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Day CEAUTYS, Iva σε In- wicked Woman, in cafe fuch an ῥήσῃ ἀπὸ γυναικὸς άλλος one accoft theè with freet mords. τρίας ¢ πυνηθᾶς, ἐάν For from the Window of her Cε 202015 TOIS wes Houfe he looks into the Street, χάριν ἐμβάλητοι. Από το Jee if fhe can efpy (ome young js veis & oins - Man among the foolish Children, Ths eis Tas Thanias without Understanding, walkIgneoa, or av isning in the Market-place, in the ἀφρόνων τέκνων· νέα ονίαν ἐνδὲν φρενῶν καcarropoloμsuor år ago på, in droobis oinar auτῆς, ἐλαλῶντα ἐν σκόTel sawww, living av · ἡσυχία νυκτερινὴ & on yn Cuuduta aury as χεσα πορνικὸν, ἣ 280α moving, wole νέων καρδίας; véwv etimads rapdia, dpemeeœwy'n d'é és dow!, & ding

Meetig of the Street near her Howfe,and talking in the dusk of the Evening, or in the Silence and Darkness of the Night. A Woman meets him in the Appea rance of an Harlot, who steals away the Hearts of young Perfons. She rambles about, and is diffolute: Her Feet abide not in her House. Sometimes the is without, fometimes in the Streets, and lieth in wait at evexry Corner. Then she catches

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4. V. deeft, V.





δέμι ας I have perfum'd my Bed with Sous mas dinas Saffron, and my House with vena TTY ADV AS Cinnamon. Come let us take Cuvarmoir or, modele our fill of Love until the Mornady welwmv, dipung ing; come let us folace our exacious Trang This felves with Love, &c. Το κλίνην με, ἀμφιάπησε 5 which he adds, With much ἔςρωσα τοῖς ἀπ ̓ Αἰγύπ Difcourfe fhe feduced him, with To Seppang ngiru Snares from her Lips fhe forced him. He goes after her like a Prov. v.3. filly Bird. And again, Do not hearken to a wicked Woman; for though the Lips of an Harlot are like Drops from an Honeycomb, which for a while is smooth in thy Throat, yet afierwards thou wilt find ber more bitter than Gall, and sharper than any two-edged Sword. ♥11. 26. And again, But get away quickly, and tarry not; fix not thine Eyes upon her. For fbe has he Pag. thrown down many Wounded, 207. yea innumerable multitudes have been lain by her. If not, fays vi11,.. he, yet thou wilt repent at the Laft, when thy Flesh and thy Body are confumed, and wilt Jay, How have I hated InftruEtion, and my Heart has avoided the Reproofs of the Righ

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deeft. V.

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us neexw, & Joiner μs
mrvaμáμw intèxỳ åπ-
as pirías &ws op-
Ops, deseo è in whi-
wμm & ins
οἷς λιφέρς, ̓Απεπλά
vace autor Tomy one-
aiq, Beogels TE THIS
ἀπὸ χειλέων ἐξώκειλεν
maw ay Mù wei or
e paun yuvani μéxi
φαύλῃ γυναικί μέλι
Σποςάζει απὸ χειλέων
γυναικὸς πόρνης, ἣ
wegs le nive
τὸν φάρυγα, ὕστερον μλύ
mo mueiner gaλns
diphosis, & nov
on Magaleas de-
ςμε. Καὶ πάλιν. ̓Αλ-
λὰ ἀποπήδηGr, ' &" μὴ
yagavions, unde 67-

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teous ? I have not hearkened
to the Voice of my Inftru&tor,
nor inclined mine Ear to my
Teacher. 1 have almojt been

επίσης τὸν ὄμμα πρὸς
αὐτώ. Πολλὺς γδ' πρώ
Caσα καταβέβληκε, à
εὐαρίθμητοί εἰσιν, ές
πεφόνδωκεν. Εἶ ἢ μὴ, in all Evil.


