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Sheep, but themselves. Te eat 'Ioeana, ok" moi


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the Milk, and are cloathed with aOV ÉQUTES. & T the Wool, ye flay the Strong, weiba mai ye do not feed the Sheep. The of Tiles, n' EauWeak have ye not strengthened, res jana na teistes neither have ye healed that & τα έργα περιβάλλε which was fick, neither have de, diquer opález, ye bound up that which was τα πρόβατα ετοιμο broken, neither have ye brought vere crox réfor again that which was driven con riguous, yo away, neither have ye fought appwsoy con idouate, è that which was lost; but with Ferce and Infult have ye ruled over them; and they were feat. tered, because there was no Shepherd; and they became Meat to all the Beas of the Foreft. And again, The Shepherds did not fearch for my Sheep; and the Shepherds fed themselves, but they fed not my Sheep. And a little after, Behold I am against the Shepherds, and I will require my Sheep at their hands, and cause them το cafe from feeding my Sheep, neither hall the Shepherds feed themelves any more ; and I will deliver my Sheep out of their Hands, and they shall not be Meat for them. And

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V. 2 deeft. V. ix imrsótąπz. V. täyçã. V.


βατά με ἐκ χειρὸς αυ-
των, ο καταπαύσω αυ-
τις 3 ποιμαίνειν το
πρόβατα με ἐποι
μαμεσιν ἔκ οἱ ποιμλύες -
αυτές, ο ῥύσομαι τα πρό
βατά με ἐκ χειρός
τῶν, σοκ ἔσονται αὐτοῖς


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he allo adds, fpeaking to the People, Behold I will judge between Sheep and Sheep, and between Rams and Rams. Seemed it a mall thing unto you to have eaten up the good Pafure, and to have troden down with your Feet the Re εἰς κατάβρωμα. Και " fidue of your Paffure, and επιφέρει καὶ πρὸς τ λαόν that the Sheep have eaten λέγων Ἰδὲ ἐγὼ κρινῷ what was troden down with ἀνὰ μέσον προβάτε εἰς your Feet ? And a little after πρόβατον, ο κριόν He adds, And ye hall know προς κριόν. μὴ μικρόν that I am the Lord, and τῶ" vo-you ὑμῖν, ὅτε * vo- you the Sheep of my Pafture μὴν ἢ καλὴν ἀνέμπε, are my Men, faith the Lord ε τα κατάλοιπα ? God.

νομής κατεπατείτε τοῖς

ποσὶν ὑμῶν, « τα πρόβατου τα πατήματα της ποδών ὑμῶν ἤπιον; Καὶ ἐπιφέρς μετ' ὀλίγα. Καὶ γνώσεσθε, ὅτα ἐγὼ κύριο», « ὑμεῖς πρόβατα τα νομῆς με, άνθρωποι με ἐδὲ, ~ ἐγὼ Θεὸς ὑμῶν, λέγι Αδωνα κύριο



Ακέσατε οἱ Ὀλίσκος HEAR, O ye Bilhops, IM

πι, ο ακέσατε

and hear, O ye of λαϊκοί, 3 ως φησιν the Laity, how God fpeaks, ὁ Θεός Κρινῶ κριόν I will judge between Rams πυρός κριόν, σε πρόβα. and Ram, and between Sheep, τον προς πρόβατον @ and Sheep. And He says πρὸς τὸς ποιμίας λέγ' to the Shepherds, Te fhall


*εται ν. = deeft. V. 3 τίν.


be judged for your Unikil- nerdhærde evenev & 2-
fulness, and for destroying
the Sheep. That is, I will
judge between one Bishop
and another and between
one Lay Perfon and ano.

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ther, and between one Ruler nv, Čapgevla wey's
and another: (For these
Sheep and thefe Rams are
not irrational, but ratio-
nal Creatures;) left at any
time a Lay Perfon fhould
fay, I am a Sheep, and not
a Shepherd, and I am not
concern'd for my felf; let
the Shepherd look to that;
for he alone will be requir'd
to give an account for me.
For as that Sheep that will
not follow its good Shep-
herd is expos'd to the Wolves
to its Destruction; so that
which follows a bad Shep-
herd is allo exposud to un-
avoidable Death, fince his
Shepherd will devour him.
Wherefore Care muft be had
to avoid destructive Shep- o -

