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endeavour at the time when Gray, 2nd
they are of an Age fit for awy oi goveis
γονεις αὐτῶν
Marriage, to join them in
Wedlock, and fettle them
together, left in the Heat
and Fervor of their Age their
Course of Life become dif-
folute, and you be requir'd
to give an account by the
Lord God in the Day of

But as to Servants, what *Pag. can we fay more, than that 299. the Servant bring a good See Eph. Will to his Mafter, with the

vi. 5.


2 I

xenoor Toy. Hi T8το σπυδάζετε ὥρᾳ γά· us gruway & ourμε συνα ναλλάσσειν αὐτὰ, ἵνα &inias ou an axun Cetons, een ζεύσης, πορνοκόπα Σποβῇ, καὶ ὑμεῖς ἀπαιτηθήσεσθε τ λόγον ἐν τῇ ἡμέρᾳ ἡ κρ σεως από κυρίς ξ' Θε. Περὶ 5 οἰκετῶν τί shaov,nök

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denQ L'volav åpeper wegst decWó1Pet. ij. Fear of God, although he bed, ** póб& ☺ex, impious and wicked; but κανἀσεβὴς, καν ποιη· yet not to yield any Gomes wap? ConÉT pliance as to his Worfhip. μλύ τοι δ ὁμόνοιδυ κα And let the Mafter love his his Spnonclav. Co dεServant, although he be his woтns ajαдáтw I oiSuperior. Let him confider ver nav Hypop Q wherein they are equal, even, loov newverw, 3 as he is a Man. And, Hero" äveπ iπáрpSee Tim that has a believing Mafter, let 28.5 msov him love him, both as his owl, Cw Cousins auMafter, and as of the fame Faith, and as a Father; but ftill with the Prefervation of his Authority as his Mafter;

Col. iv. 1.

vi, 2.


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τῳ ς κυρίας, ἀγαπο
Tw, xj ws SεOWOTN, C
τω, καὶ δεσπότω,
ὡς ὁμόπιςον, καὶ ὡς πα-
τέρα· μὴ ὡς ὀφθαλ

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Méru, n'as q-
20décor, eida's on
ὁ Θεὸς αὐτῷς πω μαθα-
modocia v amotion &i-
impedías. wouúros
nero mov za oi-
Nériu, G. Cousins Aur
← Dreamias, ázaná
Tw ws you, in as adλ
qov, Yos sie z wi-
stos κοινωνίδυ.
Πάσῃ βασιλείᾳ καὶ
ἀρχῇ ὑποτάγητε
ois" apéond Dew, as
Der Langvors, &
ἀσεβῶν τιμωροῖς, πολύ-
Ta póbor + ope-
μsvov AUTOIS STOne
σατε, πᾶσιμ εἰσφοράν,
oute, moody dopoev,
πᾶν τέλΘ, πᾶσιμ τι-
plu, door, slov.
Des S Toro Lára Sug,
undevi Ti newer, &
μὴ τὸ ἡ φιλίας σύμβο-
λον, ὃ ὁ Θεὸς διεταξα-
Yi Xersos.
Περὶ της θενίας ἐν-

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Not as an Eye Servant, but as Eph. vi. 6.
a Lover of his Master, as know- Col·iii.12.
ing that God will recompence
to him for his Subjection. In
like manner, let a Master,
who has a believing Ser-
vant, love him as a Son, or
as a Brother, on account of
theirCommunion in the Faith;
but ftill preferving the Diffe-

rence of a Servant.

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ii 13.


Be ye fubject to all Royal Power and Dominion in See 1 Pet, things are pleafing to God, Tit. iii. r. as to the Minifters of God, Rom xiii. and the Punithers of the Wicked. Render all the Fear that is due to them, all Of ferings, all Cuftoms, all Honour, Gifts and Taxes. For this is God's Command, that you owe nothing to any one, but the Pledge of Love, xiii 8. which God has commanded by Chrift.

Concerning Virginity we XIV.

Fontes con ExaCop, have received no Command


τῇ ; πρ βελομγίων


but we leave it to

ἐξεσίᾳ τότο Ὀπηρέπο: the Power of thote that are pesu, as sixlus înv. willing, as a Vow exhort

See 1 Cor.

vii. 25.

