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Emergencey, }

from another substance; , Em bracel, v. to hold wbat flows.

fondly in the arms; to E man' ci pate, v. to free comprise ; to include. from slavery.

Em bral bsure, n. an aperI man ci pa' tion, n. res- ture in the wall ; battoration to liberty.

tlement. Em balm', v. to imprego Em broil de rý, n. varie

nate a body with arom- gated needle-work. aticks, that it may resist Em broil, v. to disturb ; putrefaction.

to confuse ; to distract. Em bar go, n. & probibi- Em' e rald, n. a green

tion to sail ; a stop put precious stone. to trade.

E merge', v. to rise out Em bark , v. to go on ship of ; to issue from. board ; to engage.



n. any Em bar' rass, v. to per plex ; to distress.

sudden occasion. Em bar rass ment, n. per

E mer' sion, n. act of ris. plexity ; trouble ; en: ing into view again. tanglement.

E met' ic, n. a vomit. a. Em bas' sa dor, n.

provoking vomits. sent o a publick mes- Em' i grant, n. one that sage.

emigrates. Em' bas sage, Em bas sỹ,

Em'i grate, v. to remove n. a pub

from one place to anothlick message Em bel' tish, v. to adorn ; Em' i nence, n. loftiness ; to beautify.

summit; a conspicuous Em bez' zle, v. to steal situation;

privately ; to waste. Em' i nent, a. high ; dig Em bla'zon, v. to set off nified ; conspicuous. pompously ; to deck.

Em' is sa rý, n. a spy ; a Em' blem, n. a moral de secret agent.

vice ; representation. E mis' sion, n. the act of Em blem at' i cal, a. allu- sending out ; vent.

sive ; using emblems. E mit', v. to send forth ; Em boss' ing, n. the art of to discharge.

making figures in re. E moll' ient, a. softening: lievo ; embroidery. suppling





a. for

E moll u ment, n. profit ; | Em pyr' e um, n. the advantage ; gain.

burning of any matter E mo' tion, R. disturbance in boiling

of mind ; vehemence of | Em' u late, v. to rival; to passion.

imitate. Em pan' nel, v. to summon En u la'tion, n. rivalry ; to serve on a jury.

envy ; contention ; des Em' pe ror, n. a monarch

sire of superiority: of title and dignity su- Em' u laus, a. desirous perior to a king.

to excel. Em' pha sis, n. a remark. En a' ble, v. to make 4

able stress laid upon a ble ; to empower. word.

En act', v. to decree ; to Em phat ic,

establish; to represent Em phat' ic al,

by action. cible: strong; strik. En am' el, v. to inlay ; to ing

variegate with colours. Em' pire, n. imperial pow. En amour, v. to inflame er ; command.

with love; to make fond. Em ploy', v. to keep at En cage', .v. to coop up ; work; to use.

to confine in a cage. Em ploy' ment, n. busi. En camp', to pitch

tents ; to form a camp. Em po' ri um, n. a place En camp' ment, n. tents

of merchandise ; a com- pitched in order. mercial city.

En chain', v. to fasten with Em pov'er ish, v. to make a chain.

poor : to lessen fertility. En chant', v. to bewitch; Em pow' er, v. to author. to delight highly. ize ; to enable.

En chant' ment, n. magiEm' press, n. the wife of cal charms ; high dean emperor.

light. Em pyr' e al, a. formed of En cir' cle, v. to surround.

pure fire ; refined be. En ciolosure, n. ground yond aerial.

enclosed or fenced in. Em pyr' e an, n. the high- En co' mi um, n. a pane

est heaven, where the gyric; praise ; elogy. pure element of fire is En com' pass, v. to encir. supposed to subsist. cle; to shut in ; to sar.



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tion. En core', ad. again ; once En dow', v. to enrich with

a portion En coun' ter, v. to fight ; En dow' ment, n wealth to attack. n. engage

given ; a natural or acment ; a battle.

quired accomplishment. Én cour

age, v. to ani. En du'rance, n. continumate ; to embolden. ance ; sufferance. En cour' age ment, n. in. En dure', v. to bear ; to citement ; support.

sustain ; to brook. En croach' ment, n. En er get' ic, a. forcible ; unlawful intrusion.

strong ; active. En cum' brance, n. an im- En er gý,


power ; pediment ; a clog.

efficacy. En cy clo pe' di a,

En er vate, v. to weaken; complete circle of sci- to enerve ; to enfeeble. ences.

