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Was nghws TIGTE is hate you; and pray for them

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which despitefully use you, and
perfecute you; and ye shall be
the Children of your Father
which is in Heaven; for he
maketh his Sun to shine on the
Evil and on the Good, and rain-

avaremd 67 Tovnpeseth on the Fuft and Unjust. Let

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najes, è adius. Fleσέχωμεν ἐν ἀγαπητοί * ἐντολάς ταύτας, ἵνα τέκνα φωτός ούρεθώμη πρέποντες αυτούς.



us therefore, Beloved, attend
to thefe Commandments,that
we may be found to be the
Children of Light by doing


BA SUZETE &V of de- BEAR therefore with
૨૦૫ છે પ્રર્ન કૈં ઊ, one another, ye Ser-
Σλλήλε Oave vants and Sons of God. Let
2 ways" I SAUTY & Jay the Husband not be infolent
ng 25" in wenoa- nor arrogant towards his
vos, undèana (wr,
Lowry, Luer-
So, Thisia zwap
"Merov" Borgusu-
péonev, & Tavov ng-
κούςν ἐντίμως,απεδάζων
καταθύμια είναι αυτῇ
Μὴ καλλωπιζόμθυο


Wife; but compaffionate,
bountiful, willing to please
his own Wife alone, and
treat her honourably and o-
bligingly, endeavouring to be
agreeable to Her.

Do not adorn thy felf III.

Q is ☎ azedana in fuch a manner as may
ἑτέραν Centice another Woman to

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2 vuas. V. 2 abfunt V. al. Eraiear. realier. V.

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thee. For if thou art over- G. EITE 28 ävayna come by her, and finnest deis auris, app

Toys eis autný, Dávaby Des émeλoboery oor aiúviC ev ajadńnews na Coμsig. Είτε μὴ ποιήσης Το μυ

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with her, eternal Death will overtake thee from God; and thou wilt be punifh'd with fenfible and bitter Torments: Or if thou dont not perpetrate fuch a wicked Act, but shakeft her off, and refusest her, in this cafe thou art not wholly innocent, even tho' thou art not guilty of the Crime it felf, upon account of thy bare adorning thy felf, fo that a Woman was enfnared to defire thee. opéεws μgixo dvaj For thou art the caufe that the Woman was fo affected, and by her lufting after thee was guilty of Adultery with thee; yet art thou not fo guilty, becaufe thou didst not fend to her, who was enfnar'd by thee; nor didft thou defire her. Since therefore thou didit not ***Pag deliver up thy felf to her, 202. thou shalt find Mercy with the Lord thy God, who hath faid, Thou shalt not commit Adultery, and, Thou shalt not

Exod. xx.

14, 17.


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For if fuch a Wo-Doh nový ávπ 3


* al. αὐτὸ & V. * al. ἐπίσεις pro επίσης ἐφ ̓ ἴσης να 3 ἀπε

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εκείνη μλύτοι ἢ καρδία
τραυμακίδη, ὠμόρφ
νεωτέρα υπάρχοντος σε
reganvas os, evox
βυρίσκη σὺ ξ ἐκείνης
απλώματα, ως άτιος
auths orgudang -
ps & saj nn
CoróμArò en-
ονόμα Ad
Ink we's & Deo
όπως μηδέν σοι 2 τέ
To manor her. Ou
8 ανθρώποις σε χρή
apéoner as anaplar
αλλά Θεῷ εἰς στο
MTα (WAS TE, & dua-
παύσεως δ' αἰωνία αν-
Tixeaday. To voo & qu
σεως (οι δεδομθμον eu
Dev nam un e-
mrg. Mw me, Xa Ta-
πεινοφρόνως μετρίασον
auri wei's av Spares, on thee do not farther beau-
Iow I reiza os &tifie; but modeftly diminish
uns un argé vwv, it before Men. Thus, do not
März Curnow thou permit the Hair of thy
È ngJiew aithr iva Head to grow too long, but
un 2narann Course rather cut it fhort; left by
os y down lov mper a nice combing thy Hair, and
# μEQаλйv, naтape- wearing it long, and anoint-
μυρισμούς σε επαγα- ing thy felf, thou draw upon

