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Jer.xv. 19. God, If theu fetch out the Worthy and Precious from the Unworthy, thou shalt be as my Mouth.



τήν, ᾧ ἐξημερῶν, ὦ ἀποκαθισαν. ' καὶ
ἐξ ἐπαδγελίας μισθός του ο Θεό
ξία 3 ἄξιον &" τίμιον, ὡς τόμα

But be thou, O Bishop,
holy, unblameable,no Striker,


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γρια Επισφέρειν εἰς αὐτ τῷ τό ζιν ὁ μέγις Θ Ἐὰν ἐξαγάγῃς ἐξ ἀνα σημαν


Σv 3 8 Thing TC, dayas,äμwμoss μn not foon angry, not cruel; mums, μù opquaO, but a Builder up, a Conver- un a vás oixados ter, apt to teach, forbearing, spas, 5 of Evil, of a gentle Mind, darks, avesiranos, meek, long-suffering, ready moduμ, πaas, to exhort, ready to comfort, Maxed, aveas a Man of God.. kngs, Sanλnrings ws

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8TC yaş v• 3 T8 dégr10. v. 3 delunt. V, ± deest. V. 5 al faraxos. deeft. v,



Jenpois, ng. Samp 6m βάταις, με πάσης Carais, pt moons** επιμελείας & σεμνότηTos. Caerov údolnos

Cemens, nga


fengers, with all due Care and
Decency. And first let the ** Pag
Building be long, with its
Head to the Eaft, with its
Veftries on both Sides at the

Datong's Tengaμp, Eaft End, and fo 'twill be like

νατολάς τετραμμλύ


inger spre a Ship. In the Middle let Ta Ta sopiera" wes

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hand, in close and small girt
Garments; for they are like
the Mariners and Managers
of the Ship: With regard to
thefe, let the Laity fit on the
other Side, with all Quiet-
nefs and good Order. And
let the Women fit by them-
felves, they alfo keeping Si-
lence In the middle, let the
Reader ftand upon fome high
Place; let him read the Books
of Mofes, of Joshua the Son of
Nun, of thic fudges, and of
the Kings, and of the Chro-
nicles, and thofe written after
the Return from the Capti-

Mwords & Inos &**vity; and befides these, the *** Pag4 Nown", TO Tfs xer Books of Job and of Solo. 262. DHS Baonawv, romon, and of the Sixteen Pro.

V. ì. Vo? μSTÀ TEμvñs. v. Navi. Edit. Turrian.


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s Tes & Aabid yaðwiμves, ads axeixa twoψαλλέτω. με τῦτο α πράξεις αἱ ἡμέτεραι α


phers. But when there has a Kampfwr & been two Leffons feverally τα ε επομάδες πρὸς read, let fome other Perfon THTHIS TOT 'IWC T fing the Hymns of David, Zocor & Tr and let the People join at thre εκκαίδεκα προφητῶν. Conclufions of the Verfes. αν δύο ϋ ηλυομβύων α Afterwards let our Acts be iaty wouάur, ine's read, and the Epiftles of Paul, our Fellow-worker, which he fent to the Churchies under the Conduct of the Holy Spirit; and afterwards let a Deacon or a Presbyter read ναγινωσκέθωσαμ, ¢ ἐthe Gospels, both those which mohaj Hans FoÙI Matthew and John have de- νεργῇ ἡμῶν, ὃς ἐπέτει liverd to you, and thofe λε ἢ ἐκκλησίαις καθ ̓ which the Fellow workers of ὑφήγησιν" αγίω πνού Paul received and left το ματα έμει ταύτα you, Luke and Mark. And anov πρεσCÚwhile the Gofpel is read, let τερα ἀναγινωσκέτω Τα all the Presbyters and Dea- daléria ya Malcons, and all the People Jos, 'Iwarns opeftand up in great Silence; nars vμiv, è a of iμív, for it is written, Be filent ouwepo Пavas paand hear, O Ifrael. And a- notes namnenfar i31. gain, But do thou ftand there μir Asras & Mapxos. ***Pag and hear. In the next Place, * * * or avanevaκαὶ ὅτου ἀναγινώ263. let the Presbyters, one by oxouguer d'algén ġ one, not all together, exhort oy, mojures of πρeσthe People, and the Bishop Curen, & of Yaxoin the laft place, as being vo, mas o aged's snthe Commander. Let the κέτωσαμ με πολλῆς Porters ftand at the Entries συχίας γέγραπται γάρ


xxvii. 9.

Senny. Edit. Turrian,

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of the Men, and obferve
them. Let the Deaconeffes
alfo ftand at those of rhe
Women, like Ship men. For Deut.
the fame Defcription and Pat-xxiii 1,&,
tern was both in the Taber-
nacle of the Teftimony, and
in the Temple of God. But
if any one be found fitting
out of his Place, let him be

of fifù murwedi eis is rebuk'd by the Deacon, as

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a Manager of the Fore-Ship,
and be remoy'd into the
Place proper for him: For
the Church is not only like a
Ship, but also like a Sheep-
fold: For as the Shepherds
place all the Bruit Creatures
diftinctly, I mean Goats and
Sheep, according to their
Kind and Age; and ftill eve
ry one runs together, like to
his like; fo is it to be in the
Church. Let the young Per-
fons fit by themselves, if
there be a Place for them;
if not, let them ftand up.
right. But those that are
already fricken in Years,
let them fit in Order. For
the Children which ftand,

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¡ dua. V. defunt. V. 3 defunt. V. 4 πρώτεως τόπον ἐπέχοντθ.

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let their Fathers and Mothers take them to them. Let the younger Women allo fit by themselves, if there be a Place *for them; but if there be not, let them stand behind the Women. Let those Wo-ed men which are married, and have Children, be plac'd by themselves: But let the Vir gins, and the Widows, and the elder Women, ftand or fit before all the reft; and let the Deacon be the Difpofer of the Places, that ** Pag every one of those that comes Jia, ἐγὼ ᾗ τόποι, in may go to his proper eun, ömer Place, and may not fit at yaixar is and wour" not fit at the Entrance. In like mangejanza, P ner, let the Deacon overleenvapyva


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the People, that no body
may whisper, nor flumber, nor
laugh, nor tiod: For all ought
in the Church to ftand wife-
ly, and foberly, and attenta.
tively, having their Attention
fix'd upon the Word of the
Lord. After this, let all
rife up with one Confent,
and looking towards the Eaft,
after the Catechumens and


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