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to Truth, and not according to Prcjudice witnefs that he is fuch an one, let them the third time, as before God the Judge, and Chrift, the Holy Ghoft being alfo prefent, as well as all the Holy and Miniftring Spirits, ask again, Whether he be truly worthy Matt.xviii of this Ministry, that fo in 19. the Mouth of two or three Witnesses every Word may be eftablih'd; and if they agree the third time that he is worthy, let them all be demanded their Vote,and when they all give it willingly, let him be heard; and Sia lence being made, let one of the principal Bishops, together with two others, ftand: near to the Altar, the rest of the Bithops and Presbyters praying filently, and the Deacons holding the Holy Gofpels open upon the Head of @ πρεσβυτέρων σιωπῇ him that is to be Ordain’d, wood your wr, and fay to God thus; 1 Yanvar &i Deia Na). \


για όλὶτ ξ χειροτονεμλύει κεφαλῆς ἀνεπτυγμία κατά χρίων, λεγέτω πρός Θεόν.


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O thou the Great Being, Ὁ ὤν, δέσποτα, και Ο Lord God Almighty, who eιε, ὁ Θεός, ὁ πόντοalone 'art Unbegotten, and xeTwp, · μývR αruled over by none; who al- Húvn, alaoineuways art, and waft before To dei ŵ'v, x Dj the World; who ftandeft in need of nothing, and art πουτὶ ἀνενδεὴς, καὶ πά above all Cause and Begin ons airías y Quéσews ning; who only art True, κρείττων· ὁ μόνος ἀλη. who only art Wife; who a vós, ó mér lone art the most High; who v μór® üfıçı art by Nature Invifible; whofe quod àóëà¶@ Knowledge is without Begin was avaрx ning; who only art Good, Gagandos, y άouzand beyond Compare; who xel, i zdjóra πολύ του ε knoweft all Things before δὼς πρὶν ηλυέσεως αὖ they are; who art acquaint- τῶν· ὁ τ κρυπῶν γνώed with the most fecret ss ¦ άawejar Q· · Things; who art Inaccessible, adéomolos à ☺eo's Ĉ and without a Superior; the alp & genes God and Father of thy Only C, & Dε ỳ Catñeos begotten Son, of our God wi• δημιουργός and Saviour; the Creator of oλwv si iuri ww the whole World by Him ; νοητής, ὁ κηδεμών· ὁ whofe Providence provides πατὴρ τῶν οἰκτιρμῶν, for, and takes the Care of all; the Father of Mercies, and God of all Confolation; who Pal cxii s dwelleft in the Higheft Hea· vens, and yet lookeft down on things below; Thou,who

2 Cor. i.3.

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EOS TONS ακλέσεως ὁ ἐν ὑψηλοῖς loinŵr, z Ta πεινὰ ἐφορῶν. σὺ ὁ δὲς öpes cunλnoías, Yaf ἐκκλησίας, cropus proias T

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Xero Co, vai vp. didft appoint the Rules of
TUER TW @Sanλnt, the Church, by the Coming
The The Gov XTOSON wv, of thy Chrift in the Flesh; of
ᾧ ἡμῶν ΐ χάριτι σῇ which the Holy Ghoft is
SESWTWV Con the Witnefs, by thy Apo-
i wegocious No ȧpans ftles, and by us the Bishops,
ἱερεῖς εἰς ὅληςασίαν λαğ who by thy Grace are here
σε, "Abελ EU wew"- prefent; who haft fore-or-
τοις, Σήθ, & Ἐνώς, & dain’d Priefis from the Be-
'Ev w x, y Nãε, & Meλ- ginning for the Government
Xσeden, 'IwC & ava- of thy People; Abel in the
Seças Abegaμ T's first place, Seth and Enos,
λοιπές πατριάρχας συν and Enoch and Noah, and
Tois mois 08 Deed Melchifedeck and Job; who
πεσιν Μωϋσεῖ @ ̓Αα· didft appoint Abraham, and
ear, Ĉ 'Erɛa Záp è the rest of the Patriarchs,
Φινεές· ὁ ἐξ αὐτῶν with thy faithful Servants
@exar Cμfu äp Mofes, and Aaron, and Elea-
20. Tas iεpes ENT zar, and Phineas; who didft
ontur & úprue's choose from among them Ru-




