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of the Second Book

τ8 δευτέρα βιβλία.

Chap. Ι.

Hat a Bishop must be
well inftructed, and

«ΟΤ χοι

που ποπι.4. experienc'd in the Word, μένον, και έμπειρον το λόγο.

11. What ought to be the Cha- β'.: οίον ε ςή και επίσκο. racters of a Bishop, and of the rest tom, rý tov 2017 os xinexés. of the Clergy.


γ'. χεή δοκιμάζεται be examined before he is ordaind. 9 quomos per mere esposa

IV. Thar charitable Distributions δ' "Οπ έχ εκάση χάeα δει are not to be made το every Widow.. μεταδιδόναι, αλ' έθοπ και But that sometimes a married Wife is ravid egy megceiveiv, to be prefera: and that no Diftribu- όπ καταφυγή, μεθυσω, αρtions are to be made to any one who pô, s ustedissvai zen. is given to Gluttony, Drunkennels, and, Idleners .

V. That a Bifhop must be no AC- 4 "Οπ χεή αφeoσωσόληπceprer of Persons in Judgment: that mov EM TROTTON ON TH he mut be gentle in his Converlation, κρίνειν, και το ήθG- μέτριον, and temperare in his Dier,

και διαμπαν σιωσαλμον.. VI. That a Bishop must not be given to filthy Lucre, nor be a Surety Theko kop anggoxeptăm unte

'. Περί της με έή εnor an Advocatę.

3 ή συναρροών... VII. What ought to be the Cha.

ζ Οξον ή ή ή μεμυης racter of a Candidate for Baptifin. μένον.

VIII. Concerning a Person falsely ή Περί συκοφαντεμένε, ήaccus'd, or another convicted. οι έλεγχαμένε.

IX. That a Bishop ought not to θ'. και κ' ωροδόκητον receive Bribes,

χρή και επισκοπον. X. That a Bishop, who by wrong ί οι ο επίσκοπG- ακεί Judgment spares an Offender, is him rws portówko nagtxé. feif guilty .

τG, ααίτια γίνεται. XI. How a Bishop ought to judge

όπως χει

Η επίσκα. Offenders.

πον κρίνειν του αμαρτανοή. XII. Doctrinal. How a Bishop 16'. Διδασκαλία, όπως ought to behave himself to the Peni- zein megopépoday tuis were Lent.



in' "O?. céuga gps XIII. That we onght to beware αμαρτημάτων των πλεαν» how we make Tryal of any finful

Course. δ'. Περί ή λεμόντων μη

XIV. Concerning those who afNgedeu metapodyta, rj firm that Penitents are not to be reJxCG xão o'veSIve Teceiv'd into the Church. A righte λύ, και συναπόλλυται 'αυτό. ous Person, altho' he converse with

Οι εσείς άλλο τιμω. a Sinner, will not perish with him, Saitees an erasos Kaip low to That'no Person is punish'd for anoλόων απαιτάπι

ther ; but every one must give an "On di Tois aversor 76

account of himself. That we must ei rův sv Condar

affift those who are weak in the "Oně Xeno I mhionano Faith: and that a Bishop must not be ஈப்பல் Aane எ.எல்.

govern'd by any turbulent Person a

mong the Laity. 1.0718 gen is iegéa.pń. XV. That a Bishop must neither WOTE Taegậu tai neprimee overlook Offences, nor be rath in puTa, kúte meixuesve te nishing them. napratou ις: Περί μετανοίας, και της

XVI. Of Penance. The manner, atas róm, TW5 xest of it, and Rules about it, τoρθεται.

Ir. On évenían hoy en XVII, Thar a Bishop must be ungew * ério nomy, MS TÚTON blameable, and a Pattern for those Η αρχομένων.

who are under his Charge. έή "Οπ χρή και επίσκοπος XVIII. That a Bishop must take Φροντιζαν όπως ο λαός μη care that his People do not Sin; con. manupean, de ?? Ou tùy fidering that he is set for a Watchσκοπόν

man among them. 16'. "On vej å moeung. ó'uso XIX. That a Shepherd who is aãs peeguard wel to neg: careless of his Sheep will be condemn'd; Gate, finne rinvuori, may to and that a Sheep which will not be melaton un 24 Sep XXX Ted led by the Shepherd, is to be puποιμνι, κωλάζεται

nish'd. κ'. Οπως χρή του αρχ: XX. How the Governed are to omires the seczkiv mois $x** bey the Bishops who are set over στην επισκόποις.

