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that understand shall shine as snor


ajárov. of avierτες ἐκλάμψεσιν ὡς ὁ


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of je eis (whi the Sun, and as the Firma- aivov, oi ̈ es aiment, and as the Stars. There- quilus onedioner fore the most holy Gabriel foretold that the Saints fhould fhine like the Stars: For his , s I ☎ SESacred Name did witness to them that they might understand the Truth. Nor is a Refurrection only declar'd for the Martyrs, but for all Men, Righteous and Unrighteous, Godly and Ungodly, that every one may receive according to his Defert: For, Ecclef. xii. God, fays the Scripture, will bring every Work into Judgment, with every fecret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. This Refurrection was not believ'd by the fers, when of old they faid, Our Bones are withered, and Το whom


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11, &c.


are gone.

pewna", y oi asépes. Ὡς φως ήρας τοίνων ἐκε μtar Tős áɣius προείπεν ὁ παράγια Taberna aurois 288 viévar m'v åλáladu 2 έμτύρησε ὁ δὲ ἱερὸν αὐτὸ ὄνομα 3 μένον ἢ τοῖς μάρτυσιν ἐπήδγελ Toy Thy drásany, Énd τὴν ανάςασιν, Ελλά maar dibés, dre xαious TE Ċ asinous, δύσεβέσι ο δυσεβέσιν iva ẳng. ra wey's αξίαν τίσης. "Αξει γαρ, φησίν, ὁ Θεὸς σύμ av mina es netσιν ἐν παντὶ παρωρα

εδώ πονηρόν, Ταύτην ἢ τὴν ανάςασιν μὴ πι·

God anfwer'd and faid, Be ço, čár azator, saj
hold I open your Graves,
and will bring you out of
them, and I will put my Spi- loves 'Iudaïor, TÓ
rit into you, and ye Mall
live, and ye shall know that I
the Lord have spoken it, and


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· λαμπρότης το σερεώματα. V. · ὁμολογήσου V. 3 λάβη ν.

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- ανατάσεως είρηται, wei I DPS Singiwr Soen Samguns, & w I rfs aσebar kuρίας, πλάσεως, Σποςροons, ng radiuns, add ξίας, πυρὸς αιωνία, & σκώληκα ατελευτήτε. ὲ ὅτι εἰ ἐβέλετο πμ As aves va a θανάτες, ηδιατο, Davátus, nduwato, Jace + Evwy+ 'Hλίαν, μὴ ἐάσας θανά. 78 misav nabav. e

deeft. V.

ναι α

will do it. And he fays by Ifaiah, The Dead fhall rife, Ifa. xxvi. and those that are in the Graves 19. shall be raised up. And thofe that rest in the Earth (ball rejoice, for the Dew which is from thee shall be healing to them. There are indeed many and various things faid concerning the Refurrection, and concerning the Continuance of the Righteous in Glory, and concerning the Punishment of the Wicked, their Fall, Rejection, Condemnation, Shame, Eternal Ila. Ixvi. Fire, and endless Worm. Now 23. that, if it had pleas'd him that all Men fhould be immortal, it was in his Power, he fhew'd in the Examples of Enoch and Elias, while he did not fuffer them to have any Experience of Death ; or if ic had pleas'd him in every Generation to raife thole that died, that this alfo he was able to do, he hath made manifeft both by himself and by others : As when he King. rais'd the Widow's Son by L

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Ring. ii, Elijah, and the Shunamite's




eλe, è di Eurò è di TieTTo dãλον εποίησε"




ὑὸν dia' 'Hais



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Son by Eliha. But we are λάτωνας συνισαν ἤς
perfwaded that Death is not
a Retribution of Punishment
becaufe even the Saints have
undergone it; nay, even the
Lord of the Saints, Jefus αναςήσας,
Chrift, the Life of them that
believe, and the Refurrectioais. Tadiμsda de
on of the Dead. Upon this μή μιπὸν τιμωρίας εν
account therefore, according vay & Davarov, § ŵv
to the ancient Practice, for ** avór zjäɣ101 Éwé-
those who live in the great sodu, auris o rh
City, after the Combats he dyiwr nie 'Inous o
brings a Diffolution for a Xe50s, in (wn DS TL-
while, that when he raifes svi avasaris ips
up every one, he may either vene. He TOTO &
νεκρών. τατο ν
reject him, or crown him. Tiws wis do" Ev μeza-
For He that made the Body λοπόλος πολιτευομλίοις,
of Adam out of the Earth,
will raise up the Bodies of
the reft, and that of the firft
Man after their Diffolution,
to pay what is owing to the
rational Nature of Man; we μa in gus 4 min-
mean the Continuance in ous", 5 καὶ τῶν λοιπῶν

Being thro' all Ages. He



Tes abas ends. wey's iniger my He's λυσιν, ἵνα αναςήσους 3 Σποκηρύξη sεφανώσῃ ὁ δ' Αδάμ

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TRATE IT HA therefore who brings on. λυσιν δ' σῶμα ἀναςήσι,

the Diffolution, will himself
procure the Refurrection.

