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the Bishop ought to

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+ CONTO ἢ Ἐπίσκοπον εἰδέναι τίνων ὀφείλο news xapropoeias, καρποφορίας river con opene. quxrało go aury wey's door ning & δόσιν κάπηλοι Singil w Droercy 28 no περί άρθρα

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πεὶ αὐτῶν γάρ Hoaias, overdi+ Ἰσραὴλ, ἐλε Oi náungi öd μíoysoroivov udan. onio Navras & πόρνοι Οὐ προπία

know whofe Oblations he ought to receive, and whose he ought not: For he is to avoid corrupt Dealers, and not receive their Gifts. Eccl. xxvi. For a corrupt Dealer hall not be juftifyed from Sin. For of them it was that Ifaiah reIfa. i. 22. proach'd Ifrael, and faid, Thy corrupt Dealers mingle Wine with Water. He is also to Deut xxiii, avoid Fornicators, for, Thou fhalt not offer the Hire of an Harlot to the Lord. He is alfo to avoid Extortioners, os 28 $ weiw μioand thefe that cover other Mens Goods, and Adulterers; for the Sacrifices of fuch as thefe are abominab!e with God. Alfo thole that opprefs the Widow, and overbear the Orphan, and fill Prifons with the Innocent, and abufe their own Servants wickedly, I mean with Stripes, and Hunger, and hard Service, nay, deftroy

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S TOPS & αpyes, i fs amoreiov pintar & βδελυκτοὶ ηδ' αἱ τύπων uoia Dew.may oi cndíbovas xez, è oppavov naradiva:

orles, & mas quand's πληρῶντες ἀναιτίων, ἢ è TOIS QUTEV oixéTas Tovnews xesuar, πληγαῖς φημὶ ὁ λιμῷ

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ny whole Cities: Do thou, O

and their odious Oblati


mores oras upavé Bishop, avoid fuch as thefe, πόλεις ὅλας λυμαινό μίμοι, φουκλαῖοι ἔςωστώ Cos, & bonome, xỳ ai Ἐπίσκοπε, TiTWV weg opozai onegi wigimon padrupyès, & pro eas adinia cuvaywricoμfúes, y ddwn woes, καὶ κλέπτας, δ τελώνας adinus, & Luzon peças, * SonquéTeas Teaκάτω συκοφάντω, μὴ apnensor Tois d'vi Ois, &α THS TÉrns Haziovra Qovéα ← Spor, & Sings macarong, Treau των ἀναζοπέα, ανθρώ

Thou shalt also refuse Rogues, and fuch Pleaders that plead on the Side of injuftice, and Idol-makers, and Thieves, and unjust Publicans, and those that deceive by falfe Ballances and deceitful Measures, and a Soldier who is a falfe Accufer, and not content with his Wages, but does Violence to the Needy, a Murderer, a Cutthroat, and an unjust Judge, a Subverter of Causes, him that lies in wait for Men, a Worker of abominable TW 6768290, pua- Wickedness, a Drunkard, a σάβολον, μια τῶν ἐργάτην, μέθυσον, ev éprámy, μédurov, Blafphemer, a Sodomite, an Bagiopangr, nivanov, Ufurer, and every one that τον Γλύφον καὶ πολύτου is wicked, and oppofes the örkväv morner, Zváμn 8 Oε Yaua χόμμον. ὅτι λέγη ή γραφὴ βδελυκτὸς είναι A DEW TONGS Tes TOLÉTUS. oi 28 asas TOISTWY SENSUOL, TOÉCOUTES MEAs op. oves, OL T nermeiw To OE W




Will of God For the Scripture fays, that all fuch as thefe are abominable with God: Forthole that receive from fuch Perfons, and thereby fupport the Widows and the Orphans, fhall be obnoxious to the Judgment feat of God. As Adonias the Prophet in the Book of Kings, R 2






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when he difobey'd God, and 3 King. both eat Bread and drank vias o år Barneaus Water in the place which the wegphans, @Daxious. the Lord had forbid him, be- e, & cagar aptor Pag caufe of the Wickedness of ** è mwv idwp. Ev S feroboam, was fain by a Lion. τόπῳ; ᾧ ἀπεῖπεν αὐτ For the Bread which is di o nier, 278 ftributed to the Widows from Ἱεροβοαμ ἀσέβειδω, Labour is better, tho” it be τὸ λέοντΘ. ἀναιρεθείς. fhort and little, than that on nome Hangfrom Injustice and falfe Ac- réus aρTQ Meals culation, though it be much oppdwoîs", dixan and fine. For the Scripture μᾶλλον, καν ἦ βραχὺς fal.xxxvi fays, Better is a little to the iniy, né aði Righteous, than much Riches of xíasoundtias, the Sinners. Now although xar mus3nowna Widow, who eats and is fill'd from the Wicked, pray qń for them, the fhall not be heard: For God, who knows the Heart, with Judgment has declar'd concerning the Jer. xv. 1. Unrighteous, faying, If Mofes and Samuel ftand before my Face in their Behalf, I will not hear them. And, vii. 16. Pray thou not for this People, and do not ask Mercy for them, and do not intercede with me for them, for I will not hear thee.


