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Jabav k, iq'ilp! χλούῃ τῇ αὐτῇ φίλων. Wei 2S & THIS TWV


God, to the Reproach and Abufe of his Friends: For of fuch as thefe the Prophet προφήτης λέγ wensed "Exanov fpeaks, Let not the Oil of a Pfal.cxl.5. auptwas in indά- Sinner moisten my Head. Do κεφαλιώ με. ye therefore examine fuch Dominasaj Ev giveae Perfons, and receive from ThS TOLSTOY, è fuch as walk holily, and fupστης ποιότων, με προ ίσως πειπa- ply the Afflicted. But reτοιώτων λαμβάνετε, @ ceive not from thole that Tois DiCougars Jpn are excommunicated, until Jane way Smawa they are thought worthy to γώγων μὴ λαμβάνετε, become the Members of the πρὶν ἂν ἡ ἐκκλησίας Church. But if a Gift be Avay μéλn rałağıwow. wanting, inform the Breαν. & 5 Trim So- thren, and make a Colμg, wegrał zeme Tos lection from them, and ἀδελφοῖς, ὼ ἐξ αὐτῶν thence minifter to the Or ξυλλογὴν ποιησάμλυΘ, phans and Widows in Righδιακόνος τοῖς ὀρφανοῖς teoufhefs,

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A E'28 5 $ ó σe λαῷ, ἃ & Σολομών

SAY unto the People un


der thee what Solomon • God's Tina & menor the Wife fays, Honour the Prov. iii. So our Singiwv Tovwv Lord out of thy juft Labours, 9, &c. ὰ ἀπάρχει αὐτῷ από and pay thy firit Fruits to him τῶν καρπῶν δικαιοσύ- out of thy Fruits of RighteAs va munay Tousness, that thy Garners may ταμεία σε πλησμονῆς be filled with Fulnefs of W'heat,

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and thy Preffes may burft out ότε· οἴνῳ ἢ οἱ λωρί
with Wine. Therefore main- o obru (war 'Ex
tain and cloath thofe that & Single Ev nime 13t
are in Want from the righ- των, τρέφετε καὶ ἀμφιέν
teous Labour of the Faith
ful: And fuch Sums of Mo-
ney as are colleted from
them, in the manner afore-
faid, appoint it to be laid
out in the Redemption of γρασμὸς τῆς ἁγίων
the Saints, the Deliverance ῥυόμυοι δέλες, αἰχμα

UT TES USEPENUES C & i qutar, as wogerρήκαμωμ, αθροιζόμενα patla diaTÚNETE, διακονοιῶτες εἰς τὰς α


of Slaves, and of Captives, AwTYS, dequius, &and of Prioners, and of ρεαζομύες, ἥκοντας ἐκ those that have been abuted raadinns Na☎ ovoby Tyrants, and condemn'd Xergy DTUto Single Combat and Death, ράννων εἰς μονομαχίαν but are efcap'd. For the Savator. Med n xxiv. 1. Scripture fays, Deliver thofe gaan. Puray agoμjuss that are led to Death, and re- es da'valov, & inteis deem thofe that are ready to κτεινομλύες· μὴ φάσῃ. flain, do not spare.

But if at any time you be forced unwillingly to receive Money from any un. godly Perion, lay it out in Wood and Coals, that fo nei ther the Widow nor the Or **Pag phan may receive any of it, or be forc'd to buy with it either Meat or Drink, which 'tis unfit to do. For 'tis reafonable that fuch Gifts of


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Ἐὰν δέ ποτε δυάδκη ηλύνται, αλά τιν Θ δέ ξας ανοσίς ἄκοντες ἀρ· vetov, es εúna avθρακιδ αὐτὸ δαπους (ατε ἵνα μὴ λαβύσα · χήρα ἐξ αὐτῷ τι, oppavos, dianan ᾠνήσαὣς τροφων ἢ πόρ μg as a 3 wegonжav' dingov S Ti Bá a orલે

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the Ungodly fhould be Fuel 6ῶν ταῦτα, πυρὸς εἰς


και καταμάλωμα, σow οὐσεβῶν βρῶμα· ταῦ· του ; @ ὁ νόμῳ διαπoρούς, θυσία σημε συμἄβρωτον Σποκαλῶν, ὲ πυρὶ ταύτην ἀναλί· σκεπαι κελεύων. 3 γδ τῇ φύσει φαῦλα τα προσφερόμμα, αλλά τη γνώμη και προσκο μιζόντων" αὐτά. τότο 5 προτάσομ, Ἐπὶ 3 μὴ Σποτρέφειν τὰς πλησιάζοντας ὑμῶν εἰδότες εξ σωτυχίου πολλάκις



for the Fire, and not Food
for the Pious And this Me-
thod is plainly appointed by Levit. xix.
the Law, when it calls a Sa. 6.
crifice kept too long a Thing
not fit to be eaten, and com-
mands it to be confumed
with Fire: For fuch Obla-
tions are not evil in their
Nature, but on account of
the Mind of thole that bring
them. And this we Ordain,
that we may not rejeft thofe
that come to us, as know-
ing that the common Con-

ἐπωφελῆ τοῖς ἀσεβίσι verfation of the Pious has
Joyfuñday", + 3 wey's
τὸς οὐσεβεῖς", Ἐπιβλα
6ῆ 5 μόντων καὶ πρn


often been very profitable
to the Ungodly, but Reli-
gious Communion with them

σκείδω κοινωνίαν. ταῦτ is alone hurtful. And fo


τα μὲ ἐν ὀπὶ τοσότον, ἀγαπητοὶ, εἰρήσθω ὑμῖν πρὸς ἀσφάλειου ὑμῶν.

much, Beloved, fhall fuffice
to have fpoken to you in
order to your Security.


