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Cor nu co' pi æ,

n. the

intelligence. horn of plenty

Cor res pond' ent, n. one Cor o na' tion, n. the act who holds corresponde

or solemnity of crown- ence with another by ing a king

letters. Coro ner, n.

an officer Cor rob' o rate, v. to conwhose duty it is to in- firm ; to establish ; to quire how any violent strengthen.

death was occasioned. Cor rode', v. to eat away Cor po ral, n. the lowest by degrees.

officer of the infantry ; Cor ro' sive, a. able to a. bodily.

corrode. n. a corroding, Cor po rate, a. united in hot medicine.

a body or community. Cor rupt', v. to infect; to Cor po ra' tion, n. a body defile ; to bribe. a. vicipolitic.

ous; rotten; debauched. Corps, n. a body of forces. Cor rupt'i ble, a. that Corpse, n. a carcass ; a which may be corruptdead body ; a corse.

ed Cor' pu len cỹ, n. bulki. | Cor rup' tion, n. wickedness of body ; fleshi. ness; matter, or pus.

Corsair, n. a pirate. Cor pu lent, a. fleshy ; Cosó met' ick, a. beautifybulky.

ing. Cor rect', v. to punish ; to Cogó mog' ra phy, n. a ge

chastise ; to amend. a. neral description of the

finished with exactness. universe. Cor rec' tion, n. punish Cosé mo pol' i tan, n. a ci

ment ; amendment. tizen of the world; cosCor rec' tive, . a. able to mopolite. alter or correct.

Cos' tive, a. bound in the Cor rect lý, ad. accurate body: ly; exactly

Cost lý. a. sumptuous ; Cor rect' ness, n. accura. expensive. cy; exactness.

Co-tan' gent, n. the tan. Cor res pond', v. to suit ; gent of the completo answer ; to fit.

ment. Cor res pond' ence, n. in- Co tem' po ra rý, n. living tercourse ;

reciprocal at the same time.



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n. the

Cottage, n.

a hut; a shop table. ad. conmean habitation.

trary to. Cot' ta ger, n. one who Coun ter act', v. to act lives in a cottage.

contrary to : to hinder. Couch, v. to lie down ; to Coun ter bal ance, n. an

hide. n. a seat of re- opposite weight. v. to pose.

act against with an opCov' e nant, v. to bargain ; posite weght.

to stipulate. n. a con- Coun' ter feit, v. to imi.

tract ; a stipulation. tate. a. forged. n. a forCov'er, v. to overspread; gery ; an impostor.

to hide. n. a conceal. | Coun ter mand', v. to conment ; a shelter.

tradict an order. Cov' er let, n. the outer. Coun' ter march, n.

most of the bed clothes. trocession ; a change of Coy' ert, n. a shelter; a

thicket. a. secret ; hid. Coun' ter pane, A. a covo den ; insidious.

erlet woven in squares. Cov' et, v. to desire ear.

Coun' ter part, nestly, or beyond due correspondent part. bounds.

Coun ter poise, v. to Cov' et ous, a. avaricious.

counterbalance. Cov' et ous ness, n. ava- Coun' ter poises, n. equi. rice.

ponderance. Cov'ey, n a brood of birds.

Coun ter sign', v. to un. Cough, (kof) n. a convul. dersign ; to confirm. sion of the lungs. v. to Coun ter vaill, V.

to be have the lungs convul. equivalent to ; to have sed.

equal force. Council, n. an assembly Count ess, n. the lady of for consultation.

an earl or count. Coun' sel, n. advice. v. to Count' less, a. innumeraadvise.

ble. Coun' sel lor, n. one that Coun' trý, n. rural parts ; gives advice.

a region. a. rustic ; ruCoun' te nance, n. the sys

ral. tem of the features, v. Coun' tý, n. a shire. to patronise.

Cou" ple, n. two ; a brace. Coun' ter, n. base money ; v. to join together ; to




Cox' comb, n. a fop; a Cour age, n. bravery ; ac- superficial pretender. tive fortitude.

Coz' en, v. to cheat ; to Cour age' ous, a. brave ; trick; to defraud. daring ; bold.

Crab' bed, a. peevish; Cour age ous lý, ad. morose ; unpleasing. bravely ; boldly.

Crack brain' ed, a. crazy : Cou' riēr, n. a messenger

without right reason. sent in haste.

Crafts' man, n. an artifiCourse, n. race; career, cer ; a manufacturer.

v. to hunt ; to put to Craf' tŷ, a. cunning ; art. speed ; to run.

ful. Cour' ser, n. a swift horse. | Crag' ged,

a. rugged; ter. n. the art of insinu- rough ; full of promi. ating ; place of justice, nences. &c.

