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ment, endeavour to do what is acceptable to God. And keeping in mind the Oracles of Chrift, meditate in the Jofi. 8. fame continually. For fo the Deut. vi. Scripture fays to thee, Thou halt meditate in his Law Day and Night; when thou walkeft in the Field, and when thou fitteft in thine House, and when thou lyeft down, and when thou Couso, & Lavisrifeft up, that thou mayst have Understanding in all things. Nay, altho' thou beeft rich, apps, xpear and fo doft not want a Trade **Pag. for thy Maintenance, be not 204. one that gads about, and walks abroad at random. But either go to fome that are Believers, and of the fame Religion, and confer and difcourse with them about the lively Oracles of God :


Or if thou stayeft at home, read the Books of the Law, of the Kings, with the Prophets, fing the Hymns of David, and perufe diligently the Gorpel, which is the Completion of the other.

V. 2 αναιροπάτος ν.

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wees ♂ *** TipEWS τρέφεπε cone, un peμbos vive,unde anaveo weinamiQ"· X' än wegσέρχη τοῖς πιςοῖς τε ε ὁμοδοξοις, συμβάλλων TwoTTold wegroμing cita

Εἰ ; μή, καθο u erdov súvaγίνωσκε - νόμον, τους Banners, Tus woons tame Tès vμves. Aabid. Sieppy λως ὃ δαδγέλιον δ τά των συμπλήρωμα.


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Abftain from all the Hea VI. then Books. For what haft thou to do with fuch foreign Difcourfes, or Laws, or false Prophets, which fubvert the Faith of the Unstable? For what Defed doft thou find in the Law of God, that thou fhouldeft have Recourfe to thofe Heathenish Fables? For if thou haft a mind to read Hiftory, thou haft the Books of the Kings: If Books of Wisdom or Poetry, thou haft thofe of the Prophets, of Job, and the Proverbs; in which thou wilt find greater depth of Sagacity than in all the Hea then Poets, and Sophifters, becaufe thefe are the Words of the Lord, the only Wife God. If thou defireft 1omething to fing, thou haft the Pfalms; if the Origin of things, thou haft Genefis; if Laws and Sta- *** Pag. sy way yeniwv, +-tutes, thou haft the glorious 25. Sokov weir F O vó. Law of the Lord God. Do Πάντων εν άλλο- thou therefore utterly abftain reiwr @ Laboninav from all strange and Diaboἰσχυρῶς ἀπόψε. Πλίω lical Books. Nay, when thou


της αἱρετικά μὴ ἀναγίνωσις. ν. 3 ευρόμυθος. V.


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readeft the Law, think not thy felf bound to obferve the Additional Precepts, though not all of them, yet fone of them. Read thole barely for the fake of Hiftory, in order to the Knowledge of them, and to glorify God that he has delivered thee from fuch great and fo many Bonds. Propole to thy felf to diftinguifh what Rules were from the Law of Nafure, and what were added afterwards, or were fuch Additional Rules as were introduc'd and given to the 7 If raelites after the making of the Calf. For the Law conrains thore Precepts which were fpoken by the Lord God before the people fell into Idolatry, and made a Calf like the Egyptian Apis, that is, the Ten Commandments. Bur as to thole Bonds which were farcher laid upon them after they had finn'd, do not thiou draw them upon thy felf: For our Saviour came for no other Reafon but that He

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* ἐν αὐτῷ ἐπεισάκτων απέχει εἰ ὶ μὴ πάντων, αλλά μνων, * * δύτες ρώσεως μόνον ἢ πρὸς isoρίσω δυναγίνωσκε, isoeide εἰς 3 γινώσκειν (ε, δοξάζειν * Θεόν, ἵκ ἀπὸ τοιέτων και τοσέτων ἐῤῥύ από δε δεσμών. Εξω δέ σοι πρὸ ὀφθαλ μεν γινώσκειν,τί νόμΘ. φυσικός, ε τί τ δευτερώσεως, τά τε ἐν τῇ ἐρήμῳ τοῖς μοχοποιή σασι δοθέντα έπεισακτα. Νόμο γὰρ ἐςι, τίνα ἐλάλησε κύρι ( ὁ Θεὸς πρὸ ν τ λαὸν εἰδωλο λατρήσου με οποιῆσαι * παρ' Αιγυπτίοις Απιν, τετέςιν ἡ δεκάλογο & ἢ άμαρτήσασιν αὐτοῖς ἐπετέθη δεσμά, σύ (eαυτῷ μὴ ἔπισπάση. Ο η σωτὴρ ἡμῶν ἐ διέτε ev k ἦλθεν, ἢ ἵνα 3 ῥύ n σηται τις υποδίκες τῆς Σποκειμθύης ὀργῆς, τ πληρώση το νόμον καὶ τὰς προφήτας, και τα δεσμά