En force', v. to urge with En dam' age, v. to hurt ;

energy ; to compel ; to to prejudice.

constrain En dan ger, v. to bring En fran' chiseb, v. to make

into peril ; to hazard. free ; to liberate; to En dear', v. to make dear; endenizen.

to make beloved. En gage' ment, n, employEn deav' our,

to ats ment of the attention ; tempt; to try. n. labour obligation directed to a certain En gì neer, n, one who end.

manages engines, or diEn de' mi al, a. peculiar to rects artillery. a country.

En grave', v. to cut charEn den' i zen, v. to natur- acters on any subalize.

stance. En dict' ment, n. a legal En hance', v. to raise the

accusative declaration. price ; to raise in esEn dorse'

teem. scribe ; to accept a E nig' ma, n. a riddle ; an bill; to register on the obscure question. back

En ig mat' i cal, obEn dorse' ment, n. writing

scure ; doubtful. on the back ; ratifica- En joy'ment,n. happiness;

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to super



fruition ; pleasure. of a hot credulous imEn large' ment, n. an in- agination.

crease ; à release. En tice', v. to allure ; to En light' en, v. to illumin. attract ; to invite. ate ; to instruct.

En til tle, v. to give a title En li' ven, v. to make live.

or right to. ly; to animate.

En tomb', v. to put in a En' mi tý, n. malevolence; tomb ; to bury. malice ; ill-will.

En treat', v. to beg earnEn no' ble, v. to dignify ; estly ; to importune. to elevate.

En vel op, v. to enwrap ; E nor' mi tý, great to cover ; to surround

i wickedness ; villany.

to hide. E normous, a. very wick. En ven' om, v. to poison ; ed; irregular; very

to enrage. large ; out of rule.

En' vi a ble, a. exciting En rage', v. to irritate ; to

envy ; excellent: provoke.

En' vi ous, a. full of envy ; En rap' ture, v. to trans. malicious.

port with pleasure. En vil ron, v. to surround; En sbrine', v. to preserve

to encompass; to envelas a holy relic.

op ; to hem in. En slave', v. to deprive of En vil ronsó, n. places adliberty.

jacent; neighbourhood. En sue', v. to follow ; to E nu' me rate, v. to reckpursue ; to succeed.

on up singly. En' ter prise', n. a hazard. E nun' ci ate, v. to deous undertaking

c!are ; to proclaim. En ter tain', v. to receive | En' voy, n. a publick min

hospitably ; to reserve ister ; a publick mes.

in the mind ; to amuse. senger. En ter tain'ment, n. treat- En' vý, v. to hate another ment at the table ; hos- for


excellence or pitable reception ; a• success, to grudge. n. musement ; conversa vexation at another's tion.

good. En thu' 6si asm', n. heat | Ep au lei', n. a military of imagination.

shoulder ornament. En thul si ast, 11. one E phen' e ris, n. an ac

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count of the daily situa-| E qual i tý, n. likeness ;

tions of the planets. uniformity. Epic, a. containing nar- E qua nim?i tỳ, n, evenrative ; heroic.

ness of mind; compo. Ep'i cure, n. one wholly given to luxury.

E qual tor, n. a great cirEp i dem' ic,

cle equidistant from the

a. gen. Ej i dem' ic a

north and south extremeral ; universal.

ities of the globe. Ep' i gram, n. short point- E qui dis' tant, a. being at ed poem.

the same distance. Ep' i logue, n. a speech at E qui lat' e ral, a. having the end of a play.

all sides equal. E pis' co pa cỹ, n. a gov. E qui lib' ri um, n.equality

ernment by bishops. of weigiit ; equipoise. E pis' co pal, a. belonging E qui noc' tial, a. pertain.

to a bishop ; vested in a ing to the equinoxes. n. bishop.

equator. E pis' to la rý, a. relating E qui nox' esó, n. the time

to letters; transacted by when the days and letters ; suitable to let- nights are equal. ters.

E quip', v, to dress or fit Ep' i taph, n. a monumen. out ; to furnish. tal inscription.

E" qui page, n. attendEp'i thet, n. an adjective

retinue ; vehidenoting a quality ei

cle. ther good or bad. El qui poise, 1). an equalE pit' o me, n. an abridg- ity of weight.

ment ; an abstract. E" qui ta ble, a. just; imE pit o mise, v. to ab. partial ; candid ; fair.

stract ; to abridge. E" qui tý, n. justice ; imE poch', n. a time from partiality

which dates are num- E quiv' a lent, a. equal in bered.

value or force. E qua bility, n. even. | E quiv'ocal, a. uncertain;

ness ; uniformity. doubtful; ambiguous. E' qual,

E quiv' o cate, v. to use E' qual ize, v. to make

doubtful expressions. even,

E quiv o ca' tion, n. ambi,

ance ;



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