man upon fight of thee, of
unleafonable meeting with
thee, was fmitten in her mind,
and fent to thee; but thou,
as a religious Perfon, didft
refufe her, if he was wound-
ed in her Heart by thy
Beauty, and Youth, and
Adorning, and fell in love
with thee, thou wilt be found
guilty of her Tranfgreffions;
as having been the Occafion
of Scandal to her; and fhalt Matth.
inherita Wo. Wherefore XVIII. 17.
thou to the Lord God, that
no Mifchief may befal chee
upon this account: For thou
art not to pleafe Men, fo as
to commit Sin; but God, fo
as to attain Holinels of Life,
and be Partaker of everlast-
ing Reft. That Beauty which
God and Nature has beftow'd

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thy felf fuch ensnar'd, or enfnaring Women. Neither do thou wear over-fine Garments to feduce any; neither do thou, with an evil Subtilty, affect over-fine Stockings, or my, unde araqueidas,, Shooes for thy Feet, but only ή κρηπίδας με τους που fuch as fuit the Meafures of σὶ κακοτέχνως παρα Decency and Ufefulness. Nei- pays" aσμað f ther do thou put a Gold-Ring & & gesics upon thy Fingers; for all μόνον μηδὲ χρυσήλα there Ornaments are the Signs Toν (φενδόνίω τοῖς δακτ of Lafciviousness; which if OIS σ8 Wellys, On τύλοις σε ὅτι thou be folicitous about, in ταῦτα πάντα εταιρισμό an indecent manner, thou wilt xunera wapd, anot act as becomes a good mp at a wegannev Man: For it is not lawful for a Man, who is a Believer, and belongs to God, to permit the Hair of his Head to grow ceci 20" long, and to bush it up together, nor to fuffer it to fpread abroad, nor to puff it up, nor by nice Combing and Plating to make it curl and fhine; fince that is contrary to the Law, which fays thus, in its Additional Precepts, Levit.xix. You shall not make to your 27. felves Curls and round Rafures.

XX I. 5.

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Nor may Men deftroy the gaanwr år TWS ANTEC

2 2
pping. V. deeft. al. Coony. V.

Η απόχημα. V.


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XXI. 5.

νομίῳ κ. κ
ὑμῖν σήσον, ἐδὲ ἀνα-
ξυρίδας. Χρὴ ἢ ἐδὲ
υείς τρίχα διαφθείρην,
* μορφω * αρθρώ.
πε αά φύσιν ἐξαλλά
απεινο Οὐκ Σπομαδα
ρώσετε γάρ, φησιν ο νό-
μα, τες πώγωνας ύ-
μῶν. Τέτο γ γυναι-
ξὶν ευπρεπὲς ὁ κτίας
ἐποίησε Θεός· ἀνδράσι
* δάρμοσον ἐδικαίωσε.
Σὺ ἢ ταῦτα ποιῶν Tα
αρέσκειαν, ἀνακ έμθμος
των νόμῳ, βδελυκτός
χρήση του ο Θεῷ τῷ
κτίσαντι σε κατ ̓ εἰκόνα -
αυτό. Ἐὰν ἐν θέλης him.
Θεῷ αρέσκειν, ἀπόχες
πάντων ὧν μισεῖ αὐτὸς,
σε μηδὲν πράως απ
τῷ ἀπαρεσκόντων.

* Ου ποιήσετε Hair of their Beards, and un... Pag.
naturally change the Form of
a Man. For the Law fays,
Te hall not marr your Beards. Levit.
For God has made this de- χιχ. 27.
cent for Women, but has de
termined that 'tis unfuitable
for Men. But if thou do
there things to pleafe Men,
in Contradiction to the Law,
thou wilt be abominable with
God, who created thee after
his own Image. If there-
fore thou wilt be accepta-
ble to God, abitain from
all thole things which he
hates ; and do none of thofe
things that are unpleading to

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