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stop. n. a defering; a to overwhelm. hindrance.

De lu' 6sion n. a decep De lec' ta ble, a. pleas- tion ; an error. ing; delightful

De lul sive, Del' e gate, v. to send a De lul6so rý, s

a. apt to way ; to intrust. n.

deceive. deputy.

Dem' a gogue, n. the ringDelf, n a kind of counter- leader of a faction. feit china ware

De mand', v. to claim with De lib' e rate, v. to think ; authority. n. a claim ; a

to hesitate ; to muse. a. question. circumspect; wary.

De mean', v. to behave ; De lib e ra' tion, n. cir: to undervalue.

cumspection ; thought. De mean'our, n.carriage ; Del'i ca cỹ, n. daintiness ; behaviour.

nicety; politeness. De mer' it, v. to deserve Del'i cate, a. nice ; dain- punishment. n. ill.dety; polite ; pure.

serving De li" cious, a. sweet ; De mesne', n. a patrimo

grateful ; agreeable. nial estate. De light', n. joy ; pleasure; De mọc ra cỳ, n. a repub

satisfaction. y. to please; lican government. to satisfy;

De mo crat' ic al, a. perDe light' ful, a. pleasant ; taining to a popular charming:

government. De lin' e ate, v. to design ; De mol' ish, v. to throw

to sketch ; to paint. down buildings ; to De'lin' quent, n an offender ; a criminal.

Dem o li' tion, n. the act De lir' i ous, a. light-head- of demolishing; des.

ed ; raving ; doting. truction. De liv' er ance, n. free- De mo' ni ac, n. one pos.

dom from ; utterance. sessed with a devil. De liv' e rý, n. release ; De mon' stra ble, a. what

utterance. may be clearly prov. De lude', v. to cheat ; to ed.

deceive ; to disappoint. Dem on stra' tion, n. Deluge, n. a general in- indubitable proof.

undation. y. to drown ; ! De mure', a. decent ;



rescue ;


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grave ; affectedly mod.

De pos' i to rý, n. the est.

place where any thing De mur' rer, n. a stop in a is lodged. law suit.

De pravi tý, n. a vitiated De ni' al, n. a refusal ; state.

negation ; abjuration. Dep re ca'tion, n. a pray: Den' i zen, n. a freeman ; er against evil.

one enfranchised. De pre ci ate, v. to lessen De nom i na' tion,

in value. name given to a thing: Dep re da' tion, n. a rob. De note!, v. to betoken ; bing; a spoiling ; waste. to mark.

De press' ion, n. the act of De nounce', v. to threaten humbling ; abasement.

by proclamation. De pri va' tion, n. the act Den’si tý, n. closeness ; of depriving or taking compactness.

away. De nun ci a' tion,

De prive', v. to bereave public menace.

one of a thing ; to put De py', v. to disown ; to out of an office.

refuse ; to contradict. Depth, n. deepness; proDe part', v. to go away : fundity ; abstruseness,

to die ; to apostatize. Dep u ta' tion, n. the act De part' ment, n. a separ- of deputing ; vicegeate office ; duty.

rency: De pend' ance, reli- De pute', v. to send with ance ; trust.

a special commission. De pict', v. to paint ; to Dep' u tý, n. he who does

portray ; to describe. business for another. De plo' ra ble, a. De range', v. to disorder; hopeless ; lamentable.

to disarrange. De plore', v. to lament; to De re lic' tion, n. an utter bewail to mourn.

forsaking or leaving. De po' nent, n. a witness. De ride', v. to laugh at ; De pop' u late, v. to un- to mock ; to turn to rid

people ; to lay waste. icule. De posel, v, to degrade ; | De riso' ion, n. contempt ; to divest ; to attest.

scorn ; a laughing stock. De posite, v. to lay up as Der i va' tion, n. tracing

a pledge. n. a pledge. from its original.


sad ;


tion ;

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De riv' a tive, a. taken or Des ig na'tion, n. appoint

derived from another. ment; import ; intenDe rive', v. to come from; tion.

to owe its origin to. Des' ig nate, v. to point Der' o gate, v. to dispar. out or mark by some age ; to lessen ; to de.

particular token. tract ; to retract. De sign'ed lý, ad. purDer o ga' tion, n. defama- posely ; intentionally.

detraction. De signer, n. a plotter ; a De rog' a to rý, a. that contriver ; an architect.

lessens the value of De sign'ing, a. insidious ; Des cant', v. to harangue ; treacherous ; deceit. to discourse at large.

ful. De scend', to come De 6si' ra ble, a. pleasing ; down ; to sink.

delightful. De scen' dant, n. the off- De sire', v. to wish ; to

spring of an ancestor. a. long for; to intreat. n.

falling; coming down. wish. De scribe', v. to represent De 6si' rous, a. full of de. by words, &c.

sire ; eager ; longing afDe scry', v. to spy out; to ter. discover.

