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ἁγίοις. εἰ δέ μς ἐν me εισίᾳ ὑπάρχει, ὦ πλεόν



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of his Ability. But if he can poffibly fell all his LiveTiπ avanoriaudu- lihood, and redeem them out váμews aure Yanove of Prison, he will be bleffed, TW at Tols. Hofos and a Friend of Chrift. For τε 6ξίν απουτα – βίον if he that gives his Goods ἑαυτῷ ΣποδόμλυΘ. ῥύσας to the Poor be perfect, fupπα αὐτὸς ἐκ ξ δέσμων pofing his Knowledge of meis, Marder & Divine Things, much more * pin xe is he fo that does it on acSo тa inap goura count of the Martyrs. For gis dès, Tires, fuch an one is worthy of πλεθ, I wei vis Deiwr y God, and will fulfil his Will, θείων Toma Homor by supplying those who have από μύρτύρων. ὁ γδ τg. confefsd him before Nations TO, ä§1Q QεŸÚnap and Kings, and the Children Eas, naneway to Dean of Ifrael; concerning whom My auro, Jonymous our Lord declar'd, faying, Révols, oikves avtor Whosoever shall confefs me bewood movie- fore Men, him will I also con- 32. vwv, è Baanéwv, ywv fess before my Father. And if π 'Toeann. weird thefe be fuch as to be attestκύριὉ ἀποφλύατο λέ ed to by Chrift before his gov Us av oμgon Father, you ought not to be In Engi en wegater. I afham'd to go to them in the ἀνθρώπων, ὁμολογήσω Prifons. For if you do this, καγὼ ἐν αὐτῷ ἔμπρο- it will be efteemd to you DEV & TаTC's us. for a Teftimony, because Καὶ εἰ τοιετοί εἰσιν, ὡς the real Trial was to them 2 va Xerg 67 a Teftimony,and your Readiπαζὸς αὐτὲς μύρτυρεί. nefs will be fo to you, as be


· κατὰ τὴν τῷ κυρία διάταξιν. ν. * τῇ ἐν τοῖς κρανοῖς. V.



ing Partakers of their Com-, vues con ¿QÉZETE bat; for the Lord fpeaks wangun durou a mévai fomewhere to fuch as thefe, weg's αUTES EN TUIS Matt.xxv. faying, Come ye Blessed of my hangis TeTo go Toin34,&c. Father, inherit the Kingdom σούτων ὑμῶν μαρτύ prepar'd for you from the Foun- ριον ὑμὶν λογιθήσεται dation of the World. For I ὅτι ἐκείνοις μ περα & was an hungry, and ye gave μaptelor îεv, vme Meat; I was thirsty, and ye pir 5 Erews", wegἑτέρως", gave me Drink; I was a Stran- Suria, ws ngivwvois &


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ger, and ye took me in ; naked, αθλήσεως αὐτῶν· λέγο
and ye
cloathed me; I was fick, gap Te
I was fick, gap To o nel
and ye vifited me ; I was in
Prijon, and ye came unto me.
Then fhall the Righteous an-
fwer, and fay, Lord, when Jam
we thee an hungred, and fed
thee? or thirsty, and gave
thee Drink? When faw we thee
naked, and cloathed thee? or
fick, and vifited thee? When G,
faw me thee a Stranger, and
took thee in? or in Prifon, and
came unto thee? And he will werebaner μre awe-
answer and fay unto them, Inaf-
much as ye have done it unto one
of the leaft of these my Brethren,
ye have done it unto me..
And thefe hall go away into
Life Everlasting. Then (hall
be fey unto them on his Left

Tiws. V. 2 deest. v. 2 decit. v.

vǹs 2 plu", è êmeoné: faéμμe av Quran? ulu, xỳ nλDETE TOC's με. τότε Σποκριθήσον Tay3 autys" of Singior,. той 3 αὐτῷ" δίκαιοrg. Xenorms were, TÓTE λέγοντες· κύριε, πότε or "doμM THV WV Ta

@ ἐπρέψαμλυ, ἢ δι- Hand, Depart from me, je

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ψῶντα, ᾧ ἐποτίσα I πότε δέ σε ἴδομία" γυμνόν, καὶ περιεβάλομ, ἢ ἀσθενῆ, «ἐπεσκεψάμεθα: πό τε δέ σε ἴδομύ' ξένον, καὶ ζωωνγάλο μου, ἢ ἐν φυλακῇ, ¢ ἤλθομ πρός σε; @ Σποκet θεὶς ἐρεῖ αὐτοῖς· ἐφ ̓ ὅσον ἐποιήσατε· ἑνὶ τό των τῆς ἀδελφῶν με το ἐλαχίσων, ἐμοὶ ἐποιήτε. ᾧ ἀπελούσο 3) τοι εἰς ζωίω αιώνιων 3 τότε ἐρεῖ & τοῖς ἐξ δωνύμων πορεύεσθε ἀπ ̓ ἐμε, οἱ ** κατηρa. μλύοι, εἰς δ πῦρ δ' αιών



Curfed, into Everlafting Fire, prepared for the Devil and his Angels For I was hungry,


and je gave me no Maat; I was
thirty, and ye gave me no
Drink; I was a Stranger, and
je took me not in ; nak d, and
ye cloathed me not; fick, and
in Prifon, and ye vifited me
not Then fhall they alfo an-
frrer and Jay, When Jam me
thee hungry, or thirty, or a
Stranger, or naked, or fick, or
in Prifon, and did not mini-
fter unto thee ? Then hall he
anfiner and fay unto them,
Verily I [ay unto you, Inaζω
much as ye have not done ita e Page
unto one of the least of thefe, 302

