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ity i

to make mad.

Di vest', v. to strip ; to Dis train', v. to seize ; to dispossess make seizure.

Div i na' tion, n. a foreDis tress', v. to harass ; telling of future events.

to make miserable. Di vine', v. to foreknow. Dis trib' ute, v. to divide 2. godlike; heavenly. n.

amongst several ; to a priest. deal out.

Di vin' i tý, n. the Deity; Dis tri bu'tion, n. the act science of divine things; of distributing

theology. Dis trust' ful, a. apt to Di visk' i ble, a. capable of distrust; timorous.

being divided. Dis turb', v. to perplex; to Di vorce' ment, n. legal

confound ; to interrupt. separation of man and Dis tur' bance, n. perplex- wife.

confusion ; tu- | Di ur' nal, a. performed in mult.

a day ; daily. Dis un' ion, n. separation ; Di vulge', v. to publish ; disagreement.

to reveal ; to proclaim. Dis u nite', v. to divide ; Diz' zý, a. giddy; thoughtto part friends.

less. Dis use', 'n. cessation of Do cil' i tỷ, in aptness to use.

be taught. Di van', n. the ottoman Doc' tri nal, n. containing grand council.

doctrine. Di verge', v. to tend vari- | Doc' trine, n. precept ;

ous ways from one point. maxim; act of teachDil vers', a. several ; sun- ing

dry ; more than one. Doc' u ment, n. precept ; Di verse', a.


instruction ; direction. unlike ;

multiform. Dog' days', n. the days Di ver' si fy, v. to varie- in which the dog star

gate ; to distinguish. rises and sets with the Di ver' sion, n. a turning aside ; sport ; game.

Dog mat' i cal, a. authoDi ver si ty, n. dissimili- ritative ; magisterial ;

tude ; variegation. positive. Di vert', v. to turn aside ; Dole' ful, a. sorrowful ; to entertain.

dismal ; afflicted.



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Dud" geon,

Do main', n. a dominion ; to languish ; to faint.

empire ; estate. Drought, n. dry weath. Dome, n. a building ; cu.

er; thirst. pola ; arched roof. Drudg' e' rý, bard, Do mes' tick, a. belong. mean labour ; slavery.

ing to a house ; not Drug, n. a medicinal sim.

foreign. n a servant. ple ; thing of little va. Do mes' ti cate, to lue.

make domestick ; to Dru' idsó, n. the priests

withdraw from public. and philosophers of the Do min' ion, n. sovereign ancient Britons.

authority ; territory. Du' bi ous, a. doubtful ; Do na'tion, n. a gift; a unceriain.

present ; a bounty. Duc tile, a. flexible ; pliDor' mant, a. sleeping ; able ; tractable. in a sleeping posture.


a small Do'tage, n. imbecility of dagger ; malice ; ill

mind ; silly fondness. will. Doubt, n. suspense ; sus. Du'el, n. a fight between picion ; uncertainty.

two persons. Doubt' less, ad. without Dulcimer, n. a kind of doubt or fear.

musical instrument.

Du' lý, ad. properly, reDow' e rý, S n. a wife's

gularly ; exactly portion ; widow's Dungeon, n. a dark prijoint re.

son under ground ; a Dox ol' o gý, n. a form of

close prison. giving glory to God. Du o de'' ci mo, n. a book Drachm, n. a roman coin ; of twelve leaves to a

the eighth of an ounce. sheet. Dra mat' ic, a. theatrical ; Dupli cate, n. an.exact represented by action.


of Dra pe rý, n. cloth work ; Du pli" ci tý, n. deceit ; the dress of a picture.

doubleness of tongue Dread' ful,

terrible ;

or heart. frightful ; horrid.

Du'ra ble,a. hard; strong; Drea' rý, a. mournful ; firm ; lasting

. gloomy ; dismal. Du' ring, pr. for the time Droop, v. to pine away of continuance.

Dow' er, ?


any thing.




Du' ti ful, a. obedient ; may be eaten.

reverential ; respecta Eavesó, n. the lower edges ful.

of a roof. Dwarf'ish, a. low ; small. Eb' o nỹ, R. a hard, black, Dwin' dle, v. to shrink ; valuable wood. to grow feeble.

E bri e ty, n. drunkenDy' nas tý,

govern- ness ; intoxication. ment; sovereignty. E bul li' tion, n. the act Dys' en te rý, n. a disease of boiling or bubbling of the bowels.

Ec cen' tric, a. deviating

from the centre ; irrego EAGER, a.

ardent ;

ular ; anomalous. zealous ; keen; hot ; Ec cen tri' ci tý, n. devi. sharp.

ation from the centre. Ea' glet, n. a young eagle. Ec cle si as' tick, n. a clerEar lý, ad. soon; be- gyman ; a priest. times. 2. soon.