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ing them fo far in this Mat-"airois aßges

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ter, that they do not promise any thing rafhly; fince SoloEcclef.v.4 mon fays, It is better not to vow, than to vow and not pay. Let fuch a Virgin therefore Cor. vii. be holy in Body and Soul, as the Temple of God, as the House of Chriff, as the Haun, as vads Dee, bitation of the Holy Spirit. For the that vows ought to do fuch Works as are fuit able to her Vow; and το


is oinR Xeço, ws dμal 2 azis" na agágiov. Sa 28 2 ἐπαδχει λαμβλύζω, ἄξια

fhew that her Vow is real," inayorías egza
and made on account of lei
fure for Piety, not to caft a
Reproach on Marriage. Let
her not be a Gadder abroad,
nor one that rambles about
unfeasonably; not double-
minded; but grave, conti-
nent, fober, pure, avoiding
the Converfation of many,
and efpecially of thofe that
are of ill Reputation.

weavoμsulu, seκνύειν τὸ ἐπάγγελμα αὐτῆς, ὅτι ἔξιν ἀληθὲς, à qorli BœCéas, à και διαβολώ γάμε l. 1500 5 μn pnμCas", sende anar4 μηδὲ ἀκαι emlQ, μù di5μή δόξα νωμαι αλλά σεμνὴ, Γκρατής, σώφρων, ἀδνὴ, φεύγεσα τοὺς της πολ λῶν σωτυχίας, @ μάτ λιςα ἀσέμνων. 3e

: μόνον. v. * deeft V. 3 deeft. v. 4 φιλόκοσμα. v.



Περὶ μαρτύρων.



Concerning the Martyrs.


1 ks Xerειθμός, δια 3 ὄνομα Xeiro, & * εἰς + Θεὶν ἀγάπην @ Tish, nataneity ἀσεβῶν Ιλδον άorbwv eis nodor", θηρία, ἢ μέταλλον, μὴ Taeidnτ auriv, in rỡ nýws nàù in 2" 3 ideWTQ" iμgov TE LATE ONTW as Saαὐτῇ, 4 qlu aurỡ, & eis + θα ποδοσίαν Darodoviar" rfs spa







F any Christian, on account of the Name of Christ, and Love and Faith towards God be condemn'd by the Ungodly to the Games, to the Beasts, or to the Mines, do not ye overlook him; but fend to him from your Labour and your very Sweat for his Sutenance, and for a Reward to the Soldiers, that he may be eafed and be taken care

δύλον. V. * τῶν. v. 3 ὑπαρχόντων. v. ἱγῶτΘ- Edit. Al. 4 θερα

wear. V.


** Pag.


of, that, as far as lies in τιωτῶν ἵνα ἐλαφριωθῇ your Power, your bleffed Brother may not be afflict ed: For he that is condemn'd for the Name of the Lord God is an holy Martyr, a Brother of the Lord, the Son of the Higheft, a Re ceptacle of the Holy Spirit, by whom every one of the Faithful has received the Illumination of the Glory of the Holy Gospel, by being vouchsaf'd the in-ber" x corruptible Crown, and the Testimony of Chrift's Suffe

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rings, and the Fellowship of pars, & upTucias his Blood, to be made con


Tа Inμáтav auTÿ, formable to the Death of è f κοινωνίας & αἷμαChrist, and the Adoption of

you all

ours, ourμg sowChildren. For this Caufe do θῆναι τῷ θανάτῳ τῷ all ye of the Faithful, by Xeses y droid. your Bilhop, minifter to the τότε ἦν ἕνεκεν ἅπαντες Saints of your Substance, and of wigoi, Ho To 6mof your Labour: But if any one iμv, in z vone has not, let him fast a Day, and fet apart that, and order it for the Saints.

TV Úμævý č news Yannoun goo Νακονήσατε But if rois dylous. & con Tis, indous To

any one has Superfluities, let him miniller more to them f ημέρας, ¢ μερίσεις, according to the Proportion τέτο έκταξάτω τοῖς

! Xes. V. deeft. V. Co. V. deeft. V.


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