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Deity, nor the Vengeance ἀνθρώπε, καίτοι ὄντες
which will fall upon Men ἐθνικοὶ, καὶ ἐ γινώσκον-
from God, on account of Tés cómma, es

thofe that are unjufly con- αὐτὸς ἀπὸ Θεῷ ἄμυναν
demn'd, they avoid fuch un-
just Judgments.

rfs Mairios na·τακριθέντων,' Σποφο



But you who know who Ὑμεῖς ἢ γινώσκον
our God is, and what are his τες τίς ὁ Θεὸς ἡμῶν,
Judgments, how can you bear à ὁποῖα τα κρίματα
to pass an unjust Judgment, aurs, aws av nat i-
fince your Sentence will be πήρεσαν διήσει θέ τινι
immediately known to God: Σπόφασιν δῆναι, τι κρί
And if you have judged σεως ὑμῶν παραχρῆμα
righteously, you will be woxousins Dew;
deem'd worthy of the Re- e dinaiwśčneivate,
compences of Righteoufnefs, δικαίων ἀμοιβῶν καὶ
both now and hereafter; TağıdŃœde ỳ vuw y
but if unrighteously, you will es audis ei ÿädíxes,
partake of the like. We πάλιν π ὁμοίων τού
therefore advise you, Bre. ead. μers who ir, a-
thren, rather to deferveCom- δελφοίς συμβελεύομα
mendation from God than ὑμῖν, μᾶλλον ἐπαίνων


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Rebukes: For the Commen- away we sin dation of God is Eternal Life to Men, as is his Rebuke Everlasting Death. Be ye therefore righteous Judges, Peace-makers, and without Matt.22 Anger. For, He that is an

1 τῦτο ποιᾶσι. γ. 3 ν. ν.

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ToLol, apoi. Ogry without a Caufe is obnoxi

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ous to the Judgment. But if it
happens that by any one's
Contrivance you are angry

at any body, Let not the Sun Eph.iv.26
go down upon your Wrath. For,
fays David, Be angry and fin Pfal. iv. 4.
not: That is, be foon recon-
cil'd, left your Wrath con-
tinue fo long, that it turn to
a fettled Hatred, and work
Sin. For the Souls of thofe Prov. xii
that bear a fettled Eatred are

28. LXX

• Tingv * * * opon to Death, fays Solomon. But **. Pag.


σικακία γλύηται, και οδ' our Lord and Saviour Jefus jslide a repzaion. Fu- Chrift fays in the Gospels, Mat.v.23; yai 28 prnoirginar eis If thou bring thy Gift to the 24 θάνατον, φησὶν ὁ Σο- Altar, and therè remembreft Domov. nézd 528 no

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that thy Brother bath ought nμar y owrip In- against thee,, leave there thy res o Xersos on dual Gift before the Altar, and go Χριστὸς ἐν λiois Ede wegσpions thy way's first be reconcil'd to προσφέρης 8 Sween as TH8 Dunasherov, & one punens ŐT! o adexpos ou end xo, apes exe 3 ear? as" Epewogater T foramer, sy omage, THE TOY HAMAMD adenção, TÓTH




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thy Brother, and then come and
offer thy Gift. Now the Gift
is every one's Eucharistical
Prayer and Thanksgiving. If
therefore thou haft any thing
against thy Brother, or he has
any thing against thee, nei-
ther will thy Prayers be

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heard, nor will thy Thankf- Owv wegpepe To Save', givings be accepted, by rea- . Accordé 65 DEG fon of that hidden Anger. But 'tis your Duty, Brethren, to pray continually. Yet becaufe God hears not thofe which are at Enmity with their Brethren by unjust Quarrels, e ven tho' they fhould pray three times an Hour, 'tis our Duty to compose all our Enmity and Littleness of Soul, that we may be able to pray with a pure and unpolluted Heart. For the Lord cominanded us to love even our Enemies, Expois o Ed's Gon and by no means to hate maxét, & edp reis I our Friends. And the Law- weas wego de array, Levit. xix. giver fays, Thou shalt not hate en Hanvas mod 17. thy Brother in thy Mind. Thou bear & pinetuxi


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fhalt certainly reprove thy Bro- αν, ἵνα δεκτόμεθα προ ther, and not incur Sin on his eas nawapa on Account. Thou shalt not hate napdicap xxi 7. an Egyptian, for thou waft a row go in Upes onSojourner with him. Thou elajaran agor Shalt not hate an Idumæan, ev, T for he is thy Brother. And pixes per & ou yo David fays, if I have repayed μg dens onair thofe that required me Evil. onos Tojuta av Wherefore, if thou wilt be a unos adex per ou . Chriftian, follow the Lawn Narola σs inε

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..of the Lord Loofe every γμῷ ἐλέγξεις – ἀδελ Band of Wickedness: For the para, ant si

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ξυσίδων ἔθετο ἀφιέναι d.


