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Σωσαύης ἐν Βαβυλῶν, Elders againft Sufanna in Ba

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bylon, and the Sons of Tranf- 3 King
greffors against Naboth in Sa-
maria, and the Multitude of Matt.
the Jews against our Lord at xxvi.
Jerufalem, and against Ste-Act. vi,
phen, his first Martyr. Let & vii.
the Witneffes therefore be
meck, free from Anger, full
of Equity, kind, prudent,
continent, free from Wick-
ednefs, faithful, religious:

πεῖς, ἀπόνηροι, πισοί, For the Teftimony of fucha
Debes 8 Perfons is firm on account

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of their Character, and true on account of their Converfation. But as to thofe of a different Character, do not ye receive their Teftimony, altho' they feem to agree together in their Evidence a gainst the Accufed. For 'tis *** Pag, ordain'd in the Law, Thou Exod. Tuela. WeσTitanToy shalt not be with a Multitude xxiii. 2 1.

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Savs voμw Our for Wickedness. Thou shalt not

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con Tomer receive a vain Report. Thou

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shalt not confent with a Mul

titude to pervert Judgment.
You ought also particularly

innaïva 3 Singior. Ev to know him that is accused,
μέρα 5 ¢ + κρινόμον what he is in his courfe of

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Life, and in his Converfa-
tion, whether he have a good
Report as to his Life, whe-
ther he has been unblame-

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φιλάδελφῷ, εἰ μὴ αἰ
enep dins2, 3¢ μn Bea-
ws બે મugog
", è ompeur, è μà
propáz, ei s-

able, whether he has been avéгañéi éσó-
zealous in Holiness, whether ma inλwnas, & qr-
he be a Lover of the Wi-pQ", è p120§e-
dows, a Lover of the Stran-, @ 4120m wngs, xy
gers, a Lover of the Poor,
and a Lover of the Brethren;
whether he be not given to
filthy Lucre; whether he be
not an extravagant Perfon,
or a Spendthrift; whether he
be fober, and free from Luxu-, xì d'μerá-
ry, or a Drunkard, or a dor.
Glutton; whether he be com-
paffionate and charitable.

For if he has been before

addicted to wicked Works,
the Accufations which are
now brought against him will
thence in fome measure ap-
pear to be true, unlefs Ju
ftice do plainly plead for
him. For it may be that
though he had formerly been

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Εἰ δ' αὐτῷς προϋ πόκεις έργα φαῦλος n in μépes aanges Åε j ai u B7evas & avow" rgπορίαι, εἰ μὴ ἂν αὐ lov ytowaδδίκαιον or ope yo αὐτοῦ ἡμαρτικό αι μιλώ

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an Offender, yet that he, TÉTY ̈ ☎ élnàń
may not be guilty of this
Crime, of which he is ac-
cufed. Wherefore be exactly

v. diò axerbus wei τα τοιαῦτα νήφοντες,

• deeft. v. mawaránal☞, v. 3 defunt. v. 2 decit.V.


ἀσφαλῶς & βεβαίας cautious about fuch Circumποιείσθε τους αποφάσης ftances, and fo render your

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Sentences, when pronounc d against the Offender convicted, fafe, and firm. And if after his Separation he begs Pardon, and falls down before the Bishop, and acknowledges his Fault, receive him! Bur neither do you tuffer a falfe Accuier to go unpunilh d, that he may not calumniate onμnon, eva" another who lives well or προτρέψη) τὰ ὅμοια encourage fome other terfon autas señor T to do like him. Nor, to be αυτῷ δράσαι μ μlew + ERESZÛÉva d- fure, do ye fuffer a Person ἐλεξιχθέντα vúbersar, öños un 2% convicted to go off clear, νύβριςον, ὅπως 2. TPQ. Tois auTois - left another be enfnar'd in σχεδῆ ὅτι γδ μάρτυς the fame Crimes મેં ઝ

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For nei

ther fhall a Witnefs of Mif-
chiefs be unpunish'd, nor shalf
he that offends be without

We faid before, that Judg
ment ought to be given upon
hearing only one of the Par-
ties : For if you hear one of
them when the other is not
there, and fo cannot make his
Defence to the Accutation
brought against him, and

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rafhly give your Votes for πετῶς ἐξενέΓκητε τῆς Condemnation, you will be qov naтanelœws, evoφον κατακρίσεως, found guilty of that Man's χιτάναιρέσεως, à συμDeftručion, and Partaker μετρηταὶ τῷ συκοφάν with the false Accufer before ry, Dew Spen God, the juft Judge. For, de, Tu Sinaias ner Prov.xxvi As he that holdeth the Iail cf τῇ. Ως δ' ὁ κρατῶν a Dog, fo is he that prefides at nepres nuvis, &тws o unjust Judgment. But if ye gesws amoreias nei become Imitators of the El- ews. Ed untay ders in Babylon, who when nade rfs in Babuthey had born Witnefs a- λῶνι πρεσβυτέρων, οἵgainst Sufanna, unjustly con- kvesnaтaμaρTuρhoddemnd her to Death, you τις £ Σωσώνης ἀδίκως will become obnoxious to andínαody aúthv eis their Judgment and Con- Svatov, evogi & indemnation. For the Lord, érov neiores & nalaby Daniel, deliver'd Susanna Sinns Hunde. ÖTI 7 from the Hand of the Un- μλύ Σωσούνου ὁ κύριος godly, but condemn'd to the Fire thofe Elders who were guilty of her Blood; and reproaches you by him, faying, Are ye fo foolish, ye Children Dan xiii. of Ifrael? Without Examination, and without knowing the Truth, ye have condemned a Daughter of Ifrael. Return a gain to the Place of Judgment; for thefe Men have born Falsewitness against her.



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& Davina éppúœu ro in needs wxvowr, TUS 5 Cróxus & R auτns @peσCurepus1 år" meinaresinaσer ipas di αυτός ὠνείδησε λέγων Oürws μwegioi yol 'Ioeand; con d'aneiros, GÖDE Ő Capès 677ortES NATERIVATE DU γατέρα Ισραήλ; ἀνατρέψατε ἦν εἰς ὃ κρι•

τήριον ψουδῆ δ' έτοι κατεμαρτύρησιν αὐτῆς,

deelt. V.



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Confider even the Ju- LII:
dicatures of this World,

by whofe Power we fee Mur-
derers, Adulterers, Wizzards,
Robbers of Sepulchres, and
Thieves, brought to Tryal;
and thofe that prefide when
they have receiv'd their Ac-
cufations from those that
brought them, ask the Male-
factor whether thofe things
be for And tho' he does not
deny the Crimes, they do not
prefently fend him out to


aw, a mésar - Punishment, but for feveral -μÉRIS TOLLY Our Days they make Enquiry a· ἐξέτασιν μετά συμβε- bout him, with a fuli Counhis TOMY, ỳ we-cil, and with the Veil interaqua mégse pos'd: And he that is to pafs «Taïor der - the final Decree and Suffrage ·DOV JavaTY O Mémor of Death against him, lifts up φον inqépar xal air, his Hands to the Sun, and wey's more wagas folemnly affirms that he is Tas noregs, afgrap innocent of the Blood of the τύρεται TÚPETTY W Wap Man: Though they be Hea·Her To aiμalthens, and know not the *«v



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