them. κα. "Οτι κάνεις μονο

XXI. Thaç 'tis a dangeraus Thing μική κρίσιν ποιήσαθαι, και Tuwela oeioue ou no Kendte to judge without hearing both Sides, πω έλεγχθέντG

. or to determin of Punishment against

a Person before he is convicted, κς'. "Οτι μία παράδειγ:

XXII. That David, the Ninevitos, μα μετανοίας πρόκειται ΔαSirah Nadhrah, 'Elegias Ezekias, and bịs Son Manages are


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éminent Examples of Repentance.' JE VÝ • Této, yds Maydañs. The Prayer of Manafes King of Fudab.

XXIII. Amon may be an Exam- xy'. Meg's gond én XIL TUO ple to fuch as Sin with an high hand, Φρονόσεως αμαρπίνοντας έξω

παράδειγμα 'Αμών. XXIV. That Christ Jesus our Lord ad On Xeiso's 'Inoss came to save Sinners by Repentance, rueret napigfieno aume Teie

λες σώσει δια μετανοίας. XXV. Of First fruits and Tyths; κε. Περί απαρχών και δεν and after what manner the Bifhop καταν, και όπως οφείλς και ο is himself to partake of them, or to risxoc, nou tis utandudiftribute them to others.

Gάνειν αυτών, ή ετέesις

διανέμειν. . XXVI. According to what Par- xs. tis tivo Tumoy ng terns and Dignity every Order of Elevenes y Txan the Clergy is appointed by God. φω τέτακται παρα Θεά

XXVII. That 'cis a horrible xes. "On peenides, trave Thing for a Man το thruft himfelf θρωπον σαυτον επρρίτη Η into any facerdotal Office; as did ağacópont Tive itegn o's Corab, and his Company, Saul and oi Kopao, w's Ewi, a's Uzziah.

'olias. XXVIII. Of an Entertainment; rý neci dogo's, rj TWS and after what, manner each distinct xsi éve son máyuce š xanes Order of the Clergy, is to be treated so fes waresorehouévai muiža by those who invite them to it. Die

XXIX. What is the Dignity of a al'. Tis n did to enr. Bishop, and of a Deacon.

κόπο, και το διακόνο XXX. After what manner the λ' "Οπως χρή του λαϊLaity, are to be obedient to the Dea- xəs i Guseppein mois Taxó

pols. XXXI. That the Deacon must not λά "Οτι μη χρή και διάκο do any thing without the Bishop. voy a de tõtmorom 7 Tegl

7or. XXXII. That the Deacon must not 26. On7 un xpon dexomake any Distributions without the voy a hadi Juwuli smoxé. content of the Bishop, because that do sóvai noi tai dabo will turn to the reproach of the event and på śmoxómo no mega Bishop

EH. XXXIII. After what manner the

λγ' "Οπως χρή τιμάθει Bishops are to be honour'd, and to mu jepeis: Behr als niger adau, be' reverenc'd as our fpiritual Parents. hyd Ma TIKĖS or tas novas. XXXIV. That Bishops are to be

λ". "Οπ και αρχόντων και prefer'd before Rulers and Kings. βασιλέων εισι χρειες οι ιερείς. .



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aé..'on wegxen d'or tell XXXV. That both the Law and οι νόμοι καρποφορέιν ωσαύτως the Gotpel prefcribe Offerings, , zij zodiatréaçon.

as' Tournois i nies XXXVI. The recital of the Ten po Ott Agian, y rws au. Commandments; and after what Ta en tulla tragedisor. manner they do here prescribe to us.