Lord has given thee Autho-
rity to remit those Sins to
thy Brother which he has
committed against thee, as
far as Seventy times Seven, Matt.xviii.
that is, Four Hundred and
Ninety times, How oft there-
fore haft thou remitted to
thy Brother, that thou art un-
willing to do it now? when
thou alfo haft heard Fere-
miah saying; Do not any of Zach. viii.
you impute the Wickedness of 17.
his Neighbour in your Hearts.
But thou remembrett Inju

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maplasms adenowaries, and keepest Enmity, and

comeft into Judgment, and art fufpicious of his Anger, and thy Prayer is hindred, Nay, if thou haft romitted το thy Brother Four Hundred and Ninety times, do thou ; ftill multiply thy Acts of Gentlenefs more to do good

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erston Noμsuas sws 6 Jounnor Toms Tw, TYTÉSI, TET CAxocias τετέςι, τετρακοσίας SVAKO s v ενήκοντα ποσάκις ν ἤδη αφῆνας τῳ ἀδελφῷ 08, iva μn beλnons" auty aqiéra & και τον ακέσας ο Ιερεmis dégol, ori ng for thy own fake; altho' he Hranice & does not do fo, yet howdior avre un ie- ever do thou endeavour to λογίζε ate or rais naadious o- forgive thy Brother for God's Zournong fake, That thou mayest› be the Mattat xes, opes" e Son of thy Father which is in x σιωτήρες χ θραν, Ἐπὶ κρίσιν Dear, & 6 near Heaven; and when thou

οἷον αὐτῇ

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· ὅτι καὶ θέλεις. v. συζητείς. V. φυλάτλεις. ν.

M 3




prayeft. mayft be heard, as a ἔρχῃ, &μήνιν ὑφορε

Friend of God.


καὶ ἡ προσευχή σε έμ ποδίζεται . αλλ ̓ εἰεὶ τὰ τρακόσια ἐνενήκονται 3 ἀφεὶς τῳ ἀδελφῷ σε, πλεόναζον * ἀοργησίαν Ἐπὶ πλεῖον εἰς ἀγαθωσιώτω δ ̓ ἑαυτόν. καν ἐκεῖνος μὴ ποιεῖ, αλλάγε σὺ λα - Θεὸν σέδαζε ἀφιέναι τῷ πλησίον, ὅπως ἡλύῃ υἱὸς ἦ πατρὸς σε 5 ἐνέρας, καὶ προ σουλόμεθα ὑπακέῃ ὡς φίλΘ. Θεῷ.

Wherefore, O Bishop, when you are to go to Prayer, after The Leffons, and the Pfalmody, and the Inftruction out of the Scriptures, let the Deacon ftand high you, and with a loud Voice fay, Letnone have any Quarrel with ano. ther ; Let none come in Hy· ** Pag. pocrifie; that if there be any 259 Controverfie found among

Διά τέτο, ᾧ σκοπος, μελλόντων ᾧ μῶν εἰς προσδιχα. πουτᾷν, μ' ἢ ἀνά γνωσιν, δ * ψαλμῳ δίδυ, & brea φαῖς διδασκαλίδ, ὁ άκονΘ· ἑς ὣς πλησίον ὑμῶν, με' ὑψηλῆς φως νῆς ** λεγέτω μ τις μά κατά τιν Θ· μήτις ἐν

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any of you, they may be αποκρίση. ἵνα ἐδώ δ affeded in Confcience, and ρεθῇ ἔν τισιν δύτιλο· may pray to God, and be γία, σκυειδήας κρά reconcil’d to their Brethren. For if upon coming into any ones Houfe we are to Matt.s.12 fay, Peace be to this Foufe, like Sons of Peace beltowing Peace on thofe who are wor- Εἰρμη τῷ οἴκῳ τέτῳ Ifa. Ivii.19 thy, as it is written, To them ὡς μὲς εἰρήνης εἰρήν Ephii 17 that are nigh, and them that χαριζομλύες τοῖς αξίοις,

$ Tin, ii.

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· δεηθῶσι & Θεά ¢ δαλλαγῶσι τοῖς ἀ δελφοῖς, εἰ γδ' τὰς ἐν οἰκίᾳ τινὸς ἐσερομύες, πρὸ πολύ των δεῖ λέξεις

· ὑφορᾶσαι. V. : διὰ τᾶτο ν. 3 συνεχώρησας. V.

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