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Erks wispapeis BUT if any one returns, XLL ἐπιγραφείς μεταμοίας καρπὸν ENDGENTOY, TOTE Ces wood xlu dodiad AUTHY WST YOU I So αὐτὸν λωλότα, ἢ ἄσωτον, “ Topvwv μew


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and fhews forth the Fruit of Repentance, then do you receive him to Prayer, as the loft Son, the Prodigal, who Luk. xv. had confumed his Father's Substance with Harlots, who fed*** Pag. Swine, and defired to be fed

dav, & Wipes Bóonov- with Husks, and could not ob

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tain it." This Son, when he
repented, and return'd to his.
Father, and faid, I have fin-
ned against Heaven, and be-
fore thee, and am no more wor-
thy to be called thy Son; the
Father, full of Affection το
his Child, receiv'd him with
Mufick, and reftord him
his old Robe, and Ring, and
Shooes, and flew the fatted
Calf, and made merry with his

Do thou, there-
fore, O Bishop, act in the
fame manner: And as thou
receiveit an Heathen, after
thou haft inftructed and bap-
tiz’d him, fo do thou let
all join in Prayers for this

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μT ~ didaσκαλίου, ὅτω καὶ τᾶτον DETOUS, ws an μεταμοίᾳ κεκαθαρισμέ νον, πολύτων ύπερ αύ wood you jwv, a

Man, and refiore him by ὥσπερ “ ἐθνικὸν λέσας Impofition of Hands to his eodé ancient Place among the Flock, as one purify d by Repentance; and that Impofition of Hands fhall be to him instead of Baptifm. For by the laying on of our πρατατήσης αὐτὸν εἰς Hands the Holy Ghoft was given to Believers. And in cafe fome one of those Brethren, who had flood im moveable, accufe thee, because thou art reconcild to him, fay to him, Thou art always with me, and all that I have is thine. It was meet to make merry and be glad, for this thy Brother was dead, and is alive again; he was loft, and is found. For that God does rot only receive the Penitent, but reftores them to their former Dignity, holy David is a fufficient Witnefs; who after his Sin in the Matter of Uriah, pray'd Pal. 1. to God, and faid, Reftore unτο me the foy of thy Salvation, and uphold me with thy free Spirit. And again, Turn thy

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Toxa Bisnow, inavos μáp Tus ò an Aabid, os MTT as Qveidu a poplav, núgel rus Dew Zéger 'ATÓNQ μg Tazamiaar & Cw mei's Cr, & mo мать Mali gouging sherξόν με Καὶ πάλιν. a compaffionate Phyfician, Arrósperfov ☎ welow πόν C8 Σπὸ 13 άμτῶν με, καὶ πάσας τὰς ávoμías μv é§áñerov. napsiar nabaear alσον ἐμοὶ σov ev eμgì à Deds, maμg dès éxavoy ἐν τοῖς ἐΓκάτοις με. μὴ Σποῤῥίψῃς με ἀπὸ τg wego wπy Co, yo

Face from my Sins, and blot out all mine Offences. Create in me a clean "Heart, O God, and renew a right Spirit in my inward Parts. Caft me not away from thy Prefence, and take not thy holy Spirit from me. Do thou therefore, as

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heal all that fin, making
ufe of faving Methods of
Cure; not only cutting and
fearing, or using Corrofives,
but binding up, and putting
in Tents, and ufing gentle
healing Medicines,and fprink-
ling comfortable Words.
it be an hollow Wound, or
great Gafh, nourish it with


motμo Cu To ayor a fuitable Plaister, that it


μὴ Αὐτανήλῃς ἀπ ̓ ἐμ. may be filld up, and beΚαὶ Οὺ ἦν ὡς συμπα- come even with the reft of Ins largos, Tus n- the whole Flesh. If it be foul, TÓTAS Toulas de cleanfe it with corrofive PowTOVE, Hwμs & Cwm- der, that is, with the Words gloss wey's Bon Delav d- of Reproof. If it have proud γωγαῖς, μὴ μόνον τέμ- Flefh, eat it down with a vwv, naiwv. Eneia fharp Plaifter, the Threats of weg opέewv, na Judgment. If it fpreads farAn Seoμev, ỳ μg Twv, èther, fear it, and cut off the Evie's yλunéα çapua- putrid Flesh, mortifying him with Faftings. But if, after

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ἀπολωτικά. ν.