Ec cle si as' ti cal, a. reEar nest, a. ardent ; zeal- lating to the church.

ou8 ; intent ; eager. 1. Echio, n. the reverberaseriousness.

tion of a sound. Earth' en, a. made of clay E clair' cises ment, n. an or earth.

explanation. Earth' lý, a. not heavenly; E clât', n. lustre ; splen• mean ; sordid.

dour; show ; renown. Earth' quake, n. tremor or E clipse', n. an obscura

convulsion of the earth. tion of a planet. Ear' thị, a. consisting of E clip' tic, n. a great cir. earth ; terrestrial.

cle of the sphere. Easel ment,

n. assist.
Ec logue, n.

a pastoral ance ; support.

poem. Ea 6si lý, ad. without dif. E co nom' ic al, a. frugal; ficulty.

thrifty ; saving Easter, n. the festival E con' o mý, n. frugali.

commemorative of the

resurrection of Christ. Ec' sta sý, n. excessive Eas' ter lý, a. and ad. to- joy ; rapture ; enthusiwards the east.

asm. Fat' a ble, a. that which Ecstat' ica. en raptur.

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ing; transporting.

duction of heat by inE da' ci tý, n. voracity ; testine motion. ravenousness.

Ef fi ca' cious, a. powerful Edging, n. a fringe; an to produce intended ornamental border.

consequences. E' dict, n. a proclamation, Ef' fi ca cỹ, n. ability or or ordinance.

power to effect. Edi fi ca'tion, n. improve- Ef' fi gý, n. resemblance,

ment ; instruction. either in painting or Edi fice, n. a fabrick; sculpture. a building

Ef flu' vi a, n. those small Įd' i fy, v. to instruct; to particles which are conimprove

tinually flying off from E di' tion, n. publication all bodies. of a book.

Ef' fort, n. a struggle ; Ed'u cate, v. to breed ; to

a strong exertion. bring up ; to instruct.

Ef fron' te rý n impuEdu ca'tion, n. formation denco ; boldness.

of manners in youth ; Ef ful gence, n. lustre ; instruction.

brightness ; splendour. Ef face), v. to blot out ; to Ef ful' gent, a. shining ; destroy.

bright ; luminous. Ef fect', n. event produc. Ef fulosion, n. the act of ed, issue. v. to pro

pouring out ; waste. duce; to bring to pass. E'go tismo, n. frequent Ef fect' ive, a. operative ; self commendation. active; serviceable.

E gre' gi ous, a. remarkaEffects', n. goods ; move- ble ; eminently bad.

ables ; furniture. Ef fect' u al, a. power | E gres' sion,

n. deparful ; efficacious.

ture ; act of going out. Ef fect' u ate, v. to bring Ejac u la' tion, n. a short to pass ; to fulfil.

fervent prayer. Ef femina cỹ, n. unman-| Ejec' tion, nexpulsion ; ly delicacy.

act of casting out. Ef fem' i nate, a. woman- Eject' ment, n. a writ to

ish ; tender ; voluptu- cast out of possession, ous.

E lab' o rate, 2. studied ; Ef fer ves' cence, n. pro

finished with labour and

E' gress,


any officer.

Er o gý, }


El' e vate, v. to exalt; to E lapse', v. to pass away dignify i to make glad. to glide away

El e valtion, .. a raising E las tic, a. springing up ; exaltation ; height. back ; recovering.

El' i gi ble, a. fit to be E late', v. to puff up ; to

chosen ; preferable. exalt ; to make proud. E lis' ion, n. the act of El der lý, a. somewhat cutting off ; separation. in years ; rather old.

E lix' ir, n. the extract E lect', v. to choose. or quintessence of any chosen.

thing. E lec' tion, n. the act or El lip' sis, n. an oval fig

power of choosing. ure; a defect; a chasm. E lec' tor, n. he who has | Elo cu' tion,n. eloquence ; a vote in the choice of fuency of speech.

n. praise ; E lec' tric al, a. attractive Eu' lo gỹ,

without magnetism. panegyric. E lec tri" ci tý, n. a pro. E lope', v. to run away ;

perty in bodies, where. to go off clandestinely. by, when rubbed, they El o quence, n. speak. draw substances and ing with fluency: emit fire.

El' o quent, a. having the El e gance,

n. beauty power of oratory. without grandeur.

E lu' ci date, to ex Ele gant, a. beautiful ; plain ; to clear up. pleasing ; neat.

E lu ci da' tion, n. El e gant lý, ad. in a planation ; exposition. pleasing manner ; neat- E lude, v. to escape by ly

stratagem ; to shun. El e gý, n. a mournful, E lulosion, n. artifice ; es•

pathetic poem ; a dirge. cape from examination. Ele ment, n. the first or E lys' ian, 2. pleasant :

constituent principle of exceedingly delightful. any thing ; the proper E ma' ciate, v. to lose habitation or sphere of

to pine; to any thing

waste. El e men' ta rý, not Em a na'tion, n. the act

pounded ; simple. of issuing or Aowing


an ex

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