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Thν, auss@ & Mas- Seafons, by its Increase and



Mévn xì vùę wromálo, καὶ ἡμέρα Ten PEVεTD", seρÉwμa Y μέσον τραβύστων idánvuto. Èâwas ouvaqtñvar rá isa, x optñva 7 Eneav. u τὴν ἢ * θάλασσαν πῶς av Tis inpegory με έρχεται μὺ ἀπὸ πελάγες 3 μavon" Tadındеéμe 2, ψάμμε, τῇ προσαγῇ κωλύομλύη· 4 εἶπες 28, EN AUTη owners OFDay LUTYS Tà núng το ζώοις 5 μικροῖs & μεγάλοις, καὶ πλοίοις πορδυτικό" αυτὼ ἔποίη· ἶτ ̓ ἐχλοανετο γῆ, πολυτοίοις ἄνθεσι ng Tay ea popfun, mininia Sérder φόρων παμφαις τε 7 QWSYPES" TÝTWV Tin voi, aCaTov o ἀπολάβατον Cortes & doangor, sýna Goder y Macortes τους αλλά on's megayn's in



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Diminutions; and one was called Night, and the other Day. And the Firmament was exhibited in the midft of the Abyss, and thou commande dft the Waters to be gathered together, and the dry Land to appear. But as for the Sea it felf, who can poffibly defcribe it? Which comes with Fury from the Ocean, yet runs back again, being ftopp’d by the Sand at thy Command; for thou haft faid, Thereby fhall her Job Waves be broken. Thou haft xxxviïƒ alfo made it capable of fupporting little and great Creatures, and made it naviga ble for Ships. Then did the Earth become green, and was planted with all forts of Flowers, and the Variety of feveral Trees; and the hi ning Luminaries, the Nourifhers of thofe Plants, preferve their unchangeable Courfe, and in nothing depart from thy Command.


προσηγός φυτο ν. * μέσον V. 3 deeft. V. · εἶπας. V. 5 διαπορού τὴν. V. · βe9τοῖς ἢ βατὴν αὐτὴν εἶναι τοῖς πλοίοις ἐπέλοντας. V. ίφω τήρες. V.


But where thou biddeft them ἂν κελεύσῃς, ταύτῃ ἀthere do they rife and fet, νίχεσι καὶ δύεσιν, εἰς σηfor Signs of the Seafons, μενα καιρῶν & ἐνια and of the Years, making τῶν, ἀμαιβόμλμοι a conftant Return of the δυθρώπων ὑπηρεσίαν. Work of Men. Afterwards ἔπειτα λιαφόρων ζώων the Kinds of the feveral κατεσκόυάζετο γλύη, χερAnimals were created, thole Gίων, ἀνύδρων, ἀερο belonging to the Land, το πόρων, αμφιβίων & τ the Water, to the Air, and σῆς προνοίας ἡ ἔντεχ both to Air and Water; and v— σοφία τω κατάλο the artificial Wifdom of thy Providence does ftill impart to every one a fuitable Pro vidence. For as he was not unable to produce different Kinds, fo neither has he dif. dain’d to exercife a diffe- λιγώρησε. καὶ τέλΘ rent Providence towards eve· δημιεργίας, δ λογικὸν ry one. And at the Conclu- ζῶον, ὃ κοσμοπολίτῳ, fion of the Creation thou ga- τῇ σῇ σοφίᾳ διαταξά veft Direction to thyWifdom, μα, κατεσκδύασας, and formedft a reafonable επών• Ποίηστομίω δ Creature, as the Citizen of θρωπον κατ' εἰκόνα, καὶ Gen. 1.26 the World, faying, Let us καθ ̓ ὁμοίωσιν ἡμετέραν

λάλον ἑκάστῳ πρόνοι δωρεῖται ὥσπερ γδ διά φόρα γύη σοκ ἠτόνησε παγαγεῖν, ὅτως οὐδὲ Χάφορον πρόνοιαν ἑκάτι ποιήσεως κατω





make Man after our Image, κόσμε κόσμον ἀυτὸν ἀπ and after our Likenefs; and ναδείξαε ἐκ μπεστί. haft exhibited him as the των 25οιχείων, πρώτων", Ornament of the World, and (ωμάτων διαπλάσας formed him a Body out of αυτῷ σῶμα, κατασκευά the Four Elements, thofeσας δ' αυτός ο ψυχίὼ ἐκ

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* μὴ ὄντων, αἴσθησιν primary Bodies, but hadft


δι' αυτῷ πένταθλον zaciáμs, & vv The Juxus Livionu Tals aiwnorowy Csoas. è 6m nãσ TÉTOIS, S'éτοῦ κύριε, τίς ἐπαξίως διηγήσεται νεφῶν, ἐμε SingHDETTY VEQWD βροτόκων φοράν, CeoTónar qoear, τραπῆς ἔκλαμψιν


prepared a Soul out of nothing, and bestowedft upon him his Five Senses, and didft fer over his Senfations a Mind, as the Conductor of the Soul. : And, befides all - these things, O Lord God, who can worthily declare

Teaπns enλaufer, the Motion of the rainy
BeiTWV marajov, e's Clouds, the fhining of the
καταλλήλε 2-

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- Lightning, the Noile of the

pnyiar", nesow de- Thunder, in order to the
των πολυαρμόνιον. που
ρακύσιμα ἢ “ ἄνθρω·
TOV, Expiade (was es
phoas con ds 3d
τελὲς ἀφανίσας, ἀλλὰ
χρόνῳ πρὸς ὀλίγον η -
μίσας, ὅρκῳ εἰς παλιδ.
Hunoiav Enxλeous, 3%-
τον" θανάτε ἔλυσις,
4 o" (World's of ve
ζωοποιός νε
newv ya Inov Xes,
ἡ ἐλπίδα, ἡμῶν.