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all that thou laft done, thou καταβρέχων λόγοις πας perceiveft that from the Feet eακλητικοῖς, ἐὰν ἢ καὶ to the Head there is no room λον ᾗ δ τραῦμα, πρέ




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for a Fomentation, or Oil, or tov ' αὐτὸ ἡδεῖ ἐμε Bandage, but that the Malady πλάτρῳ, ἵνα γεμισ· * Pag. fpreads and prevents all Cure, πὲν, κκ ἴσον τῷ ἀρ 251. as a Gangrene, which corrupts τίῳ αποτελεσῇ· ἐδώ the intire Member; then, ῥυπουθῇ, Τότε καθα with a great deal of Confide eoν ξηρίῳ, τετέςι λό ration, and the Advice of o- γῳ ἐπιτιμημκῷ· ἐάν ἢ ther skilful Phyficians, cut off υπέρος του πλύηται δε the putrifyid Member,that the με κολλυρίῳ ἐξομά whole Body of the Church be λισον αὐτὸ, ἀπειλῆ not corrupted. Be not there- κρίσεως καν νομὴ γέ fore ready and hafty to cut off, ν ται, καυτηρίασον αὐ nor do thou eaâily have Re- τό, c * Cηπεδόνα ἔκ· courfe to the Saw, with its ma- κόψον, ειβώσας νηφεί ny Teech: But firft ufc a Lan- aς. ἐὰν ὃ ταῦτα ποιή cet to lay open the Wound, σης, ¢ γνῷς, ὅτι ἀπὸ that the inward Caufe whence πιδῶν ἕως κεφαλῆς ἐκ thePain is deriv’dbeing drawn ἔτι μάλαγμα ἐπιθῆναι, out, may keep the Body free ὔτε ἔλαιον, ἔτε κατα from Pain. But if thou feeft δέσμες αλλ ̓ ἐπεκτάνες any one paft Repentance, and


και ἡ νομὴ ἐ προλαμά

ᾗ γάδγραινα πᾶν μέλος Cήπεζα τότε με πολλῆς σκέψεως ¢ συμβεί λίας δ ̓ ἑτέρων ἰατρῶν ἐμπείρων, ἀπόκοψον δ Sg σιπὲν μέλΘ, ἵνα μή

he is become infenfible, then βάν] πᾶσιν ἴασιν, ὡς cut off the Incurable from the Church with Sorrow and Lamentation. For, Take out tvii. 7. from among your felves that Lev.xv.31. micked Perfon. And, Te hall make the Children of Ifrael to · αὐτὸν δὲ ν.

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πᾶν διαφθαρή" σώ fear. And again, Thou fhalt Demirr. μα τ ἐκκλησίας με not accept the Perfons of the Levit, xis. ῥᾳδίως ὖν ἴσθι πρόχεις Rich in fudgment. And,15. ρΘ. εἰς τὸ ἀποκόπτειν. Thow fhalt not pity a poor Man Exod. μηδὲ ταχέως Ἐπὶ τὸν in his Canfe: for the fudgment μυριόδοντα πρίονα ὅp- is the Lords. μα αλλά πρώτα πρω


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σμίλη, το Υποθέμα του διαιρῶν, ὅπως δ' αὐτὲς ἐγκείμενον αίτιον δ τὸν πόνον ποιῶν ἐκκριθὲν, ἀναλγὲς δ' σώμα τηρήσῃ. ἐαν δέ τινα αμετανοήτως ἔλον που βλέπῃς καὶ ἀπε σκληρωνότου, τότε με' λύπης ὢ πένθος δυνάτως ἔχοντα, * Εκκλησίας Σπόκοπε. Ἐξαιρεῖτε γδ τὸν πονηρὸν ἐξ ὑμῶν αὐτῶν. Καὶ Εὐλαβεῖς ποιήσετε τὲς τὸς Ἰσραήλ. Καὶ πάλιν. Οὐ λήψη πρόσωπον πλεσία ἐν κρίση, κα Πένητα σον ἐλεήσῃς ἐν κρίσι, ὅτι τῇ κυρίε ἡ κρίσις.



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xxii. 3.

BUT if the flanderous Ac- XZIL

κατηγορία ή δια cufation be falfe, and you βολῆς, ἐ ὑμεῖς οἱ πι- that are the Paftors, with μλύες Cὖν τοῖς καn the Deacons, admit of that νοις, ο ψουδα ως α Falihood for Truth, either λήθειαν το αδέξησθε, à by Acceptance of Perfons, or αλλά προσωποληψίδα, receiving of Bribes, as wik ή αλά δώρων έξαλλα- ling to do that which will γῆν, βουλόμβυοι δ' ἀρέ- be pleafing to the Devil; τὸν τις αμαβόλῳ ποιεν, and fo you thruft out him τῷ τὸν κατηγορέμλυον μ, that is accufed, but is clear · ὑπάρχοντα Α' τῇ ἐγ- of the Crime, you fhall give κλήματα αλλότριον, an Account in the Day of the

· φθαρῇ. V. * τῶν πόνων. V. ν. 3 καὶ v. 4 deeft. V.


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