γιον τὸ ἡτοιμασμένον ᾧ neither have ye done it unto
διαβόλῳ & τοῖς ἀγγέ- me.
And thefe hall go a-
λοις αὐτῷ ἐπείνασα may unto Everlafting Punifla
γδ', & σὐκ ἐδώκατέ μοι mint.
φαγεῖν, ἐδίψησα, ὲ ἐκ

ἐποτίσατέ με ξένα. ἤμω, καὶ ἐπηγάγετέ με, γυμνός,
ἐπδιεβάλετέ με ἀσθενὴς, ᾧ ἐν φυλακή, ὦ σοκ ἐπέ
σκέψαπέ με τότε ἀποκριθήν3) à αὐτοὶ λέγοντες αὐτ
εχε, πότε σε είδομεν πειῶνται, ἢ διψώντα, ή ξένον
γυμνὸν, ἢ ἀσθενῆ, ἢ ἐν φυλακῇ ἐ ἐ διηκονή αμ Coι ;
τότε Σποκριθήσεται καὶ αὐτοῖς, λέγων ἀμὰ λέγω ὑμῖν,
ἐφ' ὅσον ἐκ ἐποιήσατε ἑνὶ τέτων ὃ ἐλαχίσων, οὐδὲ ἐμφα
ἐποιήατε. καπελούσονται ὗτοι εἰς καλᾶσιν αἰώνιον.



defunt.v. defunt. v. defunt omnia. v.



II. But if any one who calls

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Εἰ δέ μs ἀδελφὸν himtelf a Brother is feduced λέγων ἑαυτὸν εἶναι, α by the Evil One, and aits πατηθείς από 8 πονηρές Wickedness, and is convict- nangminon, heyed and condemn'd to Death, is ataxeion as an Adulterer, or a Mur- var is mines, in 40derer, depart from him, that vos, weilεade a wo ye may be fecure, and αὐτῇ͵ ἵνα ἦτε ἄσυλοι, none of you may be fun TIS Ùμŵr ws 291fpected as a Partner in fuch νωνὸς 8 μύσος που an abominable Practice; and , razen Baαthat no evil Report may be σφημίδες ως πολύτων fpread abroad, as if all Chri- Xenonov galer ftians took a Pleafure in un- Ἐπὶ τοῖς ο ανόμοις ἔρ lawful Actions. Wherefore 2015. keep far from them. But do you affift with all Diligence thofe that for the fake of Christ are abused by the Ungodly, and fhut up in Pri fon, or who are given over to Death, or Bonds, or Ba- es dropa, y ojav, nishment, in order to delion won Bondare, ver your Fellow-Members Τα μέλη ὑμῶν ῥυόμβυοι from wicked Hands. And near a drouwv.xy if any one who accompanies ἐδώ τις αὐτοῖς συγκε with them is caught, and Cumnoon", falls into Misfortunes, he is è aixious DiσOL, bleffed, because he is Par- anderos Est, OT! not taker with the Martyr, and vwvcs Máprup igfieis one that imitates the Suffe- TO, & repentin's Ths to Εμιμητής τῇ

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Manean a wo αὐτῶν χωρεῖτε. τοῖς με You Xerson nat ἐπήρει δεν το α άστ Cv Cynderopvous es quasir, in weg's dáνατον ἐκδιδομγύοις,




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28 è iμes voy Xe πολλάκις ὑπὸ Καιάφα * ́Аλ始ƒ‹μë ”Avva πληγάς λαβόντες, χαι ροντες ἐξίημι, ὅτι κα COUTES BEIN, OTing miinuse vas to owτήρα ἡμῶν τοιαῦτα παθεῖν. C ὑμεῖς χαί


rings of Chrift: For we our
felves alfo, when we often-
times received Stripes from
Caiaphas, and Alexander,
Annas, went out rejoicing that
we were counted worthy to fuf- v. 40, 41.
fer fuch things for our Savi


A&. iv 6.

vi. 22,2 3.

Do you also rejoice Vid. Luk. when ye fuffer fuch things, PETE ταῦτα πάχοντες· for ye fhall be bleffed in ὅτι μακάριοι ηλυήσεθε that Day.


ἐν ἐκείνῃ τῇ ἡμέρᾳ

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Receive also thofe that are perfecuted on account of the Faith, and who fly from City Matt.x.23 to City on account of the Lord's Commandment; and affift them as Martyrs, rejoicing that ye are made @godinusual aU'T's, Partakers of their Perfecu ws MapTueas • gaicos tion, as knowing that they ὅτι κοινωνοὶ αὐτῶν τῶ areefteemd bleffed by Chrift: diwyμe gefuεade, - For himself fays, Bleffed are v. 11. 12: νώσκοντες αὐτὸς ὑπὸ τῶ ye when Men fhall reproach you, and perfecute you, and say all o Sauros Margiecoi manner of Evil against you ESE OTO overdlowa i

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falfely for my fake. Rejoice

Mas, xù diwEwar, yỳ & and be exceeding glad, be-
πωσι πᾶν πονηρὸν ῥῆμα
rað vμår, todaμsvo
ᾧ ἀγαλλιᾶσε, ὅτι ὁ
μισθὸς ὑμῶν πολὺς &ν


caufe your Renard is great in
Heaven; for fo perfecuted they
they the Prophets which were
before us. And again, If Joh.xv.200
they have perfecuted me, they

S 3


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