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the chest from the Dig' ni fy, v. to advance ; abdomen.

to exalt ; to honour. Di' a rý, n. a journal ; an Dig' ni tý, n. grandeur ;

account of every day. rank ; honour ; merit. Dic' tate, v. to tell what Di gres' sion, n. a devia.

to write ; to instruct. tion from the subject. * Dic ta to'ri al, a. authori. Dike, n. a channel to retative ;

dogmatical ; ceive water ; a mound proud.

to hinder inundations. Dic' tion, n. style ; lan. Di la' ce rate, v. to tear ; guage ; speech.

to rend. Dic' tion a rý, n. a book of Di lap i da' tion, n. a des

words explained in al- troying of buildings. : phabetical order. Di late', v. to extend ; to Di dac' tic, a. preceptive. spread out ; to relate Di'et, n. food ; regimen ; at large.

an assembly of princes. Dil' a to rý, a. tardy ;
v. to board ; to eat by slow ; sluggish.

Di lem' ma, n. a difficul. Dif' fer ent, a. unlike ; va- ty ; a vexatious alter. rious.

native. Dif' fi cult, a. hard ; trou. Dil' i gent, a. industrious ; blesome.

persevering ; attentive. Dif' fi dent, a. distrust. Di lute', v. to thin ; to

ful; suspicious ; bash- weaken with water.

Di men' sion, n. the solid Dif fuse', a. copious ; full ; bulk ; the capacity ; widely spread.

size. Diffuseb, v. to pour out ; Di min' ish, v. to lessen ;

to scatter ; to disperse. to decrease ; to degrade. Di gest', v. to dissolve ; Dim i nu' tion, n. the act

set in order; arrange. of lessening ; loss. Di ges' tion, n. a dissolv- Di min' u tive, a. small ;

ing of food in the sto. contemptible ; mean. mach.

Dim' ness, n. a defect of Di" git, n. a figure ; the sight; stupidity; dul

twelfth part of the dia.
meter of the sun Di'o cess, n. the jurisdic.
moon, &c.

tion of a bishop.

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Di plo' ma, n. a deed of to perceive ; to distin

some privilege or de- guish to judge. gree.

Dis6 cern' i ble, a. discovo Di rec' tion, n. order ; erable ;. distinguisha

rule ; aim ; superscrip. ble ; visible, tion.

Diso cern' ing, a. seeing ; Di rec' to rý, n. a rule or judicious ; knowing. book to direct.

Diso cern' ment, n. the Dis al ble, v. to render faculty of discerning unable ; to lame.

skill. Dis ad van' tage, n. loss ; | Dis charge', v. to dismiss; prejudice.

to pay ; to clear ; to unDis ad van tage ous, A.

load ; to fire. prejudicial; hurtful. Dis ci' ple, n. a scholar ; Dis af fect' ed, a.

not learner ; follower. wishing well to; bat. Dis' ci pline, n. instrucing ; averse.

tion ; rule of governDis a gree' ment, n. a dif- ment; correction. ference ; an unsuitable. Dis claim', v. to disown;

to deny any knowledge Dis an nul', v. to annul ; of.

make void ; to abolish. Dis closed, v. to uncover; Dis ap pear', v. to vanish; to reveal ; to tell.

to be lost to view. Dis closure, n. discovDis ap point' ment, n. a ery ; the act of reveal.

defeat of hopes ; a balk. ing a secret. Dis ap pro ba' tion, Dis com' fit, v. to defeat;

censure ; blame ; dise to vanquish. n. defeat; like ; hate.

overthrow. Dis ap prove', v. to cen. Dis com' fit ure, n. defeat; sure ; blame ; dislike.

rout ; overthrow. Dis6 as' ter, n. misfor. Dis com mode', v. to mo

tune ; calamity ; blast. lest; to put to incouDis burse', v. to expend venience. or lay out money.

Dis com poseb, v. to disDis card', v. to discharge order ; to ruffle ; to of:

from employment; to fend ; to displace. cast off.

Dis con cert', v. to unsetDis6 cern', v. to see; to

tle the mind; to dis



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Dis cursion, n. the act Dis con' so late, &. with- of running to and fro.

out comfort ; hopeless ; Dis cus' ion, n. debate ; sorrowful.

investigation. Dis con tent', n. uneasi- Dis cu'tient, n. a repell

a. dissatisfied. v. ing medicine. to make uneasy.

Dis dain', v. to scorn ; to Dis con tin' ue, v. to leave despise. n. scorn ; conoff.

temptuous anger. Dis' cord, n. disagree. Dis dain' ful, a. scornful ;

ment ; opposition ; mu. haughty ; lofty ; proud. tual animosity.

Dis easeo, n. distemper ; Dis cordant, a. incon: sickness. v. to afflict ; sistent i

at variance to pain ; to infect. with itself; opposite.

