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For if Baptifm were to be adminiftred by Women, certainly our Lord would have been baptiz'd by his own Mother, and not by John; or when he fent us to bap tize, he would have fent along with us Women alfo iszęάows pedwner, for this purpose. But now δως και 7 ακολεθίαν ε he has no where, either by quoews, &* diπpéπde Conftitution, or by Writing, 3 Teasual, sê deliver'd to us any fuch thing; Σ quoews; Inpiepes, as knowing the Order of è ↑ Narážεas roug- Nature, and the Decency of θέσης. the Action; as being the Creator of Nature, and the Legiflator of the Constitution.

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Neither do we permit the x. | Laity to perform any of the Offices belonging to the Priesthood: As for Inftance, neither the Sacrifice, nor Bap tifm, nor the laying on of Hands, nor the Bleffing, whecher the maller or the greater: For, No one taketh this Ho- Heb. v. 4. nour to himself, but he that is called of God. For fuch facred Offices are conferr'd by the Laying on the Hands of the Bishop. But a Perfon to whom fuch an Office is not committed, but he feizes up


on it for himself, he fhall ea re Olía Tosh

2Chr.xxvi. undergo the Punishment of orry.



XI. Nay farther, we do not permit to the ret of the Clergy to Baptize: As for

Ἀλλ ̓ ἔτι τοῖς λοιποῖς κληρικοῖς ἐπιτρέπομ BaπTiler ofor de

Instance, neither to Readers, 6, faktais,

nor Singers, nor Porters, nor
Minifters, but to the Bifhops

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MÉVOLS & ἢ μόνοις επι wрeoCum πρεσβυτέ

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and Presbyters alone, yet fo
that the Deacons are to mi-epis,

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nister to them therein. But aurois rhs Honguar. thole who venture upon it of 3 τολμώντες τᾶτο, fhall undergo the Punishment of the Companions of Num. xvi. Garah. We do not permit Presbyters to ordain Deacons, or Deaconeffes, or Readers, or Minifters, or Singers, or Porters, but only Bishops: For this is the Ecclefiaftical Order and Harmony.

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υπηρέτας, η mawpus, and

μόνοις τοῖς ἐπισκόποις, αὕτη γάρ έξι τάξις έκα κλησιαςικὴ « αρμονία.


XII. NOW as concerning En-E (ýλe,

vy, or Paffion, or Evil

ή καταλαλιας,

fpeaking or Strife, or the Love,

φιλόνεια of Contention, we have faid was, apnay v already to you, that these are ok Tavra Xersiduols


Móneia, & Misa alien from á Chriftian, and

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chiefly in the Cafe of Widows. But because the Devil, who works in Men, is in his Conduæ cunning, and full of various Devices, he goes to those that are not truly Widows, as formerly to Cain; (for fome fay they are Widows, but do not perform the Injun&ions agreeable to the Widowhood; as neither did Cain difcharge the Duties due to a Brother: For they do not confider how 'tis not the Name of Sé Tis♂ Widowhood that will bring them to the Kingdom of God, but true Faith and holy Works But if any one poffeffes the Name of Widowhood, but does the Works of the Adversary, her Widowhood will not be im pured: But the will be thruft out of the Kingdom, and deliver'd to eternal Punishment. For we hear that fome Widows are jealous, envious Calumniator, and envious at the Quiet of

ὑπάρχων, εἰς τοὺς μὴ meas eμmoμmold, ws My Tom's & Kair. La δ λέγεσιν είναι χῆραι, τα ἢ η χηρείας αξια παραγγέλματα ο ποισιν, ὡς εἰδ ̓ ὁ Καὶν τα adenpina dina wala. ἀξιοῦσι τὰ ὡς εἰ δ' όνομα η χηρείας εἰς βασιλείαν aura's eat, an arner's Tisu, στα έργα "pra". με όνομα ο χηρείας HEKINTOY, TO τικειμύς ἐπιτελεῖ ἐπι mdsinara, ñ û x pera aums & Who ρεία λογιπήσε ray, & watera 5 & Ba σιλείας, αιωνίᾳ κολάση το δαδοθήσεται ακείομύω gap kvas meas (nλo Túmes, & dovεea's, βόλεις, βασκαινέσας * rear άvéœou a ποιαῦται, ἐκ εἰσὶ το Xersos, coù & iners

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deeft. V. 20a. v.


