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Περὶ χηρῶν.



Concerning Widows.


H'eas na πις τε μὴ ἔλαττον ly éhnra, iva Sóry kvi · διγαμίας αὐτῶν δύπολλον βέβαιον ὑμῖν Kg Τ ἡλικίας πάρX. evewTieav 2• νεωτέραν και Tashonte as ☎ xne nov, ý μì ¶éprou & veónk xnpelar, jaunθῇ, ἀπρέπειαν ἐμποιήof in doen & meix, 22 upéct my De καὶ λόγον υφέξι τῷ Θεῷ ἐχ ̓ ὅτι δευτέρῳ γάμῳ

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Pag.. 274.

Y. 9.

Hoofe your Widows Chap. I. not under Sixty Tears Vid. iTim of Age, that in fome measure the Sufpicion of a fecond Marriage may be prevented by their Age. But if you admit one younger into the Order of Widows, and she cannot bear her Widowhood in her Youth, and marries, she will procure indecent Reflections on the Glory of the Order of the Widows, and fhall give an Account to God; not becaufe the marry'd a fecond

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time; but because he has on pin, XOTI

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waxed wanton against Chrift, and not kept her Promife, because he did not come and keep her Promife with Faith and the Fear of God: Wherefore fuch a Promife; ought not to be rafhly made, but with great Caution: Ecclef. Fer 'tis better for her not to vom, than to vom and not to pay. But if any younger Woman, who has liv'd but a while with her Husband, and has loft him by Death, or fome other Occafion, and remains by herself, having the Gift of Widowhood, the will be found to be bleffed. and to be like the Widow of Sarepta, belonging to Sidon, with whom the holy ProKing, phet of God Elijah lodged. xvii. 9. Such an one may also be Luk. ii. 36 compared to Anna, the Daugh ter of Phanuel, of the Tribe of Afer, mhich departed not from the Temple, but continued in Su plications and Pray ers Night and Day, who was Fourfcore Tears old, and had μel nudear wego.

* defunt. v. 7 ganger. v. 3 deeit. V.


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ὅσα μ

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liv'd with an Husband Se ven Years from her Virgini ty, who glorify'd the Coming of Chrift, and gave Thanks to the Lord, and fpake concerning him to all those who look'd for Redemption in Ifrael. Such a Widow will have a good Report, and will be honour'd, having both Glory with Men upon Earth, and eternal Praife with God in Heaven.

jjivoa & Señora, è wood gais, soα j τῶν ὀγδοήκονται axe", Choaoa mi dvopo's on θενίας αὐτῆς ἔτη ἑπτὰ, Devías aurus im ETT, 2 @ Thy & Xeir ξάσασα· θρασίαν αν Targroveiro tus new, Cenang wei aur πᾶσι τοῖς Taos Tois 3 wegadoκῶσι λύτρωσιν ἐν ἸσCanλ. й TOAUTH τύριον λαβᾶσα Τμή θήσεται, κλέπι ἔχεσα έ του ο Θεῷ ἐν ἐρανοῖς “







ρ εὐθρώποις. Ἐπὶ γῆς, @ αἰώνιον ἔπαινον.

But let not the younger Widows be placed in the Order of Widows, left under Pretence of Inability to contain in the Flower of their Age, they come to a fecond Marriage, and be come fubject to Imputation. But let them be affifted and fupported, that fo they may not, under Pretence of be

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Αἳ καὶ νεώτεραι χῆ. eis gemer use in ὄντα απέδωσαν, μήποτε weg part to us SuvaDay nearing anpñs, Bhi Mπeajauído Exbsay, er mealpak * Dew). Muxpoiada oofy @ Bondeindoop, ive in we part ZÉTENS, 6 Mπe gapiar intrary, eving deferted, come to a feγαμίαν ἐλθεῖσαι redynak awpews" - cond Marriage, and fo be getwσL. TUTOS infnared in an unfeemly

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¿ deest. v. 2 aŭth. v. 3 mesodexquérors. V. ↑è mgað. v.


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Imputation. For you ought εἰδέναι ὀφείλετε, ὅτι to know this, that once mar- voapria pejú 2 vó rying according to the Law, proptún, Singía, is righteous, as being accord-sox's go wμlu Oey ing to the Will of God; pxσ α dizaμia but fecond Marriages, after 5 pera imatgeridu, the Promise, are wicked; notropy, & im on account of the Marriage ou aquar, na Y it felf, but because of the ad regania Falfhood, Third Marriages 5, anegoias oppor• are Indications of Incontipency But fuch Marriages as are beyond the Third are manifest Fornication, and un questionable Uncleannefs. For God in the Creation gave one Gen.ii.24. Woman to one Man: for, They two fhall be one Flelh. But to the younger Women, let a fecond Marriage be allow'd after the Death of their firft Husband, left they fall into the Condemnation of the Devil, and many Snares, and foolish Lufts, which are hurtful to Souls, and which bring upon them Punishment rather than Reft.



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But the true Widows are ** Aij aan Divaj ***Pag. thofe which have had only heal cow, ai Muduene Husband, having a good δροι ὑπάρξασα, με Report among the generality ρύμαι ὑπὸ πλειόνων for good Works. Widows in appone agadors, 27

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por rus övk, Gopeoves, indeed, fober, chaste, faithful,
agvaj, mçai, dobes, pious, who have brought up
Tervono ay nas,
* Gevodox hoασay
μέμπτως· ὧν ἐν δυτι-


their Children well, and haye
entertain'd Strangers unblame-
ably, which are to be fupport-

Befides, do thou, O Bishop,

Man Caveats xp as Deed, as devoted to God.

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καὶ ἡ πενήτων, ὦ Ἐλή. be mindful of the Needy,

σκοπε, μνημόνδε, OnOTTE, μrnerove,

both reaching out thy help

aurois xerea opegaving Hand, and making Pro

vision for them, as the Steward of God, diftributing feafonably the Oblations to every one of them, to the Widows, the Orphans, the awe-Friendless, and those try'd with Affliction.

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ἐξεπαζομλύοις. Ti 28, å kves μn ein Küper 3 ne", Bondrías xpno Yo weview, in Ivó σον, * No TERVOSOφίλυ; πολύτος σε δε sopar, ý múr ἐφορον, πιμελείως. οἱ γδ τὰ SONATA NISOUTES, Go αὐτοσχεδίως αὐτοὶ δι' δόασι * χήραις, ἀλλὰ

For what if some are neither Widows nor Widowers, but ftand in need of Affistance, either through Poverty, or fome Disease, or the Maintenance of a great Number of Children? Tis thy Duty to overfee all People, and to take care of them all. For they that give Gifts do not of their own head give them

Cuverapiproir anws, to the Widows, but barely

ἑκύσια αὐτὰ ὀνομάζον

bring them in, calling them

defunt.. v. deeft. V. 2 defont. v.



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