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you, and

is hate you; and pray for them
which despitefully use
perfecute you; and ye shall be
the Children of your Father
which is in Heaven; for he
maketh his Sun to shine on the
Evil and on the Good, and rain-
eth on the Fuft and Unjust. Let
us therefore, Beloved, attend
to thefe Commandments,that
we may be found to be the
Children of Light by doing

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BASZET by of do- BEAR therefore with સ્ટેમ્પ છે પૃર્મ ૪ ૪,



one another, ye Serαλλήλες. O ve vants and Sons of God. Let Zwey's" I "EAUTY & Jay the Husband not be infolent ng 24" in wenoa- nor arrogant towards his vos, undèana Zav, 'Wife; but compaffionate, downxzxQ, L'μerá- bountiful, willing to please SOTO, Thidig gwapi his own Wife alone, and "Merov" Borusu - treat her honourably and opioneir, è lavov na bligingly, endeavouring to be κού]ν ἐντίμως,ασεδάζων agreeable to Her. καταθύμια είναι αυτῇ Μὴ καλλωπιζόμο

Do not adorn thy felf III.

Q eis 8 azedova in fuch a manner as may

Κνα 3· ἑτέραν

entice another Woman to

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2 vuas. V. 2 abfunt V. al. iraiear. realer. V.




thee. For if thou art over- G. ETE 28 avaynacome by her, and finneft des

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with her, eternal Death will Toys eis autny, Dávaovertake thee from God; and thou wilt be punifh'd with fenfible and bitter Torments: Or if thou doft not perpetrate fuch a wicked Act, but shakeft her off, and refusest her, in this cafe thou art not wholly innocent, even tho' thou art not guilty of the Crime it felf, upon account of thy bare adorning thy felf, fo that a Woman was enfnared to defire thee. For thou art the caufe that the Woman was lo affected, and by her lufting after thee was guilty of Adultery with thee; yet art thou not fo guilty, becaufe thou didst not fend to her, who was enfnar'd by thee; nor didft thou defire her. Since therefore thou didit not Pag deliver up thy felf to her, thou shalt find Mercy with the Lord thy God, who hath 14,19. faid, Thou shalt not commit Adultery, and, Thou shalt not For if fuch a Wo

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Exod. xx.


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* al. αὐτὸ & V. 1 al. ἐπίσεις pro ἐπίσης: ἐφ ̓ ἴσης να **T, Xx pastes ois avalú. V.

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ἐκείνη μλύτοι και καρδίδ man upon fight of thiee, o ἐτραυματίπη, ὠμόρφε unfeafonable meeting with νεωτέρω υπάρχοντός σε thee,was fmitten in her mind, È NENGM WITHONY's, we and fent to thee; but thou, reganvas os, evox as a religious Perfon, didft ἐραθηναί σε, ἔνοχ βρίσκῃ σὺ ξ ἐκείνης refufe her, if the was woundSAÚμÏ, w's anos ed in her Heart by thy auths ongerdans ó- Beauty, and Youth, and αὐτὴς 'σκανδάλε pf, xj saj n Adorning, and fell in love coróμAid Aeń- with thee, thou wilt be found Dnk we'r & De guilty of her Tranfgreffions; όπως μηδέν σοι 24ά τό as having been the Occation To nang see Ou of Scandal to her; and fhalt Matth. ήδ ανθρώποις σε χρὴ inherita Wo. Wherefore pray xviii. 17. apéoner as anaplar thou to the Lord God, that ἀλλὰ Θεῷ εἰς ὁσιο- no Mifchief may befal thee ITα (WAS TE, & duα- upon this account: For thou τη του ζωής paπαύσεως τ' αἰωνία dr- art not to pleafe Men, fo as Txeaday. To vwo & qu to commit Sin; but God, fo Décés Col dedoujin as to attain Holiness of Life, DEF nam un ago and be Partaker of everlastmng. Mw me, na la- ing Reft. That Beauty which πεινοφρόνως μετρίασον . God and Nature has beltowd AUTO way's ADSPWTes, on thee do not farther beauGow 7 reiza os & uns un rétov, Mänzer ö Curnowo Ènguler aithr iva

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tifie; but modeftly diminish
it before Men. Thus, do not
thou permit the Hair of thy
Head to grow too long, but
rather cut it fhort; left by

os y downlov ipar a nice combing thy Hair, and

* neqaλhv, ĥngrape- wearing it long, and anointμυρισμούς σε, ἐπαγά-ing thy felf, thou draw upon

deest. V. 2 Janrılquére. v.


