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ting sword.

Cup' board, (kub burd), n. Cur' so rý, a. hasty: quick; a case with shelves.

inattentive ; careless. Cu pid' i tỹ, n. concupi. Cur tail', v. to cut off ; to

scence ; unlawful long- shorten. ing

Cur' va ture, n. inflexion ; Culpo la, n. a dome ; an crookedness ; arched roof.

of bending Cu'ra cy, n. employment Cus' to dý, n. imprison. of a curate.

ment; care ; security. Cu'rate, n. a parish priest, Cus' tom house, n. the

employed by the benefi. house where duries are eiary.

collected Cur' dle, v. to coagulate ; Cus' tom a rý, a. habitu

to cause to coagulate. al; usual ; wonted. Cur' few, n. an evening Cu ta' ne ons, a. relating peal ; a fire plate.

to the skin. Cu ri os' i tý, n. inquisi-Cut lass, 11. a broad cut

tiveness ; a rarity. Cu'ri ous, a. inquisitive ; Cymbal, n. a musical in

rare ; nice ; accurate, strument. Cu'ri ous lý, ad. neatly: Cyn'ick, n. a snarler ; a

artfully ; exactly. misanthrope. Cur mud" geon, n. an ava- Czar, n. the emperor of

ricious, churlish fellow. Russia. Cur' ren cỏ, n. circula- Cza ri' na, n. the empress

tion ; general recep: of Russia.

tion. Current, a. circulatory ;

D. passable n. a running DAB' BLER, n. one that stream,

dabbles in the water ; Cur' ri er, n. a dresser of a superficial meddler. leather.

Dac' tyle, n.

a poetical Curse, v. to wish evil to ; foot, consisting of one

to execrate ; to impre- long syllable and two cate. n. torment.

short ones. Cursed lý, ad. misera. Dagl sger, n.

short bly; shamefully

svord ; a poniard. Cur' so ri lý, ad. hastily ; Dai' lý, a. and ad. every without care.

day ; very often.


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Dark' some,



Dain'tý, a. delicate ; nice; ous ; perilous.

squeamish. n. a delica. Da' ring, a. bold ; advency; something nice.

turous; fearless. Dailrý, n. the place where | Dark' ness, n. absence of

milk is manufactured. light ; the empire of Dal' li ance,n.interchange Satan. of caresses ; delay.

2. gloomy ; Dal' lý, v. to trifle ; to fon- obscure.

dle ; to delay, to pro- | Darling, n. one much becrastinate.

loved. a, favourite. Dam' age, n.

mischief ; | Das' tard, n. a coward ; detriment ; loss. v. to a poltron.

injure ; to impair. Date, v. to note the preDam' age a ble, a.

cise time. n. the time ceptible of hurt.

when. Dam' as céne, n. a small Daugh' ter, n. a female black plum ; a dam. offspring

Daunt' ed, a. dispirited ; Dam' ask, n. linen or silk frightened.

woven into flowers. Daunt' less, a. fearless ; Dam' ni fy, v. to endam- bold ; not dejected. age ;

to injure ; Dawn, v. to grow light ; hurt ; to impair.

to open.

n. the break Damp, n. a noxious va

of day. pour exhaled from the

Daz' zle, v. to overpower earth. a. moist ; deject

with light. ted. v. to wet ; to moist- Deal con, n one of the en ; to deject.

lowest order of the Dam' 6sel, n. a young wo- clergy.

Deadly, a. destructive; Dan' cer, n. one who prac- mortal; cruel.

tises the art of danc. Dead' ness, n. frigidity ; ing

want of warmth. Dandruff, n. scurff on Deaf' ness, n, want of the the head.

power of hearing. Dan' ger, v.

to endan: | Dealer, n. a trader ; the ger ; to put in hazard,

person who deals with n. risk ; peril; hazard. cards Dan' ger ous, a. hazard- Deal'ing, n. intercourse ;



consume. n.

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practice ; traffick. De camp', v. to move off! Dearth, n. scarcity; want; De can'ter, n. a glass vesbarrenness.

sel for liquor. Death, n. the extinction of De cap' i tate, v. to belife ; mortality.

head De bar', v. to exclude ; to De cay', v. to decline ; to preclude.

a decline. De bark', v. to disembark; De cease), v. to die. n. a to leave the ship.

departure from life. De base', v. to adulter. De ceit'ful, a. fraudulent; ate; to sink into mean- full of drceit.

De ceive', v to delude ; De bate', v. to controvert; to impose upon.

to dispute ; to contest ; De ceiver, n. an imposto deliberate. n. per- tor ; one who deceives. sonal dispute ;

De cem' ber, n. the last troversy ; debatement

month in the year. De bauch), v. to corrupt De cem' vi rate, n. a gova

by lewdness or intem. ernment by ten rulers. · perance.