Dis em bark', v. to put Dis cover, v. to disclose ; men or goods on shore. to make known ;


Dis em bod' i ed, &. diespy ; to find out.

vested of body ; spiriDis cov' e rý, n. the act

tual ; pure. of finding, revealing, Dis em bogue', v. to gain or disclosing

a vent ; to flow. Dis' count, n. the sum re- Dis en cum' ber, v. to free funded in a bargain.

from encumbrance. Dis count', v. to pay back Dis en gage!, v. to extriagain.

cate ; to rid ; to free. Dis coun' te nance, v. to

Dis en tan' gle, v. to unabash ; to put to shame. ravel ; to clear ; to Dis cour age, v. to de

free. press ; to deprive of Dis fig' ure, v. to deform ; confidence.

to mangle ; to maim ; Dis creet', a. prudent ; to deface.

cautious ; sober; mod. Dis fran' chises, v. to deest.

prive of privileges or Dis cre" tion, n. pru

immunities. dence ; liberty of act. Dis grace', v. to bring ing at pleasure.

a reproach upon. Dis crim i na' tion, n. a shame ; dishonour.

distinction ; separation ; | Dis guise), v. to conceal ; mark

to hide by a counterfeit



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v. to dis

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terror ; fear. Dis gust), v. to produce Dis mom' ber, v. to cut

aversion ; to offend. n. off a limb; to cut in aversion.

pieces Dis ha bille', an un Dis mis' sion, n. a senddress.

ing away ; a discharge. Dis heart' en, v. to dis. Dis o bel di ence, courage.

breach of duty ; froDis honour,

wardness. grace ; to violate.

Dis o blige', v. to offend ; Dis in gen' ui ous, a. illib- provoke ; vex; disgust.

eral ; unfair ; mean. Dis or' gan ize, v. to sepaDis in her' it, v.

rate organized parts. prive of inheritance. Dis par' age, v. to under. Dis in' ter est ed, a. void value ; to lessen ; to of self interest.

degrade. Disó joint', v. to separate ; Dis par age ment,

to put out of joint. disgrace ; dishonour ; Diso junc' tion, n. a part- reproach.

ing; separation ; dis- Dis par' i tý, n. inequaliunion,

ty ; unlikeness ; differDis' lo cate, v. to disjoint ;

displace ; put out; slip. | Dis pas sion ate, a. cool; Dis lo ca' tion, n. a joint calm ; moderate ; .com

put out ; act of displa- posed. cing

Dis pen' sa rý, n. the Dis lodge', v. to drive out; place where medicines to remove

are dispensed. Dis loy' al, a. not true to Dis pense', v. to deal out; allegiance ; treacher: to distribute.

Dis perse', v. to scatter. Dis6' mal, a.

terrible ; Dis play', v. to spread dark ; gloomy ; sorrow- wide; to exhibit ostenful.

tatiously Dis nian' ile, v. to strip ; Dis pleasa' ure, n. uneasito destroy; to

ness ; indignation. throw.

Dis pol osal, n. distribuDis may v. to affright ; tion; the right of be

to terrify. n. fright; stowing




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Dis' tant,


Dis po 6si' tion, n. pre. Dis' si pate, v. to dis. dominant inclination.

perse ; to spend lavishDis pro por tion, n. want of symmetry.

Dis si pa' tion, n. extravaDis' pu ta ble, a. contro- gant spending.

vertible ; liable to con. Disó bsolve, v. to melt ; test.

to disunite ; to separDis pute', v. to contend ; ate.

to oppose. n. contest ; Dis' so lute, a. loose ; uncontroversy.

restrained ; debauchDis qual' i fy, v. to make ed.

unfit; to disable. Dis' so nance, n. discord ; Dis qui si' tion, n. a dis- harshness.

putative inquiry. Dis suade', v. to advise to Dis re spect' ful, a. irrev

the contrary erent ; uncivil; rude.

remote in Dis sat is fac' tion, n. dis- time or place ; shy:

content ; disgust. Dis taste', n. aversion ; Dis sat' is fy, v. to dis- dislike ; disgust.

; please ; to disoblige. Dis tem' per, n. a disease ; Dis sect', v. to anatomize; malady. to cut in pieces.

Dis tend', v, to stretch out Dis sem' ble, v. to play in breadth. the hypocrite.

Dis til, v. to drop ; to Dis sem' i nate, v. to scat- fall by drops ; to use a

ter; to sow; to spread. still. Dis sen' tion, n. disagree- Dis til ler, n. one who

ment; strife ; discord. practises the trade of Dis sent', v. to differ in distilling

opinion. n. difference of Dis tinct, a. different ; opinion.

separate ; unconfused. Dis sent' er, n. a noncon. | Dis tinc' tion, n. a differformist.

ence ; quality ;

discernDis ser ta' tion, n. a dis- ment

course ; a treatise. Dis tin' guish, v. to disDis sim' i lar, a. unlike ; cern ; mark; honour. heterogeneous.

Dis tort', v. to writhe ; Dis sim u la' tion, n. twist ; misrepresent. dissembling ; hypocrisy. Dis tract', v. to perples ;


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