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Joh. xiii.4.

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OUTW jS & auτὸς ἔργῳ πεπλήρωκε τό dundav tomoïs,


& 2. ng Swv y név τιον, διεζώσατο είται

If .li. 11. diction of, Serving many juv faithfully. For, When he had inwv v su taken a Towel, he girded him- TOT, es una deSelf; afterward he puts Water into a Bafon, and, as we were fitting at Meat, he came and washed the Feet of us all, and miped them with the Tomcl. By doing this he demon-Band βάλλο" ὕδωρ εἰς τ ftrated to us his Kindness, vine îμåv àᾧ ἡμῶν ἀ· and Brotherly Affection, that νακειμίων ἐπελθῶν, fo we allo might do the fame to one another. If therefore our Lord and Mafier fo humbled Himfelf, how can you, the Labourers of the Truth, and Administrators of Piety, be aham'd to do the fame το fuch of the Brethren as are weak and infirm : Minifter therefore with a kind Mind,



πλύτων ἢ ἡμῶν". ἔνιψε τές πόδας, & τῳ λεν· rių EžéμOŠE. TOTO 3 ποιῶν, ὑπεδείκνυεν ἣν & inden plas ajamkng, iva è ñμes és nλus wird



ποιώμου. εἰ ἦν ὁ κύριος ἡμῶν, καὶ ὁ διδάσκαλος, ὅπως ἐπαπείνωσεν έαυ τον πῶς ἂν ὑμεῖς ἐ

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not murmuring, nor muti-low heade T&TO
nying: For ye do not do
it on the account of Man,
but on the account of God;
and fhall receive from Him
the Reward of your Mini
ftry in the Day of yout Vi-


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ποιῆσαι τῖς αδυνάτοις dveren TPS adenφῶν, ἐργάται ὄντες α andrias, & ↑ LÜŒÈCelas wegsary; πηρετεῖτε ἐν ἀγαπητές nãs, 3μn emojisör

3 'Tis your Duty,

! fanwr. v. 2 deeft. V. છે. V.


τες, μηδὲ διατασιάζον- who lare Deacons, to vifit
all thofe that ftand in need
of Vifitation. And tell your
Bilhop of all thofe that are
in Afiction: For you ought
to be like his Soul and Sen-
fation, active and attentive
in all things to him, as to
your Bihop, and Father, and

τες καὶ γδ λοὶ εὔθρωπον
ποιεῖτε, ἀλλὰ ag +
Θεόν καὶ τ μιπὸν ἣ
διακονίας πὓς ἐκείνg
Σπολήψεθε ἐν ἡμέρᾳ
Ἐπισκοπῆς ὑμῶν χρὴ
ὖν ὑμᾶς τὰς διακόνες
λισκέπλεως πολύπους τὰς
δεομλίες ἐπισκέψεως, καὶ Mafter.
ί θλιβομλίων

ναδγέλλετε τῳ ἐπισκόπῳ ὑμῶν· ψυχὴ γδ' αὐτοῦ, ὁ αἴθή·
σις εἶναι ὀφείλετε, οὔσκυλτοι, '

ήκοοι εἰς πολίτου ὄντες αὐτῷ, ὡς ἐπισκόπῳ ὑμῶν, ὃ πατρί, καὶ διδασκάλῳ.

We command that a Bi

Ἐπίσκοπον ἣ προ κάπομον χειροτονεπαι hop be ordain’d by three XX ὑπὸ τριῶν ἐπισκόπων Bilhops, or at leaft by two; ἢ δ γρῶ ἔλαττον, ὑπὸ but tis not lawful that he δύο μὴ ἐξεῖναι ἢ ὑπὸ be fet over you by one; ἑνὸς ἢ ὑμῖν της θίσας. for the Teftimony of two ἡ γδ τῆς δύο καὶ τριῶν or three Witneffes is more μαρτυρία βεβαιοτέρα firm and fecure.