De sist', v. to cease from Desert, n. wilderness. a. any thing; to stop.

wild ; waste ; solitary. Des' o late, a. uninhabit. De sert', v. to forsake ; ed ; solitary. v. to de

to abandon. n. degree populate.

of merit or demcrit. Des o la' tion, n. destruc. De 6ser' tion, n. the act of tion of inhabitants ;

forsaking or abandoning gloominess a cause or post.

De spair', n. hopelessness; De 6ser ved lý, ad worth- despondence. v. to be

ily ; according to de. without hope ; to des. sert.

pond De sid e ra'tum, n. some. De spatch', v. to send a

thing much desired or way hastily. n. express; sought after

hasty execution De sign,' v. to purpose ; Des' pe rate, a. without

to project; to mark out. hope ; rash; irretrieva. n. a plan of action.


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the main army

ger; defiance.

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Des pe ra' tion, n. hope-| De struc' tive, a. that

lessness ; despair. which destroys ; wasteDes' pi ca ble, a.

ful. temptible ; mean ; Des' ul to rý, a. unsettled ; worthless.

immethodical. Des' pi ca blý, ad. mean. De tach', v. to separate ; ly; sordidly.

to disengage. De spil sa ble,

De tach' ment, n. a body temptible.

of troops sent out from De spiseo, v. to scorn ; to contemn.

De tail, v. to relate parDe spite', n. malice ; an- ticularly

De tain', v. to withhold ; De spite ful lẽ, ad. mali- to keep back.

ciously ; malignantly. De tect', v. to discover ; De spoil', v. to rob; to de- to find out. prive.

De ten' tion, n. confineDe spond', v. to despair ; ment ; restraint ; keepto lose hope.

ing what belongs to aDe spond' en cý, n. des- nother.

pair ; hopelessness. De ter', v. to discourage Des' pot, n. an absolute

from any thing prince.

De ter' inin ate, a. limit. Desar osert, n. the last ed; conclusive ; fixed.

course of an entertain- | De ter mi na' tion, n. the ment.

result of deliberation. Des ti na'tion, n the pur. De ter' mine, v. to fix ; to

pose for which any settle ; to fix ultimate

thing is appointed. ly; to limit; to conDes' tine, v. to doom; to clude.

devote ; to fix unaltera. De test', v. to hate ; to bly.

abhor. Des' ti ný, n. fate ; doom ; De test' a ble, a. hateful ;

invincible necessity. abhorred. Des' ti tute, a. forsaken ; De test a'tion, n. hatred ;

abandoned ; in want of. abhorrence; abominaDe stroy', v. to put an

tion. end to ;

to bring to De throne', v. to divest of nouglit.


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a line

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De traction, n. defama- | De vour', v. to eat raven: tion ; censure.

ously ; consume ; waste. Det' ri ment, n. hurt ; De vout', a. pious ; relidamage.

gious Det ri ment' al, a. caus- Dew' lap, n. the flesh

ing loss ; burtful ; in- hanging from an ox's jurious.

throat. De trulosion, n. the act of Dex ter' i tý, n. activity ; thrusting down.

expertness. De vas ta'tion, n. havoc ; Dex' ter ous, a. active; waste ; destruction.

expert ; cunning. De vel ope, v. to unfold ; Dil a dem, n. a crown; a

to detect ; to unravel. mark of royalty De veľ ope ment,

Di ag' ó nal, unfolding; a disclosure. drawn from angle to De' vi ate, v. to wander ; angle. to go astray ; to err.

Di' a gram, n.

a matheDe vi a' tion, n. a swerv- matical scheme; figing; error ; offence.

ure ; plan. De vice', n. a contrivance. Dil a lect, n. particular scheme ; emblem ; sto- speech.

Dia lec' ti cal, a. logical ; De vi ous,

a. going as- argumentative ; probatray; lonely.

ble. De viseo), v. to contrive ; Di' al ist, n. a maker of

to invent ; to grant by dials. will.

Dil a logue, n. a conversaDe void', a. empty ; va- tion between two

cant; without any thing either good or evil

Di am' e ter, n.

a line De volve', v. to roll down; which divides a circle

to fall by succession. into two equal parts. De vote, v. to dedicate ; Di a met' ri cal lý, ad. di

to consecrate ; to give rectly ; over against ; up ; to curse.

quite. Dev o tee', n. a bigot ; a Dia mond, n. a most val.

superstitious person. De vo' tion, n. piety; wor- Di'a phragm, n. the midship ; zeal.

riff, which separates

ry ; devise.



uable gem.

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