But we will

φησί", μεταμεληθήση" make no more Quotations,
ἐπ ̓ ἐσχάτων σε, Κίng and if we have omitted any,
ἂν κατατριβῶσι Gρκες
σώματός Cu. ἐρεῖς, πῶς
μέση παιδείδω, &

be fo prudent as to felect the
moft valuable out of the Ho-
ly Scriptures, and confirm
your felves with them, re-
jelting all things that are
evil, that fo you may be
found Holy with God in cter-

λέγχες 3 δικαίων" ἐξέκ·
λινεν ἡ καρδία με 5 sou
ἥκεον φωνῆς παιδεύoν
τός με, ἃ διδάσκοντός
με, ἐ παρέβαλλον 3 nal Life.
ἧς με παρ ̓ ὀλίγον ἐ-


ηλυόμην ἐν παντὶ κακῷ. Ἵνα μή 3 αφού πλειόνων παρεκτείνωμου τὰς μαρτυρίας ὼ ἔκνα παρήκαμμ, οἱ (οφοὶ ἑαυτοῖς τὰ καλὰ Ἐπιλέγοντες, ἐκ τῶν ἱερῶν γρα φῶν Ἐλπιστρεπε, του αιτόμβυοι πάντα τα φαῦλα εἰς ὅσίες ερεθῆναι ὑμᾶς ἐν ζωῷ αἰωνίῳ παρὰ Θεῷ.

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ET the Wife be obedient vit που απέπω τις 4 έ to her own proper Hufαὐτῆς δώδεί· ὅτι κεφαλὴ band, becaufe the Husband is 1 Cor.xi. * γυναικὸς ὁ αἰτήρ ύ. the Head of the Wife. But 3 πάρχ· * ἢ αὖδρὸς & Chrift is the Head of that παραδομλύει ἐν ὁδῷ δ- Husband who walks in καιοσύνης, κεφαλή ἐς, the way of Righteoufhefs ; ὁ Χρισός & Χρισ8.5 and the Head of Chrift κεφαλὴ ὁ Θεὸς καὶ τας is God, even his Father. ideeft. v. ? μεταμεληθείς.V. 3 deeft. V. Εἰδίῳ. V. ἐπὶ πάντων. V


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Therefore, O Wife, next af par. Merav

παντοκράτορα θεὸν warneÁTER DEOD v, wana, & TE





ter the Almighty, our God and Father, the Lord of the prefent World to come, the Maker of every thing that breaths, and of every Power; and after his beloved Son our Lord Jefus Chrift, through whom Glory be to God, do thou fear thy Husband, and reverence him, pleafing him alone,adea, w juway y rendring thy felf acceptable to him in the feveral Affairs of Life; that fo on thy ac count thy Husband may be called bleffed, according to the Wisdom of Solomon, which Proverbs thus fpeaks ? Who can find XXXI. 10, virtuous Woman? For fuch a one is more precious than coftly Stones. The Heart of her Hufband doth fafely trust in her, so that he hall have no need of Spoil: For he does good to her Husband all the Days of her Life. She buyeth Wool and Flax, and worketh profitable things with her Hands. She is like the Merchants Ships, he bringeth her Food from far. She rifeth

World, and of the ČVECO TO 8 μémor
Taiwv nierov, wa-
ons TE TIONS È Juvá-
ews Snor, n
Jason Wire you,
or not
Xerson, 'di?" NEα
cream, s
αρέσκεια, αὐτῷ πάρ-
dάpe & år
Yangviaus autê, iva
Col Managedy
aing Li & Copiar &
λεγέσης κα Σολομῶν
δυδρείαν τίς ουρήσι ; τι·
wréeà dé esiv nilwor
Dapoe T OUT!
napsia & dude's aus
HS A TOUT onirav
con Sophos Crepy@ S





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alfo while it is yet Night, and giveth Meat to her Houfhold, and Food to her Maidens. She confidereth a Field, and buyeth it; with the Fruit of her Hands the planteth a Vineyard. She girdeth her Loins with Strength, and strengtheneth her Arms. She tafteth that it is good to labour; her Candle goeth not out all the whole Night. She ftretcheth out her Arms for useful Work, and layeth her Hands to the Spindle. She open:th her hands to the Needy, yea fhe reacheth forth her hands to the Poor. Her Husband takes no care of the Affairs of his House, for all that are with her are cloathed with double Garments. She maketh Coats for her Husband, Cloathings of Silk and Purple. Her Huf band is eminent in the Gates, when he fitteth with the Elders of the Land. She maketh fine** Pag. Linnen, and felleth it to the 208. Plenicians, and Girdles to the Canaanites. She is cloath'd with Glory and Beauty, and he rejoices in the laft Days. She

* decit. V. 3. ἰχθη. V. 3 συμφέροντα V. iv.

C 3


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