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it as a Cube of Stone, in the Σιναΐν, ἐν τῷ ἁγίῳ. Form of an Arch, upon notling, who united the Land

Older seavós +67 unδενὸς ἀυτόν καμθρώσιμ

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and Water to one another, ra, as inubov è and fcatter'd the Vital Air all abroad, and conjoin'd Fire therewith for Warmth, and the Comfort againft Darknefs. The Choir of Stars ftrikes us with Admiration, declaring Him that numbers them, and thewing Him that names them; the Animals declare Him that puts Life unto them; the Trees fhew Him that makes them grow; all which Creatures being made by thy Word, fhew forth the Greatnefs of thy Power. Wherefore every Man ought to fend up an Hymn from his very Soul το Thce, through Chrift, in the Name of all the reft, fince He has Power over

a (wosipov, 194 τέτῳ πυρ συμπλέξαν eis DánπQ, sý vidu. ańod xe's a stewr, + ἀριθμήσου τα σημα vwv, @óroμáodpła anvíar Cãα + fuoula, Sérder+ inφύσιμα. ἅπερ ἅπαντα τις Cῷ λόγῳ γμόμυα, παρέα τῆς σῆς διά μews I neάTO. My c με ως opend mas avlewa, ἐξαυτῶν σέρνων, ὶ τοὶ Xeis of a márτων ' ὕμνον ἀναπέμπ πάν, λὰ σὲ τῆς ἀπού των κρατῶν. Οὺ γδ ε



them all by thy Appoint-pasos cu deprecious, ment. For thou art kind in thy Benefits, and beneficent in thy Bowels of Compaffion; who alone art Almighty; for when thou

! τὸν. V. 3 απάντων. V.

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τερόν Ἐξι τότο, δέσπο-
λόγιον, φάσκον]Θ• Και
wwon in nadia C,
3 ök i wel ieos
συ, Θεὸς ἐν ἐρανῷ ἄνω,
τῆς γῆς

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willeft, to be able is prefent with Thee; for thy eternal Power both quenches Flame, and ftops the Mouths of Lions, and tames Whales, and raises up the Sick, and over-rules the Power of all Things, and overturns the Hoft of Enemies, and casts down a People numbred in their Arrogance. Thou art He who art in Heaven, He who art on Earth, He who art in the Sea, He who art in finite things, thy Self unconfin'd by any thing. For of thy Majefty there is no Boundary; for 'tis not ours, Ο Lord, but the Oracle of thy Servant, who faid, And Deut. iv, thou shalt know in thine Heart 39. that the Lord thy God he is God, in Heaven above, and on Earth beneath, and there is none other befides Thee: For there is no God befides Thee alone, there is none holy

wel OEd's ww. befides Thee, the Lord, the σεων, Θεὸς ἁγίων, ἅ God of Knowledge, the God NO ÚTTED TONGS - of the Saints, holy above all gies of apa, holy Beings; for they are γίες· γδ ἡγιασμύοι,

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Thou art glorious, and high- or. Evde ly exalted, invifible by Na- puu, dóρaτO ture, and unfearchable in τῇ φύση, ἀνεξιχνίασος thy Judgments; whole Life κρίμασιν· ἀνενδεὴς ἡ is without Want, whofe Du- Can, ängen dieλration can never fail, whofe ens Yaugun, and Operation is without Toil, pal ñ åvéрguia, awhose Greatness is unlimit- izgaQ & μɛzαed, whofe Excellency is per- aótus", dérvaЯ eυ• petual, whofe Habitation is πρέπεια, ἀφρόσιτος ᾗ inacceffible, whofe Dwelling κατοικία, ἀμετομά is unchangeable,whofe Know as xqтασxvwledge is without Beginning, as, dapags & zvwors, whofe Truth is immutable, αναλλοίωτος ἡ ἀλήθδα, whofe Work is without Af. ἀμεσίτευτιν δ ἔργον, fiftants, whofe Dominion can- avETICÝλ&TOV ☎neg not be taken away, whole Monarchy is without Succeffion, whofe Kingdom is without end, whofe Strength is irresistible, whofe Army is very numerous : For thou 376 art the Father of Wifdom, ὁ the Creator of the Creation, ITY XTIGHS, ** ws by a Mediator, as the Caufe. The Beftower of Providence, ὁ νόμων δοτὸς, ὁ ἐνδείας the Giver of Laws, the Supplier of Want, the Punisher of the Wicked, and the Rewarder of the Righteous;


· μεγαλοσύνη. V. 1 μπότης V.

