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Free-will Offerings, that fons Oπws Cú ó Csár thou that knoweft thole μαντές θλιβομλίες, tha: are in Affliction, ἀκριβῶς ὡς ἀγαθὸς οἶ mayeft, as a good . Ste- κονόμα μερίζης αὐτ ward, give them their Pors in To dongl. å tion of the Gift. For God 8 Ded's givwond & deknows the Giver, though dangra, nav amirle thou distributeft it to thofe airê, van of Tois deoin Want when he is abfent: vols μɛeinray z os And he has the Reward of and I wollas Well-doing, but thou the ador, Cu + dij I Bleffednets of a confcionable σωειδήτε οικονομίας Difpenfation of it. But do awesoμóv. dégo j thiou tell them who was the αὐτοῖς, & τίς ' ὁ δέδω Giver, that they may pray for as, iva e óróμg è ὀνόματα him by Name: For 'tis our y aur megadi. Duty to do Good to all . xph 28 of WaLev Men, not fondly preferring des diberes, un one or another, whoever els TETOV, they be. For the Lord fays, ks 2", 3., čněván. Fak. vi.30 Give to every one that asketh neros ona' [de of thee: 'Tis evident that 'tis Tyl aiTEUTI ŒE dide meant of every one that is or ÿ Ws TWS XPÁČOVT really in want, whether he andar, na ir be Friend or Foe, whether ĥ nav ixbeds, nar he be a Kinfman or a Stran. Cujung naranager, whether he be fingle e, nav azaμ or married. For in all the xav goaunnas Scripture the Lord gives us n. moon go yeaExhortations about the Nee-on • ner & wei os dy, faying, firft by Ifaiah, mevnawr Daire, hé

v. V. deeft. V.












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Deal thy Bread to the Hun-la. Ivii. 7.
gry, and bring the Poor, which
have no Covering, into thine
House: If thou feeft the Naked,
do thou cover him ; and thou
halt not overlook thofe which
are of thine own Family and
Seed. And then by Daniel
he fays to the Potentate,
Wherefore, O King, let my Dan,iv, 240
Counsel please thee, and purge
thy Sins by Acts of Mercy, and
thine Iniquities by Bomels of
Compafton to the Needy. And

xías or iv oixspugis he lays by Solomon, By Acts Prov. xv.

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μῶνός φησιν· Ἐλεημο

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of Mercy and of Faith Ini-
quities are purged And he-
fays again by David, Bleffed Pal, xl. 20

Dalcony awpricy is he that has Regard to the
Aabid ma-

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Poor and Needy, the Lord shall ** Pag. Air Red Mange deliver him in the evil Day. 277λιν λέγ' • CUVINTE Hugev, And again, He hath difperfed cxi. 9. * TérTa v žμépa abroad, he hath given to the καὶ πένητα ἐν ἡμέρᾳ πονηρῷ ῥύσεται αὐτὸν ὁ ne è mani, 'Eonipmaey, edwne rois me now, i ding wooown as To used as I ajava: è Zadougou now "O •λear war nei", dave to dong δανείζει χαι ϋ τὸ δόμο

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Needy, his Righteoufnefs res
maineth for ever. And Solo-
mon fays, He that hath Mer Prov. xix.
cy on the Poor lendeth to the 17.
Lord; according to his Gift
it shall be repaid him again.
And afterwards, He that ftop- xxi. 13.
peth his Ear, that he may



not hear him that is in Want, aur, race
be alfo fhall call himself, and our è ñs Os veá-
there fhall be none to hear ord & ŵra aurs μà


εισακούσαι δ' δεομιλίες,
αὐτὸς ὄλικαλέσεται,
εὐκ ἔςαι εἰσακούων αὐτῇ.



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LET every Widow be meek,
quiet, gentle, fincere, free
from Anger, not talkative,
not clamorous, not hafty of x, cópont, μù
Speech, not given to Evil-
Speaking, not captious, not
double-tongued, not a Bufie-
Body. If the fee or hear
any thing that is not right,
let her be as one that does
not fee, and as one that
does not hear; and let the
Widow mind nothing butto
pray for chofe that give, and
for the whole Church; and
wvhen he is asked any thing
by any one, let her not ea
fily anfwer, excepting Que-
ftions concerning the Faith,
and Righteoufnels, and Hope
in God, remitting those that
defire to be inftruded in the όπως πολλώ όσα π


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I deeft. V. deeft. Y.


