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- ferv'd, who was the Expecta gride. ☎Bátiqua, Thus tion of the Nations. He who Juoiav, shu iscwoulu, made a Law for Swearing Matt.v.33

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rightly, and forbad Perjury, has now charged us not to Swear at all. He has in feveral Ways changed Baptifm, Sacrifice, the Priesthood, and the Divine Service, which was confind to one Place ; for inftead of daily Baptifms, he has given only one, which is that into his Death. Instead of one Tribe, he has appointed that out of Ducias ↑ di aiμg, every Nation the Beft fhould λογικὼ καὶ ἀναίμακτον be ordain'd for the Prieftsin W), kes eis

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Daratov & nueis oupθάνατον κυρίs συμα


hood; and that not their Bodies fhould be examin'd Córov zde bλ- for Blemishes, but their Rcray, & ownalos wird ligion and their Lives; inaiμal ¿NiTi T-tead of a Bloody Sacrifice, αἵματα· αὐτὶ ἢ πικῆς λατρείας, Στὸ he has appointed that reaδὐατολῶν ἡλίε, è fonable and unbloody Myμέχρι δυσμῶν ἐν παντὶ Πlical one of uis Body and towy & Słowoτdas au- Blood, which is perform'd το προσέταξε δοξάζει το reprefent the Death of os auror, 4 & edingiw the Lord, by Symbols: Indev" è vougu svi ftead of the Divine Service NEV do nμat, confin'd to one Place, he has


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δεσμά. πεί γδ ξ νόμε commanded and appointed

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P. exii.3. that He fliould be glorifyd Μωσῆς λέγς. Μελετή Mali. 11. from Sun-rifing to Sun-fetting of a price o eco Cor in every Place of his Domi. ἐντέλλομαι, καθήμ


nion. He did not therefore ἂν οἴκῳ, καὶ δυνιτάμε take away the Law from us,,ATOV EN but the Bonds. For concern- ode. Kai Aabid ing the Law Mofes fays, λέγ· Ἐν τῷ νόμῳ κυ Deut.vi.6 Thou shalt meditate on the Word which I command thee, fitting in thine House, and XeTO Sμées rifing up, and walking in the

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Pfal. i, 2. Way. And David fays, His De-
light is in the Law of the Lord,
and in his Law will be medi- pss.
tate Day and Night. For
every where would he have
us fubject to his Laws, but
not Tranfgreffors of them.
exviii. 1. For, fays He, Bleffed are the
Unfiled in the way, who walk
in the Law of the Lord. Blef-
Jed are they that Jearch out his
Tcftimonies; with their whole
Heart Phall they fiek Him.
Bar. iv. 4. And again, Bleffed are me, O
Ifracl, because those things
that are pleafing to God are
known to us. And the Lord
Joh. xiii. fays, If ye know these things
happy are ye if ye do them.

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Ου μόνον καὶ +


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NOR does he defire that XXIV.

the Law of Righteouf

nels fhould only be demonftrated by us; but he is pleas'd that it should appear and fhine by the means of the Romans. For thefe Romans, altho' they have not ecov', È TORUdeias believed in the Lord, yet ἀπέςησι καὶ ἀδικίας' have left off their Polytheifm

@ τὸς ἀγαθὲς Σποδέ

χονται, ὼ τὸς φαύλος
εσιν. Ἰυδαίες 5
popus ex you,
idious singing or con
ἰδίοις δικαιώμασιν
ἐῶσι κεχρῆσαι.


Ἐπειδὴ ¢ ἑκέσιον

and Injuftice, and entertain
the Good, and punifh the
Bad. But they hold the
Jews under Tribute, and do
not fuffer them to make use
of their own Ordinances.

Because indeed they drew xxv.

επισπάστου δελείαν, Servitude upon themselves

ATOUTES OUR Eu ἐπόντες· ἔλεμ Baoλéa, & un Kaion ex* *x idi μǹ å‰onté vanje, onoi, + Xerσόν, πολύτες εἰς αὐτὸν πι· ενδύσεσι καὶ ἐλεύσονται οἱ Ρωμαῖοι, @ ἀρᾶσιν ἡμῶν καὶ τ τόπον ὢ τὸ LIV. Èängutes Teqúτdar è 28 è

inary. V.