Οἱ μώ τοι πατέρες,


ὑμῶν ἐν κυρίῳ, ἐκτρέ

γE Fathers, educate your

Children in the Lord,

bringing them up in the

φοντές αὐτοῦ ἐν παιδείᾳ Nurture and Admonition of the Lord and teach them

Ο νοθεσίᾳ κυρίε, καὶ

* προσφερόντων. V. γενῆσαι v. αρα τῶν ἐυσεβῶν. ν.



fuch Trades as are agree. διδάσκετε αὐτὰ Ὀπιτῆς
able and fuitable to the δείες καὶ αρμοζέσας τ
Word, left they by fuch Op-
portunity become extrava-
gant, and continue without
Punishment from their Pa-


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xvas, iva un & Angelas spvidσύμπου, ¢ ανεπιτίμητα wd of govéwv perderents, and so get Relaxation, wey weas avéσEWS πρὸ ἀνέσεως before their Time, and go ro ἀφηνιάστοσε aftray from that which is rs. Si un dragood. Wherefore be not a- Cadde avтois naňfraid to reprove them, and 05619 ζωφρονίζοντες to teach them Wifdom with αὐτοὶ καὶ ἐμβειθείας Severity: For your Correcti. 28 SORTEETH aiti ons will not kill them, but παιδεύοντες, μᾶλλον ἢ rather preserve them. As σώσετε αὐτοῦ καθτός Solomon fays fomewhere in si Σoaqμwv åv Prov.xxix the Book of Wisdom, Chaften Goia qnoi Пaiddle you 17. thy Son, and he will refreshC", xj avaraúof oe° thee; fo wilt thou have good Tw 2 Say COL BERHope of him. Thou verily ms. Cu Thou verily ms. Cù μ z j œ b Sq ράβδω fhalt fmite him with the Rod, males aurov, and fhalt deliver his Soul from xiii. 24. Death. And again, fays the fame Solomon thus, He that Spareth his Rod, hateth his Son; and afterwards, Beat bis Sides whilst he is an In- yov. Kaj 3" Kλάfant, left he be harden'd, and oor is madea's aure, difobey thee. He therefore ὡς ἔξι νήπιο; μήποτε that negle&ts to admonifh σκληρωθεὶς ἀπειθή and inftruct his own Son, on COL. "Os quidery φείδεται

xix. 18.

xxiii. 14.

XXX. 21.

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deeft, V. deeft. v. 2 m oppés IS ÉTERIS. V.

ἐν ταινῶν & ωφρο- hates his own Child. Do
νίζειν ἢ ἑαυτῷ τὸν, με-

you therefore teach your

σε τ ἴδιον παῖδα. ἐκ- Children the Word of the

διδάσκετε ὖν ὑμῶν το ὑμῶν τὰ τέκνα 7 λόγον κυρίε· εύφετε ἢ αὐτὰ ἐδαρ



Bring them under

with cutting Stripes, and make them fubject from their τοῖς ἐποιεῖτε ὑποτακ- Infancy, teaching them the τικά· ἀπὸ βρέφος δι- Holy Scriptures, which are δάσκοντες αὐτὰ ἱερὰ Chriftian and Divine, and deγράμματα, ἡμέτερα livering to them every faτι καὶ θεῖα, καὶ πᾶσιν γραφτώ 2 θείαν τgδιδόντες"· 3 μὴ διδόντες 4 ἄνεσιν αὐτοῖς κgπεξυσιάζειν ὑμῶν τg * ὑμετέραν γνώμίω μ' ὁμηλίκων εἰς συμπόσιον μὴ ἐῶντες αὐτὰ συμβάλλειν ὅπω ηδ' εἰς ἀπαξίδυ ἐκτραπήσονται, δ εἰς πορνείαν πε· ριπεσοιῶται καὶ ἐδὺ το προ γονέων ἀμέλειαν τόπο πάθωσιν, ἔνοχοι * ψυχῶν αὐτῶν οἱ γυνέσιμτες ὑτσάρξεσιν. εἰ ηδ τῇ 5 you ναμδύων" ῥαθυμία σύνgσιν ἀκολάσεις οἱ παῖ. δὲς ἀμρτήσομτες σὐκ αὐτοὶ μόνοι κολασή

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al. πληγαῖς καὶ δαρμοῖς 1 defunt. v. · γονέων Υ.


cred Writing, not giving them v. v. Juch Liberty, that they get the Maftery, and act againit your Opinion, not permitting them to club together for a Treat with their Equals. For fo they will be turn'd to diforderly Courfes, and will fall into Fornication; and if this happen by the Careleffnefs of their Parents, thofe that begar them will be guilty of their Souis. For if the offending Children get into the Company of debauchid Perfons, by the Negligence of thofe that begat them, they will not be punith’d alone by themfelves : But their Parents alfo will be condemned on their account: For this caufe · θεόπνουτον, ἄνεσιν αὐτοῖς. ν. 3 αὐτοῖς. V.


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