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Decimo quod, rézou
δὴ δ' διαιωνίζειν. τοίς
In draιwriter. o roi
και τὴν άλυσιν ἐπα
γων, αὐτὸς καὶ την ανά-
σασιν ποιείται
πῶν, ὅτι ἔλαβε κύριος

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And he that faid, The Lord Gen. i. 7: took Duft from the Ground, and formed Man, and breathed into his Face the Breath of Life, and Man became a living Soul, He added after the Difobedience, Earth thou 19. art, and unto Earth shalt thou return; the fame promis'd us a Refurrection afterwards. For, fays He, All that are Joh, v. 45in the Graves shall hear the Voice of the Son of God, and they that hear fhall live. Befides thele Arguments, we believe there is to be a Refurrection alfo from the Refurrection of our Lord. For it is he that rais'd Lazarus, when he had been in the Grave

Thaσet är few mov, Eveqúonσev eis ♂ we OW FOV AUTE moles Cans, » éjeтo ó ävla ἐγγύετο ais fuxlu (wode છે દુ την ανοικεσίαν STAT TA, as γῆν ἀπελεύσῃ αὐτός καὶ εἰς του με ταῦτα ἐπιγείλατο ἡμῖν τὴν ανάςασιν". Ακέσον 3 28, ondi, TojNTES of τοῖς μνημείοις τ φωνής Fys & Off xy of four Days, and Jairus's Daugh- Mar. v. _y joi axéodules Choov.Пes ter, and the Widow's Son. ἢ τέτοις πιτούομ την is he that raifed himfelf by ἀνάςασιν γίνεσι, καὶ ἐκ 48 meis dirasaσews αὐτὸς γάρ ἐςιν ὁ καὶ Λάζαρον δρατήσεις τες πραήμερον, reanμecev, naj Tv


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It Luk, vik

the Command of the Father,
in the Space of Three Days,
who is the pledge of our
Refurrection. For, fays He,
I am the Refurrection, and the Joh.xi.25,

θυγατέρα Ἰαείρα, καὶ Life. Now, He that brought
& cor & meas, na
Sauron weasaymak
Taki's Hj revue

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v averriegs, & appa


Jon. ii.

Jonas in the Space of Three
Days, alive and unhurt, out
of the Belly of the Whale,
and the Three Children out Dan, iii.

T 2

of vi, xiv.

of the Furnace of Babylon, βὼν τ αναςάσεως ἡμῶν
and Daniel out of the Mouth ' Εγώ γδ, φησίν, εἰμὶ

of the Lions, does not want
Power to raife us up allo.
But if the Gentiles laugh
ar us, and disbelieve our
Scriptures, let at leaf their
own Propheters Sybilla oι
blige them to believe, who
fays thus to them in exprefs

Orac. Si. byl. L. iv. in fine.

ἡ δάςασις καὶ ἡ ζωή". Ὁ ἳ Ἰωνᾶν εὶ τριών ἡμερῶν ζῶντα καὶ απαθῆ ἐξαγαγὼν ἐκ κοιλίας το κήτες, καὶ τις τρεις παῖδας ἐκ κgμίνε Βαβυλωνίας, καὶ + Δανιὴλ ἐκ ςόμα λεόντων στη Σπορήσε δυνάμεως, καὶ ἡμᾶς

ἀνεγείραι εἰ 5 χλευάζεσιν Ἕλληνες, ἀπιέντες ἢ ἡμετέ ραις γραφος, πιςωτάτω αὐτὸς, κἂν ἡ αὐτῶν προςήκε * Σιβύλλα" τω πῶς αὐτοῖς λέγεσα και λέξιν.

But when all things hall be
reduced to Duft and Afhes ;

And the Immortal God, who
kindled the Fire, shall have
quenched it,

God Phall form thole Bones,
and that Alhes into a Man

Ana (hall place mortal Men a.
gain, as they were before.

And then all be the fudg.
ment, wherein God will do

' defuut. V. 2 ita. v. & Turrian. rede.
7 από την. V. 1 αυτος Ed. al. recte. hic. v.

'Αλλ' 3 ὁπότ ̓ ἤδη πολύ
Τα τέφρα σποδόσα
Καὶ πυρ κοιμίση Θεὸς
ἀφία, ὅσπερ α.

Osta και σποδιδώ αυ

τις Θεὸς ἔμπαλιν

4 ανδρων


5Μορφωση, είσῃ ἢ βρο τὰς πάλιν ὡς πάρος

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Καὶ τίτε δὴ κρίσις κ.

και εφ' οι δικας Θεός αὐτός,

non ̓Αβιλλα, cum Coteler. 5 μορφώσει. ν.

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