Acknowledg you wego- ment of the Truth; who didst SEEάμsu, nara- accept of that Son who had φαγόντα + Biov i confumed his Substance_in_rio- Luk. xv.. To doWTWS, Taremgis tous Living, with the Bowels a2a5xvous, Za & ue of a Father, on account of σπλάγχνοις, TÁTOLAV AUTÓS vu his Repentance; Do thou wejo deža DHS ineTv now accept of the Repenσε 7 μεταγνωσιν ὅτι tance of thy Supplicants, for σοκ ἔσιν ὃς επ' αρετή. there is no Man that has not DETOM Colo édé 28 - finned; for, If thou, O Lord, 3 King. voμías Dampton. - markeft Iniquities, O Lord, viil. 46. ele, niere, Tis - who shall ftand? For with Thee THOE TOY; OT! Wo there is Propitiation: And do 8 inaoμgs 651 x-thou restore them to thy hong Timoor WUTHS Tỷ a- ly Church, into their forκαζάτησιν αυτὸς γίᾳ σε εκκλησίᾳ, ἐν via Cu innλnda, & mer Dignity and Honour, through

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through Chrift our God and τη προτέρα, αξία κα
Saviour, by whom Glory τιμή, για τα Χρισ
and Adoration be to Thee,
in the Holy Ghoft, for ever.
Amen. Then let the Deacon
fay, Depart ye Penitents;
and let him add, Let none
of thole who ought not to
come draw near. All we of
the Faithful, let us bend our
Knee ; let us all intreat God,
through his Chrift; let us
carnefly befeech God, thro^
bis Chrift.

Let us pray for the Peace and happy Settlement of the World, and of the holy Churches; that the God of the whole World may af ford us his everlafting Peace, and fuch as may not be taken away from us; that he may preserve us in a full Profecution of fuch Vertue as is according to Godliners.

το Θ, καὶ σωτήρα ἡμῶν. δι ξ σοι δόξα ἐ προσκύνησις, ἐν τῷ γίῳ πνεύματι, εἰς τὰς αιώνας. ἀμω. καὶ ὁ διά worΘ. λεγέτω Σπ λύεπε οἱ ἐν μετανοίᾳ. c προςιθέτω μήκς μή δυναμων προελ. θέτω, ὅσοι πιςοὶ, κλί νωμζω γόνυ. δεηθώμα το Θεό, καὶ τὸ Χρι σὲ αὐτὸ πάντες σω


τόνως - Θεόν διά το
Χριτό αυτό
στο μύλος.


Ὑπὲρ 2 " ciplin && disabéias & κέσμε και των αγίων ἐκκλη· σῶν δεηθῶμεν· ὅπως

ὅλων Θεός αΐδιον καὶ ἀναφαίρετον ἢ ἑωυ· τῇ εἰρήνῃ ἡμῖν α χοιπο, ἵνα ἐν πληρο goeie & not divifade ἀρετῆς Ἀμπελᾶντας ἡ τηρήση



Let us pray for the holy $ αγίας καθολικῆς
Carholick and Apoftolick Στολικῆς ἐκκλησίας

v. deeft. V.

+ and meŃTores Church, which is spread from περάτων δεηθώμίμ - one End of the Earth to the o

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ther; that God would preferve and keep itunshaken, and free from the Waves of this Life until the End of the World, as founded upon a Rock; and for the holy Parish in this Place, that the Lord of the whole world may vouchfafe us,without Failure, to follow after his Heavenly Hope, and without cealing to pay him the Debr of our Prayer. Let us pray for every Epifcopacy which is under the whole Heaven, of thole that rightly divide the Word of thy Truth. And let us pray for our Bifhop James, and his Parishes. Let us pray for our Bishop Clement, and his Parishes: Let us pray for our Bifhop Euodius, and his Parishes: Let us pray for our Bilop Annianus, and his Parishes; that the compaffionate God may grant them to continue in his holy Churches in Health, Honour, and LongLife, and afford them an honourable old Age, in God

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Pag. 397.

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Somer äure Sentã. μή". ὅπως ὁ οἰκτίρ· μων Θεός χαρίσηται ἀν τοὺς ἢ ἁγίας αὐτ ἐκκλησίαις σώες, εν kuus, manconμepoliov. @s και τίμιον αὐτοῖς δ' eas Dagny of ευσέβεια


let us pray for our Presby rers, that the Lord may deliver them from every unrcafonable and wicked Adion, and afford them a Pref. byterate in Health and Honour. Let us pray for all the Deacons and Minifters, that the Lord may grant ** Babea 2 81them an unblameable Mi- noon & as s niftration. Let us pray for πρεσβυτέρων ἡμῶν δεη the Readers, Singers, Vir- pfe öπws & nú. gins, Widows and Orphans: e púontay aútus Let us pray for thof that από παντός ατόπε are in Marriage and in Child- op TÁIMATO, bearing; that the Lord may è Cwork por have mercy upon them all. 3 πρεσβυτέριον ἀν Let us pray for the Eu- is goi ma nuchs, who walk holily. Let ons & or Xers w dia. us pray for thole in a State κονίας και υπηρεσίας of Continence and Piety. Let entwuss. owws o xuus pray for thofe that bear e dueμπlov * Fruit in the holy Church, κονίαν αυτοῖς παρέχε and give Alms to the Needy. Ται. ὑπὲρ αναγνωςῶν, And let us pray for thole ψαλτών, παρθένων, who offer Sacrifices and Obla pre opgaver, tions to the Lord our God ; δεηθώμη that God, the Fountain of auugious & TERVOJE. all Goodnets, may recom- νίας δεηθώμην· ὅπως ὁ pence them with his Heaven κρισε τις πάντας Matt. xix. ly Gifts, and give them in this aures λenon e World an Hundredfold, and in drwy ddws Topovo. όπως πυρετο the World to come Life ever por dentwho



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