**Σaμsna inλe lers and Priests in the Taber- ** Pagi 1 causes lepéanacle of thy Testimony, who 322. we pńrle • Twa- didft choofe Samuel for a Priest γιάσματί (ε ἀλελέρ. and a Prophet; who didât γη τον μὴ ἐγκαταλιπών. not leave thy Sanctuary with ́òdfoxnoas år os pe- out Minifters: who didst de* πίσω δοξασται. αὖ light in thofe whom thou To's & new protia chofeft to be glorify'd in; Xero Co, di par Do thou, by us, pour down 67ZEE 7 Suvapur the influence of thy free Spingemoving of moiug- rit, through the Mediation · αγασίμα. Τα

Kk 2


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'no's Xeisw, oπp ἐδωρήσατο γνώμη Ce τοῖς ἁγίοις Σποςόλοις σε aiwris Deu, dos åv ornati Co napdioya Die, 67♪8λόν C8 τόνδε, ὃν ἐξε- λew eis Chongwov, ποιμαίνειν ἢ ἀγίαν σε mile, è apɛeaτούειν (οι, αμέμπτως λειτεργέντα νυκτὸς καὶ uzas. Mingoni. μυόν σε 8 πρόσωπο, magaziîv & d'ert. confúwo, i προσφέρειν ζοι τὰ δῶ· ea & ayias Cučnuλnσίας. δὲς αὐτῷ δέσπο του παντοκράτορ, αξ Xergy C8, 7 μETYσαν ξ ἁγίω πνούμα

of thy Chrift, which is com. T, ES HanoveTay mitted to thy beloved Son τῳ ηγαπημλύω ζυ παιJefus Chrift; which he be ftowed according to thy Will on the holy Apoftles of thee, the eternal God; Grant by thy Name, O God, who fearcheft the Hearts, that this thy Servant, whom thou haft chofen to be a Bishop, may feed thy holy Flock, and dif. charge the Office of an HighPrieft to thee, and minifter to thee unblameably, Night and Day; that he may appeafe thee, and gather together the Number of thofe that fhall be faved, and may offer to thee the Gifts of thy holy Church Grant to him, Ο Lord Almighty, through thy Chrift, the Fellowhip of the Holy Spirit, that fo he may have Power to remit Sins according to thy Com-ws exar Muciar mand; to give forth. Lots aqiévay a prías according to thy Command; to looie every Bond, ac- nλńpus ♂ wejsay. cording to the Power which thou gaveft the Apoftles; that he may pleafe thee in

deeft. V.


ἐντολώ σε, διδόναι

μά σε, λύειν ἢ πάντα unde og

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Meeknefs, and a pure Heart, with a ftedfaft unblameable, and unreproveable Mind; to offer to Thee a pure and unbloody Sacrifice, which, by thy Chrift, thou haft appointed as the Mystery of. the New Covenant; for a fweet Savour, through thy holy Child Jefus Chrift, our God and Saviour: through whom Glory, Honour and Worship be to Thee, in the Holy Spirit, now and always, and for all Ages. And when he has pray'd for thefe things, let the reft of the Priefts add, Amen; and together with them all the Peo

pas mλeye Twooks, - ple. And after the Prayer, μli è ou autos - let one of the Bifhops eleTas O è zgós. & μt 7 wecodylu, as of πισκόπων αναφερέτω * θυσίαν ἐπὶ τ χειρῶν & XHCOTONDEVT. TY EW DEV EVA CONCÉ eis & airy Vagéeola τόπον αρά το λοιπῶν Επισκόπων, πάντων ἀν· τὸν φιλησάντων ᾧ ἐν

vate the Sacrifice upon the Hands of him that is Ordaind, and early in the Morning let him be placid in his Throne, in a Place fet apart for him, among the reft of the Bishops, they all giving him the Kils in the Lord. - And after the Reading of the Law and the

· διεταξαζο. V. μεθ ̓ ᾧ καὶ V. 3 αμήν. Κ Kk 3


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