Cramp, n. a spasm or Court' e ous, a. elegant of contraction of the limbs;

manners; well bred. confinement. v. to resCourt e otus lý, ad. res. train.

pectfully ; civilly; com- Cra' ni um, n. the skull. plaisantly.

Cran' kle, v. to run in and Courte' sý, 1. the rever- out. ence made by a Cran' ný, a. a chink ; a

crevice. Court' ier, n. an attendant Cra vat', n. a neckcloth. on a court.

Crave, v. to ask earnestly; Court' lý, a polite ; flat- to long for.

tering ; elegant. Craze, v. to bieak ; to Court' ship,

n. making crack the brain. love to a woman.

Create', v. to form out Cous6l in, n. any cne col. of nothing; to cause to

laterally related more exist. reniotely than brothers Cre a' tion, n. the act of or sisters.

creating ; the universe. Cow' ard, n. a poltron : Cre a' tive, a. having the he who wants courage.

power to create. Cow' ard ly, a fearful ; Cre al tor, n. the being timorous ; mean.

that betows existence.

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Crea' ture, n. a being cre. cusation ; a censure.

ated ; an animal not Crim' 6son, 1. a very deep human.

red colour. Cre' dence, n. belief; Cringe, v. to bow ; to credit.

flatter ; to contract. Cre den' tialsó, n, letters servile civility ; mean

of recommendation. Cred i bil' i tỹ, n. worthi. Cripple, v. to make lame.

ness of belief ; proba- n. a lame person. bility.

Cri' sis, n. the point in Cred' i ble, a. worthy of which the disease kills credit ; likely

or changes to the betCred' it, v. to believe ; to ter.

trust. n. belief; trust Cri te'ri on, n. a standreposed.

ard whereby to judge. Cred' it or, n. one who Crit' ick, n. one skilled in

trusts, or gives credit. criticism. Cre du li tỳ, n, easiness | Critic al, a. exact; niceof belief.

ly judicious ; accurate. Cred' u lous, a. apt to be- Crit'i cise', v. to censure;

lieve ; unsuspecting. to judge ; to blame. Cres' cent, n. an increas. Crit' i cismo, n, the art of

ing moon. a. increas- judging ; animadvering; growing.

sion. Crest, n. a plume on a Crock' e rý, n. earthen

helmet ; pride ; spirit ; fire.

Croc' o dile, n. an amphibCrest' fallen, a. dejected ; ious, voracious anilow ; cowed.

mal. Crev' ice, n. a crack ; a Crook' ed, a. bent ; curv. cleft.

ed; untoward ; oblique. Crew' el, n. worsted yarn. Cross grained, a. perCrib' bage, n. a game at

troublesome ; cards.

vexations. Crime, n. an offence ; sin. Cru'ci ble, n. a chemist's Crim' i nal, a. faulty. n. a melting pot, made of person accused ; a fel- earth.

Cru'ci fix, n. a represenCrim i na' tion, n. an ac- tation of our Lord's pas


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verse ;




plant, and the fruit of it. Cru ci fix' ion, n. the pun. Cul li na rý, a. relating to

ishment of nailing to the kitchen. the cross.

Cull'ion, n. a scoundrel ; Cruci fy, v.

to nail or

a mean wretch. fasten to a cross.

Cuľ mi nate, v. to be verCrude, a. raw ; harsh ; tical ; to be in the me

unripe ; undigested. ridian. Cru' di tỹ, n. indigestion ; Cul mi na' tion, n. the want of maturity.

transit of planet Cru'el, a. hard hearted; through the meridian.

inhuman ; fierce. Cul pa ble, a. criminal ; Cru'el ty, n. inhumanity; blameable. barbarity.

Culprit, n. a man arraignCru' et, n. a vial for vine. ed before his judge.

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Cruiseo, v. to sail in quest Counter

, } n. the iron of



of an enemy.

a plough which cuts Cruisl er, 1.

one that

the earth. roves upon the sea in Cultivate, v. to improve ; search of plunder.

to meliorate ; to till; to Crum' ble, v. to break or

fall into small pieces Cul ti va'tion, n. improveCru sade',

ment in general. Cru saldo,

n. an expe- Culture, n. act of culti. dition against infidels. vation. v. to till ; to Crus' tý, a. morose; snap

manure. pish ; surly.

Cum' ber, v.

to embar Crys' tal, n. a mineral; rass ; to entangle. transparent stone.

Cum' ber some, Crys' tal line, a. transpa. Cum' brous,

rent ; clear ; bright. densome ; oppressive. Crys' tal lize, v. to coagu- Cum' frey, n. a medicinal

late ; congeal; or con. plant.

crete into crystals. Cun' ning, a. skilful ; subCuck' oo, n. a bird which tle, n. artifice ; dexteri

appears in the spring. ty. Cul cum ber, (kou kuni- Cun' ning ly, ad. artfully :

her), n. the name of a slyly ; craftily.

a. bur

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