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MonoTiTW & Mor, Penitents are gone out, pray
Orws miks tiveron, to Goa Eastward, who af end- Pfal.Ivið

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ed up to the Heaven of Hea34
vens to the East. Remem-
bring alfo the ancient Situa-
tion of Paradife in the Eatt,
from whence the firt Man,
when he had yielded to the
Perfwafion of the Serpent,
and difobey'd the Command
of God, was expell'd.
to the Deacons, after the
Prayer is over, let fome of
them attend upon the Oblat


tion of the Eucharift, miniftring to the Lord's Body. Let others of them watch the Multitude, and keep them filent. But let that Deacon, who is at the High Priest's Hand, fay to the People, Let no one have any Quarrel against another: Let no one come in Hypocrife. Then let the Men give the Men, and Cańdn. oi j' diánovo the Women give the Wỏμ Teod, di- men the Lord's Kits. But TN Tеoopоpa & d. let no one do it with Degacias gong Cir- ceit, as Judas betray'd the ode, MPETEN WOL Lord with a Kifs. After this, το σώματι με weis owngtlet the Deacon pray for the


· ἐπιβλέψαντες ν.



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whole Church, for the whole pós, i ô tús ogλus World, and the feveral Parts διασκοπείτωσαν, ᾧ ἡof it, and the Fruits of it: συχλμ. αὐτοῖς ἐμποι for the Priefts and the Ru- επωπο. λεγέτω lets, for the High-Prieft and the King, and the Peace of of the Univerfe. After this, 265. let the High-Prieft pray for Peace upon the People, and bless them in thefe Words, Numb. vi. The Lord bless thee, and keep thee; the Lord make his Face to shine upon thee, and give thee Peace. Let the Dihop pray for, the People, and fay, Pfal. xxvi. Save thy People, O Lord, and 8. blefs thine Inheritance, which



1 Pet.i.19

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thou haft obtaind with the ἁπάσης, @ πουτὸς τὸ

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péws, x T8 Baor ews, Ĉ ↑ nadórs 4ρήνης. καὶ μετὰ τόπο ὁ appÓNS ETTO

ii. 9. precious Blood of thy Christ,
and haft called a Royal Priest-
hood, and an holy Nation.
After this let the Sacrifice ἀρχόντων υπό άρα
follow, the People standing,
and praying filently; and
when the Oblation has been
made, let every Rank by it
felf partake of the Lord's
Body, and precious Blood,
in order, ard approach with
Reverence and holy Fear, as
to the Body of their King
Let the Women approach
Riepe. V.

now expnunu, dingTW TOTOY WS: KY Μωσῆς ἐνετείλατο pδσιν εὐλογεῖν ἢ λαὸν τέτοις τοῖς ῥήμασιν· Εὖory of nieros, è φυλά

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φυλάξαι σε 67ιφάναι with their Heads covered,
κύριος 8 πρόσωπον αυjώ as is becoming 'he Order of
τῇ ἐπί σε, καὶ δώη σοι Women: Bur et the Door
εἰρήνην. " Ἐπουχέπω be watched. left any. Un-
ἐν ᾧ ὁ Ὀλάσκοπο, & believer, or one not yetini-
λεγέτω Σῶσον – λαόν. tiated, come in.
σε κύριε και ευλόγησον


* κληρονομίου σε Κ εκτήσω; εποιήσω τη
μίῳ αἵματι τῇ Χρισέ σε, ε ἐκάλεσας βασιλείο
ἱεράτωμα, καὶ ἔθια άγιον Μετα ; ταῦτα γνές
πω ή θυσία, έρωτα πολυτές το λαό, ο προσβα
λαμβάνει ησύχως και ὅταν αὐενεσθῇ; μεταλαμβά
νετω διάτη τάξις καθ ̓ ἑαυτήν το κυριακός Cωμα α
το τιμία αίματα, εν τάξει με αιδές και συλάβειας;
ως βασιλέως προσερχόμενοι σωματι και γενικές και
το κεφαλιμωλία κεφαλώς ως · αρμόζε γυναικῶν τάξη,
προσερχέθωσαν φυλατέπωσαν ἢ αἱ πύραι, μήτις ἀπ
εν εισέλθοι, ἢ ἀντα