τος, ἀλλάδοχος ἡ μο ναρχία, ἀτελεύτητος ἡ βασιλεία, ἀνδυταγώ. visos & ius, Toudeugs & spatia. Cù o Copias TaTip, δημιυργίας διά μα


ως αια

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mamig, sy is as the God and Father of Christ,
αὐτὸν εὐσεβοιώτων κύ· and the Lord of thole that
er@. & ádrá↓d are pious towards Him, whofe
ñéraszenia, adwew- Promife is infallible, whose
unrR ĥxeias, ape- Judgment without Bribes,
τάπις Θ' ἡ γνώμη, ἄ· whole Sentiments are immu-
TauйÁTÉCHα, a table, whofe Piety is incef-
dQ & diggersia. Si fant, whofe Thanksgiving is
ા છે
everlasting, through whom
προσκύησις ὀφείλεται Adoration is worthily due
ο πάσης λογικῆς
maisons nyins è to Thee from every rational
άγλας φύσεως. and holy Nature.





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Κύριε O Lord Almighty, thou XXXVI. τορ, κόσμον ἔκλεισας Egi haft created the World by Xero, y aúlla Chrift, and haft appointed ὥρισας εἰς μνήμίω τέ· the Sabbath in memory thereτε ὅτι ἐν ἀυτῷ κατέ- of, becaufe that on that Day παυ(ας από 2 έργων, thou haft made us reft from His penérie & owy vo- our Works, for the MeditaMWV. opras dew, tion upon thy Laws. Thou εἰς εὐφροσύνῳ ἢ ἡμετέ- haft alfo appointed Feftivals τῶν ψυχῶν ὅπως εἰς for the Rejoicing of our unplus épipeda Souls, that we might come τὸ σε κτεθείσης σοφί- into the Remembrance of that as wis di nμãs for Wisdom which was created Gwen 7 Yo yuwarns by Thee; How He fubmitted 22. LXX, ἐπεφάνη τῷ βίῳ, ανα- to be made of a Woman on δεικνὺς ἑαυτὸν ἐν τῷ our account ; He appear d in Bannoμan, ws @eos Life, and demonstrated Him25 @ ärber & ipa- felf in his Baptism; how He ves made Si nuas that appear'd is both God

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Prov. viii.

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and Man, He fufferd for us συγχωρήσα, ᾧ ἀπέθανε,
by thy Permiffion, and died;
and rofe again by thy Power;
on which account we fo-
lemnly affemble to celebrate
the Feaft of the Refurrection
on the Lord's Day, and re-
joice on account of Him who
has conquer'd Death, and
has brought Life and Im- γε τὰ ἔθνη ἑαυτῷ,
mortality to Light: For by or weiser,
Him thou haft brought home + ἀληθινὸν Ἰσραὴλ,
the Gentiles to thy Self for – θεοφιλῇ, “ ὁρῶντου
a peculiar People, the true eóv. aù 28, were, è
Ifrael, beloved of God, and τις πατέρας ἡμῶν ἐς
feeing God': For thou, Ogages in yus Aizu-
Lord, broughteft our Fathers 8, εῤῥώσω ἐκ ng-
out of the Land of Egypt, pive adneas, & in
and didit deliver them out πηλ, καὶ πλινθουργίας
of the Iron Furnace, from ungwow in XHe's
Clay and Brick-making, and a ̧aw & off io au-
didit redeem them out of Tv. 'C" Hj Dargioo
the Hands of Pharaoh, and ons is Voi Eneas ȧu-
of those under him, and didft 7's jazos @ 3-
lead them through the Sea, παφόρησας αυτὸς ἐν τῇ
as through dry Land, and ἐρήμῳ πουτοίοις ἀγα
didit bear their Manners in θοῖς· νόμον ἀυτοῖς ἔδω
the Wilderness, and beflow p. 2"
3 ding 20-
on them all forts of good γίων", Cῇ φωνῇ φθεῖχο
things; Thou didst give Jerra, xeingTas-
them the Law or Decalogue, experta



deeft. V. deeft. V. forte dengλónov. V.


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