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μή προσεύχεταὦ λαῷ τότε, ὲ μὴ ἀξία ἐλεηθῆναι αὐ τές, δὲ μὴ προσέλθῃς μοι πδὶ αὐτῶν, ὅτι ἐκεσακέσομαι σε

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** Οὐμω 5, ἀλλὰ xoi Ev apoptions Duoμονοι, καὶ μὴ μεταδνόντες, ὦ μόνον σὐκ εἶσαι Kanooray @egod


And not these only, but VII. thofe that are in Sin, and *.* Pag. have not repented, will not only not be heard when they pray, but will provoke God

μίμοι, ἀλλὰ καὶ καὶ Θεόν το Anger, as putting him in
αθροξιἔσιν, - mind of their own Wicked-

μvnonortes autor & au- nefs. Avoid therefore fuch
Twv Moxoneias e
σασὲ ἦν τοὺς τοιαύτας
Sangrias, is amafu
xris, y μidding Tip-
νόμοις ἀπηγόρδυται. ἔτε
28 Erival & Ta
To 'Alanλ nouidéta
ἐδέξατο, ἔτ ̓ Αγίας του
wy & Iεe Coáμ. e
5 oi To Der Weg pray
To wsy rfs d'œby


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Ministrations, as you would
the Price of a Dog, and the
Hire of an Harlot; for both
of them are forbidden by
the Laws. For neither did 4 King.
Eliha receive the Prefents
which were brought by Ha- 3 King,
zael, nor Ahijab those from
feroboam ; but if the Pro-
phets of God did not ad-
mit of Presents from the
Ungodly, it is reasonable, O

Tegonna to Cévia, di- Bishops, that neither should
καιον μήτε ὑμᾶς,



w 8



i ne jugs, - you. Nay, when Simon the A&. viii, πίσκοποι. ἀλλὰ καὶ Σι- Magician offer’d Money to Mwv & Máy & Eugi IПlé- me Peter and John, and try'd new Ἰωάννῃ χρή- το obtain the invaluable MOTO WOD DEVESKOV, - Grace by Purchase, we did πειρᾶτο ὠνητὴν ἢ ἀτί· not admit it, but bound him μητον χάριν λήψπτη with everlafting Maledicti ἅπερ μὴ προσηκάμοι, ons, becaufe he thought to ἀραῖς αἰωνίοις αὐτὸν pofiefs the Gift of God, not ἐδησάμεθα ὅτι * δω by a pious Mind towards Pε & De, ix - God, but by the Price of volç tỷ weds @sor, Money: Avoid therefor such


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Oblations to God's Altar as are not from a good ConfciIfa. liv.14. ence. For, fays he, Abftain from all Injustice, and thou shalt not fear, and Trembling fhall not come nigh thee.


But if ye fay, that those ***Pag. who give Alms are fuch as 297. thefe, and if we do not receive from them, whence fhall we adminifter to the Widows? And whence fhall the Poor among the People be maintain'd? Ye fhall hear from us, that therefore have ye receiv'd the Gift of the Levites, the Oblations of your People, that ye might have enough for your felves, and for thofe that are in Want; and that ye might not be fo ftraiten'd as to receive from the Wicked. But if the Churches be fo ftraiten'd, 'tis better to perih, than to receive any thing from the Enemies of

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can" 2ὀνόμισε κτα. Day". poligere EV TOS φεύγετε εν τάς door ADATYS His ☎ DUorasherov Te &σιατήριον τῷ Θεὖ σφοράς. ἀπέχεηδ, φησὶν, Σπὸ ἀδίκε, & φοβηθήσῃ, καὶ ζόμπι έχ Szia Col.

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** 3’Αλλ ̓ ἐδ" λέ 2017, OT of SidoUTES ὅτι διδόντες τοὺς ἐλεημισείας, ετοί εἰσι, κἂν μὴ λάβοιμ AUTOV, Toder aj πόθεν બ



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nμwr", xoi cvdeas To 1985 diατραφῶσιν"; ἀκούσει $ îμæv, öт! Là Tëτὸ ἐλάβετε δόμα Λόμι τῶν, τῷ καρποφορίαν suiv 298, iva ἐποχῆτε ὲ ἑαυτοῖς τοῖς δεομλύοις, @ μὴ "e overσυνεχό μsuos, a non λαμβάνητε. εἶ ἢ ὅπως ampar ai cunḥnom, λυσιτελεῖ διαφθαρται, Exteau & DEN



MyraCoaй. v. 2 Thouda. V. 3'Eay 5. v. 1 deeft. V. 5 defunt. V.


deelt. v.

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