** Εἰ δέ τις ἀπὸ προσ If any Brother, Man of κίας ἀδελφὸς ἢ ἀδελφὴ Woman, comc in from anoἐπέλθῃ, ζύτασιν 67- ther Parifh, bringing Recome κομιζόμλυοι, άτονος mendatory Letters, let the επικρινέτω Τα κατ ̓ Deacon be the judge of that αὐτὸς, διακρίνων εἰ Affair,enquiring whether they πιςοί, εἰ ὀκκλησιαςικοί, be of the Faithfu, and of εἰ μὴ ἀπὸ αιρέσεως είσι the Church? Whether they από μεμολυσμύοι & πά be not defiled by flerefie λιν ο υπομερα And befides, Whether the χώρᾳ ἐ ἔτω γνὲς το Party be a marryd Woman, κατ ̓ αὐτές, ως εισίνα- or a Widow: And when he ληθῶς πισοί μογνώ- is fatisfied in thefe Quefti

καὶ ἐλεῆσαί σε, ἐπᾶσαι κύριθ τὸ πρόσωπον αὐτὸ ἐπὶ σε V. v. ideeft. V. ξανάλθη. V. defunt. V.




** Pag


ons, that they are really of pores ou Tois nuelangis,

the Faithful, and of the fame
Sentiments in the things of

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day!ow inasov eis &
eonnorra aUTY TO-
3 @ πρεσβύτε

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the Lord, let him conduct TV & AрEOCUTEevery one to the Place pro- poxias éénper for him: And if a Pref. byter comes from another Parish, let him be receiv'd to Communion by the Presbyters; if a Deacon, by the Deacons; if a Bishop, let him fit with the Bishop, and beams asμ allowd the tame Honour with himfelf; and thou, Ο Bishop, fhalt defire him to fpeak to the People Words of Inftruction: For the Exhortation and Admonition of Strangers is very accepta ble, and exceeding profita ble. For, as the Scripture Luk.iv.24 fays, No Prophet is accepted Job.iv.44 in his own Country. Thou fhalt alfo permit him to of fer the Eucharift: But if out of Reverence to thee, and as a wile Man, to preferve the Honour belonging to thec, he will not offer, at leaft thou fhalt compel him to ive the Bleffing to the Peo

! al. xoiavin@s. v. 2 deeft, V.

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Deas, Gree's TIS &- ple. But if after the Congre- gation is fat down, any other - Perfon comes upon you of good Fashion and Character * * Pag, Guéiríonn ò Te in the World, whether he be oranã & wei e a Stranger, or one of your azer, no answv r own Country; neither do Támort&, * 8 ára thou, O Bishop, if thou art jrwonor]R, più we fpeaking the Word of God, σωπολητῶν καταλί. or hearing him that fings, INS I Siangríavor reads, accept Perfons fo 224, iva diary far as to leave the Miniftry αὐτῷ προεδρίαν, ἀλλὰ of the Word, that thou mayit μύε ἡσύχεθα, μὴ δια- appoint an upper Place for κόπλων σε λόγον, nómer as t nogov, him; but continue quiet, not * ἀκολ· οἱ ἢ ἀδελφοὶ interrupting thy Difcourfe, διὰ τῶν διακόνων πα- nor thy Attention ; but let Cadenéadar autor the Brethren receive him by the Deacons; and if there

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διάκονα μᾶλλον be not a Place, let the Dea

VENTECOV épicas,
νεώτερον ἐγείρας,
2028, arra un per'
opgūs, incivov na do
τω δίκαιον ἢ τῦτο καὶ

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. 1

con by speaking, but not in
Anger, raife the Junior, and
place the Stranger there. And
tis but realonable that one
that loves the Brethren should

SEXTOY Tño Ea do fo of his own Accord:
ἀνανδύῃ, ἐγείρας αὐτὸν But if he refufe, let him raife
ἀνακαςῶς, ὀπίσω him up by Force, and
πούτων φῆσον, ἵνα παι- fet him behind all; chat
Solvor of nguoi the reft may be taught to
avlina exaper Tois - give place to thofe that, are

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