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fure, Paffion without Mercy, ἄμετρον, ἢ θυμὸν ἀνή Covetoufnels without Ju- μεev, ftice, Hatred without Reconciliation. Draw, by your Infiruction, thofe who are angry to Friendship; and thole who are at Variance to Agreement. For the Lord 4.9. fays, Blessed are the Peace makers; for they fhall be called the Children of God.

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γενέσω δευτέρα Gββάτων, ὅπως ἐὰν ἀντιλογία τῇ Σποφάσι ὑμῶν λύηται, ἕως σαβ βάτε ἔχοντες ἄδειαν, duronte Duvaj z dr To expli

XLVII. LET your Judicatures be TA'sha held on the feconde Day of the Week, that if anyControverfie arife about your Sentence, having an Interval till the Sabbath, you may be able to fet the Controverfie right, and to reduce thofe to Peace who have the Contests one with another against the Lord's Day. Let alfo the Deacons and Presbytersrus be prefent at your Judicatures, to judge without Acceptance of Perfons, as Men of God, with Righteoufnefs. When therefore both the xans youéParties are come, according voor or inatieger Th as the Law fays, thofe that we wv, nados & ὁ νόμο

Deut. xix.

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nermeiw, ois by Εὐτιλογία· ἐ ακέσομε


· νόμον λέγε, ςήσονται have the Controverfie fhall
ἑκάτεροι ἐν μέσῳ τῳ ftand feverally in the mid-
dle of the Court;
when you have heard them,
τες αὐτῶν, ὁσίως δ ̓ ενέδ- give your Votes holily, en-
κατε τοὺς ψήφος, σπε• deavouring to make them
δάζοντες αὐτὸς φίλος both Friends before the Sen-
am potius minory, Te tence of the Bishop, that Judg
ἀποφάσεως τ ' ὀπισκό- ment againft the Offender
ws, ons néo16 may not go abroad into
Jus neias ap- the World: knowing that
nadóri he has in the Court the

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Chrift of God, as confci

awisonous of, and confirming his Judgment. But if any Pér fons are accus'd by any one, *** Pag and their Fame fuffers, as if 255. they did not walk uprightly in the Lord: In like manner you fhall hear both Parties, the Accufer and Accufed; but nor with Prejudice, nor with το κατηγορεμλύε, αλ' hearkening to one Party one 2 μn Teants, unly, but with Righteousness, μονομερῶς, ἀλλὰ με as paffing a Sentence con Sinaioσurns, ws cerning eternal Life, or Death. (wns aiwris in Javáre For, fays God, He shall fro Deut. xvi. Sidovres &Toquar. Ai fecute that which is right just- 20. καίως γάρ, φησιν ὁ ly. For he that is juftly puΘεός, διώξε 3 δίκαιον. nifhd and feparated by you, O 28 Dixaiws Tiμapn is rejected from Eternal Life Weis xy apocrates and Glory; he becomes Unsor, diwy is (was dishonourable among holy




Men, and one condemn'd of dons Xóc'Antos gégove,


της εύθρώποις ὁσίοις
ἄτιμο, έπρα Θεῷ
Μή πάσης 5 άρθρα
τίας τ αὐτήν ποιείσθε
Stopaar in ingius
in it Tomm's pea
νήσεως κρίνοντες ἕκασ
anμuena Tav,
2 πλημμελημάτων


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Do not pass the fame Sentence for every Sin, but one fuitable to each Crime, difinguishing all the feveral forts of Oifences with much Prudence, the great from the little, Treat a wicked Acti-TE quined. & on after one manner, and a Mezar. 1¢ " άλλως wicked Word after another, p, 26282 man a bare Intention ftill other EW, 3d Te DEEWS, wife. So allo in the cafe doeias, nonof a Contumely or Sufpici. Jews Napóews, @" on: And fome thou shalt Tus fi ibares μócurb by Threatungs alone, ναις ἀπελαῖς τὰς fome thou diait punith with πενήτων χωρηγίαις, ἄλο Fines to the Poor, tome thou as justies sbwods, fialt mortiffe with Failings, καὶ ἑτερα αφορίας, πρὸς and others thou fhat feparate méyi Tô Turnaccording to the Greatnels mal auta. Ĉ 25 of their feveral Crimes. For ¢ ο νόμο πολυτὸς the Law did not allot the amμα & AUTÙY fame Punifhment το every έποιείτο τιμωρίαν αλOffence, but had a different amos μ To His Regard to a Sin against ed. è es iepia è iɛpéa God, against the Prieft. a-siev, es iepeor, gainst the Temple, or against the Sacrifice. from a sin a gainst the King, or Ruler, Ideeft. v.