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my, unda araqueidas,, κρηπίδας (ε τοῖς πο σὶ κακοτέχνως ' άπορα pas" na & omvómo & & gesics

thy felf fuch enfnar'd, or en- s caAUTYS THIS & TW2 fnaring Women. Neither do thou wear over-fine Garments to feduce any; neither do thou, with an evil Subtilty, affect over-fine Stockings, or Shooes for thy Feet, but only fuch as fuit the Meafures of Decency and Usefulness. Neither do thou put a Gold-Ring upon thy Fingers; for all μόνον μηδὲ χρυσήλα these Ornaments are the Signs To Сperdorle Tois Jaxof Lasciviousness; which if thou be folicitous about, in an indecent manner, thou wilt not act as becomes a good Man: For it is not lawful for a Man, who is a Believer, and belongs to God, to permit the Hair of his Head to grow long, and to bush it up together, nor to fuffer it to fpread abroad, nor to puff it up, nor by nice Combing and Platting to make it curl and fhine; fince that is contrary to the Law, which fays thus,νονται τε @ πλάσσοντα in its Additional Precepts, Levit.xix. You shall not make to your felves Curls and round Rafures. XX I. 5. Nor may Men deftroy the



NOLS σ8 Wellys, on Ταῦτα παντα εταιρισμό xuñera áp, apay a weganner down & Tones δικαίως. Πισῷ γάρ σου ανθρώπῳ Θε isegi 20′′ age



qev Tas reizas & negañs, & HOLE 3 ES ποιεῖν લંડ ", O ESTOWELTONION" έξι σπατάλιον oxuma", " Maua eισμλύην τηρεῖν ἐδὲ dyngmar, Yažai.


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mis. V. deeft. al. Conv. V.

ή απόχημα. V.


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Pag. 203.

xxi. 5.

νομίῳ κ Ού ποιήσετε Hair of their Beards, and unὑμῖν σήσομυ, ἐδὲ ἀνα- naturally change the Form of ξυρίδας. Χρὴ ἢ ἐδὲ a Man. For the Law fays, ηλικία τρίχα διαφθείρον, te hall not marr your Beards. Levit. @ * μορφι & εύθρώ- For God has made this de-κιχ• 27πε αλλά φύσιν ἐξαλλά· cent for Women, but has de αιν. Οὐκ Σπομαδα- termined that tis unfuitable ρώσετε γάρ, φησιν ὁ νό· for Men. But if thou do μαι, τές πώγωνας 5- thefe things to pleafe Men, μῶν. Τέτο γδ γυναι- in Contradiction to the Law, ξὶν δὐπρεπὲς ὁ κτίζας thou wilt be abominable with ἐποίησε Θεός· ἀνδράσι God, who created thee after ϋ δὐάρμοσον ἐδικαίωσε. his own Image. If thereΣὺ ἢ ταῦτα ποιῶν dg fore thou wilt be acceptaἀρέσκειαν, ἀνδυλόμλυος ble to God, abtain from τις νόμῳ, βδέλυκτὸς all thofe things which he γλυήσῃ παρα Θεῷ τῳ hates; and do none of thofe κτίσαντί σε κατ ̓ εἰκόνα ğ, things that are unpleafing to αυτό. Ἐὰν ἦν θέλῃς him. Θεῷ ἀρέσκειν, ἀπόχει πάντων ὧν μισεῖ αὐτὸς, @ μηδὲν πράσσετο αὐτ τῳ ἀπαρεσκόντων.

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