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others. Such Widows as διδασκαλίας μαθήτρια
thele are not the Difciples δέον ἡ αὐτοὺς ἐνδυθεί
of Chrift, nor of his Do- ons autor our grea's
ctrine: For it becomes them, TQ, sons
when one of their Fellow-pera", in plus,
Widows is cloath'd by any. ἢ πίμα ή ὑποδέσιν,
one, or receives Money, or θεασαμβρίας αδελφ
Meat, or Drink, or Shooes,
at the Sight of the Refresh-
ment of their Sifter to say,

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EXOTO'S & à QO'S .. Εὐλογητὸς ο Θεός aiaužas + Curnoneav. drogoon, were, Αλόγησον, κύριε, do acor & Hanovýaury, è ☎ ep

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τον αὐτὸ ἀναθῆναι ἐκ antea Te's Cε


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Thou art bleffed, O God, who haft refresh'd my Fellow-Widow. Blefs, O Lord, and glorifie him that has beftow'd these things upon her; and let his good Work afcend in Truth to thee; and remember him for good in non avro eis athe Day of his Vilitation. γαθὸν ἂν ἡμέρᾳ ἐπισκο And as for my Bishop, who s + aur8'. È ↑ 6H720 has fo well perform'd his σκοπόν με ἳ καλῶς Duty to thee, and has or- Cor S λειτεργήσαμτου, der'd fuch a seasonable Alms " Adažava nasto be bestow'd on my Fellow or regole juμ




Widow, who was naked, doo TN Curnow
thou encrease his Glory, andés,
give him a Crown of Rejoi τῳ
cing in the Day of the Re- αὐτῷ
velation of thy Vilitation.
In the fame manner, let the
Widow, who has receiv'd the

Ispeur. V. 2 deeft. v. 3 μvýðun. v.

Teodens auδόξαν, σε δάσης ἐφόρον και χήσεως ἐν ἡμέρᾳ ἀπα καλύψεως ἐπισκοπῆς C. oμgiws Coα

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Tea To tλE, OUμ- Alms join with the other

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in praying for him.

But if any Woman has XIV,
been good, let her, as a pru
dent Perfon, conceal her own
Name, not founding a Trum-
pet before her, that her Alms
may be with God in Secret,
as the Lord fays, Thou when Matt.vi.2;
thou doeft thine Alms, let not 3, 4
thy Left Hand know what thy
Right Hand doth, that thine * Pagi
Alms may be in fecret. And "286.
let the Widow pray for him
that gave her the Alms, who-
foever he be, as being the
holy Altar of Chrift; and
the Father who feeth in fe-

av 2, azion Ducas- cret, will render to him that
eroy 3 Xers wap
280α x • map

did Good openly. But those
Widows which will not live
βλέπων ἐν τῷ κρυπῷ, according to the Command
Sodway rus of ISTI of God, are folicitous and
ἐν τῷ φανερῷ. Αλλ' inquifitive what Deaconeís it
αἱ μὴ κατ' ἐντολίω is that gives the Charity ? and
De Cle Déλ8004 - what Widows receive it? And
ρα, φροντίζεσι 4 πολυ- when the has learn'd thofe
TOUSEIV", TIS À 2- things, the murmurs at the
κονησαμλύη & τίνες αἱ Deaconers who diftributed
29b80ay & Matura, the Charity, faying, Doft not

deeft. V. deeft. V. . v. pihemustir. V.



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