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apporra 20212 25
τα πρόβατα, ο οἱ
pro T, Xn con a-
a iva μNTON ATņ
ὁ λαϊκός, ὅτι ἐγὼ πρός
Carov éμì è & moyunu,
è idéva 2020v ingura
2 ἐδένα λόγον ἐμαυτο
πεποίημαι, ἀλλ' ὁ ποι-
μὴν ἔψεται, ἢ αὐτὸς
ca 2 Any
Las que Sinnv". w-
περ ηδη καλῷ ποι
μαρι μή ακολεθέν
πρόβατον, λύκοις ἔκ·
XEITOY eis Ya & Joear,
τω τῷ πονηρῷ ποι
ι ' ακολεθέν, πρέ
no end & Dávarov,
τ. ο φουκτίον ἀπὸ
φθορέων ποιμέ



Τον μεγίτοι ποιμθία
ἀγαθὸν ὁ λαϊκός


kμárw, a'zanárw, po- him, love him, reverence snerov, him as his Lord, as his Ma


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anéf, y ó aúrov a
વંઘવું, છે
των Χριςόν ἀθετῶ,
20 + Xelson u de-
AUTO CEO'Y & Tarea.
Θεὸν καὶ πατέρα.
O unword, ono,
ὑμῶν φησιν,
néwr, que anet,


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? is deoworle", ws ap- fter, as the High-Priest of Nepéα Oε, w's di- God, as a Teacher of Piety. on 2gv d'orbear. For he that heareth him hearanewr, Xe eth Chrift, and he that rejecteth him rejecteth Chrift: And he who does not receive Chrift does not receive his God and Father: For fays He, He that heareth you hear- Luk.x. 16. eth me, and he that rejecteth you rejecteth me, and he that ὑμᾶς ἀθετῶν, ἐμὲ άθε- rejetteth me reje&teth him that πî, &• què à Derwv, fent me. In like manner let ἀθετα - Σποςείλαντά the Bilhop love the Laity as με. Ougiws - his Children, fostering and σκοπα ὡς τέκνα της cherifhing them with affectioDan's 'Jamal, 10λ- nate Diligence; as Eggs in των έργων" τη συ & - order to the Hatching of dy' & ajastins, was wa, young Ones; or as young εἰς περιποίησιν νοσσίων, Ones, taking them in his * is vooría, ang Arms, to the rearing them Cóu eis werminow into Birds; admonishing all oprider Toutes vede- Men, reproving all who ftand TW" mão Lois - in need of Reproof; reproκισμό Επιδεσμίοις ** **ving that is, but not striking; *.* Έχει πλήρων, αλλά μή bearing them down to make manour, two milwv eis them afham'd, but not overEurectiv, Xian throwing them; warning e artem", &de them in order to their Con





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ὡς πατέρα ν. 3 decit. V. 3 θέλγων και θερμαίνων. V. + δια να 5 deeft. V.


Pag 228.

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verfion, chiding them in or- Tv eis der to their Reformation, and better Course of Life: Watching the Strong, that is, keeper quador, 18. ing him firm in the Faith who τις 8 ἑδραῖον τῇ τῆς is already ftrong; feeding apaλès meŵr, & non the People peaceably. Streng- iplines moing ivwv☎ thening the Weak, that is, con voor erguer, firming with Exhortation that τετέςι, δ' πειραζόμθυον which is tempted. Healing that v T videoia seppawhich is fick, that is, curing by on. To apposue inInftruction that which is weak piss, 787857, ☎ vo in the Faith thro' Doubtful- Gue in I wisEWS IN nefs of Mind. Binding up that noroig, gi & diddewhich is broken, that is, bind- ananias dreadwr ing up by comfortable Ad. 3 σωτετριμμλίου και monitions that which is gone ταδεσμῶν, τετέςι, δ aftray, or wounded, bruis'd, Tenor, or broken by their Sins, and evousov, 8" ngeput out of the way; caling ταγμένον ἐν ἀρθρτίαις it of its Offences, and gi- és zweier ode, 2 Enving Hope; by this means devvw" Yes Sandn refore and reduce it into the knῆς νοθεσίας Ελα Flock. Bring again that which puiser ȧw. is driven away, thatis, do not μάτων, καὶ δύελπιν ποιῶν permit that which is in its τω ρωμαλέον ἐν τῇ Sins, and is call out by way ἐκκλησίᾳ Σποκαθίςα, of Punishment, to continue opάzwo čv tỷ moireexcluded; but receiving it, v. To woμévor Ei ἐξωσμένον and bringing it back, restore speqE, TUTES, ♂ åv äit to the Flock, that is, το μαρτίαις θρόμβρου

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