Μέγας ε, κύριε πολυτοκράτορ, καὶ με Jaan ʼn igyús os,


Supply of proper Food, and
the molt agreeable Tempe
rature of the Air. But when
Man was difobedient, thou
didit deprive him of the
Life which thould have been
his Reward ; yet didft thou
not deftroy him for ever,
but laidft him to fleep for a
time, and thou didst by Oath
call him to a Refurrection,
and loofedft the Bond of
Death; thou Reviver of
the Dead, thro' Jesus Christ,
who is our Hope.

Thus art thou, O Lord xxxv.
Almighty, and great is thy
Power, and of thy Under

2 aur. V. *englar nglunañas. V. 3 wej. V. 4 üç. V.

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whine ἐν" χάρισε,
μaxes, *** 24
ἐλέες χορηγέ ὁ μὴ
inv" Dhs Cwv nko-
tv + Comeiar' Qú-
of 8 azarda's wap-
s pedy 3 app-
τιμόν των, εἰς μετούοιδμ
προσκαλέμδυος οἶκο



ftanding there is no Num- σωέσεώς σε οὐκ ἔςιν ἀπ ber. Our Creator and Sa- epós nrisa, Calip, viour, rich in Benefits, Long **Pag. fuffering, and the Beftower 375• of Mercy, who doft not take away thy Salvation from thy Creatures; for thou art good by Nature, and sparest Sinners, and inviteft them to Repentance; for Admonition is the Effect of thy Bowels of Compaffion; for how hpuar jap or i pg= fhould we abide if we were requir❜d to come to Judgment immediately, when af ter fo much Longfuffering, we hardly get clear of our miferable Condition. The Heavens declare thy Dominion, and the Earth shakes with Earthquakes, and hanging upon nothing, declares thy unfhaken Stedfaftness. The Sea raging with Waves, eίαν βόσκεσα ζώων α and feeding a Flock of Ten γέλην, πεπέδηται ἄμthousand Creatures, is bound-, ~ Clus Béλnow ed with Sand, as ftanding in πφρικτα & πούτας awe at thy Command, and avay Boar s compels all Men to cry out, ἐμεγαλώθη τὰ ἔργα Pfal. ciii. How great are thy Works, O os, were la co Lord! In Wijdom haft thou σοφίᾳ ἐποίησας· ἐπλη


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θέτησις. πῶς ηδ' ἂν 3 ὑἀπέση", ἐπειγομένω Touréμfor xeia, óπότε μακροθυμέμθμοι, μόλις ἀνανδύουμε ἀ θενείας ; σὲ δ κράτα ἀνήδγειλαν οἱ ἐρατοὶ, neadaivoμsín, ☀ ἀσφάλειαν ἐπ ̓ οὐδενὸς peaμsun". Dango. Gwa, y

deeft, V. apeis V. 2 al. ŵwosŵulu, 4 xexgiμaçar. V.


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ewn i 20 m2 πriores made them all: The Earth is σε. Καὶ σρατὸς αγγέλων full of thy Creation. And φλεγόμεθ, πνεύμα· the bright Holt of Angels, τα νοερά, λέγυσιν ες and the Intellectual Spirits ἅγια Φελμονεί an TWS BEAμgre" fay to Palmoni, There is but Dan. viil è Zeeapiμ ana, and one Holy Being, and the Ho-13. τοῖς χεροβὶμ τοῖς ἐξαπ· Iy Seraphim, together with Περύηρις, σοὶ τω Ἐπν- the Six winged Cherubim, κιον ᾠδίω ψάλλοντα, who fing to Thee their Triἀσιδή τοις φωναῖς βοῶσιν• umphal Song, cry out with


"Agi, agros, agos never-ceafing Voices, Holy, Ifa. vi. zi swei® ΣαCaút π- Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hofts, pns o ó seavo's è & zu ↑


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Heaven and Earth are full of

titudes of the Orders, An


δόξης σε Soins ou & maneathy Glory; and the other Mulἕτερα TASHÁTWv Tanen, af24201", apá 2020, Dei gels, Arch-Angels, Thrones, VOL, NORANTES, apxa, Dominions, Principalities, AuEva, duvaμes, thorities and Powers, cry aCouvτa Négyar Es loud,and fay,Blessed be the Glory Ezek. iii, murun in dota nues of the Lord out of his Place. But En TË UTE UTS. Io Ifrael, thy Church on Earth, eand 3, & Shigetos os taken out of the Gentiles, ¿uuλnoia, ñ ¿§ éπvv, emulating the Heavenly Powταῖς κατ ̓ ἐρανὸν δικά ers Night and Day, with a μεσιν ἀμιλλωμλύη, νυκ- full Heart and a willing Tiènμépa, a napig Soul, fings, The Chariot of Pl, Ixvii. Tant & tuan das God is ten thousandfold, thou. 18. on, fams To аpma (ands of them that rejoice: Ξ Θεῷ μυριοπλάσιον, The Lord is among them in Xicides InvévTv, Sina, in the holy Place. The ner Ev aurois, & Heaven knows him who fix'd

pany?. V. 2 deeft. V.

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