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~ 7

σάκτων ή παύση ή μεπαθῇ. Διὰ η τζ wegona défunμs λεγα. ALUTE we's με πάντες οἱ ηςπιών

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might deliver thole that were obnoxious therero from that Wrath which was referved for them; that he might fulfil the Law and the Prophets; and that he might

TES & TEPоpkoμor, abrogate or change thofe fe



xx αα @ vs.

Σὺ ἐν αναγνὲς ἢ νόμον

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auμQwvov övra Tual gonic sy rois wegon ταις, δραγίνωσκε και τάς βασιλείες, όπως εἰδέναι 2915, özÓG Singlol WoνTo Barnes, nuEn Modes God DEE, è ἡ ἐπαγγελία τ αιωνίω (wns aurois diéμave παρ' αὐτῷ· ὅσοι ἢ βασιλᾶς ἐξεπόρνευσαν από Dε8, av åmosaσia auτῶν σκυτόμως ἀπώλονTO TY & DEY Singo necia, & fairs (was Esepnadu, aiti aiaπαύσεως αωνίδυ κόλασιν κληρωθέμθμοι, ταῦ+++ Tα Ev day wonwv, ** του εν πολύ mond Th wish anDeis, wegroing dounenon Xersw, & own



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Ideeft. V.


condary Bonds, which were fuperadded to the reft of the Law. For therefore does He call to us, and fay, Come un- Matt. xi to me all ye that labour and 8. are heavy laden, and I will give you Reft. When therefore thou haft read the Law, which is agreeable to the Gospel, and to the Prophets, read alfo the Books of the Kings, that thou mayft thereby learn which of the Kings were righteous, and how they were profper'd by God; and how the Promife of Eternal Life continued with them from him. But thofe Kings which went a whoring from God did foon perifh in their Apoftacy by the righteous Judg-✩** Pag↓ ment of God, and were depriv'd of his Life, inheriting, instead of Reft, Eternal Pu



Prov. vii.

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nifhment. Wherefore by read- μέλΘ τυγχάνεις. Περ
ing there Books thou wilt be ειπατῶν ἢ ἐν τῇ α
mightily ftrengthen'd in the pä, ễ hśσawaj Byja
Faith, and edify'd in Chrift, &, xenon Bang-
whole Body and Member
thou art. Moreover, when
thou walkest abroad in
Publick, and haft a mind
to bath, make ufe of that
Bath which is appropria-
ted to Men, left by difco- boys, in wayisions.
vering thy Body in an un-
feemly manner to Women,
or by feeing a Sight not feem-
ly for Men, either thou beeft
enfnar'd, or thou enfnareft
and inticest to thy felf those
Women who easily yield to
fuch temptations. Take care
therefore, and avoid fuch
things, left thou admit a
Snare upon thy own Soul.

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For let us learn what the Sacred Word fays in the Book of Wisdom, My Son, keep my 3, &c. Words, and hide my Commandments with thee: Say unto Wisdom, Thou art my Sifter, and make Understanding familiar with thee that she may keep thee from the trange and

defunt. .


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μα ἐν ἀχήμῳ Σποκα.
λύψη γυναιξὶν, ἢ θεάς
σαπς θέλω εχ αρμόζει
στο ανδράσιν, ἢ σὺ πα
dahaтus Suvaings.
Φυλάος εν το τοιούτου,
va un abus Beixes,
caure Tuxy.

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Μάθωμπυ γδ, ἐν τη Cοφίᾳ τί λέγα

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