De'cen cỹ, n propriety ; Deb au 'chee', n. a drunk- modesty ; decorum. ard ; a rake.

De cen' ni al, a. containing De ben" ture, n. a writ or

note by which a debt is Del cent, a. becoming; claimed

suitable ; modest. De bil i tate, v. to make De'cent lý, ad. in a prop. faint ; to enfeeble.

er manner ; modestly. De biť i tỹ, n. weakness ; De cep' tion, n. a cheat ; languor ; faintness.

a fraud. Deb o nair', a. elegant ; De cide', v, to determine civil; well bred.

to settle. Debt' or, n. one who owes De' ci mal, a. numbered money.

by tens. Dec' ade, n. the sum of De cil pher, v. to explain ; ten.

to unravel Dec' a gon, n. a figure of De cislion, n. the termiten equal sides.

nation of a difference. Dec' a logue, n. the ten De ci' sive, a. terminating ; commandments.

final ; positive.

ten years.



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De claim'er, n. one who law. v. to appoint; to

declaims, or harangues. to order ; to sentence. Dec la ma' tion, n. a dis- De crep' it, a. wasted and course addressed to the

worn by age. passions ; a harangue. De cry', v. to censure ; to De clam' a to rý, a. per

clamour against. taining to declamation. Dec' u ple, a. tenfold. Dec la ra' tion,

Ded'i cate, v. to devote affirmation ; a publica. to ; to inscribe. tion.

Ded i ca' tion, n. conseDe clar' a to rý, a. affirm- cration ; an address in

ative ; clear; expressive. the beginning of a book. De clare', v. to make De duce', v. to gather or

known ; to proclaim. infer from. De clen' sion, n. declina. De dulci ble, a. what may tion ; variation.

be inferred. De cli' na ble, a. capable De duct', v. to subtract.

of being declined. De duc' tion, n. abate. Dec li na' tion, des

ment ; inference. cent; the act of bend- De face', v. to destroy; to ing:

raze ; to disfigure. De cline', v. to lean ; to De fal ca' tion, n. a dimin

decay ; to vary worils. n. ution ; a cutting off.

decay : growing worse. Def a ma' tion, n. slanDe cliv' i tỹ, n. an oblique der ; reproach ; detraco

or gradual descent. tion. De coc' tion, n. a prepar- De fame', v. to censure ation by boiling

falsely ; to libel. Dec' o rate, v. to adorn ; De fault', n. an omission ; to embellish

defect; failure. De co'rous, a. decent ; De feal si ble,

a. that suitable ; becoming which may be annulled, De co'rum, n. decency; De feat', v. to overthrow i order ; seemliness

to frustrate. n. an overDe coy', v to allure ; to throw. ensnare ; to entrap

De fect', n. a fault ; a De crease', v.

blemish ; an imperfec. less.

tion. De cree', n. an edict; a l De fec' tion, n. failure ;


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to grow

ate ;


apostacy ; revolt. De fin' i tive, a. determinDe fec' tive, a. imperfect.

express ; posi. De fence', n. guard ; vin- tive.

dication ; resistance. De flec' tion, n. deviation; De fence' less, a. naked ;

a turning aside. unguarded ; impotent. De form' ed, a. ugly; disDe fend', v. to protect ; to

figured ; crooked. vindicate.

De formỏi tý, n, ugliness, De fend' ant, n. the per- crookedness.

son prosecuted. De fraud', v. to rob by a De fend' er, n. à protec; trick ; to cozen. tor ; a vindicator.

De fray', v. to bear charDe fen' sive, a. that serves ges or expenses. to defend.

De funct', a. dead ; exDe fer', v. to put off ; to tinct. n. a dead man. delay.

De fy', v. to challenge ; te Def' er ence, n. regard ; treat with contempt.

respect ; submission. De gen' e ra cò, n. de De filance, n, a challenge; parture from virtue ;

an expression of con- vice. tempt.

De gen' e rate, a. unwor. De ti" cien cỹ, n. a de. thy; base. v. to decay

fect; want ; imperfec. in virtue or kind. tion.

Deg ra da'tion, n. a plaDe fi" cient, a. failing ; cing lower ; baseness. wanting ; defective.

Degrade', v. to lessen ; to De file', v. to pollute; to

place lower. vitiate. n. a lane ; a De gree', n. quality; narrow passage.

class ;

station ; the De fi'na ble, a. that which 360th part of a circle ; may be ascertained.

60 geographic miles. De fine', v. to explain ; to Deject', v. to cast down; circumscribe ;

to de. to afflict ; to grieve. cide.

De jec' tion, n. lowness of Def' i nite, a.

certain ;

spirits ; weakness. limited; precise. De' i fy, v. to adore. Def i ni' tion, n, a short Deli iỹ, n. the divine be

description of any thing ing. by its properties. De lay', v. to put off ; to

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