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πίςευσαν εἰς αὐτὸν το
v. vwo Pw-
giwr feroias wern-
pénour, C. & vorunns
λατρείας ̇ κεκωλυμλύοι
dé ein, y avarpar es
ἂν θέλωσι, & θύειν
Tav" DENWOL Sy ny
εἰσιν Ἐπικατάρατοι,
μὴ διέμθμοι ποιείν




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apúa· Emuaτdeal 28. onor, 2 ὅς σου ἐμμύρ ἐν πᾶσι τοῖς γεγραμα μλύοις ἐν ᾧ βιβλίῳ ropes, To Tony ἀδεύατον δέ

themfelves are depriv’d by the Romans of their Power, and of their Legal Worthip. They alfo are forbidden to flay whom they pleafe, and to facrifice when they will. Wherefore they are accurfed, as not able to perform the Things they are commanded to do. For, xxvii 26. fays He, Curfed be he that Gal. 10 does not continue in all things that are written in the Book of the Lam to do them. Now *tis impoffible in their Difperfion, while they are a mong the Heathen, for them to perform all things in their Law. For the Divine Mofes Eù ¿væv örtes, nouta forbids both to rear am AlDeut. xii tar out of Jerufalem, and to read the Law out of the Bounds of Judea. Let us therefore follow Chrift, that we may inherit his Blef fings. Let us walk after the Law and the Prophets, by the Gospel. Let us efchew the Worlippers of many Gods, and the Murderers of ps

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EN Lowa Met

τὰ το νόμο ὄπιτε-
hav autés. 3 day-
polis aurors o te
γδ' αὐτοῖς
Μωσῆς ἐν θυσιαςήριον
IeprGanu içär,
voμov Ew Tho-
νόμον ἔξω ὅ
ewv Ἰυδαίας αναγινώ-
one". Expo
pes" Xμg, Tas &-
λογίας κληρονομήσω
vóμg & weg pn-

V. V. defunt. V. 4 deeft. V.


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τους λὰ τῷ διαδγελία Chrift, and the Murderers
τοιχήσωμου φύγωμ of the Prophets, and the

τές πολυθέας", καὶ τὸς wicked and atheiftical Here
χριςοκτόνες, è τὰς ticks. Let us be obedient
προφητοφόντας, καὶ τὰς to Chrift, as to our King,
δυσωνύμες & ἀθέως α- as having Authority to change
σεσιώτας πειθαρχήσω- feveral Conftitutions, and ha-
με 2 ώς βασιλε, ως ving, as a Legiflator, Wif
ἐξυσίαν ἔχοντι μετα- dom to make new Con-
δέναι κατάξεις g• ftitutions in different Cir-
φόρες, καὶ ἐλοντι, ὡς vo- cumftances ; yet fo that
μοθέτῃ, σοφίαν ὦ δια- every where the Laws of
τάσεως διαφόρως,παν. Nature be immutably pre-
ταχ ΐ φυσικῶν ἀμε ferved.
ταθέτων φυλαττομέ-


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̓Απέχεθε ὖν αἱρε σιωτῶν πολύτων, ὦ 67. σκοποι καὶ λαϊκοί, ὃ φαυ· λιζόντων – νόμον καὶ τις προφήτας Θεῷ γδ παοκράτορι ἐχθραί. νοντες, ἀπειθῶσι καὶ Χρισὸν ἐχ ̓ ὁμολογgσιν ὑὸν Θεό· ἀρνοιῶ και γδ καὶ σάρκα ἀυτηχύνησιν, ἣ sωρὸν ἐπαιχείονται, δ πίθος δ' ὲτ θάνατον ἀδυξέσι, * Αγάςασιν ἀγνοῦσι, *

Do you therefore, Ο Bi- XXVI. flops, and ye of the Laity, avoid all Hereticks who abufe the Law and the Prophets. For they are Enemies to God Almighty, and dilobey Him, and do not confefs Chrift to be the Son of God: For they allo deny his Generation according to the Fleth ; they are aflam d of the Crofs; they abufe his Pallion and his Death; they know not his Refurrection ;

: μισοθέας. V. : Xesῷ. V. v.


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