Αζ. Περί καταγρων και XXXVII. Concerning Accusers axopartrón by ows xport and falle Accusers, and how a Judge yn wegxoipas t'en én is hor rafhly either to believe them, Señv tétols # xertio da or disbelieve them; but after an με ακριβές εξετασεως. .

accurare Examination. an. "Oni 700 asucap tal- XXXVIII. That Sinners are pris KOV Tas ida butus Beeresgev, vately to be reprov'd, and the Peni-" aj to ve Tavor Tas cerdige rent to be receiv'd, according to the azu, ô xeir datu Conftitution of our Lord. ETV

λθ'. Παραδείγματα οι

XXXIX. Examples of Repena μεινοίας. .

XL. That we are not to be imμ'. "Οπ και χρή εχθρωδώς därei sau mai od placable to such who have once or

cwice offended. πegν αμαρτάνοντα μα "Οπως σε ουσίεθι

XLI. After what manner a PeniLA TAVORUTAL, By ws die tent is to be treated, as also Offenziveatu wegs d'unstepoytas, ders : and when they are to be cut και πότε οικόπ]ey η εκκλη- off from the Church. σίας.

ul. 071 gear dougowró- XLII. That a Judge must not be anlov + rerriu a Respecter of Persons. μγ' "Οπως χρή του συ.

XLIII. After whar manner false κοφάντας τιμωρείται

Accusers are to be punishd. μο" Οι χρή ή διάκονον XLIV. That the Deacon is to STIKKOIHIN to Bás o meno ease the Burthen of the Bishops, and κόπων, και διαφύγεις τα κα- to order the smaller Matters himself. póteen

ué. "Oro un segonnor XLV. That Contentions and Xeistarois, ainaosia isj dra Quarrels are unbecoming Christiane. τληκισμοί.

us'. "Ons xsin toomises XLVI. Thar Believers ought not ézi fes laiswa, Ducile due to go to law before Unbelievers. na ulu B a Tūv Tiva na Nor ought any Unbeliever to be aan eis weegrueíar Xergiao call d for a Witness against Believers. เดีย. u. “On xem đống XLVII. Thar the Judicatures of


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Christians ought to be held on the cabétur Tolzideu. Tas Slease fecond Day of the Week.

XLVIII. That the same Punish- μή. "Οτι μη χρή ταύτην ment is not to be inflicted for every indiger pruwelopen mous Offence; but different Punishments ouersias, emia depopov, for different Offenders. 1

Φρος το διάφορον το παρπί.

yout XLIX. What are to be the Cha- ul. Ooius ) Xpit nog racters of Accusers and Witnefles, κατηγρες, και μάρτυρας.

L. That former Offences do some- Onimese are there times render after-Accusations credi- tegnemo na na wimsel Sur ble.

si dettag. LI. Against judging without hear. να. Οι χρή μονομερώς ing both Sides.

τάς κρίσεις ποιείς LII. The Caution obsery'd at Hea- νς Παράδειγμα την δικώς then Tribunals before the condemna- xpinati EW.9 d. tion of Criminals, affords Christians xaçãy chrissmoparis ás. a good Example.

Qu'aca. LIII. That Christians ought not beloni un giao vel to be Contentious one with another. λήλων έχείν του εισές.

LIV. That the Bishops must by vf'. "Ot xen o imionotheir Deacon, put the People in mind this to the options de moi of the Obligation they are under to dexóvx carmuvúcnej live peaceably together.

Ram. LV. An Enumeration of the seve- νά 'Απαρίθμησις διαφόρε. ral Instances of divine Providence, wegvolas, res gestas and how in every Age from the Bera9' inei su gluten en ceder ginning of the World, God has in- @eds dis para valdmytas. vited all Men to Repentance.

LVI. That 'tis the Will of God Us". On Janice Orl, .. 2har Men hould be of one Mind, μόφρονας εί) του ανθρώπους in matters of Religion, in accord ei sugihan, trapadne with the heavenly Powers.

dws* exegvớ swawes. LVII. An Exact Description of "Dlatimos comandi a Church, and the Clergy; and as anús, devas what Things in particular, every & TEXTV iperd sowa. one is to do in the folemn Assemblies besiloftar xaneirão, i aaof the Clergy and Laity for religi. qxãn en omillgious Worship.

LVII. Of commendatory Letters rin. Neeousanxov, ñtok in favour of Strangers, Lay-persons, fever, haïxãv, xaneirão, Clergy men, and Bishops. And that monów Xiais xroix de those who come into the Church Ar appev.

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