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amma, i eis ängov,
Ο πάλιν χρηλλαδιλίως
To His Lovers by ours,
amos ta is épódu,
Ta anvows STELLUS
mis i Dajan
Faups. Howv,
Tuis enμerde, in
sigas. Ta ogia
Tabar ois ed eaver. Go
Ev à iμes rfs gq
των αμύρτημάτων a-
φόρες ποιεῖπε καὶ τοὺς τι
Mweias, iva μnks d
Sinia Seμ meorod
νήσῃ - Θεὸν πρὸς ἀγα-
δίχε κρίσεως μεσίται
Húnade, TAUTHS
STO DES Anfeade μg
Dir ŵ 28 neinn
κρίνετε, κριθήσεσθε.

Dixéry, in eis or a Soldier, or a Fellow

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Subject: and fo were the Of
fences different which were
against a Servant, a Poffef-
fion, or a Bruit Creature.
And again, Sins were diffe-
rently rated according as they
were against Parents and
Kinfmen, and thofe diffe-
rently which were done on
purpose, from thofe that hap-
pen'd involuntarily. Accord-
ingly the Punithments were
different; as Death, either
by Crucifixion or by Stoning;
Fines, Scourgings, or the fuf-
fering the fame Milchiefs
they had done to others.
Wherefore do you alfo al-
lot different Penalties to dif-
ferent Offences, left any In-
juftice fhould happen, and
provoke God to Indignation.
For of what unjust Judgment

foever you are the Inftruments, of the fame you Matt.vii.2. fhall receive the Reward from God.

Judgment ye judge ye shall be judged.

Καθίσομτες τ
Kadiroutes & 67

For with what

When therefore you are XLIX.

δ κριτήριον, ζόντων fet down at your Tribunal,

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and the Parties are both of
them prefent, (for we will
not call them Brethren until
they receive each other in


Peace) examine diligently oir, éporate ancilãos concerning those who ap. we are

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alone, y

& μn in μépfews auτῶν ἡ φιλονεικία καὶ δ anμa iwonaroj, zy dia 775 waspoon αὐτό ὑπάρχ· καὶ τοῖς



pear before you, and first EW TOV Wei To HATHconcerning the Accufer, wheper, ei' TENTE" ther this be the first Perfon 7878 23. he has accused, or wherher is now u he has advanced Accufations against fome others before, and whether this Conteft and Accufation of theirs does not arise from fome Quarrel, and what»fort of Converfation the Accufer is of. Yet Tŵr d'awadythough he be of a good 1, μù mędów μConfcience, do not give Cre-rouge ga ditto him alone; for that is τοῦτον ἀλλ ̓ ἐχέτω καὶ contrary to the Law. But let ἑτέρας μάρτυρας, ὁμοίως him have others to join in τρόπον καθὼς his Teftimony, and thofe of voμ É. ETì νόμο λέγ. Ἐπὶ the fame courfe of Life. As sugl dúo è reiwr Deut. xix. the Law fays, At the Mouth 4 perpoor" say of two or three Witneffes every nav pĥng. AlαTí thing hall be eftablifbed. But ἄπομυ, – τρόπον α why did we fay, that the τῶν Ὀλιζητεῖας, ὁποῖος Converfation of the Witneffes 5 τυχάνς; ἐπειδὴ πολ was to be enquird after, of λάκις ἐξχωρᾷ, ὼ τὸς what fort it is? Because it does Theloras Ch છે πλείονας frequently happens that two


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nan μapropĥoynay and more teftifie for Mif- ouuQwvws wegstroy's chief, and with joint Confent"


foldes as Tes Dan. xii. prefer a Lye; as did the two duo TрEOCUTEρes XII


! we. V. E. V. 3 deeft. V. deeft. V. 5. v. deeft. V.



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