But a

καὶ ἀσφαλής. πρεσβύ- Presbyter and a Deacon are τερον ἢ καὶ Κάκονον to be ordain’d by one Biὑπὸ ἑνὸς ἐπισκόπε, {hop, and the reft of the 3 έπ' λοιπῶν κληρι- Clergy. Nor muft either a κῶν μήτε ἢ καὶ πρεσ- Presbyter or a Deacon or βύτερον μήτε g-dain from the Laity into the κόνον, χειροτονεν ἐκ Clergy: But the Presbyter 191.

* *

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· defunt. V. 2 deeft. v. 3 ὡσαύτως καὶ τὸν λοιπὸν κλῆρον ν.

4 deeft. v.




is only to Teach, to Offer, λαϊκῶν κληρικός, ἀλ
το Baptize, to Blefs the Peo.
ple, and the Deacon is to
minifter to the Bithop, and
to the Presbyters, that is, το
do the Office of a miniftring
Deacon, but not to meddle

with the other Offices.

λα μόνον ( μ πρεσ
βύτερον διδάσκειν, α-
ναφέρειν, βαλλίζειν, δύο
λογεῖν + λαόν “
Χάκονον ἐξυπηρετεῖας
τῷ ἐπισκόπῳ καὶ τοῖς
πρεσβυτέροις τετέςι,
διακονεῖν· ἐ μίω καὶ του
λοιπὰ διενεργῶν.

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Περὶ Ὀρφουῶν.




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τὸν μὲ, ἵνα τις πς & δελφῶν, οὐκ ἔχων τέκ

101, @02α Coμs

τῦτο, ἔχῃ εἰς παιδός

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ftian becomes an
Orphan, whether

it be a young Man,

Dive, nor a Maid, it is good that fome one of the Brethren, who is without a Child, fhould take the young Man, and efteem him in the Place Dérov, of a Son: and he that has a ὁ ἔχων τὸν διυάμλυον Son about the fame Age, αὐτῷ ὦ γάμε ὥρᾳις and that is marriageable, Cusxpoñory, Cusden fhould marry the Maid to TOTO W O WOLSTEs, him; for they which do so, ἔργον μέγα ἐπιτελῶσιν, perform a great Work, and oppo manipes Swap become Fathers to the Or





phans, and fhall receive the avTES, @ as I wi

eis "TO DE AŃCY + μιπὸν ἢ διακονίας ταύτης. εἰ δέ τις και end Siongar wei


Reward of this Charity from
the Lord God : But if any
one that walks in the way
of Man-pleafing is rich, and
therefore is afham'd of Or- πατῶν, ἐπαιχνύοιτο,
phans, the Father of Orphans,

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χηρῶν αὐτῷ ἢ ἐμπε

and Judge of Widows will φομίας μέλη το μυ make Provifion for the Or- ὀρφομε πρόνοιαν ποιή. phans. But himfelf hall σεται ὁ πατὴρ τῆς ὀρ have fuch an Heir as will φανῶν, καὶ κριτὶς fpend what he has fpar'd: meŵN WITH EμTTEand it fhall happen to him caIETO, IS THE deeft. according as it is faid, αὐτῇ δαπονήσι τ φειWhat Things the Holy Peo- & HUNDETRY 2 E ple have not eaten, those hall our prior a the Affyrians eat. As al- σὐκ ἔφαγον ἅγιοι, ταῖς fo Ifaiah fays, Your Land που φάγον 3) 'Ασσύριοι Strangers devour it in your nada's & Homias λéPrefence.

Ifa, i..



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28 This wear uμän ἐνώπιον ὑμῶν αλλότριοι κατεπίεσιν αὐτήν. Do you therefore, O Bi-Tues &v, ŵ èπi81, ETTIfhops, be follicitous about σκοποι, μεριμνήσατε their Maintenance, being in 3ra" wei & avargonothing wanting to them ; φῆς αὐτῶν, μηδὲν ἐλexhibiting to the Orphans λείποντες αὐτοῖς· τοῖς the Care of Parents, to the oppavois 200Widows the Care of Huf- TES" TO JOVÉWV, 75 bands; to those of suitable Age, Marriage; to the Arti

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