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TISEWS, y Singtoσums,
Teis eor inti
Υποσέλλεσα τοῖς ἡγε
της χεΐποι που το ούσεβείας
Soymała Móva
κρινέσω τὰ δὶ ανα-

Doctrines of Godliness to the
Governours. Let her only
anfwer fo as may tend to
the Subverfion of the Error
of Polytheifm, and let her
demonftrate the Affertion
concerning the Monarchiy of

Tegmus noλ vớés Távas, God. But of the remain-
andanvúsca i ing Doctrines, let her not
Υποδεικνύεσα τ πεί
Movαpxías Oεe or answer any thing rafhly, left) /
weis rfs & Ens were by faying any thing unlear-
πῶς τι μὴ δοκρινέσθω, nedly, the fhould make the
όπως μή τι ἀμαθῶς Word to be blafphemed.
Ovey Eausin Brgopn- For the Lord has taught us
miar we seith Tw26- that the Word is like a Grain Matt.xiii.
zw. ninnwys avάTews of Mustard-fecd, which is of 31.
Sommeray ago & a fiery Nature, which if any
ex eddyMÁTICE. T&To
N' Bi Hamer,
ἐδώ τις ἀπείρως χρήση
ray, muev avrò dipno
gen go do mis musinois

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one ufes unskilfully, he will
find it bitter. For in the
Myftical Points we ought not
to be rafh, but cautious:
For the Lord exhorts us fay-

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più way domnu eiro, Xing, Caft not your Pearls be vit. 6.

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fore Swine, left they trample

Miv o wwer Xyww them with their Feet, and turn

Mǹ Bamere Tes pop again and rent you. For Unρέτας ὑμῶν ἔμπροσθεν believers, when they hear Des xier, μNTOT - the Doctrine concerning του πατήσωσιν αὐτὸς ἐν Chrift mot explain’d as it τοῖς ποσὶν αὐτῶν, καὶ ought to be, but defectivespacéves phewar vμs. ly, and efpecially that con Ansodjures 78 of am- cerning his Incarnation, or 501 & wei Xeira - his Paffion, they will rather reject

reject it with Scorn, and 20v, Seaves, 'X'

laugh at it as falfe, than praise God for it. And fo the aged Women will be guilty of Rafhnefs, and of caufing Blafphemy, and will inherit a Wo: For, fays he, Ifa lii. 5. Wo to him by whom my Name is blafphemed among the Gen




ὦ δεόντως, αλλ
dews", Manisa
ei crownG TWOEWS,
des auTË, MUxm.
eίστες χλομάσουσι
or w's tourn, ndo-.




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say & 3 wegtenias" i
πρεσβύτις καὶ τ βλασ
σφημίας, ὼ δὲ καὶ κλη
Θρνομήση· Οὐαὶ 4 δε

φησι, δι * δ ὄνομά με βλασφημεῖται ἐν τοῖς ἔθνεσιν,

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Οὐκ ὀπιτρέπουν τ
waings diddioner čo
ἐκκλησίᾳ, ἀλλὰ μόνον
δασκάλων ἐπακέειν.
Sauris & diddionan
αὐτὸς διδάσκαλο
er i en
ἡμεῖς τὰς δώδεκα πόμε
fas Manoboay or


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We do not permit our Corxiv, Women to teach in the Church, 34. but only to pray, and hear those that teach For our Maftcr and Lord, Jefus Chrift himself, when, he fent us the Twelve to make Difciples of the People, and of the Nations, did no where fend out Women to preach, ibon, juicings & γυναίκες although he did not want dags gamegener és fuch: For there were with unpyng, ngin! CON us the Mother of our Lord mean Culi and his Sifters; alfo Mary îv йre μump to x00 μῖν ἥτε μήτηρ τε τους Magdalen, and Mary the Mo-es, * ai adeλqai ** ther of James, and Martha




aur T Maeia &

and Mary, the Sifters of La- Maldanny Maeios
zarus; Salome, and certain 'Ianwls & Maρda &

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• defunt. v. ? Xomov, v. 2 deeft. V. ↑ jag. V. ti xesso's V.

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